Sex with mom


Sex with momI came home from the work.It was getting late and mom was cooking some meal. When she welcomed me, I noticed she’s a little bit drunk but I didn’t say anything.At the meal, she said that dad will not come today because of fishing competition. I’ve got a chance to do something with it. All nigh alone, only with my drunk mother.But it was mom who did a first step. Later we were watching tv and drinking some vine when mom asked me if I could massage her back. ‘Of course I can, just sit at to me.’ I said and made a place on the sofa.She sat back to me and let me do my job. She had t-shirt and bra still on, so I asked her if she would put it all down, I could give her much better massage but without clothes.’Wow, I hope you don’t have some dirty minds!’ she jiggled but she did what I asked her for.Unfortunately when she unzipped her bra, she layed on the sofa, on her belly so I didn’t see her tits. I was massaging her slowly and she enjoyed it. She was breahing heavily and sighting as a sign of a good job.I noticed that her breasts are not all hidden underneath her body so I softly run over them a few times. She didn’t say nothing so I touched them more and more when mom stopped me.’Hey young boy! My breasts are not my back. van rus escort Be careful with your hands, I wanted massage of my back, not of my breasts.’I was quite drunk as well, and horny. Don’t know how, but I asked her if she doesn’t want that breast massage.She was quiet for a while and suddenly she turned around to me, smiled and said’Why not, it could be interesting.’ and laid on her back.Now I had my topless mom right in front of me. My cock almost ripped my pants. Her lovely tities looked so cute and lovely, her pink nipples were already hard.I slowly took her tits to both hands and squeezed them. Mom was looking to me and softly smiling. I touched her hard nipples and slide to her belly. Up and down. To enjoy every inch of mom’s hot body. It was not massage at all, it was almost a foreplay.Then she sat and asked me if I wanna massage as well. I wanted of course, so I took of my shirt.’No this massage honey, I mean that massage.’ she smiled ‘That massage?’ I asked, ‘what do you mean by that?’She let me lay on my back, pulled my trousers and pants down and took my hard cock into her warm hand.’Sorry, I meant handjob. Hehe’ and started to jerk me off.This the most HJ I’ve ever had, she exactly van rus escort bayan knew where to pull, how to hold it, and when she put it into her mouth, I was thinking that I will cum right into her throat.I was moaning, pulling her head as down as possible and she liked it. She loved to play with my balls, suck them and even bite them a little bit.’Ok honey, ready for a ride?’ she asked me, pulled her jeans down and slowly sat on me.Her pussy was so wet and warm. She, as an experienced woman knew how to ride a man. Her moves were driving me crazy, I was moaning, mom was moaning. We were both in heaven. She was playing with her tits and I was holding and spanking her ass.Then she leaned to me, took my head into her hands and whispered into my ear ‘This will be our secret, no one else will know about this. Ever. Understand? Now fuck your mommy!’She let me to roll her to back. She spread her legs as wide and as high, took my cock and slowly put into her pussy juice dripping pussy.I started to fuck her faster to make her orgasm. She spanked my ass, rub and scratch my back. Took her nipples and pull them to make her scream, this made her wild and dirty. She begged me for more and more.’Yes, fuck rus escort van me! Fucky your mommy! Do you like your mommy’s wet pussy? Do me well, do me better than your father. Oh God, don’t stop. Make your mother cum. Give it to me.’She was talking like a real whore and I liked it. I wanted to cum deep inside of her but when she saw that I will come soon ‘Shhhh, calm down, there, sit on the couch.’I sat as mom said and she sat on me again, I licked her nipples and holding her ass. Mom embraced me and moaned into my ear again. This sound was so great that I was so close to cum.I started to moan and scream that I’m cumming, mom quickly get of me, kneeled at my cock and started to suck me.It took not more than 20 secs and I was cumming into my mom’s mouth. She took it all into her mouth and then spit is on her brests where she smeared my cum by my cock.We were both sweaty and out of breath, but satisfied and we never been for a long time.Then we both went to the shower to clean each other, where I licked her pussy. She was staning, leaning the wall and holding my head between her legs. She came really fast and hard, after that, we were just standing under the shower, in embrace.’This was unbelievable mom. Thank you.”Yeah, I enjoyed it as well, but please, promise me, this will stay just between us. We shouldn’t do these things, but we’re doing them. And I think this was not for the last time. Your dad is great, but, since today, he’s not enough for me I think’ she said, softly kissed me on lips and leave me alone in the shower….

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