My Neighbors Daughter


My Neighbors DaughterMy neighbors daughterMy wife was great at sucking cock. She could throat fuck with the best of them. About 10 years ago she stopped sucking me…and fucking too. We’d fuck about once every 2 or 3 months but my ED problem along with her gaining weight left us with no real interest in one another. I am in my early 60’s now, keep fit, flirt like hell with all the women in the stores and malls. If you got a woman that looks twice at another man, it might be me she is notiing. But the bitch I’m married to is in her late 50’s. If she is getting dick from someone it isn’t my 61 year old cock.About 3 years ago I took a job in California and was there for a year. While in California I found that there were some decent ladies on Craigslist that would fuck and suck for a few bucks. I had some spare dollars so why not. Once a month or so I’d look up a slut and we’d meet up and I’d empty myself in her mouth, pussy or on her face or breasts. I eventually did find a nice older woman, married, that was not so interested in money as she was interested in the attention from another man. She became my cum-dump. Every Friday and Saturday night she came to my room and we fucked like rabbits. Always a two-fer though. I’d pound on top of her for about 45 minutes until I just couldn’t hold it back. I got to the point where I could hit her hard in a certain rhythm and she’d let go a deep throated moan and I’d feel her arch her back so that was my clue to bang hard and empty myself in her pussy, we’d rest for about 30 minutes and talk about k**s, work and whatever. She would always hold onto my cock and massage it while we were talking. Eventually, she’d get me hard again and over her leg went and she’d position my cock under her pussy and she’d drop herself onto me. Sometimes I could feel my warm cum when she’d sit down on my cock and as she started moving I could feel it sloshing a little. She had this rotation thing going and I called it “her screw”. She did’t care what it was called as long as I’d let her control the next fuck until she made me….MADE ME, cum inside her. She liked pulling herself off and watching my cum drip out of her pussy. She liked creampies. Then she’d roll onto her back and I’d finger her. It’s what she liked and it’s what I did to keep getting that pussy and time with her. However, with her it was no condom and no worries about filling her pussy full of warm cum, twice a night, twice a week. She was a aydın rus escort fun fuck, no doubt. She was my age and not too bad looking. We even went out to movies and such. She was nice to be with but it started with a Craiglist search.When I got back home I decided to look for a local CL slut to fuck once or twice a month. I just wasn’t that interested in fucking my wife but once every two or three months or so and I needed some “strange” to give me something to think of when I was pounding on my wife.Over a few months I tried a few different women. The black ladies are the best, until I met a new woman, and they loved getting them some old white boy. Truth be known though, this old white boy loved him some black pussy too.I was looking one day and found 3 women that were responding to my messages. One lady agreed to meet me at a fast food place nearby. This thin, very attractive Chinese lady showed up. She didn’t look more than 90 pounds wet! We talked for a few minutes and I asked her to go to a hotel nearby. Well, 30 minutes later we were in a hotel room and she was sucking my 61 year old cock. This woman told me she was 26 years old. I couldn’t believe it. I very nice young vivacious girl, old enough to be my grand-daughter, was trying to get the head of my cock into her throat and she did so many times, gagging, coughing and making a wet mess all over me, her face and the floor. It was great. I could feel my cock head in her throat. I was so damn horny I told her that I wanted her pussy and she got up off the floor and went to the bed, got on her hands and knees. I put on a condom and pushed my cock into her pussy. She was tight but she knew how to fuck. She would push back against me and meet my thrusts. I was slamming myself into her. She was moaning and encouraging me to make my balls slap against her clit. My cock looked so damn huge against her pussy and ass. I pulled out and told her to roll over. She did. She spread her legs and I got my cock in her without touching it with my hands. She lay there with her eyes closed. I bent down and kissed on her tits. She held my head there and pulled me up to her face and I kissed her lips. She opened her mouth and let me tongue kiss her. She took my tongue and bit on my tongue and held it while I felt her tongue tip play with the tip of my tongue. That was all it took. I exploded inside the condom. When I pulled my dick out she checked aydın rus escort bayan to make sure there was no leakage and she pushed me on my back and told me that all good girls take care of their