Lesbian twin s_ister Part 1


Lesbian twin s_ister Part 1Lesbian twin s_ister Part 1I always had a good sex life and never made a big secret about my bi-sexual tendencies, even though my first girl on girl masturbation/ sex experience occurred only a few days before my 19th birthday. After a blazing row I dumped my then boyfriend. I got over him very quickly as he was a bastard anyway and never gave a shit about anything but himself. Nevertheless I took shelter and refuge at my s_ister’s Sara for the week as we had a big party planned for our celebrations. Not only is she my sister and best friend but in matter of fact we are twins, identical twins. When I say identical twins I mean we look the same but are so very different in so many ways. While growing up I always was the quiet and slightly shy one and she was the rebel in the house. Naturally we were very close, even today but back then she was there for me when I needed her most, like so many other times over the years. We are very tight and that is one of the reason why I love her so much. As always she made me very welcome that night and after a bottle of wine the conversation went back and forth to sex and how all men are either useless shits or just plain jerks. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and the sun was out with just a light breeze. The second bottle soon followed and I have to admit that the combination of alcohol and sex talk got me very turned on and just a little bit wet and itchy between my legs. Sara smelled perfumed, like rose petals in water and the topic went towards female orgasms or better said the lack of it when there is a man involved and very quickly we were discussing masturbation technics. I felt frustrated and was aching for relive, it was clearly obvious that Sara was feeling the same effects as me and soon began openly to rub herself through her tracksuit bottoms. Slowly and undetected at first but after good 10 minutes much more blatant. The whole atmosphere was electric and so sensual, with no one else around we felt quite safe. With my right hand I slowly caressed my neck, being careful not to disturb or interrupt my twin s_ister. At the time we were sitting spread-out side by side on her L-shaped sofa in her living room with me on one side and her on the other. I got so horny watching my s_ister playing with herself that it didn’t take me long to find the courage to follow her lead and started to stroke my own love button. She looked amazing as always with her long blonde hair and smoking hot body. Not quite sitting up, I could see Sara pulling the scrunchy out of her hair and shaking her head a few times as it fell loose, rubbing the back of her neck as her hair kırıkkale rus escort fell against her shoulders. We undressed on opposite sides of the sofa to get more combatable, while I gingerly unbuttoned my blouse Sara lifted her tight tank top up over her head, a black half cup lace bra now the only thing covering her generously proportioned 34C breasts. She slid her skirt and matching G-string along her long, tanned legs before finally unclipping her bra, her full breasts popping free as she took a deep breath and exhaled heavily. Being naked in front of each other was no big deal between us and within minutes most of our cloth were s**ttered across the floor and I remember the pungent smell of arousal and the wetness between my legs. Just watching her bare chest move as she breathed was ecstasy and every once in a while I could hear her lick her lips. She cum like an express train and I watched her without missing a stroke on myself which was such a big turn on. That was the first time I witnessed a female orgasm other than mine at first hand and couldn’t help but compared her different masturbation style to mine. So there I was, sitting topless next to my s_ister, my hands caressing over my own body, my flat stomach and my perky breasts, teasing my belly button. Then running that hand slowly up to my mouth, licking a finger and placing it on an areola and feeling its little bumps and also my erect nipple. All the while my other hand is kneading the crotch of my jeans causing more pussy juices to flood my lace panties. Hastily I opened my zipper and shift my hips and slide them down my long legs, stepping out of my high heels I let then fall to the ground. I felt so incredible sexual and my panties were soaking wet, and after I removed them I brought them up to my nose and inhaled my exotic odour. Pushing my hand down I started to play with my labia, then I inserted two fingers into my wet hole. It felt so good. My hips began to rotate slowly and the squishy sounds of finger- fucking are easily noticeable. Watching my soaking wet digits slide into me over and over again takes my breath away. I was very close to my own orgasm myself when Sara moved alongside me. I could feel her hot breath on my naked body. I startled a bit and wanted to slow down but she whispered encouragement in pure filth at me. I was shocked and wanted to protest but I was quietened when Sara kissed me and immediately felt her tongue exploring. I was getting wetter by the second but at the same time I froze and momentarily stopped playing with my pussy. Her hand began running up my quivering body and kırıkkale rus escort bayan before I knew it she was sitting across my lap facing me.I was so fucking horny and needed some pussy loving and