IbizaAnd, of course, I was the last one to get to know. That bastard made me feel just 6 inches tall. I just can’t get it out of my head that he was fucking Jenny behind my back.” You could almost see steam coming out of both ears as my sister, Rosie, was talking on the phone to one of her friends. “Just how I’m going to get my money back I don’t know. I guess the travel insurance would only pay out if I got knocked down by a runaway bus and I can’t just tell them my boyfriend was fucking one of my best friends.” There was a break as Rosie listened in to yet another stream of advice. This was the seventh phone call of that morning after the world’s worst nightmare and it seemed most of her friends already knew, or at least had a very good idea something was wrong. The weekend came, Rosie hadn’t calmed down at all. Although we had grown up together, our three years difference in age meant that she had always been my bossy older sister. Teenage years were fraught with arguments and fights. There had been many times we’d wrestled as an end to a day of constant bickering; when we were younger I would always win but not now, not since she’d started to go to that martial arts gym. I couldn’t remember the name of what she did there … it was something ending with ‘sudo’ – crapsudo I think because she was always spouting some crap about who she’d beaten. We still wrestled now, against my best will, because I wasn’t going to let her have the last word. Words were something I COULD fight with, which made her even madder. If I was totally honest though, especially just recently, we didn’t wrestle often enough. I’d begun to actually enjoy it and even though I hadn’t a snowball in hell’s chance of winning I’d often get a boner. “What’s up, s*s? Boyfriend not like you pinning him down on the bed?” “It’s none of your fuckin’ business. Get your snout out. Go read your porn mags and have a good wank. Give your teeny weeny a bit of pleasure and leave me alone.” As if to add more insult she waved her little finger in front of my eyes. “Yes, mister two inch, give it some exercise.” “Take a chill pill. Rag week coming up?” I walked out, slamming the door behind me. She’d chill. It might take an hour, it might take all day, fuck knows – it might even take the bitch all week. It always happened that way, though this time it was serious. Boys came, boys went. s*s was an easy target and a gullible one, tits to fantasise about, slim and trim. I had to admit my sister was a real looker and easy prey to any guy who had cash to flash. Which presented a conundrum; this one had an overused charge card. He’d spent what he hadn’t got. I knew that Rosie had stumped up the deposit on the Ibiza holiday as her ‘serious’ boyfriend had maxed out his card. Although the holiday was a bargain he didn’t have the deposit, so Rosie paid it until his monthly wage temporarily took care of his bank overdraft. But the bank had charged him dearly for overstepping his overdraft. The charges, the fines had not only left him broke but the direct debit for his charge card had been cancelled. Not only did he owe the bank but he also owed two months on his Visa card. Rosie was already fifty quid down. Unlike boyfriend #14 (or was it #15, I’d lost count), Rosie had savings. Not much, admittedly, but enough to cover her half of the holiday and most of what she’d need in euros to enjoy her stay in Ibiza. Not only was her balance due in two weeks’ time but, as the booking was in her sole name, so was her now ex boyfriend’s. I was right about rag week. It came and it went and Rosie excelled herself in being a cranky bitch the whole way through. She phoned the travel agents and got probably what was a well rehearsed story, possibly read back to a thousand and one people before her; in summary, tough shit. Two plane seats had been reserved, one hotel room for two people had been booked, even two seats on the shuttle bus and two lots of airport taxes. “So is there nothing you can do?” she asked finally. “Your only option is to find someone to take your boyfriend’s place. As you haven’t already paid the balance, we could alter the name and amend the flight details, but there would be an administration charge. If you want to cancel or amend one reservation after the final date the balance is due, you will still have to pay the full amount, plus the new booking.” Rosie was genuinely distressed after the phone call. Her eyes were red, her make-up in multicoloured streaks, tears ran down her cheeks. “Why don’t you ask Ben?” I heard mom ask. “Mom! My brother? sleeping in the same bed, in the same room? Going to foam parties tanked up with cheap alcohol?” “I’m sure you can manage. The hotel could put you in a twin and you can get changed in the bathroom. And having your brother as a minder at a party surely isn’t a bad thing.” “I don’t need a minder, I don’t want that wimp of a brother with me. I AM NOT going with my brother. End of. It wasn’t till the following day that Rosie spoke to me. I was in my room, watching TV. “Ben, mom suggested I ask you to take Martin’s place on the holiday.” “Sorry, s*s. I just couldn’t afford it.” I left school at 17, managed to get work with only maths, English and my wits to get by on. Store work as a junior didn’t pay well, despite the raise after my 18th birthday. “Come on, you tight fisted git. You must have something in the bank.” She jabbed me playfully in the ribs, then on my sides where she knew I was very ticklish.” “No, s*s. I can’t afford. And why would I want to go on holiday with my big sister?” I pushed her hands away but my sister didn’t give in that easily. “Don’t call me s*s, I have a name.” She jabbed me again where she knew I just couldn’t stand the tickle torment. “It still doesn’t make any difference, Rosie. Anyway I’d have to get leave from work and you know it will be mid holiday season.” This time it wasn’t a jab, but a thumb and fingers deliberate tickle. Despite me fending her off, I stumbled against the bed and lay awkwardly on top of the mattress. Within seconds Rosie was on top of me, expertly pinning me down so I couldn’t move, totally at