men. She took the condom off and took it to the restroom. She came back with a warm, wet wash cloth and cleaned my cock. Then she straddled me, got on her knees and said, watch me clean myself. She took another washcloth and just inches from my face she cleaned her pussy. She cleaned every beautiful fold of skin and pulled back around her clit and cleaned it. I asked to lick it and she smiled and said that was what she wanted. I tongued her clit and watched her. She just smiled and told me that I was a good daddy for taking care of her. She then turned around and lay on top of me. She started sucking on my cock with her pussy in my face. I couldn’t help it but I returned the favor, licking and sucking her too. I noticed she had a tight looking ass so I licked it as well. When my tongue touched her ass she moaned very loud and was working on my limp cock more feverishly. It felt good to have a warm mouth working on my limp cock. After a few minutes I felt myself getting hard again. Thank you Viagra. She kept mouth fucking my dick and I kept licking, probing her ass as that seemed to get the most noise from her. I could feel her pussy getting wet so I gave it some attention. She wiggled some and would go “MMMMMMM” with my cock in her mouth. She started jacking me and mouth fucking me at the same time. I tensed up, she felt it, and she worked on my cock and squeezed on my balls. I shot a load of cum in her mouth and she kept working on my cock. When she pulled off me there was no cum anywhere. She swallowed every drop and licked up what leaked out of her mouth. I told her she was damn, fucking great. I gave her a little bonus and that just made her all the more interested in seeing me. I saw her every other Friday. The second time she invited me to her apartment and this is where we fucked from that point on. Sometimes she would dress up as Barbie, or Cinderella or a school girl. She likes role playing and I did too.One Saturday I’m mowing my yard and a car pulls up in the driveway next door to me. I watch a woman get out and it’s her. Oh my god, how did she find me. I’m not using my real name and I’m using an internet VOIP phone number. Shit, it’s her.I’m standing about 10 feet from rus escort aydın her and she is looking at me. I turn off the mower and we stare at one another for a few moments. She says “Don?” I said “Janice?” She pulls out her phone and taps on it for a second. My phone in my pocket makes a noise. I take it out and look at it. It is a message from Janice saying “is that you mowing” I laugh and say “yes”. She looks up at me and shakes her head. Then I said “LeAnn” and she said “Will”. This is when I realized that I had been fucking my next door neighbors daughter for almost a year. I used to take her and my son to school when they were in high school together. It had been about 4 years since I had seen her so I just didn’t recognize her. I walked over to her and said, “LeAnn, you’re not 26 years old, you’re only about 20.” She said, “You son-of-a-bitch, I didn’t know it was you! Oh my god I’ve been fucking my dads neighbor? Oh my god I’ve been fucking Danny’s dad!” She turned away went into her dad’s house. We texted all afternoon and the next day. She was a little upset. We kept texting and when my Friday came she said I could still come over. I did. We sat and talked for a while and then she told me that she wanted to give me something. She took me upstairs and told me, “I don’t want to fuck you any more! So, take off your clothes because I’m going to make love to you instead.” I got into bed and the two of us spent the next 3 ½ hours playing together. I still see her on a regular basis every other Friday. She refuses to take any money from me now; but, she gets lots of gifts from me like perfume, she loves Chanel Coco, I have been buying her plenty of Victoria Secret items as well. She is a terrific fuck and has even allowed me to enjoy her ass from time to time. We’ve been seeing one another and fucking for almost 2 years now. I sometimes can’t believe that I’ve got a 20 year old lady that rides my cock for a couple of hours every other Friday. She calls me PaPa but I don’t give a damn, she gives me pussy. She has came to my house a few times and sat and talked to my wife. Once she came over when my wife was out, and she fucked me in my own bed. I’m not certain why it is that she is enthralled with me unless it is the personal attention I give her private parts with my tongue and all the other dirty things we do that might make her less desirable for other men. Admittedly, she does like some things that would turn off some guys but what the hell, it’s our secret and she fucks so damn good. I’ve asked her how she learned to suck and fuck and she told me that she has an uncle that introduced her to sucking cock when she was 13 and he taught her how to make men happy. I have never met him but when I do I will thank him in some way.

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