Saturday Morning Sissy


Saturday Morning SissySaturday Morning SissyI woke late on Saturday morning and immediately knew that something waswrong. Sure, I’d been out drinking Friday night, so the hangover wasn’tunexpected. But I was surprised to wake and find that there was aleather band snapped tightly around my balls and that this was tetheredsecurely to the foot of my bed with a short chain.Further exploration revealed that my entire body had been shaved and mynipples had been marked with some type of semi-permanent red dye. Ifthat wasn’t enough, my toenails and fingernails were painted a cherryred and I was wearing a jet-black baby doll nightie, a pair ofcrotchless panties and there was something lodged securely up my ass.Something big lodged securely up my ass.It was obviously not a typical Saturday morning.There was a post it stuck to my phone that simply read, “Check yourvoice mail.” My heart skipped a beat as I picked up my phone and pushedplay.”Hello Sean, or perhaps Sissy Michelle is more appropriate.” It was anunfamiliar voice greeting me from the tiny speakers. “You probably don’tremember me, but we had a very revealing conversation last night.””My name is Marcus, but you should call me Master from now on. Afterall, you practically begged me to make you into my own personal sissyslut last night. If you don’t believe me, check the photos on yourphone.”I pushed pause and flipped to the Photo Album app, even though I waspretty sure what I’d find there. I was still shocked to find that therewere 97 new photos waiting in an album titled “Sissy Michelle night 1.”97 pictures!In each one I was on my knees in a bathroom stall with a glazed look onmy face and a cock shoved down my throat. Or it was a picture of me frombehind with a cock plowing in and out of my ass. Every single picturehad a good shot of my face, usually glazed with cum and a look of half-drunken lust. The different sizes and skin tones of the cocks revealedthat I had been used by at least ten different men last night. In fact,one of them had me on my knees surrounded ten cocks in the one picture.All of them looked like they were ready to pop.These were pictures that could easily destroy me, especially as most ofthem were labeled with the email addresses of my family, friends and co-workers. They were shocking, but also pictures that made my cock standup straight, bobbing in anticipation of a repeat performance.”I hope you like the photo shoot,” the voicemail continued. “I know thatI had a lot of fun taking the pictures and finding all sorts of totalstrangers to come by and make you over into a total sissy slut. I had somuch fun that I think I’ll do it again tonight. And every night fromhere on out.”My cock was throbbing with the thought. In my heart of hearts I knewthat this was it. My darkest fantasies had finally been exposed. I knewthat I had met a man who would make all of my sissy dreams come true.I was scared to death.I couldn’t wait.I still don’t remember a lot about that night, but I do recall a fewbits and pieces. I went to a club with a group of friends after work.Somehow I ended up at the bar with a very tall man who started buying medrinks. I couldn’t recall his face, but I remembered his eyes. They werea piercing blue and seemed to bore right into my soul. Those eyes werestern, yet full of promise. When my soon-to-be Master asked me about mydeepest fantasies, those eyes demanded that I bare my soul for hisamusement.I did just that with only a few shots in me. I told him that I longed tobe a full-fledged sissy slut. That I longed to belong to a man who wouldtake me and make me over into a complete shemale. That I was looking forsomebody who would train me, and force me to service a never-endingparade of hard cocks. Somebody who would lock me in a chastity, start meon female hormones and then start turning me into the perfect sissycocksucker.While I admitted these fantasies of mine, this strange man with theintense blue eyes kept demanding that I take one shot after another. Iwas totally trashed before midnight when he had me post my first ad onCraigslist. I’ve since printed it out to remind me where I started.”I am a sissy slut in training,” my ad read. “I require several men whowill allow me the honor of sucking their cocks on a daily basis if I amever to become a good enough sissy to please my new Master. If you areinterested in helping to train me, please respond to this ad. Tell mehow often you can stop by and feed me a creamy sissy treat, what time ofthe day you are free to stop by, whether you’re okay with using me whileother men line up for sloppy seconds, and if there are any other kinkyactivities you’d like to force me to try. I am interested in it all.””Please be prepared to take pictures of me servicing your cock,” the adcontinued, “as my new Master will require proof that I am becoming agood and constantly-horny sissy slut through lots and lots of practice.”The ad was illuminated by one picture. A picture of me with a large cockshoved down my throat with the word “Sissy Slut” and my cell phonenumber and personal email written across my