The night I met Eve


The night I met EveAnother true story from my past.Soon after I got out of college, the economy was bad and I was working part time. There was a bar in town where I would hang out with friends. It was more of a beer joint than a bar actually, with bar stools, tables and chairs, pool tables, juke box; kind of a dingy, run down place, but usually a fun crowd and it was run by a guy I knew. I was there one night shooting pool and drinking beer when a woman who hung around there a lot, I’ll call her Cindy, approached me and said there was someone there interested in meeting me. She covertly directed my attention to a table where a couple of my friends were siting with a woman I had never seen. Cindy said the woman was very interested in meeting me, and she said “you know where I’m common’ from!”. I thought I did know “where she was coming from” and it took me by surprise. Things like that just don’t happen often, and especially not in the bar I was in at the time. Looking back on things, I guess I was a fairly good looking guy in those days. Not the kind of guy who turns women’s heads and makes them leave their husbands, but a mid to late 20s dark haired guy, tall and slim, and was sometimes told I looked good in jeans, so it’s not like it was totally out of the blue, just a surprise. I gave myself some time to think the situation through and covertly glanced at the woman a few times to sort of size up the situation. She was tall, long legged, dressed in tight jeans and western boots. Western boots were not common in the eastern town where I was living at the time. She had graying hair so she was older than I was, but she was a good looking, well dressed woman, so I figured; nothing ventured…Eventually I stopped by the table and said hello to my friends who were sitting there, and they greeted me and introduced me to Eve from a western state. She was the sister of one of the people that I knew at the table, and she was visiting from out of town. Things were starting ardahan rus escort to fit together now: visiting from out of town, traveling alone, horny, home folks not likely to find out about what goes on… she saw a younger guy that she liked to looks of in a bar and had the nerve to make it known to him that she wanted to get together. I must say, I had to admire her for that.So anyway, we eventually closed the place down, chatting and drinking, then walked to the parking lot together where, of course, she invited me over to her sisters home where she was staying. I said I had to work early the next morning, which was true, but that I thought I could stop by for a short while. I followed her car to the home and we went in. Everyone else in the house was just in from the bar too, so several people were awake and we talked and drank some more. Eventually folks started drifting off to bed and Eve and I drifted off to the her room. It was a small guest room that seemed to double as a storage room for a few things. There was a small bed and maybe another piece of furniture or two, and it was mostly dark. We embraced and started to make out but we knew what we were there for so it wasn’t long before she was standing in front of me naked saying “now, you just lie back”. I decided following her direction was a good idea, so I lay back on the bed and she got between my legs and started to fondle my dick. I was semi-erect by the time I lay back on the bed and she soon had me fully erect and throbbing hard. If you’ve seen those penis size preference charts that are on line now (I recently discovered them), my penis size is right there in the red “ideal” or “perfect” area of the chart. Apparently, that pleased Eve because she kept saying “you have a beautiful dick… I mean penis”. She really did seem to appreciate my dick as she fondled it and began to suck it. She ultimately began to earnestly suck me and bob her head up and down ardahan rus escort bayan giving me a blow job like she meant it! She was making appreciative humming sounds as she stroked her mouth on my shaft. The tone of her humming changed as her mouth filled with dick and as she withdrew. She continued giving me a wonderful blowjob, stopping occasionally to stroke, fondle, and admire my hard dick and again she would say “you have a beautiful dick!… I mean penis!”. I’ve never felt such appreciation for having a “nice dick”. She really seemed delighted with it.As I mentioned, this episode started in a beer joint where I was drinking beer, then moved to a small impromptu party where I was drinking whisky, and so I had consumed a fair amount of alcohol. I wasn’t drunk to the point where I had any trouble getting hard, I had a full and persistent harden, but I wasn’t about to cum, I could tell that was going to take a while. That was destined to work out well for Eve as it turned out. After laying back and enjoying a very enthusiastic blowjob for quite a while, and thinking about this long legged, naked stranger who was relishing my hard dick, I concluded that It was time for me to sample the pussy that was between those long legs! I got her to change positions with me and I sucked on her nipples for a while and then started moving lower toward her dark bush. She seemed a little apprehensive, perhaps because she wasn’t freshly showered, but I continued to move down until I was eye level with her pussy and I started to lick it and explore it with my tongue. She gave up her apprehension and gave way to enjoyment and I ate her pussy. Eating pussy always makes me really horny, so I decided It was time to move on to fucking. I moved up, spread her long legs wide and slowly slid my dick into her pussy. I began to stroke away and she was loving it. As I said, a had had enough alcohol that this wasn’t going to be quick, and rus escort ardahan I fucked her long and hard to her apparent delight. I think she had several orgasms as we fucked and fucked. Finally, I increased my efforts and picked up the pace in order to bring myself to orgasm, and eventually felt my climax starting to build. Another minute or so of hard and fast strokes and I slammed into her and shot my load into her pussy. After a while I moved from on top of her and we lay side by side. She continued to complement me on my equipment and on my stamina… as I said, the alcohol was working out well for her.Eventually she moved down between my legs again and once again started to suck my dick. Soon she was once again giving me a serious blowjob and I lay back enjoying it and anticipating cuming in her mouth. It was taking too long, though, and so I felt I needed to be in control if I was going to cum again. I put her on her back again and got above her on the bed. I hooked my right arm around her left leg and pulled her leg up so that her knee was up near her shoulder, and I began to fuck her in ernest once again. As before, this was going to take a while, and we fucked and fucked, hard and fast mostly with occasional slower moments. She made little noises of enjoyment and seemed to once again have several orgasms. Again I picked up the pace and stroked hard and fast until I managed to cum again in her pussy. As I lay above her recuperating she said teasingly “can I have my leg back now?” and I moved from over her and rested.As I said, I had to work early the next morning, and I wasn’t going to get much sleep at this point, but I concluded it had been worth it as I went home.I saw Eve one evening a couple of days later, but I was out on a date with someone else, so we only spoke to one another and that was about it, and she went back home to a distant, western state before we got together again. It was great to be appreciated the way I was by her! The only negative thing was, I found out that she had told some of the people that I knew about our escapades, and that she only wished we could have done it again. Maybe it wasn’t all bad thought, because her sister obviously heard about it and she wanted to fuck me too! I had a reputation as a real stud among small group of people for a while!

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