Subject: A Good Boy for Mr B – 5 Thanks for picking my story. This story will have sex between men and boys and will also include a few kinks as well. Like all the other stories say: if you shouldn’t be reading this or you think that it will offend you, then don’t read it. This is all made up but doesn’t mean anything about the fantasies or sexual desires of the readers or the writer. Please donate to Nifty – the more we support it, the more likely it is to stay here for years and years. This is my second erotic series, though I’ve been a reader for a while. Let me know if you think it’s any good and if you want to see it continue. ail *********************************** A Good Boy for Mr B – Chapter Five *********************************** “Look at what a beautiful boy you are!” After Mr B had allowed me to swallow his huge load, he’d taken a few more pictures of my face, all covered in a mixture of tears, saliva and cum. He’d wiped me clean, pushing all the cum that was decorating my face back into my mouth so that I could swallow it all down: it’s important not to waste any. At least, that’s what he told me. Then, he’d unclipped my ties from the central X ring. It felt weird to be able to move my arms and legs fully again and there’s a little part of me that actually wished that he’d just left me tied in some kind of way. The cuffs were still on my wrists and my ankles though and I liked that. My teacher had removed the rest of his clothes and was now sat up on his bed with his back resting against the pillows. I just looked at his body: wow. Big and muscular, hairy and manly, there was such a stark contrast between his physique and my skinny, smooth little form. I mean, I had muscles, obviously – I was proud of my tight little tummy and the tiny abs that were starting to show there because of all the sport I do – but the only hairs on me below my head were the very light dusting on my arms and legs. To be honest, unless you looked exceptionally closely, they weren’t even noticeable! I guess I really wasn’t that far into puberty at all yet. Not like Jake. Mr B had told me to take off my clothes and to climb up on to the bed. Once I’d obeyed his instructions, he had me lay between his open legs. I ended up pressed up against his right one, with my back along it, and my head partly laid on his thigh. I knew that his big, hairy balls were just above me: I could smell them and the scent was making me feel a little giddy. After tapping some buttons on his phone, the strong and sexy man put it down and started to stroke my hair with his right hand. His thick fingers twisted through my blond locks and it was actually really relaxing to have him play with me like this. He told me to turn my attention to the TV over on the opposite wall and I let out a little gasp as I saw myself there on the screen. “See,” he said, almost a pride in his voice, “Look at what a beautiful boy you are!” I could feel my cheeks burning and I knew that I must have been blushing pretty intensely. “I… I’m not beautiful,” I said, a quiet voice. And I not – boys like Jake are so much more grown up than me. He looks so good and I still look like a tiny, little boy compared to him. “Ryan!” my teacher said, “You are by far the most beautiful boy in all of year six! In all of the school!” I pushed my face down towards the covers but Mr B pulled it back up, making me look at the screen. The Ryan on the television was on his knees, bound but without the metal circle in his mouth. His little tongue was out and Mr B’s huge, thick cock was rubbing along it. I’m not going to lie: it was pretty sexy and I could feel my little nail getting so hard just seeing myself like that. “If you don’t believe me…” he said in his deep voice, “maybe you’ll believe someone else.” I heard him tapping on his phone but didn’t look up. Honestly, my eyes were transfixed on how stretched my mouth was around Mr B’s enormous cock – how had I managed to suck it like that? I was actually a little in awe of myself on the screen. “Yeah…” Mr B said, talking into his phone, “You tell him.” My teacher passed the phone down to me, putting it on speaker as he did. “Hello?” I said, more as a question – who was he getting me to talk to? “Ryan!” the voice replied, “Fuck. I can’t believe that a good boy you’ve been!” It was a man, definitely, and a voice that sounded familiar but I couldn’t quite place it. I did, however, get a little smile when I heard this stranger call me a good boy. “Thank you… I… etiler escort I like being a good boy.” The man chuckled: “I can tell. You look so good on your video – so pretty and sexy and good and… fuck… hungry for it. Isn’t it amazing how much of Mr B’s dick you were able to take?” My own little boydick was so hard that it could have cut through glass. “I guess…” I wanted to say more but I felt so embarrassed. “It was fun, wasn’t it?” the caller asked, although the question was clearly rhetorical as he carried on, “You loved tasting that big thick teacher meat and swallowing all his spunk into your little schoolboy tummy, didn’t you?” “Yeah… it… it was tasty,” I wasn’t lying – I did actually like the taste of my teacher’s cum. “You know something…” the man said to me, “You’ve not just made Mr B cum. I’ve already shot a huge fucking load of nasty, dirty perv cum all over myself just watching you in your video. I bet every man that’s seen it will have done the same. You’re so sexy making all those men spunk. You’re such a fucking good little schoolboy, aren’t you?” “Yeah… I… I am,” my cheeks were so red that I thought they were about to explode. “Tell me what you are,” the voice commanded, its tone firm and powerful. “I’m a f… erm… a good little schoolboy.” “No,” the voice now a growl, “Say it all, Ryan.” “Er… erm… I’m a fucking good little schoolboy.” “Oh fuck yes!” the man on the other end of the phone cried out loudly and, after a few seconds, the line went dead. “See,” Mr B said, “See what a beautiful, sexy, amazing boy you are.” I looked up towards his