her mercy. “So we wrestle for it brother? Eh? What do you say? Or do I pin you and tickle torture you?” I gave in like I always gave in. Rosie was knelt in such a way that was causing me a full erection. “I can’t afford to pay for the full holiday and beer money as well,” I bleated. “And I don’t really want to spend 14 nights in the same bed as you.” Rosie’s full weight was on my hardness and she must have been aware of the embarrassment it was causing me. “Oh you don’t? Really? I don’t snore, I don’t fart while I’m asleep and, believe me brother, you won’t touch an inch of my bare flesh. Anyway, we’ll get twin beds.” Then suddenly Rosie had a quizzical look on her face; a half smile and a really unsure look. Maybe she needed to think it through some more. The look faded and she returned to taunting me, easily fending me off as she hit my tickle spot time and time again. Usually that would be the end of it, I’d submit, not wanting to wrestle or struggle more for she’d learned the skills to turn anything to her advantage. Suddenly I sensed she was in thought again and I made a swift move. Soon both of us fell to the carpet but Rosie was on top again. “You really don’t want to wrestle me, eh? Your loss, but that’s not what your body is telling me.” She was right – as always. “My ex liked to wrestle me, and so did some other boys I knew. Sometimes I,” and her voice went soft and low, “Sometimes I let them win.” “I … don’t … know,” I started. Rosie was purposely taking me out of my comfort zone. She knew my confidence with girls had a lot lacking. “So, my offer, I stand the loss of the deposit if you pay the balance. I’ll ask mom if she’ll help you out with some spend.” Rosie was astraddle me, pinning me down again and positioning herself over my erection. Fuck, she was actually coming on to me. She moved ever so slightly, knowing full well her covered up pussy was moving against my covered up hardness. “So, wrestle me Ben, while you’re thinking about it.” Her grip on my wrists slackened and she was no longer pressing my hands fully against the carpet. For once in a very long time we wrestled like it was for fun; no bad mood, no PMS, no argument. Rosie knew too well that I had a hell of a boner, so full that it was starting to hurt. All she wanted was for me to agree to paying a month’s wage … hard earned in the warehouse of a store which insisted paying little more than the absolute minimum. Suddenly she let go of a headlock which was starting to hurt. “Don’t move. I need something from my room. You move and I’ll pin you down so hard you’ll beg me to let you free.” A few minutes later the jeans were gone, the sloppy sweater too. Instead Rosie wore one of her shortest skirts and one of her tightest, thinnest sports tops. “You moved. I warned you.” Despite trying my hardest I was losing the battle fast. Five inches taller than Rosie and many pounds heavier meant nothing. I was pinned, unable to move but far from hurting me, Rosie was again deliberately pushing herself against my hardness. Then she moved, swiftly, now pinning my arms down with her legs, expertly balancing herself on my chest – her panties close enough for me to smell her sex. “OK, you win,” I conceded. “I need a holiday anyway. I’ll have a word with the warehouse manager if you’ll have a word with mom.” *** Rosie knew I was awkward with girls and I’d very little confidence. At work I explained my reason for wanting a break with such little notice. The store accepted my leave request. I gave Rosie part of the money from my savings and the rest when I got paid. Mom and dad were great, chipping in the extra cost of changing the booking. I was starting to look forward to some sun after a wet and gloomy British spring. I didn’t know at first but some of Rosie’s friends and their partners had booked the same break. I knew some of the girls from Rosie’s birthday flings; they were fit but I was definitely the least experienced and probably the shyest of them all. “Thanks Ben,” said Rosie as I gave her the last of the holiday money. Now I just needed some euros for alcohol. She continued, “I think you deserve this.” Before I’d chance to think she caught my arm, hooked her leg round the back of my legs and I was lying sprawled awkwardly on her bedroom floor. “What the fuck?” I’d chance to mutter before she was on top of me. “You like wrestling, don’t you? she asked, knowing full well that my enjoyment – even when she was winning – usually became very obvious as a bulge. “But I’ve just given you the cash,” I blurted. “Hmmm, yes, but you’ve been a bastard of a little brother at times, trying to peek down my blouse.” “I never … ” “You never what?” Rosie hissed. “You never peeked at my tits so you could go wank your two inches?” As if to add to the insult she waved her little finger in front of my eyes. “What …?” Having let go of one of my arms, she soon pinned it down again with her knee. She swiftly undid two more buttons of her blouse, in addition to the two she already had open. I guess everyone in the office where she worked had seen fully down her cleavage when she leaned forward to sign this or that form. Her pale beige, lacy bra was now fully in view. “You like this bra, don’t you Ben? You’ve had it out of the wash basket along with my panties because you’re a fucking pervert.” She leaned forward. Her ample breasts were now only an inch or two from my face. “No I never,” I lied. “And my tits? You can never get enough of looking, can you. Never miss a chance if I’m wearing something a little low cut or tight? Well take a real good look.” As swift and as nimble as before she undid the rest of the buttons and her blouse was on the carpet, followed by her bra. Her tits dangled temptingly in front of me. A smile formed on her face. Her voice softened. She leaned forward and kissed me briefly full on my lips. “Thank you Ben. If you behave yourself between now and the holiday you might get to see them more often.” As if she’d finally accomplished the task of totally embarrassing me, Rosie got up, grabbed her bra and blouse and got fully dressed again. “I just adıyaman rus escort