It was Christmas and he gave me something for life

Big Dick

It was Christmas and he gave me something for lifeWe had arrived a little worse for wear, and finished up standing in the doorway of my communal entrance, my pants down at my ankles, and my skirt raised, when my old age pensioner neighbour walked into the building, and caught us engaging in sex.It was December 19th, and I was so pissed I never even clocked him as he walked past us humping like a pair of bunny rabbits, up against his wall.I had been drinking since I had entered the office, and the whole day was turned over to boozing, groping and having our genitalia photocopied and passed around the office and personal emailing listing.What I was engaging in was the apex to a day of letting ones hair down, a bit of office shagging with someone from the ‘Accounts department’, the only guy with enough nous, to know my pussy was available, and sober enough to be hard enough to penetrate me.That’s the office Christmas Party for you, a time where all those sexual innuendos and teasing comes to a head, and the brain shuts down, to allow the cocks to go where they should not, in our wet pussies.’Wake up girl’, he was shaking me out of my drunken stupor, as I lay crumpled against the wall, my knickers lying beside me, and my bare ass on the concrete flooring.Having achieved his aim he slipped from bolu rus escort me and left me, sliding down the wall into the heap of semi-nude flesh, exposed and cummed-on.I can remember being pulled and cajoled into a warm and inviting bed, feeling him on top of me, and passing in and out of sessions of intercourse.For a man in his sixties, he certainly knew how to fuck, because I could count three times he was inside me.In the morning I awoke to find he was still in his bed beside me. I sat up, still nude of course to see my clothes discarded to the side on the floor, and I sat semi-prose trying to piece together the events, but somehow could not get past the champagne at 1pm in the afternoon, the rest was just a blur, and I felt sick in my stomach, how many men had taken advantage of the lax in my social skills?’You want some black coffee girl’?I turned to see my old neighbour with a look of triumphalism in his eyes, and as I looked, the flashbacks of him on top of me came thick and fast, just as he had, and the damp patch under my bum, was seeping from my tired pussy, it had to be his semen still seeping from me.I nodded in aquience of the coffee, and he got out of bed and faced me, naked and not afraid to let me look at him, ‘Please’, I pleaded, holding bolu rus escort bayan my hand up to my face, a sudden sense of shame, that of all the men who were fuckable enough and living around me, the oldest and least glamorous was the one who had free reign inside of me.He came back into the room, still naked and proudly showing his manhood, letting it swing freely before my eyes. He handed me the coffee, which I took, and pointing out that he was not ashamed about letting me see him.I sat up and let my breasts be exposed, no point in being coy, everything that had happened had, so better to be adult about it, and move on.He climbed back in beside me, ‘This really should not have happened’, I said to him after taking a sip of the strong brew.’Never look a gift horse in the mouth’, he replied with honesty, ‘I am not going to apologise for taking advantage of you’, he replied candidly, ‘you were up for it and I always wanted you’.I lay there unashamedly, as the weak morning sun started to enlighten the room, ‘Did you enjoy yourself’, I asked him, curiously wanting to know how much pleasure he derived from my drunken offering?He was right in that sense, women know when men want them for sex, and I knew he did, and shamefully, I had teased and played rus escort bolu him over those years, where in the beginning I had seethed with a burning hatred of a husband who had walked out on me, causing me to move to this apartment block, and live a solitary life of anger and frustration, then a small wry smile was on my lips, all the time this old man was my answer, he had the biggest cock I had ever felt inside me, and I chose to ignore him.I laid my cup on the floor and turned onto my side, choosing to face away from from him, turn my back on him, ‘I am going to sleep a little longer’ I said, shamefully pushing my bum against him.It had been four years since I felt a man’s erection this early in the morning, and a naughty sense swept through me, ‘If you want another fuck’, I said, as he pressed against me.I closed my eyes and felt him enter me and move inside around deep inside, the drunken stupor had gone, and the true meaning in the sense of copulation, being as one and trying to reach the pinnacle of orgasm, as we heaved and grunted like a****ls.Feeling his hands slide under my arms as he cupped my breasts and thumbed my nipples, using them as a fulcrum to thrust into me, my orgasm came with an explosion that made me cry out in pleasure.Like a little girl being offered a bag of sweets, I surrendered to him, my orgasms coming after he did, my cervix drawing him deeper into my tubes filled with my eggs, the penetration complete, as they dropped into my womb, by next Christmas my little girl smiled, her daddy sat in his flat downstairs wondering if I would come home drunk like last year.

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