Trainer Buck


Trainer BuckIt was close to 2pm when I got home from the gym. I had just moved recently. Today was my first day as a personal trainer at the gym. It was only part time to start. They wanted to see how I did before they put me on full time. I had a step class this morning and around 11am I gave a buns of steel class. I was really working everyone out as they left all sweaty from my class. I love to work out. Being 24, 6ft 4 and still having an athletic body helps to get my clients motivated. I thought about getting another job to pay the bills. A friend of mine suggested maybe being a personal trainer for people at there homes. I thought it was a great idea to reach new clients and still maintain my job at the gym.I put and Ad online. It showcased me working out. What I could do for them. It gave my number and the times I was free. I had some references and even included a video I shot. “Buck’s Buns of Steel – Vol 1″ The name funny. It’s got me on the box with my blue eyes and big smile. On the back is my ass in some tight Lycra shorts. My job makes it hard to maintain a relationship. My ex-girlfriends have been mad at me for taking on new clients at the gym. I used to date very skinny women until I had my heart broke for the last time. I find bigger gurls to be much better. Both in my life and in the bed. I can’t remember the last time I went out on a date. I hope things will change now that my life is more stable.I clicked on my computer and headed to the bathroom. I rip off my wet t-shirt and small black Lycra shorts. I put them in my dirt clothes pile. I hopped in the shower. Turn on the hot water. I did not get time to clean up at the gym. I filled out paperwork all day after my class. I can feel the hot water run down my back. I pick up some soap. I open my eyes as I soap up my body. I can feel the soap go over my bare skin. I shaved this morning before starting my job. I love the way I feel with no hair. I left a small one inch patch of my light brown hair above my cock. I start to soap my semi erect cock. I then soap my ass. I can feel the water down my muscular thighs, legs, and calves. I need to keep up my tan tomorrow on my fay off. I hope I can find a tanning booth or lay out in the sun.After twenty minutes I turn off the water. I pick up my towel as I dry myself off. I look in the mirror as I comb my short hair. I then put on some deodorant. Some body spray. I put on some small gray shorts. A simple white t-shirt and some sandals. I head down to the basement to do my laundry. I put in some quarters as I separate me clothes. I have two loads as I walk back to my apartment. I walk in and get some water from the fridge.”Bing! Bing!” I can here a instant message from my computer. I almost forgot I turned it on when I got home. I walk over to my desk. I moved the mouse on the pad. A second later I see a box on the bottom of my screen. I clicked on it.”Hi! My name Kayanee. I saw your Ad online. I was wondering if you were free tomorrow? I could really use some personal training. I loved your video. I was hoping you could teach me some of that Buck’s Buns of Steel.” I smiled. This was great news. I quickly typed.. “Hi! Great! Yes! I am free tomorrow all day. I am so glad you instant messaged me. I would love to help you start a program.” I waited a few seconds as she wrote back… “Thanks! That would be great. What time is good for you?” I smiled then wrote… “How about 10am. I’ll bring over the video. I’ll bring a chart with some simple exercise to get you started. We can talk more about what you like to get out of the program. Is there a specific area you like to target?” A waited another second or two… “Ummmm 10am great. I like to work on my butt and thighs. I really don’t want to loose weight there. I just need to make them more round. I hope your a good teacher Buck Kelly.. I will email you my address. See you tomorrow. Thanks! Kayanee!”I watched some TV and went to bed early. I wrote down Kayanee address and got some quick directions from my apartment on the computer. I took a long shower after running on my treadmill. I did some sit ups, push ups and crunches to get ready for the day. I put on some deodorant, body spray and a little cologne. I was standing there naked in my bathroom as I got ready. I checked the mirror as I walked into my bedroom. I slipped on a tight baby blue shirt (Large) that hugged my abs and chest. I put on some white Lycra shorts (size 28). I did not put on any underwear or socks. I slipped on some low cut tennis shoes (size 11) as I picked up my keys off my night stand.I jumped into my SUV. I was pulling into Kayanee driveway just before 10am. I pulled out my gym bag with a change of clothes inside. I also had a white towel and my video inside. Her house was very nice. She had a big front yard. I looked around to see she lived in a very nice neighborhood. There