hope …” Was all I managed to say before Rosie cut in. “Ben, you have to learn some manners. Stand up when you’re talking to a lady.” I felt like I was 5 again, being bossed about by my big sister. Awkwardly I stood up, trying to hide what was now a very visible bulge in my jeans. “I just hope,” I started, hoping Rosie wouldn’t again cut me off mid sentence, “That the holiday is worthwhile” “Well you’ve paid for it now. It’s up to you to enjoy it.” Standing back she gazed at my bulge. “Mmmm, not quite mister two inch now.” Her tone of voice softened again as she reached forward to brush her fingers over my bulge. “Mmmm, not bad at all. I might just wrestle with you again if that’s the result I get.” I just stood, lost for words. She was alternating between hot and cold. Finally she grabbed me to her, but instead of tripping me backwards she planted her lips on mine. I’d always been unsure about kissing girls and … well … Rosie was my sister. “Oh for fuck’s sake Ben. Don’t you know how to kiss?” Her lips clamped on to mine, opening her mouth and practically forcing mine to follow. I just didn’t know what to do. Finally Rosie pulled away again. “Listen little brother,” her voice calm and soft, “I might be a bossy cow at time but I really do appreciate you paying the money I would have lost. Let me show my appreciation. Chill, let yourself go.” Her lips were so soft, her mouth became more and more exciting as she flicked her tongue and waited for me to do the same. Wow, my big sister was coming on to me? “OK,” I said, feeling nervous but willing to give it try. This time I let my jaw go a bit more loose. I didn’t need to ask, it just felt OK. Rosie gently pulled me nearer and her bra cradled breasts pushed softly into my chest. Wow. “If you were my boyfriend, I’d be more than happy to attend to this.” Again she traced her fingers across the bulge in my pants. “But you’re my brother, so it wouldn’t be right.” We kissed again. This time she eased me towards the wall and when her hips pushed against me I automatically pushed back. “Fuck convention, fuck what’s right and what’s wrong,” she murmured, briefly breaking the kiss again, “You’ve given up most of a month’s wage and I think I should thank you properly.” This time, as we kissed I felt my zipper go. “Good god, where have you been hiding this?” she exclaimed, in (I assumed) genuine appreciation of what was filling out the bulge. Squeezing all so gently she moved expert fingers up and down the hidden shaft. Pretty soon it wasn’t hidden, being prised out of hiding into Rosie’s soft fingers. Oh shit! Less than 30 seconds later her hand became sticky wet with the contents of my cum store. “Well, my, my! I guess that’s a first for me. Sorry Ben, I just hadn’t realised.” Rosie seemed genuinely sorry. Her wimp of a brother had just had an attack of the prematures. “I just didn’t know you weren’t used to having this monster petted. We can’t have that happening again.” To be honest I was happy it was all over, at least until Rosie decided to spring the next surprise on me. That was nothing much at all and I thought perhaps she’d realised that it had gone too far. There were, however, a few wrestling challenges, but none where I’d any chance of winning. *** Dad had volunteered to take us to the airport, which saved us the cost. After check in and security we met up with a few of Rosie’s friends. Soon came the 2 hour 40 flight and the coach transfer, then finally we reached the hotel. It wasn’t really a bad hotel but it was a budget one. The room was OK but small, and there were twin beds as Rosie had requested. There wasn’t much room between them though and the bathroom was small. Most of our clothes stayed in the suitcases as there wasn’t much storage space. The evening meal was good but basic, in the self-service buffet style so much in line with holiday hotels. A dozen of us met up afterwards to sample the nightlife which Ibiza is famous for. Travel tired and stressed we made the first evening short. Rosie seemed quiet as we undressed, separately, and got into bed. I got the distinct idea she was playing it cool. Perhaps she thought the wrestle, getting her tits out and the ultra fast wank had overstepped the mark. We talked for a short while then settled down to sleep. The following day we claimed a dozen sun-loungers in the accustomed way, leaving towels there before we went for breakfast. The buffet meal over, we settled by the pool. I hadn’t seen Rosie in a bikini for quite a while. Sure, I’d seen other girls, but not my sister. She really filled a bikini to perfection, as did most of her friends. I must have dozed for a short while for Rosie was laid face down on her sun-lounger with her top unfastened. Rosie soon noticed I was awake. “Ben, can you please put some lotion on me? I can’t quite reach.” She passed me the bottle of factor 30. I couldn’t see any gloss from oil she’d already applied, so I assumed she’d done her front then turned over”Where?” I asked quite simply, remembering that Rosie had said I wouldn’t touch her bare flesh. Maybe that only applied to the bedroom. “All over, please,” answered my big sister, turning her head and flashing me a pretty please smile. “Mmmm,” she murmured as I worked on her neck and shoulders. “Hey, don’t rush,” she murmured as I progressed down her back. It soon became apparent that Rosie was offering me the chance to give her a massage. As most of her butt wasn’t covered by the skimpy bikini, I guess that needed oiling too and by now my swim shorts were barely hiding a growing bulge. Why didn’t Rosie ask for a massage in our hotel room instead in view of everyone? Finally I was almost finished, working my way down her trim but muscled legs, to her petite feet. I screwed the bottle cap back on with great relief. “Do you want to have me in agony, sunburnt and peeling?” spoke a rather snappy big sister. “No, why?” “My breasts, dear brother, my breasts. Do you have ANY idea how SORE my breasts would be if they get SUNBURNT?” ‘Stroppy cow,’ I thought, “And rag week has already gone.’ I knew s*s was on the pill. Every month was predictable and she just wouldn’t have planned the holiday without careful calculation. “Can’t you do that yourself?” I already knew the question was pointless. “And get my hands all messy again with oil? No.” Her voice softened. “Haven’t you wanted to touch my tits for years?” Was this part of the package for bailing her out? Was she offering me a bonus on top of the holiday? “OK,” I said, unscrewing the cap, “If you’re sure.” “Do it well,” she almost whispered, and we’ll wrestle later … and I might let you win. Do it very well and … ” She just winked and smiled. If the two star hotel wasn’t anywhere near heaven then carefully oiling my sister’s breasts was. And boy, did I make sure I did it well. What had my sister meant? Turning all the possibilities over in my mind kept me firm or semi for the next half hour. I was laid on my stomach, sun lotion applied as best I could, before I dare take a dip in the pool. Come bedtime we were all too drunk even to wrestle. I’d got it completely wrong; s*s was certainly not going to fuck me. sleep, food, sunbathe, booze, repeat was the way that holidays were meant to go. We got used to the bar touts promising everything but delivering nothing. I got used to going to the beach every day between eating and boozing. Food and, in particular, alcohol were dirt cheap. The first few days were a novelty, seeing my sister’s suntanned tits was great but there were many more to see on the beach; then on Thursday the clouds formed and gradually darkened and the winds picked up. Intent on making her most of their holiday, the girls hit the sea front shops while we HAPS (husbands and partners) hit the bars, and quite rightly so. Come evening it was still sticky hot; the rain had started but we just partied on. One of the touts was handing out leaflets – ‘ROCKY SHAW, XXX HYPNOTIST. FRIDAY EVENING – CLUB MAXIME SOL – STRICTLY ADULTS ONLY ‘. It was promising a night to remember and the girls started giggling as a couple of them had seen a similar show before. To be honest I wasn’t too interested, but Rosie was. The weather wasn’t improving. The strong wind was causing anything not fastened down to move around. We made our way back to the hotel, still in tee-shirts but battling the wind and rain. Rosie was uneasy about the rain rattling the hotel window. We chatted in bed for a long while before settling down to sleep. I was awoken just after 3am by Rosie trying ease herself into my bed. The rain was driving hard against the window and the room was lit, through the thin curtains, by a long flash of lightening. A loud clap of thunder followed within a second and I was amazed the storm hadn’t already woken me. “Ben, turn over,” said Rosie, shaking me, “Ben, wake up, hold me.” “OK, OK, OK, I’m awake,” I said, turning to face her. “What’s wrong?” “I’m scared,” she said, squeezing me tight. “You know I don’t like thunder and lightning.” As if hearing the cue, the lightening lit the room up again, followed immediately by a massive clap of thunder. Rosie held me tight, as if my body could shield her. She was naked, completely naked, sweating. The room seemed as hot as midday, the cheap hotel having no aircon. “What if the hotel gets hit? What if we gave to evacuate?” Rosie was now shivering, as if scared witless. “It’s OK. It’s just a bad storm. Sometimes it happens here. It will soon pass.” The lightening flashed again, not as brightly. One, two seconds passed before the clap of thunder. “See,” I continued, “It’s passing.” “Can I stay here until it’s gone?” Rosie pleaded. Her breasts felt really hot against me. I had kicked my boxers off earlier, the room was so hot, so humid. We were both naked. “You can if you wish,” I said, “But don’t you want to put your nightie back on?” I turned over to pick up my boxers at the side of the bed. There was only a cotton sheet covering us. The lightning flashed again. Rosie screamed, “No, no, please Ben, don’t let go of me. Hug me, kiss me. I’m scared.” I turned back. She moved her leg over mine as if to cling on – she’d done that many times when we wrestled but then there were always clothes between us. Now I could feel her hairless pussy lips against my leg, obviously shaved because of her minimal bikini. Rosie must have been aware that my cock was solid but she said nothing. The thunder was much quieter now, the wind having blown the storm clouds over until the next ones came. We hugged, we kissed. “My,” whispered Rosie briefly touching my hardness, “Did I do that?” “Yes,” I answered grumpily. brother and sister naked just wasn’t right, “No-one to blame but yourself.” “Mmmm,” Rosie rubbed against me, rested her head against my chest. This was the very first time I’d been naked in bed with any girl, and here I was with my sister. We must have dropped asleep until the next big clap of thunder awoke us again. “Ben, hold me. I thought the storm was over. I’m scared.” I don’t know how it happened, for Rosie was the mistress of making my body be wherever she wanted it so that she could be in full control. Before I knew it Rosie was on top of me. Despite all my attempts during our wrestling I had no thoughts at all of trying to move. Rosie had already read my thoughts. “Don’t move Ben. I’m scared and need something to distract me. I’m really, really sorry if this isn’t the right thing to do, but I need it so much and … ” Her voice trailed off as if she just didn’t know what to say, then very slowly she moved against me, rubbing herself against my leg. “Rosie, this just isn’t right, I …” “Sssh! Don’t talk. Yes, it’s very right. You’re my brother, I know, but I need you more than I ever realised, and just now I’m very scared.” Another flash of lightning but several seconds before the thunder. “Sssh now, I have to do this, it works for me. Just enjoy me moving against you. I need something to take my mind off the storm.” She paused as if trying to decide whether to let me in on a secret. “Ben,” she said after a while. “Do you think it’s OK for me to masturbate adıyaman rus escort bayan when I feel scared?” I laughed, “I didn’t know girls did such things.” Liar. Rosie laughed too, a full blooded laugh. “Ben, you