My fun night at the sex club


My fun night at the sex clubA few years ago, I met a woman on-line who also lives in Arizona and she wanted to meet me at the sex club where my photos were taken in the folder “At the sex club”, IF they ever finish converting and uploading.She was a stunning, long haired brunette with long, sexy legs that were displayed to their best by the short skirt and stockings she was wearing with a pair of black boots, (I had told her previously what kind of clothing really turned me on). She had seen my pictures on-line so she already know I had a big cock. I am what they call “a shower, not a grower”, so I don’t get any bigger, just harder.We were sitting where I usually sit, in a secluded spot, (see photos), and she was playing with my cock when she asked me if I would like to try something a little kinky. I said as long as it didn’t involve pain, I was “up” for it, which she could easily tell by düzce rus escort looking at my cock. Thank God for those little blue pills !!!She told me to wait while she went to her car and when she returned, she had a blindfold and some nylon rope. I had also told her that I really got turned on by the CFNM scene.She took off what little clothing I still had on and told me to stand up. She then tied my hands behind my back and blindfolded me. Then she led me to another part of the room. Since I have been going there so long, I knew exactly where she had taken me and my cock started to get even harder when I realized that I was backed up against the post close to the pool table and in a spot that you had to walk by to go upstairs. She then tied my body to the post so I couldn’t move away. I hear her talking to someone and a few seconds later I felt a hand düzce rus escort bayan hefting my cock and moving it around as if it were being inspected. Then a hand grabbed my balls and started gently squeezing them. I hear female voices all around me by now and they were all discussing my cock as if it were a slab of meat, (which it is, actually).I suddenly gasp as I felt warm, wet lips surround the head of my cock and started slowly sucking, as a calf would at it’s mother’s teet. The mouth then began moving up and down the length of my big boner and I hear a woman say, “I wonder if she can take it all?” As if in response, the mouth suddenly pushed itself down the length of my cock until I felt it brushing my pubic hairs and a loud cheer went up from the crowd of people now gathered around.I could barely utter the words, “Stop !! Stop !! or I’ll rus escort düzce cum !! The mouth backed off and I hear my lady friend say, “No, we don’t want that. The night is still young !!”The mouth moved away and I was left standing there, with my huge boner exposed for the entire club to see. It was exciting and embarassing at the same time as people would walk by and make comments about my cock being a freak of nature, or saying things like, “I wish YOURS was half that size !!”Occasonally, a hand would brush the head or a hand would lift the shaft and stroke it a few times. Just often enough to keep me excited. Again, thank God for the blue pills. I was just hoping that she was keeping track of the time. “Seek medical help for an erection lasting more than 4 hours”. Fortunately, after about 45 minutes, (as I found out later), she untied me and led me back to our chairs. I almost couldn’t walk that far, even though it was only about 25 feet.As we sat there, women kept coming over to us and telling us how much they enjoyed the show and some men even came over to thank us, saying that their wife han never been so turned on and had fucked their brains out in one of the upstairs rooms.To be continued…..

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