was some people walking a dog on the sidewalk across the street. I went up the short walk way to her front door.”Knock! Knock!” I waited a minute before the door knob moved on the door. A second later the door opened. “Right on time. I like that. You must be Mr. Kelly. My new personal trainer.” said Kayanee. My mouth dropped opened. “Mmmm….” I mumbled. “Giggle! Giggle! Laugh! Are you OK Mr. Kelly?” she said. “MMmm. Yes! Call me Buck. Sorry I was thinking about something else. You have a very nice house.” I said. I smiled. She was standing in the doorway. Her lower half was behind the door. She had her arms spread open as she held the door with her right hand. She had her left hand on her hip. She was not what I was expecting. She said she need help working out. I was not so sure. I was expecting her to be the size of a toothpick. She was however the exact opposite.She was very bodacious. She had long brunette hair down passed her shoulders. She was wearing a white t-shirt that was stretched over her large chest. She had some black Lycra pants that were pulled over her thick thighs. They stopped at the bottom of her knees showing off her curvy legs. She was wearing some small white iskenderun rus escort tennis shoes. I breathed in as she smiled. She was checking me out as I moved my eyes up her body. She had painted her nails to match her red juicy lips. She had very sexy eyes as she smiled again.”Won’t you come in Buck. Can I call you Trainer Buck?” said Kayanee. “That sounds nice.” I said. In fact she could have called me anything. I was so turned on. My cock was about ready to explode. It had been so long since my last orgasm. I looked down to see my cock had moved inside my shorts. I moved my duffel bag to block my growing erection from her eyes. “Follow me! It’s such a nice day. We can go in my living room. Please take a seat. Thanks for coming over on such short notice.” said Kayanee. My eyes almost fell out of my head. She had saved the best for last. She was hiding her biggest assest behind the door. Her bodacious ass was to die for. So big and round. I had to clear my throat and regain my thoughts. I almost passed out from hyper ventilating seeing her voluptuous ass. “My pleasure. I know its hard to find time to work out. Especially a new workout program. I’m glad to help.” I said.She sat on her big couch in the living room. I sat on a small chair across from her. I watched as she put her sexy feet on the glass coffee table in front of her. “I am so glad you came over this morning. I can see your going to be a big help. Your not what I was expecting as a personal trainer. Your so young. What shall we do first Buck?” said Kayanee. “Thank you. I guess first things first. We can set some small goals to work on in helping you. I think first we should measure you. I know its sounds very unusual to start. But I like to see how you progress over the next couple of training sessions. If that is OK with you?” I said. Truth be told I never measure anybody. But with her body. I want to sneak a touch.I watched as Kayanee got up from the couch. She went to get a tape measure from a big drawer int he kitchen. My hands shook as I wrapped the tape around her calves. Then around her sexy waist and hips. I dropped it low on her thighs. Working my way up. I ran my fingers inside. I was trying to be professional. She smiled and watched my big blue eyes looking back at her. Next I measured her ass. I had to really squeeze the tap tight. I almost ran out of tape. She giggled when she saw me struggle to wrap the tape around her amazing ass. Next after catching my breath. I measured her bodacious breast. “How do I look Trainer Buck?” she said. “Oh just perfect.” I said. “Are you going to write any of this down?” she giggled. “I got it all up here.” I said. I pointed to my brain. My mind was racing.”Ok! Let’s start by stretching first. Let me make some room in your living room.” I said. I moved her furniture around. I moved the coffee table and some chairs. She had some new carpeting. “Now stand with your feet apart. Slowly bend over and touch your ankles. Go as far as you can.” I said. I watched as she bent over. My mouth dropped open again. I saw her ass almost exploded out the sides of her Lycra pants. My eyes just smiled. I then bent over to touch my toes. She smiled as she looked over at me. I did this for the next ten minutes.”Ok! Now roll your arms in a circular motion. That is perfect. Now reach over your head.” I said. She did. I watched her breast move around inside her shirt. We did that for another ten minutes. She still had a big smile on her face. “Ok! Now lets do some jumping jacks. One…two….three…take your time. Nice and slow.” I said. Her whole body shook as she did her jumping jacks. I was not sure my heart or my cock could take much more. I was so turned on by her. I was loving every minutes of our workout. “Ok! Now lets sit on the ground. Bend you knees. Very good. Your doing great. I will hold your ankles. That it. Now just come off the ground as far as you can go. Do that a few times.” I said. I watched over her knees as she did some amazing ab crunches. My cock was so hard. I had to lean back not to poke her shin with my cock.”Ok! Now lie down flat. Try to lift your feet off the ground and hold it. That is perfect. 