PeachySitting at the table our hands touched, the electricity generated was almost too much to take.When my future wife first introduced me to her best friend Kirsty the chemistry and sexual wanting was instant. She was not what you would call call the classic beauty but she was striking; with high cheekbones, short dark hair, pouting full lips, sensational breasts that you could tell homed the most suckable nipples and hips that could move you to cum in seconds. She was ridiculously sexy.As the years passed and friendships were built between husbands and wives nothing was said, nothing implied and nothing would happen but it was there under the surface, bubbling away. Many a time I would stand in the shower slowly stroking my cock imagining that Kirsty was running her tongue up and down my shaft.One night my wife and I met up with Kirsty and her husband for a few drinks. It was a great night with lots of beer consumed. It was not an intentional act but the touching of hands had sent shock waves through my body. I did not move my hand and this seemed to be the invitation Kirsty was waiting on as she slowly begin to rub my hand with her little finger. After what seemed like an eternity we moved our hands away and nothing more was said but there was no denying it, things were different now.A few weeks went by when one day I threw my shoulder out at work. After a few days of bitching on my part my wife had had enough. I’ve booked you an appointment to get that shoulder seen to she told me. Imagine my surprise when she told me that it was Kirsty she had booked the appointment with. Perhaps I should have rus escort mentioned but Kirsty was a massage ther****t specializing in sports injury. In a way I was quite relieved as the pain was getting quite intense. At this time sex was the last thing on my mind.I was presented with a gorgeous smile as I entered and Kirsty with her black tight uniform on told me to go into the room and relax on the table. This was my first time at he practice Kirsty owned so I was not clued up on what was what. I decided to strip down to my boxers. I lay on the table for a few minutes before Kirsty came in to the room. The first thing she did was have a small chuckle. I only told you to relax she said not settle down for bed. You only had to take your shirt off and sit down! Never mind seeing as you are there now I might as well give you a going over.Firsty she had a look at my shoulder. At first the pain was shooting through my body but eventually it began to ease off and I became more relaxed. Kirsty began to massage the rest of shoulders and back more slowly and softly using lotion to give what felt like a more sensual experience. As my thoughts were no longer with my shoulder and more in the moment, I could feel the heat begin to swell in my body. Kirsty must have felt this as I could swear I thought I could feel her hands begin to shake. To this point the massage had been deliberate and to the point but now she was dwelling on my lower back. The massage began to slow down to the point that she had almost stopped moving her hands. It was then I could feel her begin to play with waistband rus escort bayan of my boxers which she was doing so with uncertainty. I summoned up the courage and took the plunge. I slid my boxers down a touch to reveal the top of my bum. It was all the invitation she needed. She moved her hands with expertise to my bum and begin gently rubbing. Peachy she giggled. My cock was stiff like Blackpool rock. It was getting a tad uncomfortable and I gently raised my bum from the table. The green light had been given and Kirsty to my surprise bit it. I’m sorry she blurted out as a wave of fear gripped her. I said nothing and did nothing but raise my bum up some more and slid my boxers fully down exposing my balls and visibly stiff cock to her. She bit down again more gently this time. I could feel those amazing lips and tongue begin to explore me. Slowly but surely she moved her mouth down my leg and over to my balls, those lips covering them like a silk cushion. She wandered around there for a while before slowly moving up my body, the tip of her tongue gently feeling out for my bum hole. Slowly at first but with gaining confidence, excitement and speed she started to lash my hole with her tongue, spreading my cheeks in an attempt to get more in. It was incredible, I was in a dreamworld. She moved her oily hand under my body and began to stroke my cock. Faster and faster she was getting all the while eating at my bum hole. I had to stop her. No way was I cumming having not once looked her in the face. I tuned myself over to see her with a look of pure lust on her face. bayan rus escort She gorged down my cock and began to suck it like the world was going to end. I could easily have let myself go but I somehow managed to pull her up. I need to see that body of yours I told her. Without any more speaking she knelt of the table hitching up her little skirt. She toyed with me by slowly taking the buttons out her shirt until finally her brilliant white bra showed off those amazing breasts. For a few seconds she resisted before letting them out that bra. Her nipples as I imagined for rock solid and huge. She looked at me and ripped her socking wet panties off. I sat up and took this nipples into my mouth and sucked them forcefully making Kirsty whine in excitement. She impaled herself onto my cock and started thrusting those hips with such speed. This was years in the making and we wanted it all and we wanted it now. It was not long before I could feel the throbbing in her pussy and she gushed all over me. This did not slow her down though and she kept cumming back for more. When she released me from her pussy dissapointment greeted me. I was desperate to cum in her. It turns out so was she. She lay me down and positioned her hips, She fed my cock into her ass slowly. Small steps, an inch a time. We were finally at rest with my hard cock deep in her bum. I want to feel your hot spunk in my ass was all she said to me. We thrust at each other with all we had left. I was at the point of no return. I shot a massive load right in her ass, Th groans from us both could have woken the dead. I want to taste it she said as pulled herself off my cock and begin licking the all the juices from the head of my cock. Eventually we both regained our composure and clothes. You are going to need more sessions for that shoulder Kirsty ended with.Thank you for reading my work of fiction. I hope you enjoyed it.J

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