really are so sweet. I didn’t know you were so shy with girls. I really don’t want to go back to my bed – the thunder and lighting scares me. Are you OK if I just rub up against you?” “I don’t know. I suppose so. Aren’t you embarrassed?” Rosie laughed again and kissed me. “Ben, I don’t think you realise just how grateful I am you took Martin’s place. And I don’t think you realise just how horny a girl can get when she hasn’t got a man.” “OK. You’re my sister. I really ought to be looking after you. I hate to see you scared. You can cuddle and do what else you want. Anyway, what you were doing makes me feel good too.” “It does?” she giggled like a naughty schoolgirl, “Hmmm, let’s see.” Rosie began the slow, steady movements again. The friction between us had been giving me similar feelings to when I wanked, but the sensation was totally different. Confusing? Yes, I was confused too, but the feeling was good. A few minutes more and the storm outside was moving away while a new storm was building up inside me. Don’t you just love the sound a woman makes when she’s building to her peak at her own pace? On that holiday, in that hotel room during the story weather was the first time I’d witnessed it; the purr of pleasure, the indecipherable moans escaping from her mouth intermingled with ‘mmmm’ and ‘yessss’. Rosie was stoking the fire within her while making me sure I was going to fire my cannon. Bit by bit, in no rush whatsoever, Rosie’s orgasm was forming within. “Kiss me, Ben,” she said. I dare not refuse her. Her mouth and mine became as one, saliva flowed, teeth clashed together, tongues explored. Letting our lips separate she cried “Mmmm, yessss,” again and again. The speed at which her cunt rubbed at my thigh rapidly increased until she let out a long guttural moan, swiftly followed by my own eruption, cum shooting in the space between us, coating both of us with its stickiness. The following morning, despite some hectic attempt during the night to mop up the stray cum, the evidence was still there, the bed sheet still damp. Sun was streaming through the thin curtain. Outside the sky was wall to wall blue, not even a hint of cloud. The only evidence of the storm could be seen as pool chairs blown over, parasols toppled over and the litter of paper, plastic spa water bottles and other items blown into the pool. One of the staff was busy with a long fishing net, reaching and scooping the debris. At some point Rosie had deserted me and she was fast asleep in her own bed. Why is it always the man who ends up with the damp patch? Surprisingly she said nothing about the night before, except that she was glad the storm had gone. We read later in the free tourist newspaper of the damage the storm had caused. “Good morning, sleeping beauty,” I said as I woke Rosie. I’d already showered and we need to be down for breakfast. She blinked, rubbed her eyes and sat up, making no attempt to hide her naked breasts. “What time is it?” she asked, immediately looking at the clock and answering her own question, “Oh my god, I’m absolutely starving.” Jumping out of bed, naked as the day she was born, Rosie rushed into the bathroom. After pissing noisily and farting like a horse she flushed then started up the shower. Don’t women have a piss volume control? I guess I took my big sister for granted. In the beauty stakes she wouldn’t have come away with first prize but most certainly wouldn’t have been last. Slim but not looking as though she’d skipped many meals, golden brown short hair, ample but not oversized tits – firm but a little bouncy, hips and butt in the right proportions, long and slender but powerful legs – as I knew from being scissored or pinned down. In 10 minutes flat she was showered, hair dried, dressed and we were on our way to breakfast. The intense rain had penetrated part of the roof and into the restaurant, some tables having been pushed even closer than normal to avoid the sodden ceiling. The air was already warm, perhaps slightly less so than the previous evening which had been humid and overbearing before the storm. On our short walkabout to clear our heads we noticed that the hypnotist show (the naughtiest in Ibiza, so the poster proclaimed) had been postponed for two nights. ‘All tickets will be honoured’ the handwritten sign said, ‘There are some tickets still left – 10 Euros for the most entertaining evening of your life’. I didn’t want to go as I knew it was all quackery. Everyone knew that people were just acting and the hypnotist was a smart-talking fake. But on the other hand we’d heard that, given an excuse, some alcohol fuelled exhibitionists were more than keen to put on a show. One couple told us the prudes in Ibiza (80+ year old spinsters probably) had tried to shut the bar down, but failed. One of the show’s greatest fans was the local mayor – he hardly ever missed a performance. I was completely outvoted by our group. We bought tickets, and were advised to come early if we wanted good seats. The bar, like most in Ibiza summer season, would be open all day, with a happy hour from 6 till 7pm. The show started at 8 and usually finished well after 10pm. The unpleasant humidity of the day before gave way to a welcome breeze to cool the Ibizan sun. We collected what we needed for the beach and settled down for some serious sunbathing. Coating Rosie’s unblemished skin with factor 30 was, for me, a very pleasant task. Of course my body’s predictable reaction was still evident, but this time it was much more a semi. Even so, it had not escaped the notice of two of Rosie’s girl friends. “We’re just going to stretch our legs,” said Adrian to Yvonne. “Shouldn’t be long.” He and Andy wandered off along the beach. “They’re going to check out the talent. They do that every holiday, ” said Yvonne. “Why don’t you go with them,” added Rosie, giving me a wink. “It might educate you.” Good old s*s, there to help. She wanted to catch up on gossip. I ran to catch them up. Adrian made out to be quite a connoisseur. While many of the ladies retrieved their tops before taking a dip, some did not; this was Ibiza and I soon found