1….2…..3….4…..5… Great! Ok! Relax. Take 5 minutes.” I said. She smiled. “Here let me get you some water Kayanee.” I said. I walked into her kitchen to get her some water. She was still lying down when I came back. She sat up to take a sip. She spilled some water on her white shirt. I could now see her black sports bar underneath her shirt. She handed me the water. I reached over to set it on a coaster on the coffee table. “I’ll leave you a chart of these and more simple exercise to do.” I said. “You hard Trainer Buck…” she said. Was she talking about my erection or teaching methods. “I hope that is a good thing. I try to make sure you get my special attention.” I said. She smiled.”When do we get to the Buck’s Buns of Steel part. I watched your video again last night before bed.” said Kayanee. I smiled. “Alright. I think you warmed up and ready to go. Stand up! Now do some big knee bends. Squat as far as you can go. Trying not to touch your butt on the ground. Now hold it…..OH! That is perfect.” said. Her ass was barely touching the ground. She had that big ass an inch off the ground. She could make a blind man faint right now. I had to catch my breath. She did another three sets of ten deep knee bends.”Make sure you keep your back straight.” I said. “Can you show me?” she said. I walked over putting my hand on her lower back. Her white shirt was wet from her working out. She smiled when I put my hand on her lower back. I took a quick glimpse of her perfect ass. I was waiting for her tight pants to split open from the force of her sexy flesh. “My thighs are burning. This is not going to make my butt or thighs smaller is it?” said Kayanee. “No! Just make you more flexible. You said you like them more rounder. Your more than perfect. I don’t want to change a thing on you.” I said. “Ummm flattery will get you every iskenderun rus escort bayan where Trainer Buck! You know how to motivate your big gurls.” said Kayanee. I dropped my hand on the back of her thighs. She was burning up. “See I told you.” she said. I smiled again.”Ok! Now lets run in place. Bring your knees up as I high as they will go. Just perfect. Your doing great. Now put your hands on your hips.” I said. “Like this?” said Kayanee. I moved her hands to the top of her wide hips. I gave her a nice big squeeze. “Ok! Now bend side to side. Back and forth. Doing great! Your a natural.” I said. I watched as her amazing body bent all over the place. Why could there not be a wardrobe malfunction when I needed one. After a few more minutes.”That was perfect. Now I need you to lay on your side. I am going to have you lift your leg.” I said. “MMmmmmm… Can I take off my shirt. It’s kinda of warm in here. It’s a little wet from working out Buck. You don’t mind do you?” she said. “No! Being comfortable is a good thing. Here let me turn around.” I said. “It’s Ok silly. I got my new sports bra on. Ok! I’m ready. Is this good on the floor?” said Kayanee. I turned to see her on the floor. She was on her left hip with her right leg up. I could have fainted right there. She had on a super tight black sports bra. It cupped her large breast. They were almost falling out the top. I smiled when she opened her legs. I so much wanted to hold her leg open and jam my tongue in her pussy at that moment. I held my hormones in check. I looked down to see my 9 3/4 inches of hard cock was down my leg inside my white Lyrca shorts.I quickly got on the floor opposite her. “Just like this. 1…2….3…4…5..” I said. She moved her thick thighs and curvy legs up. She did a few sets of ten. Then she rolled over to her other side. I stayed in place watching her left leg come up. Her ass was moving perfect. I was afraid she might catch me drooling from watching her. I moved my hand over my cock. The thin material was making my cock feel great. I could feel the outline of my cock head inside my shorts. I was going to excuse myself to go to her bathroom. I had to help myself before she saw my erection.”Trainer Buck! Mmmmm it looks like your having your own work out over there. Does your big muscle need to be workout? Did I do that?” said Kayanee. I looked up to see she had rolled over and was looking at me. I had my hand on the front of my shorts. I froze for a second. My mouth was still open. “Ooooppssss! Looks like I caught your tongue baby. Damn that is nice Trainer Buck. Come here. Let me take a closer look. I’ve been watching him grow since you knocked on my door.” she