Old Friends


Old FriendsHelén and Catherine are old friends from back in the days when we lived up in Stockholm. I send Hubby up to Stockholm four to five times a year for romantic hookups with them to keep in touch.Helén is a beautiful brunette with a shapely but very petite body. Hubby and her served on the board of a club together back then. Hubby was the president and Helén was the secretary. And I do mean a real secretary in every way. He taught her a lot about administration and business…as well as a few things about lovemaking. Eventually, he hired her to work part-time with his company, both for her business and sexual skills.Two of my fondest memories of those years regard her. The first one was when she asked me if she could be part of a three-way with hubby and I. (We were not married back them, but living together, but I will call him ‘Hubby’ in this story so not as to confuse the reader.) I said ‘no’ (I had not been with another woman back then and was not ready for that), but that she was welcome to Hubby if she wanted to enjoy him. She was quick to take up the invitation being the horny little girl she was back then.The other was when I once walked in on them making love. Hubby was sitting on the big executive type chair behind his desk with her riding him. With her legs spread wide apart, I had a great view of his fat cock gliding in and out of her dripping wet pussy as she slide herself up and down the entire length of his shaft. She would rise all the way up so only the very tip of his penis was in her, then she would have her vagina slowly devour every millimeter of his divinity. How her little body could handle his whole member was beyond me, but she did and made it look easy too. I am a good bit bigger than she is and it can be bit rough taking all of him inside me.It is such a beautiful memory. In my mind, I can still picture how Hubby’s big hands spread the tight, little, round cheeks of her bottom wide apart to reveal that cute little-button asshole of hers. I can still hear her sweet soft moans and soft hatayı rus escort sighs as she used Hubby for her sexual delight. And how Hubby’s shaft was soaked with the white love juice that flowed from her hot love hole. Wow! I get wet just thinking about it!Helén was living with a guy back then, but Hubby says they made love about five times a week back then, not to mention the blowjobs or handjobs she would give him during coffee breaks while they worked together. Today she’s a very successful businesswoman, much of her success she attributes to Hubby, but doesn’t have much of a romantic life. Not that she is not good-looking, she is still absolutely gorgeous, but she just doesn’t have time to pursue or get involved with romantic attachments. So hubby is more than happy to fulfill her needs. Grateful to him for the success he helped her achieve in her business pursuits, she totally pampers him when they get together…first class suites in hotels, five-star restaurants. She says Hubby is the perfect gentleman and gigolo in one package. What successful woman could ask for more?Catherine on the other hand is married woman with two k**s, but feels trapped in her marriage. She needs these little adventures to feel alive. She is so happy to have hubby fulfill her sexual needs as an outlet. Whereas Helén is a little petite brunette, Catherine is a beautiful blonde, but a big woman. Still with well-proportioned and nice body, but tall. When we lived up in the Stockholm area, she was a frequent visitor at our little house. Taking care of Hubby the way any good girl should. I remember once when she was over, Helén, Catherine, Hubby and I were sitting on the couch in the living-room chatting when all of a sudden Catherine turned to me and blurted out, ‘I have to suck-off your man’ and proceeded to do so. She undid his pants, pulled down his underwear and started sucking his cock. In the meanwhile, the rest of us kept on talking as if nothing unusual was happening. Hubby kept on with hatayı rus escort bayan the conversation while he stroked her hair as her head bobbed up and down on his stiff love shaft. He worked his other hand down her pants and started fingering her all the while we kept on chatting. After a good while, Hubby put his hands on either side of her head and shot what must have been a pretty good-sized load, judging by his breathing as he pumped it, deep down her throat. Catherine swallowed it all and then looked at Helén and I and said a bit flustered, ‘Maybe I shouldn’t have done that?. Did you girls want any? I’m sorry, but I couldn’t help myself’ Helén was quick to reply when she noticed the last drop of sperm glistening on top of the hole of Hubby’s still stiff cock, ‘No need to be, that’s all I need.‘ Getting on her knees before Hubby, she then stuck her tongue out in a very sexy manner and licked up that last splotch of semen with the tip of her tongue. We all had a good laugh about that episode. That was Catherine, totally spontaneous and then a bit dazed and confused, but always having a good time.Another time we were all in London and shared a hotel room. Back then we were students and did not have a lot of money so when our club took a trip abroad we said we could all share a room to cut back on some of the expense. (This was the first time the three of us were together like this.) So we took a room with two double beds. It could not have been easy for Hubby sharing a room with three beautiful woman who were all in want of a man’s attention while traveling. The night I remember best was one of the first nights there. Helén, Catherine and I were as horny as could be. Hubby was pretty tired as he had a tough night sleeping the first night and had been busy arranging the trip for the group before we left. I think he had almost fallen asleep when the noise from Helén and Catherine masturbating woke him. (Not that I did not have a finger on my button, but I was quiet rus escort hatay at least.) He got up in a bit of a huff went over to their bed and made love to them, first one and then the other. He did it in workmanlike fashion. I lie there listening to him make love to them, the sounds of Catherine’s and then Helén’s orgasms had me wet as a lake and writhing in expectation. Hubby came with Helén. Then he came into our bed with a still rock-solid cock and screwed me. Since I was so hot and ready, it did not take long before my body quaked in an amazing orgasm. Hubby rolled over and said, ‘Now I hope a guy could get a good night’s rest around here.’ I think he fell asleep before his head hit the pillow. The three of us just giggled like naughty little schoolgirls.Now, Hubby was going to fly up to Stockholm and meet Helén and head to one of the hotels in the Old Town overlooking the water along Skeppsbron. They then enjoy a sexual interlude in the late afternoon and head out for a nice candlelit dinner in one of the cellar restaurants there, before heading back to the hotel for an evening of hot sex with each other. Hubby says Helén is near insatiable on these nights. He can wake up with her riding him in the middle of the night even after all lovemaking of the evening. Hubby loves Helén’s petite little body. She is so light he says that it is easy to move her in to any position. Their favorite is wild cat, hubby can handle her with on hand. Of course, in the morning when they awake they continue their lovemaking before and after breakfast. After that Catherine joins them for lunch and hubby exchanges Helén for Catherine and enjoys a night of completely different sex with her. Her size makes it easy for her to dominate Hubby and he loves to let her have her way with him. She likes it on top and Hubby lays there enjoying every second.I look forward to receiving their text messages of thanks. Their messages are so sweet in expressing their gratitude for the use of my husband. I just reply, ‘Thats what friends are for.’ And I know when hubby returns home he will be the good husband ready to make love to me and fulfill my every need. It never ceases to amaze me that he can spend two nights making love to a couple of beautiful women and still want and desire me the way he does when he gets back home. I guess that is why I love him like I do.

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