Showing off Submissive


Showing off SubmissiveNate had come out of the pond near 3 guys. Two were not young and hot like Nate and Clay, but, like me, they looked great for their age. One was a young fraternity looking guy with ripped body, covered in all the right places with black hair. They had watched all of us across the pond, and though that I must have be crazy (well, I had been rolling with Molly) to have fallen asleep next to Nate. I walked over toward them as the youngest guy was standing with his hands clasped together behind his head, feet widely spread, and there was Nate tracing his finger on the point where the tiny T-back touched the skin. The two other guys were laying back and rubbing their bulges through their gear. One had a black and red FT Grunt Jock, and he was clearly diyarbakır rus escort gushing pre-cum, the voyeur had on a Nasty Pig brief, and the twink had on a smoky clear latex G-string. The Grunt brief guy was telling him to stop whyning, shut-up, and be quiet. Nate got more into the domination scene, his sub-stood there wanting to play, but not allowed.The Nasty Pig guy motioned me to the side. He said his name was Jesse, his partner Mike – was the other dom. He nodded to me as he motioned for Nate to start rubbing oil on the sub and he did slowly. The Sub was Brian. A guy who had hit them up online on Recon and explained how he wanted to be a submissive boy and used. Brian drove into town from some college he went to diyarbakır rus escort bayan and had spent the weekend with them. They had teased him over and over, and used his face and hole as they wanted, but hadn’t let him cum yet. They brought him here, in clear latex, to show him off.Mike motioned for Nate to lick Brian’s nipples, and the moan from the Fraternity boy was deep and lusty. His jock bulged and clearly his nipples were the key to so much pleasure for him. Mike stood up and walked over and started directing the play first hand. He kissed Nate on the mouth and then pushed him to suck on his dick leaving Brian standing there hard, horned and ready. They spoke briefly and Mike pulled Nate’s suit off and rus escort diyarbakır his own jock too! They made out and got behind Brian. Nate fingered Brian’s hole—which was loose from previous fucks, lube and cum, and lined his cock up with the hole. Mike did the same to Nate, and in one push they entered each other! Nate took charge and fucked Brian and rode Mike long and deep and Raw. Jesse was turned on with the scene and pulled off his brief and pulled down mine and dropped and sucked me in! After a few we joined the others and backed his hole onto Brian and pulled me onto his! He had been edging and wanted to cum!The five of us had a chain going and put on quite the show. Until Brian started moaning. He Shot into Jesse and that started him cumming in my hole! Mike bust his nut in Nate and Nate unloaded in Brian! We all had a hot time, but I hadn’t cum yet. Jesse was concerned but Clay and Cole, who had joined the audience, said not to worry. They would take care of me at home!We exchanged snapchat addresses and Skype names and phone numbers for future play and headed back across the pond to our area to pack up.

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