Sissies Feminization and Hormonal Transformation t


Sissies Feminization and Hormonal Transformation tI was 39 years old and I have been a female inside a mans body. I’ve dreamed of changing into a full woman. Yet I got married, and had a wonderful boy. I asked my wife one night what she thought of being with another man, & was very upset. I continued to explain how I fantasized about being her cuckold an being feminized completely including hormones, body modifications, and living as a female on our Jamaican vacations were she could fuck, suck, and eventually be impregnated by a BBC. She said I was disgusting, and shed never do BBC. So I continued with a very WEWC, and detailed his thickness of 3-1/2 to wrist size. and at least 10′-18′ long, with huge golf ball, baseball, repeat comer, and very fertile-with no attachment’s to baby if your impregnated… I told her of my dressing up all my life and never had the trust to tell my ex-girlfriends except 2, & had experienced them fucking huge BBC while I watched or they went out all day, and night, even including all weekend-Friday- Sunday afternoon when they came back to me with there stories of how much bigger, an how much he filled her pussy with lots of cum. they would undress an show me there swollen, bruised-red-purple, gaped open, deep hole. I would clean-up, bath, and serve her as her tranny slave. Yet when I when I finally transformed to a sissy, shaving body hair, facial hair removal, tucking into a locked chastity devices, butt plug training, penis pumping -my tiny clitty while being tied up, and forced to watch, and even suck her lovers to full erections after they’d fucked. Transformation Part1She was appalled, upset yet realized that I was a sissy bitch, and not a real Alpha male. She watched some porn, and looked at some extremely thick, long, and fertile white cocks. An I asked if I could please dress to show her how much I feel natural, but become free for her to see. No More Secrets, or Feeling ashamed. So I proceeded to go shopping at Walmart. Buying thigh highs, panties, bra’s, breast enlargers, body shapers, make-up, Buy 4 wig styles red, blonde, brunette, brown-blonde mixed, hair removal-razors-hair delay creams, and enema-an-tampons for through cleaning and period training, I the went to the mall Macys, Dillard’s, Fredrick’s of Hollywood, and the down to the sex toy store. Were I bought a selection of toys, (butt plugs, dildos-9′-18′ long all white w/ huge balls and suction cup for mounting down, penis pumps of small sizes for me to 2 extra-large bitlis rus escort sizes for her possible lovers, even a sex swing, and a machine that fucks you w/ variable speeds.)… I also went to big and tall were I bought 4 pairs of 6′ sex slutty high heels, stiletto’s for me and my wife to wear. I returned home to a empty house and proceeded to undress and wash my body, at which i apply the hair removal cream to my whole body and face. While waiting I fill my soon to be ass-turned to a boipussy. I rinse off my hair in the shower revealing my oh so missed smooth sexy sissy legs, hairless body. I flush on out and install a tampon inside my boipussy to check out the cleanliness. I apply make-up, wig, and proceed into bedroom were I get my false breast forms out and glue them on to my sooth chest w/ medical glue so they can be worn bra less. I attach my chastity device and return to the toilet and remove my tampon, and rinse, afterwards inserting my small to extra large butt plugs. I dressed in my black lace teddy, with garter belt and thigh highs, and my lacy 6′ heels. apply my blonde wig and the proceed to await my wife’s arrival, and her thoughts on me wanting to dress and be a sissy cuckold. Wanting her to take 2-5 lovers 1-2 black for me with knee hanging anacondas with fertile alpha juice. The rest or couple will be like whitezilla and incredible muscular bodies like she craves secretly. As she walks in the door I realize she’s talking 2 guys 1 is black 225 muscular 39 very sexy, and the other one is a very sexy white stud. I wasn’t quite ready to have her bring over some guys she met online and had been talking , meeting w/out sexual acts, and STD testing for her 2 studs. We had discussed her bringing them home for drinks and some x-+some party favors to help relax and enhance her inhibitions. I was fully dressed up like a slut and she begin laughing at me. Saying how pathetic my tiny clitty was and how much she couldn’t wait on. me seeing and experiencing me giving her to another man, or men at the same time. To see a real alpha cocks fucking and breeding her fertile pussy. She then went to the bedroom, and returned in her sexy outfit, w/ her 6′ stiletto’s! she then kneeled down to kiss me and asked me if i was absolutely sure that I wanted this? Do you want me to tie you up for safety of learning to control my first initial jealousy. she told them to follow s to our bedroom which was set up with dim and bitlis rus escort bayan candle light 3 web cameras, sex toys- swing-and her machine. She smacked my ass and proceed to remove my