My friend Jim.


My friend Jim.I had come home off of leave to see my family and my old friend Jim. We had known each other since c***dhood but became close running partners at the age of 21 when we both returned home. For two years we hung out getting high, going out drinking and having a good time just partying.Jim was a red head with long red hair a thick well trimmed red beard and a lightly freckled skin tone . Same medium height and build as I, we met up again at my old girlfriend’s house. We were both driving the same economy car and they were both the same weird green color. We became very close friends.But Jim never had a clue that I was a glory hole hound and spent a large amount of time at the local ABS sucking as much cock as I could! It had always bothered me that I had this secret life my friend did not know about. I felt it was time I came out to him and if he accepted me then I knew he was a true friend.If it upset him then I would just leave and never have contact with him again. The problem was Jim had recently gotten married and I was not sure if he was still mad at me for not being his best man at his wedding because I had left and went back in the military.I had came back near my birthday and he and his wife invited me to their apartment and to stay over for the night. The complex was in a rural area in a wooded area near a lake. çankırı rus escort After eating we all sat out on the patio drinking beer ,watching the full autumn moon traverse the sky. His wife went inside and made up the fold out bed on the couch.She came out and said she was tired, gave me a birthday kiss on my cheek, said good night and went to bed. Jim pulled out a joint and lit it and we set there in the dark quietly sharing this joint and each others company. I knew I had to say something to him and end this charade I had been playing.We finished the joint now having a good buzz to go with the beers we had been drinking and lit up cigarettes. I looked at Jim and said,” I need to tell you something that might change our relationship forever”. He looked at me and said, ”That will never happen”.I leaned over toward him in the dark and whispered quietly to him,” I am a cocksucker”. He looked at me and smiled, leaned over and whispered, ”I am too.” My dick became instantly erect. I had been wanting to suck this young redhead cock for 4 years.He said wait here, got up went inside and checked to see if his wife was sound asleep. He came back and motioned me inside to the living room. He had turned out the lights and as I came in and closed the sliding door, he came up behind me and whispered çankırı rus escort bayan in my ear, “now show me how good of a cocksucker you are.”Both of us having only shorts and tee shirts on we were both naked in seconds and lying on the bed. I was nervous and excited almost like the first time I had another man’s cock in my mouth. This was the first time I was going down on a person who I actually knew.As I worked my tongue up his shaft back toward the tip I slowly came up on to my knees and hunched over his loins. When I reached the tip and that swollen helmet I was positioned directly over it with my face .The moonlight was bright enough and with his legs spread on the bed I could see that his shaft was red and engorged and his swollen ball sack was too.I slowly and delicately flicked my long tongue to his piss hole watching it too swell and pout. I put my lips on it and sucked and Jim moaned in satisfaction. I used my tongue to explore his cock tip licking and kissing the head as he moved in agreement. I wrapped my lips around the end and slowly massaged just the end with my lips and tongue just a inch or two in to my mouth.Finally, I slowly took every inch of his cock deep into my mouth and far down into my throat until it was buried inside me and I could feel his pubic hair rus escort çankırı tickling my nose and his balls swelling and throbbing in my palm.I had used my right middle finger to explore the area between his balls and asshole and had finally found and inserted the end of it up to the first knuckle into his asshole and was just massaging the area that I knew was very important and sensitive.With my right two fingers clasped around his ball sack and pulling ever slow slightly down and my middle finger in his ass pulling toward them, I started to just use my throat muscles and throat fucked his cock. Jim responded to my action by placing both his hands on the back of my head and began massaging my head and neck, while slowly thrusting his hips upward.Each time I felt his balls swell in need of releasing a load I would squeeze on the base of his nut bag stopping the action and building the load of cum up feeling his balls swell in eager anticipation. I would occasionally wrap my lips around his shaft and suck it up to the head give it a quick licking and receive it back in to my throat and slowly massage his cock with my throat. I was in cock sucker heaven and was going to enjoy this cock for a long as possible.After about 10 minutes of throat fucking and sucking his cock and continually feeling his balls swell and stopping the release of sperm I had to “come up for some air” . I am going to cum soon he said. Do you swallow? I looked at him and said I could not wait to taste his sperm. I then took his cock down my throat and suckled it until he shot all his cum down my throat.I have not seem Jim in over 30 years, but I still remember the taste of his cum.

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