relieve but Sara was my twin s_ister but another minute in and both her hands were now gently caressing my body. It felt awesome, sexy and so filthy at the same time. I wanted it more than ever and I could almost feel the wetness between my legs running down my cleft towards my tight little puckered asshole. I dreamed about sex with another girl for a long time but I should have stopped her but I couldn’t. My body wasn’t doing what I wanted and slowly I found myself wanting this and so much more. Was my mind played tricks with me? I wanted to get fucked so badly now, even so the other girl was my s_ister. When she stopped kissing me momentarily I felt a void. We made eye contact and she whispered in my ear ”I’ll take care of everything, I love you, you will enjoy it” and with that she started to nibble and sucked on my earlobe. I was very happy; I quivered but was glad to be the submissive part to start with. She was so calm, gentle and patient, the way she caressed and massaged my body felt amazing. When she kissed slowly down my neck I nearly melted. She knew to well how to turn a lady, I moaned, I groaned, I sighted at the occasional biting every now and then that left me gasping for more, even leaving love marks behind.When she got to my breasts it was like heaven on earth and something I never experienced before, not with a guy anyway. Sara gently and ever so softly kissed her way to my rock hard nipples and swirled her tongue around then getting them both very wet and harder. It felt amazing as soon as she blew on them and my body yearned in pleasure. With my back arched in desire she drove me very close to the edge and backed off just a little to tease me. She left me hanging in there, wanting more. She is a right teaser when she wants to but she only just started and when she took my hard nipples into her mouth I was lost in a dark world of lust and all I wanted was for this never to stop.I always have had secret fantasies about being with Sara sexually and now it was becoming a reality, I had to pinch myself. Was I dreaming? She is very beautiful with an amazing body. She kissed her way down over my stomach, with her nails showing the soft sheen of a recent manicure. Soon she traced her fingers up and down my naked torso, softly but leaving thin scratch marks all over. I wanted more and craved some pussy loving when I placed my hands on her shoulders, pushing rus kırıkkale escort her down towards the golden honey pot which was my throbbing clit but she stopped and kissed me just above my cleft. We made eye contact again and again and I knew it was only a matter of seconds before I would erupt like a volcano. I was close and almost yelled it out but tried to keep my breathing normal. I almost growled with both, need and frustration when she finally kissed my pussy softly, tenderly and lovingly. Her tongue drove along the length of my slit and it was a delight when she sucked on my wet and puffy pussy lips. I thrusted my hips up in anticipation and straight against her probing tongue and by now she was soaked with my pussy juice. With her face all sticky and wet, I glanced into her eyes; they were deep blue and there were so much passion as she slowly kept sucking my pussy lips. She spread them wide open with her fingers and to my delight started sucking on my clit too. I moaned out loudly time and time again, slowly nearing my own climax, breathing got almost difficult at that stage. Mt beautiful s_ister Sara ate me out alright and while I grabbed her hair I pushed her face even deeper into my love tunnel. It can’t have been long but I sensed it went on forever. I blinked salty sweat from my eyes and the slurping sound she made, made this whole act even more erotic. I was closer than ever and my body kept on twitching, the sweat began to run down my face and Sara almost drowned in the pool my pussy made. When I felt 2 fingers inside my pussy I nearly lost it, I gritted my teeth as she was curling them up and hitting something deep inside of me. It was amazing, I stretched every sinew of my body as I bucked my hips feeling my first girl made orgasm hitting me, draining me. I let go, I could not go any further, I moaned, I screamed out loud and I cum all over Sara’s face. Breathless I collapsed back onto the sofa, trying to regain my focus on what just happened. The immense love that I have found was overpowering and I could feel my eyes swell up and with relieve I saw Sara smiling at me. And what a beautiful smile it was too: gorgeous, striking but also very much covered in my cum.I was still out of breath and closed my eyes briefly when Sara moved up over me and held me softly and as we kissed again I tasted my own juice on her lips for the very first time. “Lick your pussy juice from my face.” she whispered and sent goose bumps down my neck and without hesitation I pulled her closer and began to lick as ordered. The front of her face was soaked and I worked my way from her chin to above her nose and back down the other side. She opened her mouth and our tongues met followed by wide open lips. I could taste pussy juices and loved every drop of it. As things slowed down and my breathing, and hers start to return to normal we cuddled up tide; I took in the odour of female sex as we were both sweaty and exhausted but very happy with our newly found sisterly bond.

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