out that over 30’s are in the minority. Not only that but 200 yards further along the beach swimwear was in the minority. Adrian didn’t admit it but I twigged he’d researched this ‘clothes optional’ stretch possibly before the holiday was even booked. Purely in respect for the rest of the people there we did remove ours … and I reckon the following hour was the most educational hour of my life! “You enjoyed your long walk, then?” asked Rosie as we returned. “Sure, it was great,” I answered. “And we had a good swim.” Rosie glanced down, “Your swim shorts dried quickly.” Couldn’t get anything past my s*s. “I guess it must be the warm breeze,” I answered. I could see she didn’t believe me. I didn’t do the walk again, but the other two did … followed at a distance by Yvonne. “It’s a nuddy beach,” she informed the rest. The following day, after a one-sided discussion, we spent the day there. The girls were suitably impressed. My contribution to the ‘talent’ was noted, though I’d been reluctant to strip off at first in front of Rosie’s friends. It was one of my better decisions. After that day I was firmly within Rosie’s circle of friends. We skipped going there the day of the hypnotist show, instead spending the day round the hotel pool. OK, the drinks were dearer there but still much cheaper than home. Although we arrived well in good time for the show, there was a queue. Even so we got good seats, but split up as some seemed reluctant to get seats near the stage in case they got volunteered for the act. “I’m so excited,” confessed Rosie. “I’ve always wanted to be hypnotised but I don’t want to go on alone. Will you go with me?” “No. As I said it’s all hocus-pocus. These guys just make it up and give people the chance to act in some dumb way.” “OK, so now’s the chance to prove him wrong. And everyone else who volunteers.””It’s a scam to get 10 euros out of everyone,” I protested. “No it’s not. I looked it up on the hotel computer.” “That’s an even bigger scam. I’ve seen people feed euros in that like there’s no tomorrow.” “Ah chicken! Either you come with me to prove the hypnotist wrong or you never see me naked again. And that includes the nudist beach. No go, no show.” I’d dug my own hole and, as a stage hand invited people to come forward just as the hypnotist appeared, Rosie held my hand in a brief minute of nervousness as we walked on, standing side by side. All we had to do was clasp our hands together as Rocky talked and asked the guinea pigs to just concentrate and … The next I knew was a snap of fingers and my hands tingling. “Just sit there, please,” said the assistant, pointing to the chair next to where Rosie was sat, also shaking her hands to get rid of the tingling. I remembered what she’d threatened and decided I’d take my place. Many of the other volunteers were walking back to their seats. I remember Rocky talking and asking us to focus on one of the ceiling spot lights and then nothing much until I woke with my head leaning on Rosie’s shoulder. Apart from feeling like I’d slept for a couple of hours, I only remembered odd little things. The assistant pointed me back to my seat and thanked me for volunteering.”You were well away there,” said Adrian. Yvonne agreed. “Too much sun and too much alcohol,” I said, still an unbeliever. “No, you were way gone. Then suddenly you seemed to wake up,” Adrian seemed certain but I wasn’t so sure until a big yawn escaped me. “I guess I just nodded off. Just watch, you’ll soon see it’s a fix. Anyway I need a pint.” While I was standing for a minute or two at the bar waiting my turn, a lady who seemed slightly younger than me spoke. “Hi there,” she said, “Well done for going forward. It’s a pity the hypno didn’t quite work with you. I was waiting to see what Rocky had in store for you.” I turned my head to face her, “My sister volunteered me.” “Wow, you came on holiday with your sister? She emphasised the word. “It’s a long story,” I explained. “You were on the beach yesterday, weren’t you? On the nudist part.” I felt my face flush. “Er, er, yes. It’s the first time …” “I never forget a face,” she added, looking down at my zipper then laughed. “Hey, you don’t have to defend yourself.” she looked down again, “You’re quite fit.” The old me came through. I was nervous and shy again. She squeezed my butt. “I’ll be there tomorrow with some of my friends. If you can get away from your sister, why don’t you join us.” She took a final glance at a part of me that obviously interested her, “I’m sure they’d like to see you as well.” Having been served a pint of the cheap local brew I went back to my seat. Two of the willing volunteers were talking to each other, supposedly in some mock Martian conversation. I’d seen that on the telly; all faked. Then Rocky blew up one of those narrow modeling balloons and gave it to one of the ladies. “When I say the word balloon,” Rocky began, his hand on the lady’s shoulder, “You’ll start to stroke it gently and lovingly.” “And when you, sir,” Rocky went on, “See the lady stroking the balloon, you’ll immediately feel,” he paused, grinning at the audience, “A very pleasant sensation in your,” he paused again, “In your, let’s say, in your wedding tackle. The more she strokes, the more aroused you feel. The better you feel, the more she will stroke.” Rocky moved over to the lady, reinforced the suggestion, then the man, who unfortunately was wearing quite lightweight shorts. “Balloon,” said Rocky, “Balloon.” Moment by moment, the pleasure on the man’s face was becoming more than evident. So was the bulge in his shorts. “Better and better,” said Rocky, his hand on the man’s shoulder. “Such a lovely feeling, such an irresistible feeling, it makes you want to …” Now the lady, coaxing her to stroke the balloon faster and faster, till ‘POP’, Rocky burst the balloon. I wasn’t sure whether rus escort adıyaman the trick worked, but if it didn’t then the man was a very good actor. The show moved on, XXX indeed, gentle touches of his hand on her shoulder or his shoulder, whoever. Let’s just say the lasting feeling with one lady was orgasmic. One by one the volunteers