my journey to becoming a cuckhold


my journey to becoming a cuckholdMy wife and I have been married only for a few months when our sex lives started to change. We had lost contact for many years as we were both previously married and reconnected later in life. Lynn is is buxom brunette that is a little on the plump side. Since rediscovering each other, we spent lots of time talking about what we had done sexually over the years. Lynn was facinated with the fact that I have been very adventourous. I have been into anything extreme. I loved cock as much as pussy and really enjoy being submissive. I was into fisting , giving and receiving and lately I am obsessed with sounding. Lynn was new to all of this and was facianted by my stories. Lynn was always horny as a teenager but unfortunately has had a very dull sex life since we broke up. I really wanted her to dominate me as I really wanted to serve her. Lynn agreed to this and the journey began. Lynn quickly learned to like her new role as her ex was domineering and controlling. Lynn wanted to reinact all my past kinky experiences and I was happy to teach her. She learned to fist me and also how to put sounds amasya rus escort into my pee hole. I was stretched enough for her to put her finger all the way in my cock which Iloved. Lynn has had 5 k**s and to say the least, her cunt was huge and always gaping open. Unfortunately I was not able to satisfy her as my cock is quite small . The way for her to come is for me to go down on her for hours at a time. when she is close to coming, she tells me to shove my fist in her cunt to fill her up. when she comes, she loses control of her bladder and soaks me. She has always been like that. One afternoon after we had sex and we were talking, Lynn was telling me about an ex boyfriend she had that had a huge cock that could satisfy her. She wanted to know if I was ok to invite him over for some fun. Imeediately I was excited and told her to call and get him over. Lynn thought it best if she met him at the pub first and tell him about me then bring him home. I was to be naked all evening and not to touch my self. Lynn wore a black corset that came up under her huge pillowy breasts. Her amasya rus escort bayan skin is so pale that you could trace the blue veins on her breasts. Her cunt was freshly shaved and ready for action. She slipped on a pair of black lacy panties and a summer dress and she was ready. I waited for what seemed hours when i heard the door bell. I went to answer the door and felt a bit foolish standing there naked greeting my wife and a strange man . they came in and immediately started getting undressed. Lynn told me to pull down her panties and clean her up as Kevin had already fucked her once and left a big sticky mess in her panties. I was so eager to drop to my knees and start licking her. The smell was a mixture of her pussy juices and his cum, which I loved. We retired to the bed room and i lay on the bed as Lynn got on all fours with her cunt directly above my face. Kevin approached her and plunged his huge cock into her cunt in one swift moton. Lynn screamed in extacy and gyrated her hips to meet his thrusts. Lynn is always wet and her juices were dripping on my face. rus escort amasya After fucking for about 10 minutes, she reached back and grasped his cock and pulled it out of her cunt. She ordered me to suck him , which i was happy to do. His mushroom head was a mouthful but I managed to cram it all down my throat. He pulled out and aimed his cock at Lynns bum hole and slowly started easing it into her. As she got used to the thickness, he started to spped up. Every now and then he would pull out and push his cock in my mouth. This made me feel totally submissive and i loved it. As i gazed up at Lynn’s cunt, she was gaping like there was an invisible cock in her. I loved the view as I could see her cervix from where I was laying. Kevin was close to coming and when he did he thrust all the was in and jerked like a jolt of electricity hit him. When he was done, he got up did not say a word and got dressed and left. Lynn was still glowing and she sat up and lowered her bum to my face. She pried her cheeks apart and told me that dinner was served. I watched as she pushed and had an anal prolapse and then all the cum in her started to flow out of her. I immediately latched my lips to her hole and licked and sucked as if it was my last meal. When I could not get any more, she put her huge cavernous pussy on my mouth and rewarded me with her golden nectar. I have never felt so satisfied in my life and was looking forward to serving her in every way.

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