My wife gives me a surprise…


My wife gives me a surprise…Tina is my wife of over 20 years and since the k**s have grown and left the nest she has become a lot more sexually alive. Used to be if there was even a moan from either of us she was looking at the door as if expecting the morality police to come busting through at any moment. Now, she is yelling and dressing all sexy and has even been doing a little experimentation with toy. A few weeks ago we even introduced handcuffs into our realm.So last week on Monday she brought a straight back chair from the kitchen into the bedroom and when I asked what that was for, she just smiled and said, “Friday night.” No matter what I asked from then on the answer was always the same. “You will just have to wait and see!”So of course my mind is playing through all kinds of possibilities and by 4:30 my mind is racing! I have thought up all kinds of different things in my mind and then I have also told myself do not get too excited. Sometimes she thinks things are wild and going to be great fun and for her they turn out okay, but for me……My phone rings as I get out to the car and she tells me to meet her at CJ’s a steak and bourbon bar near the rear entrance to our sub-division. I smile and think that this is going to be an awesome night of filling her twat and getting my belly filled! So I head over as quickly as I can.Not seeing her car as I pull in, I text her and she informed me that she is running late. Naturally. She tells me to go on in and get a seat and she will be there in a few… A few minutes later, as I sit down at the table, I notice that Tina’s friend Sherri is seated with her husband about 10 feet away in a shadowed corner of the room. We wave and exchange pleasantries before I pick up my menu and start deciding what cut of beef I am going to sink my teeth into!I saw the napkin fall to the floor and I watched as Sherri turned toward me and bent over to retrieve the cloth from the floor. In so doing, her loose fitting top fell open and I was treated to a nice glance at her large firm tits that made every man at the golf club envious of Geoff! I tried not to stare, but after seeing her make a quick glance, Sherri reached up the inside of her husband’s thigh and I could just see her give his family jewels a quick squeeze before sitting back upright!Geoff slowly looked around the room and I acted as if I was studying the menu. He then looked across the table at Sherri who then smiled, leaned forward and gave him what must have been an incredible view at her tits, because from where I sat they looked pretty spectacular!!A couple of minutes later my wife walked in. Whereas Sherri is a tall red-head with big tits and a round ass, Tina is a petite blonde who runs miles around our subdivision every day before most people even wake up. She waved to Sherri and Geoff and then turned and leaned into my face and gave me a tongue sucking kiss that nearly pulled my toenails back inside my feet. It may have been my imagination but it also seemed as if she shook her ass a little as well. I smiled thinking that turnabout was only fair play since I had enjoyed my view of Geoff’s wife earlier that he got to glance at my wife’s assets now!.The food was delicious and my wife slipped me a little blue pill and gave me a wink. “I don’t think you really are going to need this tonight, but I am so wet I am not willing to take any chances!” she whispered. By the stirring below my belt I knew the pill was unnecessary but I figured that since she had brought it, I might as well use it and so my anticipation only continued to grow and grow!We waved to Geoff and Sherri on our way out as they shared a piece of pie and some coffee. Throughout the meal I had seen them touch and expose parts and in a way I was a jealous of their overt sexuality. It was actually rather ballsy of Tina to have even slid me the pill I thought and so I tried to be thankful for what she had in store for once we got home!!Once home, I knew the routine. She preferred to have us both shower and be completely clean and ready for anything. So the routine was, I would go check batman rus escort email, and surf some web content and she would shower and then while I got my shower she would get dressed and then the games would begin. Now if that seems a little too planned out, that’s fine. It does eliminate a lot of spontaneity but it also means that all holes are available and anything goes! So rather than fight that I have learned to embrace it.She called down the hall to me as she got out of the shower and I turned off the porn clip I was watching and went to get my shower so I could see what Tina had in mind! I thought I heard Tina go downstairs and my mind raced as I wondered about what prop she had forgotten. Then I figured she was probably just going down to lock the doors! I smiled as I scrubbed and soaped and even did some manscaping! Even while I tried to stay cool I could not help but try and imagine what plans she had that would require such elaborate preparation! Finally I decided it was going to have to be one hell of a good thing, so I rinsed off, grabbed my towel and began drying off.When I walked into the master bedroom I stopped in my tracks! Tina had moved the chair to the center of the room and was standing behind it. She was standing behind the chair in platforms and heels that elevated her nearly the seven inches she lacked to my height!! Her thin, shapely legs were tightly encased in a pair of shiny latex pants that I