returned to their seats, each one well happy with the experience. There was just one lady left, Rosie. “You’ve won tonight’s first prize,” Rocky told her, Rosie (so she thought) wide awake and waiting for Rocky to begin hypnotising her. She wasn’t aware of what had gone on, simply because Rocky had commanded her to forget. “Do you mind if I ask your name?” “Rosie,” she answered, not realising that several of her fellow volunteers had recently forgotten their names. Not Rosie though, Rocky had taken a shine to her. In his correct estimation, Rosie was very susceptible to being hypnotised very deeply. “And the young man who came on stage with you, what’s his name?” “He’s Ben, he’s on holiday with me.” “And,” Rocky looked around with a broad smile on his face, “I expect he’s sharing a hotel room with you?” “Yes,” answered Rosie, not even hinting that I was her brother. “Good. Well, Rosie, you’ve been such a sport this evening, I’m going to give you a present and an extra gift that you’ll both enjoy. *Click* “sleep.” Yvonne nudged me. “He thinks you’re her boyfriend,” she whispered, “You might be in for a real treat.” “Like what?” “Like you’ll find out later. I’ve seen this guy before.” I made to stand, to get Rosie out of this black magic. Yvonne pulled me back, “Wait Ben, you might just enjoy this. Don’t make a fool of yourself. Rosie won’t thank you for it. Rocky is an entertainer, that’s all. He can’t make Rosie do anything she doesn’t want to.” I sat down. “Deeper, deeper down, Rosie. It feels so good to let yourself relax and totally obey me.” The commands continued until Rocky was way deep inside Rosie’s subconscious. I wasn’t aware until later just how much Rosie was going to be so responsive to Rocky’s spell. Every time Rocky touched Rosie’s shoulder, or arm, or leg, she would, he told her, feel very pleasant tickles. “Where would you like your tickles to be, Rosie?” she hesitated. “You can whisper, you can trust me Rosie.” “Rosie! Really?” “Ladies and gentlemen, Rosie has been such a great sport that I think I should let her, er, I should let her have her wish. What do you say?” The audience laughed and gave a resounding ‘yes’. “Rosie, every time I touch you … No, wait … Every time your ‘Friend, Ben’ touches you, your tickles will feel better and better. So pleasant, so arousing, so like the very best tickles you’ve ever had in the most secret place you want them to be.” Rocky still thought I was her boyfriend. What should I do? He beckoned me on stage. Yvonne pushed me, I had no option. “All you need to do,” the hypnotist explained, off-mike, “Is just touch lightly. Her shoulder, her hand, her leg, whatever … it doesn’t matter, I’ll guide you.” And with that he brought her back, “3,2,1,wide awake.” *Click* And every touch is more and more exciting, pleasure tickles, like the world’s best, most expensive vibrator.” I just couldn’t believe it. All I was doing was the lightest of touches, nowhere near anywhere naughty or taboo, or indecent. *Click* “More and more, Rosie. The sexiest you’ve ever felt, building up inside you so you can’t control it.” It was then that Rosie’s legs parted and she started to push forward in her chair, making her already short skirt ride up. “You’re going to cum, Rosie, you’re going to climax the best you’ve done in your life, an enormous cum.” I could see her pale green silky panties darken, her juices flowing fast. I just hoped the audience couldn’t. This went on, *Click*, touch, *Click*, touch. Rosie stretched, the mind-tickles penetrating, passing powerful, invisible pulses to her clit. “Now, orgasm, orgasm now for me Rosie, now, fast, hard, CUM.” It was the shouts, the screams, the powerful moans of pleasure that hit home. The contractions of her muscles, the vision of pure pleasure that convinced me that this huge orgasm was real and not acted. The waves of orgasm got slower and slower as Rosie’s breathing returned to normal. “And I promised you both an extra gift. Thank you both. Rosie, you’ve been the star of the show.” He paused, *Click* “Rosie, when you get back to your hotel room at bedtime tonight, and every time Ben says the word ‘Rocky’, every little touch will bring you more and more pleasure. You’ll remember every sensation like just now but ten times as powerful and you will PLEAD with Ben for release, when he is ready for you to. And then Rosie, you two will have the best sex of your life.” We left the bar to the congratulations from everyone and, I felt, to their utmost jealousy. Rosie couldn’t stop talking about how fantastic she felt. We moved on to our favourite bar and it wasn’t till I went in my pocket to pay for the next round of drinks that I found the note: ‘ring me – xxxx xxxxx Trish’. I smiled to myself – this holiday was turning out to be fantastic. I didn’t need an excuse. The popular bar was packed and I was hot. Outside I rang the number. “Hi, Trish here.” “Oh hi Trish, it’s Ben.” Trish answered from somewhere inside a bar. “Ben – wow I didn’t really expect you to ring so soon. How’s about meeting up with us tomorrow on the beach.” “I’m not too good on remembering faces … Where will you be?” “Somewhere near the beach bar on the nudist bit. There’ll be five of us. It’s OK, I’ll recognise you but ring me just before you reach the bar.” “Won’t your boyfriend mind?” There was a laugh. “I like you, Ben, you’re so nice. No, all our boyfriends are back in England.” “I’ll have to see what my sister is doing.” “Really, Ben?” She laughed again. “Does she need little brother to hold her hand?” “OK, I’ll be there … when?” “Any time after 11. And don’t bother with swimwear … Or suntan oil. We have plenty.” She laughed again. “Don’t let us down.” The moment we walked through the door into our small hotel room Rosie put her arms around my neck, pulled me close and gave me what was probably the best kiss I’ve ever had, even to this day. “Thank you,” she said finally, “Thank you for coming here with me, taking care of me and humouring me when I wanted to go to the hypno show.” “It’s OK,” I answered, “But can I have a day on my own tomorrow, please? “Sure you can. In fact I was wanting