face, most of my vision blocked by the sight of his thick, meaty teacher cock which, once again, was rock hard and huge. “Go on…” he said, nodding towards his cock, “You know what to do.” And I did: I knew exactly what a good boy would do. For the next ten minutes, I used my lips and tongue to bring as much pleasure to my amazingly hot teacher as I could. I traced the veins up his long, thick shaft and I planted soft kisses on his sweaty, hairy balls. With my mouth, I took the mushroom head of his cock and, at his urging, wiggled my tongue beneath his foreskin, trapping it between that sheathe and the most sensitive parts of his enormous cock. “Look how much you love my pervy fucking cock. Urgh! You’re a talented boy – such a good little mouth. Fuck…” I loved hearing him talk like that because I knew it meant that I was doing the best job I could and was making him feel so much pleasure. That’s all I wanted: to be a good boy for him and to make him happy. “Now my boy… you know what it’s time for, don’t you?” I looked up at him, pulling off of his cock head so that I could reply: “Uh huh – my throat.” He smiled down at me, almost looking proud, his hand cupping the side of my face and rubbing his thumb over my wet lips: “Exactly. Open up.” For the next fifteen minutes, Mr B fed me his cock all the way down my throat again and again. At first, his hand was on the back of my head, pushing me down and making me gag and choke on every single inch that was forced deep into me. However, as the muscles in my throat started to relax and I started to gag less, he put both of his hands behind his head and told me to go for it. All by myself, I did my very best to take him as deep into me as possible and even managed to make it all the way down to his pubes. My eyes were watering, saliva pouring out of my mouth and it must have looked a complete mess but Mr B was very vocal about how much a good boy I was. “Look at you!” he shouted out, “FUCK! Good little boy fucking his own fucking throat on my BIG PERVY COCK!” Just as I thought that I was about to be rewarded with another hot load of cum in my mouth, Mr B pulled me off his cock. As it left my throat, it popped and I found myself coughing while I stared at the huge, throbbing cock now slick and shiny with the saliva from inside of me. My teacher shuffled himself down the bed so that he was laid down and told me that I needed to climb up and sit on his face. I was really confused so, in the end, he just took hold of me and put me into the right position. I had no idea why he’d want me to sit down on his face like it was some kind of seat and what he did next totally surprised me. The first time I felt it, it was just a wetness pressing up against me and I nearly jumped up: only the strength of Mr B’s hands clamped down onto my skinny thighs stopped me. It etimesgut escort took me a second to realise that it was his tongue and it was moving in small circles around my little bumhole. I didn’t understand it – why would… oh… oh wow… Mr B pushed his tongue up against my hole and I could feel the tip of it wriggling against me like it was trying to get in. It felt so… amazing… so… sexy. “Urgh! Oh! URGH!” I cried out in little high-pitched moans as I felt his tongue push through my bumhole and inside of my body. I had no idea that something could feel this good: it was like stars were filling my vision and I was even struggling to breathe properly. “Oh Mr B… oh… oh… FUCK!” Now you know I don’t really use naughty words like that but… in the moment… it felt like his tongue was forcing it out of me. When I said it, I could feel a vibration against my bum like Mr B was groaning out into me and his right hand left my thigh so that it could start wanking his throbbing, saliva-coated cock. He was making me feel so good so the least I could do was to help him too, right? Now, I’m short for my age and he’s so tall anyway that there was no way that I was going to be able to keep my bum on his face, like he wanted, and reach his cock with my mouth to suck him. But, if I stretched my arms, I could just about get my fingers around the thick shaft. Mr B sent another groan up into my bumhole as he let his own hand fall away and I proceeded to slide my hands, both of them, up and down that slick, long cock. Thank goodness he was holding on to my thighs again because I think I would have fallen otherwise but his strength kept me in position. His tongue pushed up so deep inside me that it felt like it was filling my entire body with the sensations it was giving me. Waves of pleasure pulsed through my nerves: it was almost overwhelming. I couldn’t believe that I’d gone ten years without knowing that my body could feel like this. Groaning out and moaning, I tried to give my all to wanking Mr B’s throbbing cock. With my little fingers, I managed to get all the way around it and I held it so tightly as I slid his foreskin up and down, up and down. It must have been working because his muffled moans into my bum were getting more and more powerful. Against my skin, his cock started to pulse harder and I felt him almost shout out into my hole as spunk came flying out of it. Huge, long jets of cum fired out over his chest and abs, some splashing into my arms but most fell onto his torso. They just kept coming – more and more of that sticky white cum exploded over him. As it eventually subsided, the man moved me off of his face and I could hear him panting as I lay down next to him. “Such… a… fucking… good… good boy.” When he’d recovered, he told me that he needed cleaning up and reminded me that good boys never let a single drop of their man’s spunk go to waste. Obedient as ever, I eagerly lapped up his cum from his body, like a puppy dog, and swallowed it down. While doing it, I asked him why he had done that to my bum. “It’s part of getting you ready, Ryan,” he said, still trying to catch his breath. “For what, Mr B?” I asked. I couldn’t imagine what we would do that would involve my bum. “I’ll show you.” With