What my wife did with a coworker


What my wife did with a coworkerIf you have read my other adventures you know my wife is a hot wife/ slut wife/ cuckoldress. She has blonde hair and blue eye and is five foot four one hundred pounds , she has thirty four b cup tits and perfect legs. In the office she works at one other lady is in a cuckold marriage and they share stories during their lunch hour. They try to out do each other. Part of their job is meeting salesmen from outside source providers. My wife has met over thirty guys for ( dinner ) and it always ends up with her having sex and coming home with a creamypie for me to eat. But that’s not what this story is about. One of her coworkers ( wearhouse worker ) needed a ride home due to his vehicle was in the shop. Normally my wife wouldn’t care about this type of personal problem but this particular guy happened to be a black twenty four year old well built guy. As always my wife was wearing a mid thigh length skirt and button up blouse. She had sun tan thigh high stockings and today she happened to be wearing bikini panties and matching push up bra. Her coworker bingöl rus escort invited her in to burn one after they got to his apartment. She told me that he lived with three guys and they all where home. She could feel the eyes on her as she was standing there looking for a place to set down. The group was already smoking a joint and one of the fellows stood and offered up his seat. She sat and cross her legs. Her coworker told the others that if we get her stoned I bet we can fuck her. My wife said her pussy was already wet and after looking over all that black meat her clit was throbbing. After the second fatty was burned they turned on some music. One guy asked my wife to dance. He held her close and made sure she could feel his already hard cock as he pressed it into her thigh. She whispered into his ear that his cock felt nice and she wanted to see it. He stepped back and dropped his shorts and boxers. Out popped a shiny black dick about eight inches long. She took it in her left hand and her fingers didn’t touch due to its thickness. bingöl rus escort bayan Just then a guy jumped up and said if we are gang banging this woman he isn’t going first. Turns out only one other guy was larger than him. My wife said she spoke up and who said there is going to be a gang bang? They all stood and each one dropped their pants to expose thick black hard cocks. She knew she couldn’t say no to all those hard dicks. Lifting her skirt she took her panties down and bent over and placed her hands on her knees. The guy that she brought home said I’m first. It took two Stokes to get his cock all the way in. With his hands on her hips he fucked her hard and fast. While she was bent over a cock was offered to her to suck. One by one each guy emptied their balls into my wife’s hairless white pussy. She took every one while still bent over. After the last grunt and moan and she had the contents of all their balls inside her she pulled up her panties and stood up straight and thanked them all. I knew something was up because rus escort bingöl she is always home at fifteen till five and here it was seven o clock. Once in the house she tossed her purse on the coffee table and told me she had a story to tell. She reached under her skirt and pulled down her panties. She tossed them to me. My first reaction was to sniff them. But these where wet in the crotch. She sat on the edge of the couch and spread her legs. Her vagina lips pulled apart and it was easy to tell she had been well fucked. Eat my pussy you little dick sissy she said in a sturn voice. I did as I was told and cleaned her pussy perfectly clean. I tried to kiss her but she pushed my face away telling me my face smelled like a black cock. I said I just ate a black guys cum? She said no you just ate five loads , each one from the most beautiful black cock. After I stood up she told me to go wash my face and lets go eat somewhere. We drove to a nice restaurant and as we ate she told me this story. She also said her naked wet pussy was starting to leak on the vinyl seat . I said are you commando? She said yes. We had a nice time together enjoying a couple of glasses of wine. Afterwards I stood and offered her a hand and helped her stand. We laughted at the shiny wet spot on the black vinyl seat. I whispered to her that the bus boy is going to smell her pussy scent on it. She said I hope he gets hard.

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