said.I moved my ass closer to Kayanee. She smiled as she leaned in to kiss me. She had such juicy lips as we kissed. I felt her hand on my chest. I then felt her hand move down my abs to touch the front of my shorts. She then started to kiss me more passionately as she slipped me her tongue. I parted her hair from her eyes to catch her beauty. She was now outlining my cock in the thin material. I felt her body now against mine. Her breast laid on my chest. I could feel her erect nipples tring to break from her wet sports bra. I felt her hand move my shirt over my head. “Mmmmm very nice Trainer Buck.” moaned Kayanee.I kissed her harder. She let go of our embrace. She put my hands on her sports bra. I squeezed her big breast. I then pulled her bra over her head. She smiled and pushed me back on the floor. She then started to put her hands on my shorts. She traced my cock from the base to the tip. She circled her long red finger nails on the tip. She smiled as she pulled off my tennis shoes. I kicked them under the coffee table. She then gently put her hand around my waist. She gave my belly button a kiss. Then my abs. She massaged my thighs as muscular calves. She kept smiling as she saw my cock move under the white material.”I better free him before he goes off.” she whispered in my left ear. With that she pulled my white Lycra shorts to my ankles. My cock flopped out. Then straight up. “Oh that is really nice. I love you shaved for me. Just a little patch above your cock. MMMmmmm I like that.” said Kayanee. She licked the pre-cum off the tip. She then started to move her tongue around my big purple head. She used her right hand to fondle my big hairless balls. She then used her free hand to tug on my erect nipples. She moved her mouth over my cock. She started to get more and more in her mouth. She gagged and spit me out. She then slurped my cock back in her hot mouth.I watched as she used both her small hands to jack my cock. I then watched as she licked the tip and down my long shaft. I moved my hand to touch her left breast. I started to tug on her big nipple. She used her white teeth to go down my shaft. I then moved my hand down her lower back. Her long hair fell to the other side. I then moved my hand on her large ass. She wiggled her butt making my hand massage her more. I slapped the outside of her Lyrca pants. She tried to move her hand back to pull down her pants. She did not want to stop sucking my cock. She kicked off her shoes. I could see her red toe nails on the end of her sexy feet.I moved my hand to push down her pants very slow. First one side, then the other. I did this until I got her tight pants down half of her ass. Her warm flesh was now in the cold air. I moved my hand inside her ass cupping her butt and the back of the pants on my hand. I moved my finger to find her shaved pussy. I felt her pussy was on fire. It was sending out steam from being all wet and inside her tight pants. I dropped my finger in my mouth to make it wet.The next second I moved my finger back inside her pants. She breathed in as I started to feel her small cunt lips part to let my finger inside her wet pussy. She groaned as I whirled my finger clock wise inside her. I could feel her wetness on my knuckle as I pushed my finger deeper. After a few minutes I pushed two fingers inside her. rus escort iskenderun I pushed her pants over her ass and they were now on her thick thighs. She was still sucking my cock as I fingered her more. I used my two fingers very fast. She let go of my cock from her mouth. “Yes! Yes! Oh god!!!!!….Fuck!!!! I..I….mmmmmmm…..cumming…..” she grunted. I could feel her juices coat my fingers. I switched motions and was now going in and out. She jammed her pussy back on my fingers. She was pinching them with her pussy muscles.A new smell was in the room. Her sex was more intoxicating as she put my cock as far as she could down her throat. I moaned. “Fuck!! God baby!! Mmmmmmm” I moaned. She pulled her pants over her curvy legs. She then moved her knees apart giving more access to her pussy. I slapped her ass with my hand. She smiled as she moved her ass toward my face. “Right here!” I pointed to my face. “Are you sure. I’m not to big?” she sighed. “Oh! No! Your perfect baby. Put all your weight on me. Move that fine pussy to my face.” I said.She smiled as she put her pussy on my lips. I moved my hand around her big ass. I started to eat her pussy as she jacked my cock. She ran her tongue down my shaft some more. She cupped my balls. She groped them again as I ate her pussy. I moved my big hands all over her big ass. I used both hands to slap her ass. “Wham! Wham!” She just moaned and shook her ass on my face. I felt her pussy open again. This time she clamped down on my tongue. After twenty minutes. “Trainer Buck! I need to give this big cock of yours my work out. The Kayanee Pussy