forehead in dark black ink.The ad had obviously attracted plenty of attention. In addition to the97 photos from last night, I had scores of voicemail messages and emailswaiting on my phone.So this was it. My life as an average, everyday working stiff was over.I’d gotten drunk and revealed my darkest fantasies to a man who seemeddetermined to make them all come true. I was scared to death, but alsothrilled beyond belief. I was also quite horny, and while I desperatelywanted to grab my cock and get some relief, deep down I knew that Ishouldn’t do so without my new Master’s permission.Back to the voice mail.”We had fun last night, and I intend to have fun with you on a regularbasis. That being said, you were quite drunk last night, so I’m notquite sure if you’re serious or not. If you truly want to become mysissy slut, I will make you into the most depraved slut in town. I willkeep you in the sexiest clothes and tallest stiletto heels. You canexpect to spend your days with your ass filled with cock–either a buttplug or the real thing, 24/7. I will start you on hormones immediatelyand will take you in for breast implants as soon as your titties havegrown big enough to accommodate them. If fact, I will personally shovethe needle in your ass tonight while I’m fucking you.”There was a dark, dangerous laugh on the message.”If you look over on your nightstand, you will see a chastity and apadlock. Notice that there is no key. This is how you will prove yourdevotion to me. If you truly want to be my sissy slut, you will lock iton, snap the padlock closed and send me a picture of your cock lockedaway for good. Do not be fooled. If you put on the chastity, I will notunlock it for at least one month, and only then if you’ve been a goodsissy slut the entire time.””You will be given sissy goals. We’ll start out some simple tasks. Youwill suck 10 cocks every week, loose 5lbs each week, dress in full sissymode every night after work and start a journal where you expose yourslutiest fantasies for the entire world to read. We will post thesefantasies online, along with plenty of photos of you acting them out. Wewill also be posting your contact info along with the stories, so thatany horny man can track you down if he really wants to do so.”There was a long pause in the message. My heart was pounding in my head.Somehow this man knew exactly what I wanted to hear.”If that’s what you want to have happen, lock the chastity around thatlittle thing you call your cock, take a picture and text it to me.You’ll find my number in your phone gümüşhane rus escort under the heading of Master.””Then you will have 15 minutes to prepare yourself for your new Master.That means your should be gagged and blindfolded, stuffed at both endsand totally immobilized while you wait for Master to come whore you out.I’ll give you more instructions on this in the future, but for now youshould leave the butt plug in, then go to your garage and get a roll ofduct tape and start binding yourself up tight. I expect to see youcompletely wrapped up from your nipples down when I show up.””Leave the chastity sticking out, as I’ll want easy access to tormentyour tiny clitty.”Be sure to save some of the duct tape so you can stick a rag in yourmouth and tape it in place. I generously left a dirty rag by your bedthat should give you a preview of what you’ll be tasting from here onout.””Tape the rag in place–enjoy the taste. Go to your voice-recording appon your iPhone and push play. It’s a recording of you begging for mycock and getting fucked last night. Make sure you put it on a repeatloop. Then use some of the tape to tape your eyes closed and handcuffyour wrists to the furniture so you can’t change your mind.””Then wait.”There was another long pause.”Wait for as long as it takes for me to come by. It could be minutes. Itcould be days. Either way, you won’t be going into work on Monday.””So what do you say sissy? Do you have the balls to make your fantasiescome true? Be aware that if you do have the balls, I will probably becutting them off in the near future. But until then, I promise to makeall of your sissy slut fantasies come true. I will break you and thenremake you into the world’s biggest sissy slut. There will be full body-transformation, lots of humiliation and a career in fetish porn in yournear future. That’s if you’re willing to lock yourself in the chastityand give yourself over to me.””Personally, I don’t think you will do it. But I hope you do. It’s beenfive years since I last made a sissy slut, and I have lots of new ideasto try out. Lock yourself up and send me the picture and I will make itall come true.””Or don’t and I’ll leave you alone. Of course you’ll have to figure outhow to explain the nail polish and writing on your forehead. I’m surethat the sissy slut words will wash off your face in a week or two. Iused a permanent marker and wrote it out several times so that it willbe there for quite a few days.””But it’s your call. Take the picture and I’ll change your life. Orchicken out and go back to being some nobody with all these unfulfilledfantasies. I hope to hear