had challenged her to buy a month or two before but I thought she had not. They had a zipper that wet all the way from font waistband to back making her VERY accessible! The zipper was completely open. The only other articles she had on were two small conical pasties that covered the nipples of her small pert tits that looked marvelous, up high on her chest.She had caked up the makeup on her eyes and lips in such a fashion that any Third street hooker would have been proud of and her blonde hair was pulled back wet against the sides of her head and held in place in a single ponytail at the nape of her neck. She held onto the back of the chair with one hand and in the other she held the hand cuffs dangling from her index finger. It’s time I give you a reason to get hard, don’t you think?” she asked matter of factly. I nodded and walked over to where she could cuff my hands behind me and then she sat me down. She wrapped a bungee cord around my elbow and then through the slats on the chair and then around the other elbow. I could still move, but not much. A few seconds later she also had my ankles locked to the chair and I was completely helpless. Tina then walked over to the Bose radio and started playing music up fairly loudly before she turned and said, “I think we need to see just how badly you want me. You could show me by giving me two thumbs up, but they are trapped behind you, so instead, let’s shoot for one cock, straight up without any touching!!” With that she slowly walked up behind me and I watched her in the mirror over the dresser as she stood behind me cupping her breasts and blowing kisses to me!She turned around and retrieved a strap on harness that we have and she turned up the music a little more before walking back up behind me and whispering in my ear. “This has me so hot that my pussy juice is literally running down my thigh! I think you are going to wind up blowing your cum everywhere so much tonight that you might just become dehydrated!!!” She then nibbled on my ear and down my neck, causing me to squirm and my cock to dance!!She stepped around in front of me and quickly pulled the waist belt around my thigh and positioned the dildo so it was sticking straight up in the air from my thigh. Now since I was tied to the chair I started to point out to her that this was not going to work very well, when to my surprise, she turned around and then, sliding that beautiful ass of hers down my abs, she began stuffing the fake cock up into her as she sank lower and lower down.I love Tina’s ass. It is the final virgin territory on her body and seeing it bouncing up and batman rus escort down my torso as she slowly rode my thigh was just amazing. A couple of times she leaned all of the way forward, taking every bit of the rubber rod into her belly while winking her dark ass eye at me in a way that did indeed have my cock getting as hard a 13 year old boys in a girl’s locker room!After a few minutes of this, she stood up and the dull black dildo was now shining with the juices of my wife coating every bit of it not to mention a goodly portion of my thigh as well!! Turning and facing me she angled herself over me and pulled off the pasties and threw them toward the bathroom onto the floor. “I am so wet now and your cock is almost as hard as I want it to be. But I think we can get it to stand up just a little taller, don’t you think?” She then leaned in and began biting, sucking and nibbling on my ear, throat and all the way down to my collar bone and back. As she did this, she pushed the knob of the synthetic prick into her steamy slit and began humping me in earnest now as I moaned and began begging for her to touch my throbbing cock!She rose up and took my head in her hands and smashed my face to her chest. My greedy lips were already seeking out her diamond hard little gumdrop nipples when I heard her say, “Now Baby, do me now!! Now is the time to make me feel like a woman!” Though I had never heard her say anything like that before, I decided to do exactly that and as she kept feeding me first one nipple and then the other, I could feel the warm nectar of her lust dripping down on my thigh!! A few times, I was able to get my cock to slap against her hot taut body and the fact that I had not had hardly any friction had those brief moments of contact shooting major currents of lust wracking through my body!Then there was a sudden awareness that we were not alone and I saw two female hands come around the sides of my wife’s chest and when I looked up, there was Sherri’s face looking down over Tina’s shoulder! “Hi there neighbor, looks like the two of you are having fun!” I watched as one of her hands pulled my wife back toward her, squeezing her breast and kneading it while the other slid slowly down her belly and cupped my wife’s pussy! “Damn, you are even wetter than I am and that is saying something!”As she pulled my wife back further and further I could see her fingers opening the slit of my wife as well as see that, just as my wife was naked from the waist up, so too was Sherri!! Her big heavy breast hung down low as they pressed into the back of my wife and as they kissed over Tina’s shoulder. It was both a surreal and incredible thing to see. To the best of my knowledge Tina had NEVER shown any inclination toward another woman and I could not for the life of me rationalize that she and Sherri were lovers!As my wife turned to face Sherri I saw, for the first time the big areolas and over an inch long puckered and