workout.” Giggled Kayanee.She moved on my body. I made sure nothing of hers touched the ground. She used my body as her workout mat. I watched as lowered her tight pussy on my cock. Her thighs were on mine. Her bare feet were on my legs. Her toes curled as she pushed her tight wet pussy on my cock. I grabbed her breast to put them in my mouth. I licked and sucked on them as she fucked me. Her whole body shook as she fucked me. I could feel her soft skin on mine. I put my hands on her lower back. I then dropped them down her ass. She pushed her breast together making my mouth squish under breast. I gripped her ass slamming her pussy on my cock. After a few minutes she dropped her feet to the ground.Kayanee pushed her hands over her head as she arched her back. She propped her big ass toward me. I crawled on my knees towrad her. I spit in my hand. Then rubbed my cock making it wet. I slapped her big ass with my cock. A second later I was half way inside her. I grabbed her hips fucking her faster. “Yes! Yes! Faster Buck! Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me! Don’t stop. Fuck me Trainer Buck……YES!!!!” she yelled. I was fucking her hard as her body shook. Her breast were pushed out to her sides as she moved her face on the floor. I was picking up the pace as I fucked her wet pussy. I reached up to pull her hair. I grabbed her hair and slapped her big ass with my free hand. I stopped fucking her. She looked over her shoulder and smiled. “Oh! No you don’t! Fuck me! Fuck me hard!!!!!” she yelled.I follow orders very good. Especially from a very sexy big gurl riding my cock. I moved back on my ass. I was fucking her at a different angle making her pussy quake. She moaned very loud. I hope her neighbors were not scared from her screams. I watched as she moved off my cock and rolled on her back.She smiled as she looked me in the eyes. “Trainer Buck! You forgot to show me the proper way to do a push up. You better show me before it’s too late.” she smiled. I looked down at her perfect body. I eased my cock in her tight pussy. I got on my hands. I pushed off with my toes. 1…2….3….4…. I was fucking her hard as my body slapped on hers. She kissed my lips as are faces met. Then she rubbed her tits on my chest when I was above her. I could do push ups on her all day. But I was so close to cumming now. I fell on my knees. I pushed her legs up. Her ankles were next to my ears. I looked down to fuck her some more.Next to I fell on her side. She was breathing very heavy. I put my cock in again. I put my right hand on her pussy. I was rubbing her swollen labia as my cock slammed her pussy. I used my free hand to grab her left breast. I squeezed her breast as I fucked her pussy from the side. She moved her ass on my abs. I then started to move faster. I was very close. She looked at me. She mouthed to pull out and come on her. I pulled out and watched my cock. She rolled on her back. She jacked my cock on her body. She cupped my balls with her free hand. She squeezed them forcing my sperm up my shaft. I erupted in one last stroke of her hand. The first blast hit her mouth. The second her chin. Then all over her breast and stomach. I was on my knees as she milked my cock dry.I watched as she cleaned her body of my orgasm. I got her water from the coffee table. She took a big gulp. “Looks like you could use a drink.” she giggled. I took a sip as she spread her legs open. I could see her pussy dripping as she put her hand on my cock. “MMMmmm good recovery time. Looks like your big muscle could use another session. Do you need some more Kayanee Pussy Training? Cause I could use some more Buck’s Buns of Steel training. I helped Kayanee on her feet. She grabbed the tape measure on the floor. “I need to measure you now. I need something to compare to our next session Trainer Buck.” she said.I followed her upstairs to her room. I shut the door behind us. She grabbed her remote from on top of her bed. She hit play as I saw my face come on her TV. She had got my work out tape from someone. “I signed up for your class at the gym yesterday. I heard some girls in the shower talking about you. I asked the girl at the front counter if you were available. She said you were filling out some paper work. I saw you email address on the video box. I took one look at your baby blue eyes and that ass. I had to get you, to be my personal trainer.” said KayaneeShe got on her bed and spread her ass. “Come and get big boy!” she screamed. I looked down to see my cock pointing straight ahead. Who needs a bigger motivator than a hot big gurl on her bed asking for more Trainer Buck.Love,BuckxooxStay tuned for the next sexy adventureBuck finds Kayanee at her favorite clothing store (Lane Bryant)Turns out the changing room just not for trying on clothes.Thanks Kayanee…….MuahBuckxoxoxoxoxoxoxoox

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