from you very soon, but I’m not going to stayup all night waiting.”What to do? This was exactly my fantasy come true. I’d dreamed of havinga Master who would turn me into the perfect sissy slut. Somebody who wasdemanding and who would fully own me. The porn career thing was a newtwist, but it was one that set the gears in my head turning.Could I do it? Could I give in? The tone on the voice mail and thememory of those blue eyes made me feel that this was no joke. If Ilocked the chastity around my cock, I knew that I’d be changed forever.I had a good job, lots of friends and a loving family. I would loose allof this. How could I give that up? Especially for a man I’d only knownafter one drunken night of slutdom.Perhaps he’d be willing to ease me in, I thought and then immediatelydismissed the idea. This was a man who wanted a total sissy. Nothingelse would do.I was torn, unable to make a decision. But then I noticed that in myrevere I’d gotten up and moved to the garage. The duct tape was in onehand while my throbbing cock was in the other. I was on sissy autopilot.My cock was too hard to fit in the chastity, but a couple of ice cubesshrunk me down, banishing my hard-ons for the foreseeable future, maybeforever.Before I could stop myself, the ring of the chastity device was tightlynestled behind my balls, the cage was slipping over my cock (quickly,before it got hard again) and the padlock was slipped into place. Thiswas it. One click and my life would be changed forever.Click.My cock was throbbing so much that I could see the chastity rise andfall. I immediately loved the feeling of being so hard yet unable totouch myself. I hoped that it would be this way from now on, even ifthat meant that I would never come again.I went to the bathroom and covered myself in shaving cream. I had beenshaved last night, but there were a few places that Master had missed. Iquickly made sure that I was smooth all over then took a quick shower toclean myself up.The butt plug came out just long enough for an enema before it went backin. The butt plug was huge, much bigger than anything I’d ever usedbefore. It took a while to get it seated back into place. It finallypopped in as I was thinking that it probably wasn’t the biggest plug I’dever have to wear.The sharpie was still sitting on the counter. I carefully re-wrote themessage on my forehead, although very little of it had faded from myshower. I added my real name to go along with my phone number and email.Then I took a red sharpie and gave myself some lipstick.I checked the front door. It was unlocked. As was the back door. I wasready.I laid myself down on the couch and began to tie myself up. The ducttape was amazingly secure. I wrapped it as tightly as I could around mylegs, being sure to wrap extra around my ankles. It was unnecessary.There was no way that I was ever going to break free.It suddenly dawned on me that one roll wouldn’t be enough. I hoppedawkwardly to the garage and collected two more rolls. The first onebecame a makeshift corset. It was difficult, but the next roll coveredmy arms all the way to my wrists. I would have done the hands, but I wasafraid that I wouldn’t be able to get the handcuffs locked on if I did.There was still more tape. “In for a penny, in for a pound,” I thoughtand started to wrap it around my head. This was going to pull my hairout in the morning. I kind of liked the idea of being a bald sissy slut.When I was finished, there was only a little skin showing around myeyes, mouth, cock and hands. I was sweating already, but horny beyondbelief. I took out my phone and took my first sissy selfie. It was offto my Master in no time along with the message, “Please come make meyour whore.”I pushed play on the voicemail file and turned the volume up to full. Itwas loud, but not so loud that I couldn’t hear the click of thehandcuffs being ratcheted down on my wrists.Then I waited.My phone pinged after a few minutes. It was either a voicemail, an emailor a text message. Either way it was probably somebody looking for akinky sissy slut. I wished I could answer him, but I couldn’t get to thephone with my hands handcuffed and locked around the arm of my couch.I don’t know how long I waited. My phone never stopped pinging andringing. Each time my cock jumped in frustration. The voice recordingcontinued to play. Over and over I heard myself say; “I am nothing but asissy slut. I live to suck cock and be fucked, each and every day. Ispend my days dreaming about cocks and cum and feel empty when there’snot a hard cock filling my sissy pussy.””Please Master, fill me full of cum and then make me into your perfectsissy slut. I will do anything and everything you say, if you’ll justturn me into your si…”My words were interrupted by the sound of something being shoved in mymouth. The taste from my gag gave me a good idea of what it had been.The rest of the file was nothing but grunts, slapping sounds and high-pitched squeals as I heard gümüşhane rus escort bayan myself being fucked over and over again.There were two men grunting on the recording, so I was obviously beingplugged from both