my lesbian roommate part 1


my lesbian roommate part 1written for sexiitessHey everyone my name is Tess and let me tell you about my freshmen year in college. Im a petite 5’6 blonde with a sweet and innocent look and beautiful blue eyes im very athletic with a set of perky and firm 34b tits. So as I said I was just a freshmen and had arrived at my dorm everyone was moving in and the hall was a clutter of people and luggage, once I navigated the clutter i found my room i walked in and wow my roommate was drop dead gorgeous. She was so tall later she told me she was 6’2 she had long black hair and my god her body was so toned and looked like a model and her tits were so amazing they had to have been D cups. She was bent over pulling clothes out of her bag and was wearing these tight low cut jeans and a tight tshirt i saw she was wearing a black thong, now ive never been into other girls before but there was something about her. She turned around and there was an awkward silence i had been checking her out then i saw she had beautiful deep blue eyes and we introduced ourselves.Her name was sasha rus escort bayan she spoke with a bit of an accent later i found out she was from sweden, things were normal for the next week or so till i was getting in late from volleyball practice and stoped when i got to my door i heard moaning and heavy breathing beyond the door and thought sasha must be with her boyfriend i wont disturb them so i went to the dorms common room and watched tv i figured id check back in a few minutes. When i walked in it was dark and I quitely slipped into my bed and fell asleep, in the morn I woke up and saw sasha completely naked full on french kissing this hot redhead girl as she left our room I was stunned my roommate this amazingly beautiful girl was a lesbian. She saw me and smiled she very nonchalantly walked over to my bed and sat next to me my heart was racing I only ever have been with 1 guy my boyfriend and never really was attracted to girls but sasha there was something about her. I told her I was totally cool with her lifestyle rus bayan escort I was kinda panicking she just laughed and put her hand on mine and said ”Its perfectly alright I know your curious i saw you checking me out”.I was shocked and tried protesting this but I was stooped when she kissed me and i felt her tongue exploring my mouth her hands were running up my body and before I knew it she was straddling me and her hands were caressing my body so gently. I should have stopped her but I couldn’t my body wasnt doing what I wanted and slowly I found myself wanting this wanting this to be taken by this black haired goddess. She stopped kissing me and we made eye contact she whispered in my ear ”I’ll take care of everything you just enjoy” with that she bit and was sucking on my earlobe, her hands were so gentle the way she caressed and massaged my body was amazing she kissed her was slowly down my neck biting it every now and then leaving love marks when she got to my breasts it was like heaven she gently kissed her way escort rus to my rock hard nipples as she swirled her tongue around then getting them both wet, she gently blew on them and it felt amazing she took them into her mouth and slowly nursed them I was lost in a sea of lust all I wanted was for this never to stop.She kissed her way down my stomach tracing her fingernails up and down softly as she kissed just above my pussy looking up into my eyes i breathlessly said ”please take me” she kissed my pussy softly and lovingly running her tongue along the length and sucking on my lips I never felt something as amazing before my boyfriend would never do this I found myself rocking my hips in anticipation she slowly sucked my pussy lips as she spread them open with her fingers and then she started sucking on my clit. I moaned out loudly as this beautiful girl ate me out i grabbed her hair breathlessly saying dont stop dont stop, when i felt 2 fingers inside my pussy I nearly lost it she was curling them up and hitting something amazing as i bucked my hips feeling my first ever orgasm hitting me i moaned out so loud i think our entire floor could have heard me. I was out of breath and collapsed on the bed sasha kissed her way back up and held me softly as we kissed I tasted my own juice on her lips and closed my eyes as she held me and kissed my forehead softly.

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