wrinkled long nipples that poked out in such a lecherous manner! Then, leaning against the dresser with a dog collar and chain on him was Geoff. Aside from the collar, he was naked and as I looked him up and down, I saw that his cock was trapped in a steal tube that was bent at an angle that I had no doubt kept him unable to get hard and had to be unbelievably frustrating!!!The women stopped their kissing and then Sherri looked down at me and said, “Surprise.” She smiled. Then the smile slowly evaporated and she said flatly. “This is your chance to say no. Just say the word and Geoff and I will leave and you two can work things out from there.”I know I had a dumbfounded look on my face. To be honest, I was completely stunned and had no idea what I wanted at that moment. But looking up into her face and seeing the way my wife was looking from her to me and back I knew that she was desperately wanting me to say yes. And I could not for the life of me think of a single reason to say anything else!The faces of the other three broke into wide smiles as I said, “Are you fucking k**ding? Do not stop!!! rus escort batman Please don’t stop!!!” Sherri turned from my wife and put her hands on my shoulders and with her huge tits swaying inches from my hungry lips she said, “You won’t be sorry, trust me. You are going to have the time of your fucking life!” She then looked over her shoulder and said, “Slave, that woman has pussy juice running down her thighs, you had better get busy cleaning her up!! And don’t forget her ass!”Tina walked over to the bed and pulled a couple of pillows down behind her as she leaned back on her elbows and folded her knees out in a lewd nearly obscene fashion. Geoff was walking over to her and immediately began licking her thighs and pussy as my jaw dropped!“Is there something you would like to taste on me?” Sherri asked as she straddled my thigh and blocked my view of her husband servicing my wife from me! She was holding those two heavy breasts up and offering me first one and then the other. I nodded dumbly and she laughed as she released one and guided my head to the other nipple. Once I had latched on, let go of my head and reached between her thighs and aimed the still wet dildo my wife had been riding at her own slit and slowly sank as she moaned out loud. “That’s it baby. Suck my big old tits! It makes my cunt so sopping wet! Then I felt her hand wrap around my cock I have to admit that in the confusion of what the hell was happening a little of my lead melted, but with a few tugs of her strong and experienced hand, I was well on my way back to being ready to being the man of steel once again.After a few minutes of that and once I was about to ask Sherri to stop or I was going to bust a nut in her fist, she stood up, turned away from me and sank all the way down onto the dildo and began grinding her pussy on my thigh. We both could now see Tina with two fists wound in Geoff’s hair holding his face and moving it to each spot she was longing for his talented tongue to visit. I could see long drips and threads of cum dripping from the curved end of the chastity pipe and I knew he loved eating my wife as much as I was enjoying his wife!Sherri reached back and said, “Tina told me you have always wanted to do one thing and she was unwilling to do it. I told her if she did not want it, she should never do it. But love having a cock up my ass!!” As she spoke she had reached behind her and as she was still impaled with the rubber cock in her pussy, she smeared her wetness over my cock and her bung hole and then aimed me at the exit and slowly I entered into heaven!!My God that woman was tight! I could feel every cell and nerve ending as they slowly slid into her ass. Tina looked over at us and smiled. “Fill her up, Bryan. She loves it in the ass!” My jaw dropped as I tried to work my mind around the idea that my wife knew how Sherri liked to be fucked?!?!?! Suddenly I felt Sherri just drop and every bit of my cock slammed into her and I felt her asshole encircle the base of my cock like some demented vise! Her muscles fluttered and then slowly she rose up and as she did, she made the upper part of the shaft and the head of my cock inflate and stretch to the point that I was seriously afraid I might begin rupturing vessels if not exploding deep inside her ass. “Mmmm, your dick feels so good buried in me! I’m gonna fuck you until you cum in me and have no idea who you even are!And Sherri was true to her word! It did not take long, but I do not really think that any of us expected it to! Once she was happy with the angle that she was getting both holes filled, Sherri began fucking like a woman possessed and my wife kept telling me to spunk her good! And so I did. I slammed my hips up into her sinking ass and she stayed pressed against me and just rotated and ground her hips back into me as I lost my mind and my load deep in the core of her intestines. I felt a flood of warm juices suddenly squirt out all over my thigh and down my calf and onto the floor as Sherri vigorously rubbed her clit and came on my leg sending off yet more tremors and eruptions that shattered my mind.Sherri laid back against my chest shuddered as my breath blew across her nipples and my lips sought out the taste of her flesh. On the bed, my wife was blissfully looking over at us as she fondled, cupped, squeezed and patted the hanging fruit of Geoff as he stood bow-legged at the foot of the bed.

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