ends.God, I wished that I was being plugged from both ends again right then.But no. I was just a horny sissy, tied up tight and dreaming of cock.The recording ended and started with the sound of Master’s deep chuckle,and then it started up again.”I am nothing but a sissy slut. I live to suck cock and be fucked…” Overand over again until I had the mantra memorized. Hours later, when myphone’s battery ran dead, I was still repeating my words in my mind as Idrifted off to sleep.”I am nothing but a sissy slut. I live to suck cock and be fucked…”I woke to the sound of a deep male chuckle and the feeling of handspulling and twisting my chastity cage. “Wakey, wakey, slut. Master ishere to claim you.”I groaned in anticipation.”Good girl,” Master continued. I wasn’t sure if you’d slut yourself outfor me or not. You went above and beyond what I asked for. Who knows,you might just earn an orgasm in a month or two after all.” Suddenly hepulled by chastity straight up in the air, practically lifting me up bymy balls. “But probably not. Your days of cumming are over.”Master went to the kitchen and I heard him rummaging around in thedrawers for a knife. I’m shamed to admit that I was afraid he was aboutto murder me. But he came back and sliced a hole in my gag and thenfished the rag out. My mouth was completely dry and my jaw was verysore. Master didn’t care. He shoved his cock in and started fucking mythroat. He only stopped once to tell me “If I feel your teeth again,I’ll have a dentist friend of mine pull them out for good.”I opened my mouth and throat as wide as I could while Master poundedinto me. It only took a moment before I felt his cock swell up and thenspurt after spurt went right into my stomach. I moaned and swallowed,then licked him clean as best I could.”Not bad for a new sissy,” he told me. “Don’t worry, you’ll get batterwith practice.”Then he undid my handcuffs and stood me up. But instead of unwrappingme, He pulled my arms behind my back, took out another role of duct tapeand proceeded to completely mummify me. I thought I was immobile before,but now I couldn’t even wiggle as Master wrapped me even tighter.There was only a slit left for my mouth, a few holes for my nose, theopening where my chastity poked out and with another scary slice, a holethat would give horny cocks access to my sissy pussy.There was one new hole to be added. It was a tiny prick of a needle thatwent straight into my ass. Master made good on his promise and gave memy first dose of sissy hormones.Master then went to the kitchen and came back with some water. I felt astraw being pushed into my mouth. I greedily sucked down the liquid.Then Master picked up my phone and noted that it was dead. “No worry,”he said, “you should have memorized your lines by now.”Without hesitation, I started to repeat the only words I would say forthe next two months. Non-stop, I repeated my sissy prayer.”I am nothing but a sissy slut. I live to suck cock and be fucked, eachand every day. I spend my days dreaming about cocks and cum and feelempty when there’s not a hard cock filling my sissy pussy.””Please Master, fill me full of cum and then make me into your perfectsissy slut. I will do anything and everything you say, if you’ll justturn me into your sissy gurl.”While I repeated this, Master logged on to my computer and startedresponding to the men who had responded to my ad. “Damn gurl,” he said,laughing. “We’re going to be here all night before you take care of allthese horny men.”And so it started. I heard Master call or email one man after another.He gave each and everyone of them my real name and address. I heard mywebcam turn on as Master set out to prove that I was indeed a sissyslut, waiting all tied up for men to come fill me up with their cum.It didn’t take long before they started showing up.At first they would fuck me while I was still mummified. After a whilethere were more than a few men waiting to use me, but I was tied up sotightly with the tape that I couldn’t hold my body in a position thatwould allow me to suck their cocks while being fucked.I heard somebody say, “Fuck this” and they started unwrapping me. Iwould have screamed in pain, but my mouth was stuffed with cock and Iremembered Master’s warning that he would pull my teeth if I ever bitdown.As you might guess, ripping the tape off my head was the worst. Enoughhair was pulled off that Master dragged me to the bathroom andimmediately shaved me bald. “This was a good idea, slut,” he said as hedragged the razor across my head. “More exposed skin for the tattoos.”Master never took the tape off my eyes, so I couldn’t see the look onhis face. Well, I could still see his eyes in my mind, and that was allI needed to keep me in full sissy-slut mode.I spent the next several hours on my knees with one cock pounding my asswith another shoved down my throat. I frequently had two more cockstwitching in each hand while I did my best to service a never-endingparade of horny men. They never stopped coming. It was one cock afteranother, and I never saw a single one of the faces that was attached tothose spurting monsters.At