shriveled up clitty and place into a penis pump, ands told to enlarge my tiny worm. I’m then tied up in our cushioned chair and she then turns an says you wanted this bitch. I’m going to cuck you with these to real men and be impregnated by 1 of them tonight while you can only watch. I watch as she kneels down sliding there clothes off of there magnificent male bodies. I got a swelling in my clitty as I saw there extremely horse cocks being reveled to me in front of my face. She asked me if was impressed and if I wanted her pussy to be ruined for tiny cocks ever. I said yes baby give them your married pussy for you deserve to feel a real cocks fucking you to multiple, and even squirting 1st times. Getting your asshole fucked and even being 2-in the pussy, and dp’d ass an pussy. I want them to fill your pussy up with there cum all night long allowing me to suck, lick, and swallow all there cum rom your pussy while squatting over my open an hungry mouth.. Even licking the both of you while in the 69 position and his cock and balls slapping my face and also rimming there assholes. Cleaning all of yours and there cum up. I watch as you laugh and say no regrets and no jealousy, she said she loved me squeezing my pump suction harder. i watch her lay down in the middle of the bed using our fuck positions pillow, and seeing her hold the black guys semi hard cock in her hand seeing that she couldn’t touch her figure tips together. Was intense, and I craved to see her sucking, and hearing him moaning, thrusting, holding her head and shoving in he’s monster deeply growing as wide as his forearm around and also hung hard down to his knees. Jay was his name my BBC, Ted was the white stud who we wanted for a sperm donor. She pulled her legs over her head positioning her pussy over her face. Jay suddenly pulled out an looking at me walked over a shot his huge never ending cum into my now open mouth, calling me bitch an worthless male. I swallowed and was surprised when he shoved his still rock hard cock head into my mouth gagging me. I saw Ted move up and put his beautiful mushroom head to my wife’s opening and push into her seeing her face light up. An her breathing increasing her deep moaning and seeing her reach her long nails into his rus escort bitlis firm ass pulling him deeper and deeper till he is buried his forearm thick and 12″ long cock till he’s balls are resting on her asshole. he grinds a bit before I hear her say oh my God I’m Cumming like she’d never felt, or saw her cum like that with me. I was so happy she was getting to feel and experience what a huge cock feels like inside her now swollen, gaped, and quaffing (pussy farting) from his long dicking strokes and his mutilation of her once tiny an unused pussy. I watch him bang her pussy harder, faster, until he screams I’m cumin, and buries his cock balls deep. I can see his cock twitching an jumping, and pumping his hot white seed into my wife’s pussy. He cums so much it is pushed out around his cock, and runs down to her asshole. She then instructs jay to untie me and bring me to her laying on my back, and she cups her pussy as she straddles, and then squats removing her hand showing me a pussy that’s been well fucked an looks very different. She sits on my face an bends over pumping my cock more and tells jay to come fuck her in the ass while I’m cleaning ted out of her, and then he can give her the biggest cock she’s ever seen and had. I watch as his 18″ long and 5″ wide cock head rubs her asshole and pushes into her more than she’s ever been horny an wanting to be free as a cock hungry slut. He fucks her asshole long and hard for seemed like an eternity. Before he pulls out and enters her well fucked pussy sliding balls deep and pounding her so hard she squirts, 3-4 times drowning me in her cum. he grabs hold of her hips and pulls her to him enough I can feel his cock head pushing into my chest, pushing her bellybutton out show his cock head. He grunts after fucking her to 10-15 multiple, squirting, and quivering-shattering, orgasm’s moaning an begging for his superior cum. how she wants he to never stop fucking her, and she never said anything like that to Ted. As he slowly pulls his monster pussy wrecker out his cum drips out into my mouth as I lick an suck his and her pussy. As his head plops out with a suction and automatically his cum is running out of her pussy hole and dropping straight into my hungry slut mouth. I suck, swallow, savoring how sweeter his is than the white cum. Showing me that BBC is all natural, and is meant to be the dominate race among the male species. All night long they took turns fucking my wife until they all cuddled up with her in the middle. I could see her changed pussy, and asshole still gaped, bruised, swollen, and had now taken a bluish, blackening of her once white lips, are now been fucked by a black cock marking her lips black so men will know. She will accept her role of cuckoldries’, hot wife, and I’m to now begin hormone srt treatments…

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