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Last OrdersWhilst it’s been almost 10 years since this bit of fun, I’ve found myself thinking of it lately so I thought I’d share. Back when pubs were the place to go on a Friday night (before the smoking ban) a large group of us used to go to our local every Friday. There were friends of all degrees in this group. Some close friends, others just friends of friends. One of the aquaintences came in the form of a couple. They’d been together a good number of years and seemed to be happy. One night the girl, after a good number of drinks, started telling me all sorts of things about what she and her other half got up to and, I have to say it got me rather jealous. I was single and of the age where all I wanted to do was put my dick in as many girls as possible. However it was clear the way she was talking that she wanted me to feel that way and she wanted to let me know she was dirty and up for almost anything. At one point upon getting up to go to the bathroom, she discreetly placed her hand between my legs and squeezed my manhood. But surely following up on this would be crossing all sorts of moral codes? After all, we were all part of one group of friends. bayburt rus escort The next week she turned up on her own professing to have split from her other half. As the night went on and the drinks flowed we got closer and closer and more and more touchy-feely. After touching and flirting all evening I was desperate to get my end away and she clearly wanted some cock. We made our excuses and left together, doing our best to not seem too obvious, as we had all evening. By the side of the pub is a path that leads up to some woodland and a reservoir and we immediately made our way up the path, into the darkness. Once we were satisfied we were out of view we began kissing and I almost immediately pulled her vest top below her tits displaying an absolutely fantastic pair, clasped by a sexy black bra. Whilst continuing to kiss I reached my hand into the bra and eased the left breast out of its support. This gave the girl the green light to get her hands where she was oh so desperate for them to go and I felt my zipper lower allowing her to get her hand into my jeans and straight into my boxer shorts. I was bayburt rus escort bayan already rock hard and she couldn’t have been happier about it “I was hoping you’d be ready and willing” she said “I need your cock inside me now”. She hitched her skirt up around her waist, pulled down her knickers and put them into her handbag. She placed her handbag on the ground and shuffled back to support herself against a wall that sat a few yards behind us, raising her leg to invite me and my rock hard cock into her pussy. I immediatelet moved towards her, dropped my jeans and boxers around my ankles and slid my rock hard cock deep into her. Her pussy was as wet as any pussy I’d ever encountered, despite the lack of foreplay, and it felt tight around my shaft. I held her raised thigh as I fucked away at her pussy and she moaned with pleasure. She interspersed the moaning with dirty talk which had me almost immediately on the verge of cumming “your dick feels so good in my pussy” she said “I wonder if it’ll fit up my arse? I really want your cock up my arse, I know that’s bad but I’ve been thinking about it. rus escort bayburt I came all over my fingers before I came out imagining you fucking my tight arsehole”. I obviously didn’t need much persuading. Sliding my cock out of her pussy I backed away from her and, with my hands on her hips, turned her away from me. She bent over the wall as rubbed my cock against the entrance to her arse. It was tight, too tight at first until she rubbed some of her pussy juices around her hole before guiding my cock in, slowly. Slowly my cock became able to fuck her arse with the same ferocity I had been fucking her pussy moments earlier. I knew it wouldn’t be long before I was emptying my load into her arse, but I wanted to enjoy the sluts arsehole for longer. I was fighting the urge to cum when she exclaimed “fill my arse with cum baby, fill me with your cum”. Almost instantly I shot my load into her arsehole and whilst doing so she pushed her arse back against me to get the cum as deep into her arse as possible “oh good that feels so good” she moaned “get all that fucking cum up my arse”. I reached my hand round to rub her pussy as I finished cumming but found she’d beaten me to it”. She was rubbing away frantically as the last of my cum emptied into her arsehole. I looked down at her arse as I slid my cock out and watched the cum run out, down onto her pussy and hand. We straightened ourselves out and made our way home. That was the one and only time we fucked but my god it was worth it.

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