a certain point, Master noticed that I was shaking in physicalexhaustion, so he called off the assault. He was almost tender as he ranhis hand over my bald head. “This is going to work out just fine,” hesaid before taking me to my bed. He flipped me over, fucked me quickly,and then left me dripping with cum.”See you tomorrow, slut” he said as he left. I immediately fell asleepdreaming of what was coming next.I woke up the next morning, exhausted and sore all over. Angry red marksstriped my skin from where the duct tape had been. Everything was sore,but I looked at it like a badge of honor, and couldn’t keep my hands offmyself as I stood underneath the hot shower. If I could have reached mycock, I would have jerked off immediately, but it was locked away in itscage, so I had to rely on one hand rubbing across my skin while theother hand snaked a finger into my ass.I was completely lost in myself when I heard somebody rummaging aroundin my living room. The bathroom door opened and Master’s voice told meto get out of the shower. He put a blindfold and a pair of handcuffs onthe sink counter and told me to blindfold myself and lock my handsbehind my back before coming out.I jumped out of the shower, dried myself and then dropped to my knees.The blindfold went on, the hands were locked behind my back and then Icrawled as best I could out to meet Master.”I told you this one was a keeper,” I heard Master say, and then astrangely familiar voice chimed in, “I always had a feeling about thisslut.”Fuck! I knew that voice. It was my boss, Don Peterson.I was supposed to be working right now, instead I found myself on myknees while Mr. Peterson fucked me roughly from behind. He slapped myass and laughed, “things are going to be much different at work from nowon, Sean, or should I say sissy slut.”I was pretty much in shock from that point on. Mr. Peterson fucked me,bred me, and then turned me back over to my Master. I heard him askMaster if he could buy me after the transformation was finished. I neverheard Master’s response.I fell asleep with my sissy mantra repeating in my head. “I am nothingbut a sissy slut. I live to suck cock and be fucked, each and everyday…”A few hours later I was tied up and shoved into the trunk of Master’scar. rus escort gümüşhane We drove around the city for a while, and I was able to sneak in aquick nap. It was very late at night when the truck was finally openedand I was dragged out. I was untied, slammed down across the trunk andimmediately filled full of a very large cock. I could tell that I wasbeing fucked by a huge man; somebody who could break me with his barehands if he wanted to do so. I wasn’t tied up, although I was stillblindfolded and caged. Still, I didn’t dare move. I sat there andallowed this man to fill me full of his seed.He grunted and said “Not bad.” There was a pause before he said “fiftyfucks, plus I get to film her and post it online.” Master agreed with agrunt and the huge man dragged me inside his building.We were at a tattoo parlor. It was closed, but the man, Dogg, had agreedto stay open all night to work on me. By the time the sun rose in themorning, I had been permanently marked as a sissy slut.Dogg didn’t say much to me all night long as he pierced and marked me asa slut. He seldom tied me down, preferring instead to just push mearound and have his way with me. I never even contemplated resisting. Isimply repeated my sissy mantra. “I am nothing but a sissy slut. I liveto suck cock and be fucked, each and every day. I spend my days dreamingabout cocks and cum and feel empty when there’s not a hard cock fillingmy sissy pussy.””Please Master, fill me full of cum and then make me into your sissyslut. I will do anything and everything you say, if you’ll just turn meinto your perfect sissy.”Dogg began by tattooing my nipples a dark red. That hurt like hell, butat least I was numb by the time he pierced each nipple with a heavy goldhoop and then clamped them closed.I was flipped over and he gave me a tramp stamp that was actually quitebeautiful. It consisted of a series of silhouettes of women suckingcocks and being fucked. “Sissy Slut” was spelled out in fine cursivejust above my ass crack.Two arrows were added to my butt cheeks–each one pointing to my gapingass hole. Dogg took this opportunity to shove several fingers up my asswhile he tattooed the oversized arrows that would guide men for years tocome.Next up was my cock. This hurt as well. Master had given Dogg the key tomy chastity, so I was finally freed, but not before I was tied down tothe bench for safekeeping. I was so horny that I came almost as soon asDogg fished my cock out of its cage. He immediately slapped me hardacross the face. “You’ll pay for that, slut,” he said as he started thetattoo gun buzzing while scooping my cum back into my mouth with hisfree hand.My cock was eventually covered in delicate flower tattoos and stylizedwarning signs. “Out of Order,” “Keep Away” and “Do Not Touch!” wereetched permanently into my sissy clit. At some point I must have beencrying out in pain so loudly that Dogg gagged me so that he