kate6Kate and I got really close, she sneaked into my room Saturday night I knew mum would be out, we would have the house to ourselves for at least 5 hours,On Friday Kate came home from work, soon as she walked in I kissed her, and run my hand up her skirt.She pulled away from meWhat are you doing Chris, I didn’t tell you to touch me!But I thought it was OK I said.Only when I say so she said, Sorry I saidMake me a cup of tea and some toast ,I went to the kitchen and put the kettle on , she came in a couple of minutes later with a piece of paper and a pen, and sat at the table and started writingthe toast popped up , I took it over to her with the butterChris for this to work I want to know I can trust you, I’m writing this and you will sign it, if you want this to go onEr OK I saidWell you need to read it first, make my tea and I will finish this,After five minutes she said read this if you agree sign it, if you don’t its over! She got up and went into the garden for a cigaretteand took her tea with her,I sat down ısparta rus escort and read the paper it saidThis is a contract between Kate and Chris1 Chris will obey Kates commands at all times2. Chris will not wank or play with him self without Kate’s permission.3 Chris will now be the property of Kate.4 Chris agrees that any time he upsets Kate, punishment will be given, which will include , slapping or canning5 Chris will tell the truth at all timesI Christopher ######### agree to the rules and sign freely I went into the garden Kate was sitting in the sun at the table, she grinned well she saidKate I don’t know? She rubbed her breasts through her shirt , pouting her lips if you want these ever again you will sign!But Kate I can’t promise all thisWhy not.? She askedOK what if I do have a wank, what happens then?You will be punished,What if I don’t take the punishmentthen you will never play with this again her hand went between her legs rubbing herself through her tights ısparta rus escort bayan and knickersI don’t know I saidFine your choice, I will give you till mum gets home, to sign or its over.She stood up and went in doors, I followed her. Kate please,I’m not talking to you till you sign , go away and think about it!I went back into the garden and thought about it for 20 minutes,i knew mum would be home in another 15 minutes,I went up to Kate’s bedroom and knocked at her door.Have you signed she calledCan I come inNot until you signedOK I will sign please let me in, she unlocked the door , I went in , Kate I said Sign it she saidI signed the paper, she said this isn’t a game Chris this is real you understand that don’t you?I noddedShe put the contract in her diary which had a combination lock,Good she smiled, drop your trousersI undid them and let them fall to the floorAnd your pantsBut your mum will be home soonPants she said ! I obeyedshe stroked my semi hard cock rus escort ısparta it started to stiffen Lay on my bed she said I kicked my pants off and laid down, she lifted my legs and pushed them so my knees was by my head I was looking up at my cock she started to lick my balls , her hand running up and down over my shaftHer mouth swallowed one of my balls I groaned, I could feel my self cummingKate I calledAre you cumming already she laughed Yes I’m sorryOpen your mouth she said then she licked her finger , then I felt her push her finger into my bum, her nail scratching meHer fist hit my cheeks she rubbed my cock fasterI shot my load into my face, she directed my cock over my mouth so I came in my mouth, She was laughing she milked every drop out of me into my mouthHer finger slipped out of my bum and let my legs back down keep your mouth open she saidShe looked down at me looking at my cum filled mouth, swallow it she laughedI obeyed,she then started kissing me my hand slipped between her legs, she pushed it away I’m going to have so much fun with you she saidCan you suck your own cock because it looked like you couldYes I said I can get the head between my lipsHave you cum in your mouth before she askedYes I said Wow she said you will show me thatAll of a sudden we heard her mums voice I quickly got dressed and went back to my roomTbc

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