that, he started tapping again on his phone and, once I’d finished cleaning up all of his cum, he told me to lay on his body. I did, our two naked, sweaty forms touching, and he pressed play on his phone which caused a new video to appear on the television screen. My mouth hung open in complete and utter shock: there was no way! It wasn’t possible, was it? But… I mean… what? There, on the screen, a video was playing. A video showing a boy, perhaps a little older than me, bent over like a puppy dog and a man, a big man, behind him. At first, I couldn’t tell what was happening but, as the camera moved, it was all revealed. The man had his thick cock pushed up inside of the boy’s little bum. Mr B had taught us about how a man and a woman can have sex during all the puberty stuff at school but this was something I’d never even considered. This man was fucking this boy with his huge cock and the boy was moaning and groaning louder the more the man was doing it. “Is… are… you…?” I couldn’t get my words out but the question was obvious. “Yes,” Mr B said, looking down at me and stroking my naked back, “I’m going to fuck you like that.” After turning off the video, my teacher explained that etlik escort it wasn’t going to be something that would happen yet. He said that I was too tight at the moment to take a cock like his but that he was going to give me something to help with that. This present, unlike the other ones, I’d be allowed to take home. In fact, he was insisting that I spend as much time as possible using it on myself tonight. I genuinely gasped when he handed me a little rubber dick. It wasn’t as big as Mr B’s – nowhere near – but it was much bigger than my own. He told me that, at four inches, it was a starter dildo and that, if I used it on my little bumhole, I’d be able to take much bigger cocks like Mr B’s in the future. “Take this as well,” and he handed me a small squeezy bottle, “It’s lube and if you put it on the dildo and on your hole, it’ll help it go into your bum. If you do this a lot tonight when you get home then tomorrow, when you come back here, I’m going to be able to fuck you. You want that, don’t you Ryan? All the good boys want to get fucked by big men like me. You saw how happy that boy was in the video.” I told him that I did, though I was quite nervous about it actually, and he seemed to be really pleased. Once we’d both dressed and left his house, Mr B drove me to a slightly more secluded spot near to where I lived. He said that meeting there would be quicker and easier than having to go to the park every time. He also gave me little bag to hide the gifts in and told me never to let my mum see the dildo or the lube: she didn’t really come up into my room anymore so I didn’t think that that would be too difficult. My mum was in the back garden anyway so getting through the house unnoticed wasn’t an impossible thing to do. Up into my bedroom I went and I quickly stashed what Mr B had given me down the side of my bed, between the wall and the bedframe. My teacher had told me to shower as soon as I got home. I don’t know why but I did what I had been told to do and made sure to scrub every bit of me and wash my blond hair – I guess I had become very sweaty doing all of those things with Mr B. I pulled on a pair of joggers and a plain t-shirt, just for hanging around the house, with a pair of white cotton socks. Padding down the stairs, I went to greet my mum with made up stories of football at the park. It was a few hours before I felt like I was ready to start working on what Mr B had asked me to do. After I’d finished eating with Mum and washing up afterwards, I headed back into the privacy of my room and sat down on my bed. Wow… the rubber cock felt so weird in my fingers. It wasn’t a man’s cock but it wasn’t little like mine either – just somewhere in between and, for a moment, I found myself thinking about Jake and wondering what his cock looked like. I mean, he’s so much taller than me and his feet are loads bigger! He has some hair on his arms and his legs – he even has some in his armpits! Did he have hair down there like Mr B did? I mean, obviously not as much but… maybe. As I lay there, feeling the length in one hand, my own little dick was getting hard and my other hand slipped down under my joggers to join it. In my mind, I imagined that the dildo in one hand was actually Jake’s cock, so much bigger than mine, and I started to wank both his and my own in the way that Mr B had shown me. Obviously, the pretend dick didn’t have a foreskin but I was able to close my eyes and use my imagination. Playing with my little ten-year-old dick was feeling so good, though not as sexy as feeling Mr B’s tongue inside me had been. Each stroke over my sensitive head was causing me to moan out, only softly but moaning still. In my thoughts, I was also making Jake moan, his slightly deeper voice making sexy noises as he told me how good it felt. He even told me what a good boy I was being for stroking his much bigger dick. My body was getting closer to that feeling of needing to wee. The muscles in my legs were tightening and I could feel them moving about on the bed. My eyes screwed so tight as I pictured Jake in my head. It felt so good… it felt so… The sound of footsteps running quickly up the stairs pulled me out of my daydream. My hand dropped my little boydick and withdrew from my joggers. Just in time, I managed to shove the dildo over the side of my bed and into that little gap as my door flew open. “Hey!” my best friend shouted out to me as he burst into my room, “Ready for our sleepover?” ********************************************** Drop me an email: ail I’d love to hear your ideas, feedback, thoughts, experiences, whatever you want. Hit me up and let’s chat. It’s been so hot to hear (and see) you guys spunking over my writing. If you do, it’d be horny ot hear what bit made you cum or what would make you spunk harder in the future.

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