couldcontinue his work without distraction.I passed out at some point. While I was asleep I had three rings putinto my cock and shaft and another one embedded deeply just in front ofmy ass. This would allow Master to lock my cock back between my cheekssome years in the future when I finally earned a release from mychastity.I came back to consciousness when Dogg split some smelling salts undermy nose. “Suck me off before I work on your face,” he grunted and thenrammed his cock down my throat. His cock was as big as he was, but bythis time I was so sore and abused that I had no trouble taking it downmy throat. He smelled terrible, but there was a musky scent thatactually turned me on. He came after just a few minutes of face fuckingme.Then he started in on my face. He gave me permanent makeup. My lips werelined and then filled in with a dark red. They were so swollen andplumped up after the tattoos that I couldn’t feel them for days afterthat. I must admit that I hated loosing my cocksucker lips a few dayslater, and eventually went in for collagen injections just so I couldrecreate the feeling.Dogg also did my eyeliner in coal black, and then wrote “sissy” and”slut” across the ridge of each ear in a surprisingly delicate script.”My nose, belly button and tongue were pierced and then I was given aslave identification number on my upper shoulder. I was in such a hazethat I didn’t even see the brand until it was too late. There was asearing pain as Master’s brand was seared into my flesh.I passed out once again.I woke up some hours later, asleep in my own bed and covered withsterile gauze pads. I wasn’t tied up, but a steel cage had replaced theplastic chastity device and the end of my cock was now tethered securelyto the bottom of the chastity device thanks to my new piercing.I hurt all over. I dragged myself out of bed and went to the bathroom. Ilooked like hell. My face was swollen from the tattoos and I lookedphysically beaten down. I burst into tears as I sat to take a pee. Whathad I done? There was no going back from any of this? Was this reallywhat I wanted?Yes. This was exactly what I had asked for. I’d never had the guts to gofor it before, but thanks to my Master it was now all completely real.My tears of anguish turned to tears of gratitude. I started to repeat mysissy mantra. It calmed me and also caused my cock to twitch in itscage. Eventually I dragged myself back to bed and fell back to a much-needed sleep.I woke to feel a cock pushing into my mouth and hands roughly holding myeyes closed. It was Master, taking his time as he slowly plunged hiscock in and out of my mouth. He faced-fucked me for a long time. I’m notsure how long, but what else did I have to do that day. I licked andsucked him until I felt him tense up and deposit another load of cumdown my throat.It wasn’t much of a surprise when I heard Mr. Peterson unzip his pantsand shove his cock down my throat. “Don’t worry, Sean,” he said betweenstrokes. I’ve arranged it with human resources. You’ve got three weeksof stored up sick leave before we have to fire you. But by then you’llbe able to get a job as my new sissy slut secretary. I foresee locts of’dick-tation’ in your future.”With that he grunted and filled my mouth with his cum.I heard Master tell him, ” Only if you can afford her. Sluts aren’tcheap.” The two men laughed and left me alone to savor the taste oftheir cum. I wondered what they were discussing, but only briefly. Mymind was soon filled with my never-ending sissy mantra that kept megrounded in my new reality. “I am nothing but a sissy slut…”A bit later Master returned and dragged me to my feet. “You’re in nocondition to be seen in public,” he informed me, “but no worries. I knowa place that’s perfect for a slut like you.”He took a minute to change my bandages, then I was dragged out to hiscar and shoved into the trunk. I was surprised that I hadn’t been tiedup, but then I noticed that there were several pairs of handcuffsrattling around in the trunk with me. I knew what Master expected. Ihandcuffed my feet together and then handcuffed the end of my chastityto the chain between my feet. I took the last pair of cuffs and lockedmy hands behind my back, making sure to link the chains so I was lockedin a rather painful hogtie.We drove off into the night. I had no idea where we were headed, but Ididn’t care. I had found my place in the world. “I am nothing but asissy slut,” I told myself, and shuddered in ecstasy as I wondered whatwas coming next.Author’s postscript:I hope you enjoyed the first part of this story. Heaven knows I had alot of fun writing it. I realized that our sissy heroine’s characterisn’t overly developed, but I’m writing this story for the man who oncetold me that good sissies don’t think so much as just submit and trustthat their Master will take care of them. That’s what I’m hoping toaccomplish in this tale.There will be more submission and trust in part two, which is stillbeing formulated in my head. I’m certainly open to suggestions.Once again, I hope you enjoy my literary fantasies.

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