to go shopping and although most of us are going, I don’t really want to drag you round the stores. Most of the men will probably hit the bars anyway. We’re hoping to catch the bus into town after breakfast.” “Thank you,” I said and the quick kiss I offered turned into a mini marathon. “Oh my god,” said Rosie, I’m so relaxed and still so horny. That kiss was like dynamite. I smiled. “You really enjoyed that session with Rocky, didn’t you?” An odd expression flashed across her face, and a pleasure ripple passed from toes to nose. “Wow, I can still feel it now.” “So I take it you enjoyed the Rocky show?” “Mmmm yes,” she shivered again, “Wow, that’s weird. I can’t explain why I still feel so fucking horny.” “Is that how Rocky made you feel – you do remember all the Rocky show don’t you?” “It was like a thousand tickles in just two or three places. Oh my god Ben, it was fantastic.” “Do you think Rocky had some kind of magic vibrator? A Rocky special?” “No. Look Ben, this might sound weird to you but I know it was you touching me at the end. Even though it was just my shoulder or arm or leg, it went straight to my clit.” She paused as if the very mention of the word might embarrass me. “Ben, I’m sorry, it’s those tickles again, but this time I feel I have to … Oh my god Ben, I’m sorry I just have to … to relieve myself … now … help me.” Rosie fair ripped off her tee-shirt and bra. Her eyes were glazed as if she was under some remote power. Her skirt and the briefest of panties, soaked in her love juice, were soon on the floor. “Ben, please. Don’t just watch, help me… do I have to do it all myself?” “That’s what Rocky wanted. Would you do it for Rocky and for me? Rocky said you’d enjoy it more and Rocky knows best.” By now Rosie was totally overcome by the powerful post-hypnotic suggestions. Now laid on the bed, her fingers busy, she insisted I help. “Ben, hello, anyone home? Get the fuck here and stop gawping.” I was in my own trance, totally absorbed in watching Rosie’s fingers. I’d said ‘Rocky’ a number of times but I wasn’t the hypnotist. Rosie didn’t need help rubbing herself off, she’d likely been doing it for many years. What she did need was my fingers there, as part of my education. “Show me where Rocky would want me to touch.” Again I was suddenly aware of a glazed look in Rosie’s eyes. She parted her legs more, used her thumb and finger to spread her pussy lips, pointed to a swollen and reddened lump about the size of a pea. “Here, rub here, get my juice and rub.” Her voice had changed, a strange dreamlike voice. She dipped her finger in a sweet but sour, addictive scented juice, an enticing aroma I’d only smelled on … what? Her panties of course, in one of my curious, discovery dares, in the linen basket back home. I lost no time but fumbled. I had no idea that … “Yes, there.” Rosie took a sharp intake of breath. As I fumbled some more she bit her lip. “More, yes, faster, Ohhhh!” I honestly hadn’t a clue that this part of her was once, in mom’s womb before genes took over, the same part that I overworked, wanking like mad. Surely it wasn’t going to shoot? “Oh yes, yes, YES!” In her heightened state of arousal, even my first-time fumbling had taken her over the edge. My finger was now coated in that delightful organic liquid. Slowly Rosie’s breathing came back to normal. Slowly she opened her eyes again and smiled. “That was just for starters,” she said, in an animated, almost laughing tone of voice. “Now I’m going to teach you to fuck.” “I don’t think that’s right. You’re my sister and …” “And you’re going to tell mom when we get back home?” “No, but … ” “You’re going to confess to the nearest preacher?” “No, but … “You’re going to stand on the balcony and shout to everyone that your big sister wants you to fuck her? No, I thought not. So get your stuff off … or does big sister have to undress you?” “OK then, yes.” Big s*s almost tore my clothes off, my cock sprang out ready for action. I had no answer. Rosie was hyped up, horny as hell. She was a good teacher and patient as I made several attempts to enter her. It was a brand new sensation to me, to have my cock gripped tightly and able to thrust in and out with nature’s perfect lubrication; it was much better than my hand. But after the first few thrusts nature took over. I started to push deeper and faster, surprised and pleased with the fantastic feeling. But Rosie gasped as my thrusts went deeper inside, “No, Ben, not so fast and not so hard.” I was puzzled. Surely having sex was like that. Wasn’t it meant to hurt a woman just the first time? Didn’t women always enjoy it ‘hard and fast’? How many times had I heard it at college …’I gave it her hard and fast. She fucking loved it.’ “Is that better?” I drew back so far I came out and Rosie had to help me enter her again. I just had to learn. “Just be careful. When you’re so long and so thick you have to start slow.” Here was my big sister helping me again. She told me later there were ‘showers’ and ‘growers’ and I was both; not too long and not too thick until I got fully hard. She also told me later I’d been bigger than any of her boyfriends and apologised for all the 2 inch teasing. “That’s good Ben,” Rosie encouraged, “Just keep it slow and steady.” Slow and steady didn’t last long. Rosie was still horny and encouraged me to speed up, thrust deeper. My back began to ache but I could sense real pleasure begin to grow. I thrust even faster and harder, we both began to pant. Far too soon my seed was sown deep inside Rosie’s treasure cave and finally Rosie’s hypno-horniness was quenched. We slept, spooned, in Rosie’s bed, a dreamless, refreshing deep sleep. *** The following morning there was no need to talk much about the night before. I was no longer a virgin and Rosie was no longer under a spell. She left, with the others of the group, for the bus into town. Rosie was happy to give me some space. I needed it. To be continued: Ben’s new found confidence grows, meeting up with Trish and her friends on the beach, and Rosie encouraging Ben to learn how to hypnotise her.

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