Subject: A HOT HOLIDAY IN PAKISTAN – PART 7 A HOT HOLIDAY IN PAKISTAN – PART 7 Still Thursday [From the morning session with handsome and hung soldier, Fareed, followed by a threesome with Arif’s assistant, Vimal, and his buddy, Shafi, and then an afternoon foursome with another birdseller and his friends, I was promised a late evening surprise by Zain, the hotel manager. He was not exaggerating!] 16 I spent the time after dinner in my room, reading my book and writing up my journal. I felt a little tired because of jet lag still and, as Zain was coming to visit me later, I knew it would not be a good idea to doze off again. At 9.30 I had another shower and waited for Zain to arrive. At ten past ten my doorbell rang. When I opened the door it was Zain, as expected, but behind him was one of the tallest men I have ever seen. He was black and slim and my guess was that he was almost 7 foot tall! This was obviously the surprise. They came in and Zain introduced his companion as Mered, a businessman from Egypt. We shook hands. My hand disappeared in his and his grip was very strong. He was clean shaven and quite handsome and when he smiled broadly his teeth looked incredibly white against his black skin. He was so black his skin seemed to have a slightly bluish colour to it. Mered spoke very good, cultured English and when he sat down in a chair I became aware of his incredibly long legs and very large shoes. Zain explained that Mered often visited the region on business. I sounded like he was working in the foreign education field. Mered showed great interest in my life back in Australia and said he had been to Sydney once some years ago and would like to see more of my country. He also said that Australian men were very sexy and that I was very beautiful. He smiled wickedly and looked very sexy. I wanted him! ‘Maybe you should kiss him, Mered’, said Zain. ‘I would like to, if it’s OK?’ asked Mered, getting out of his chair. I nodded and smiled and he bent down, wrapped his arms around me and, lifting me up off my feet, started to kiss me very slowly and sensuously, his tongue exploring my mouth. It was very arousing. He began exploring my body lightly as well with his huge hands. His touch was very tender and pleasant. Releasing me, he stepped back and started to unbutton his shirt. When he took it off, I could see that, although slim, he was tightly muscled. There was a small patch of curly hair on his chest but he was otherwise smooth. He sat down in the chair again to take his shoes off and then stood up to remove his trousers. Meanwhile I was undressing too. Zain had settled himself in the other chair in the room close to the bed and was watching. He caught my eye and smiled. I smiled back. Mered stopped at his underpants, a pair of shiny white boxers. They made an exciting contrast to his black skin. I also noticed that something large was stretching his boxers very seriously out of shape. I also left my underpants on for the moment. He lay down on his back on the bed and beckoned me to join him. I positioned myself between his long legs and, leaning over his chest, I kissed him. He wrapped his arms around me and pulled me to him. We continued like this for some time. He was a beautiful kisser, so good that he made it seem like time was standing still. ankara escort bayan Then he gently turned me onto my back and started to kiss me in that position while touching my chest and squeezing my nipples. He ran his hand over my underpants and squeezed my hard cock as well. Then he moved down my body licking and kissing and sucking each nipple with just a hint of teeth. Then he moved further down licking the hair on my belly. He removed my underpants and licked the hairy area around my cock and then the inside of my thighs. He gently sucked each of my balls and finally nibbled at the head of my cock, licking it all over before putting it in his mouth and sucking it. He deep-throated it easily and I could feel him squeezing his throat muscles around the head of it. He could have easily made me cum if I had let myself go at that point. He released my cock from his mouth, slipped his boxers off and lay down alongside me. I turned to look at him and was stunned to see the size of his cock. I noticed Zain was looking at it with a sense of wonder, too, and silently mouthed the word ‘Wow!’ at me. His cock was easily 10 inches long and perhaps more – the biggest I have ever seen. It was cut and was quite thick with a large purple head on it and he had a tight patch of curly black hair around it. I kneeled between Mered’s legs again and picked his cock up in my right hand. It felt really heavy and very hot. It was rock hard, not spongy like some big cocks. I licked the head and Mered groaned. I got my mouth over it in spite of the size of the head and started sucking him. He tasted really nice. At the same time, I ran my hands over his chest and nipples with my left hand. Mered closed his eyes and just enjoyed what I was doing to him. I licked down and around the long shaft of his cock and licked and sucked his balls. I thought of eating his asshole but realized his long legs would probably be too heavy to hold up. Instead, I lifted his balls and licked the patch of skin behind them leading to his hole. He was surprisingly covered in wiry black hair there and was fun to lick. After a while I moved back up his body and kissed his mouth again. He wrapped his arms around me and groaned with pleasure. Then he lifted me off him and asked Zain for some lubricant. The big moment had arrived! He got me to kneel on the edge of the bed and crouched down to lick my ass. He felt like he had an amazingly long tongue or maybe he was just an expert at eating ass. It felt wonderful. Then he got up and adjusted my position and put some lube deep into my hole with his long forefinger and, hopefully, put some lube on his cock, too. I felt him rest his hot cock on my ass and then he asked Zain if there were any spare pillows. With his long legs I was obviously too low on the bed for him to fuck comfortably. Zain, who I noticed was now naked, got two spare pillows from the wardrobe and handed then to Mered. He put them down on the bed with the short sides facing away from the edge. He then got me to kneel on top of the pillows. They were quite plump pillows and elevated me quite a bit. Mered slapped his cock on my ass and rubbed the head back and forth up and down the crack of my ass. It felt very exciting when it caught on my hole each time. Mered suddenly paused and went over eryaman escort to his trousers and fished in one of the pockets. He came back with a small bottle of amyl and handed it to me. I rarely use it but I felt it would be an enormous help tonight! I took a sniff in each nostril and waited for the hot flush to happen. At that moment, Mered pushed the head of his cock into my hole and, keeping the pressure up on it, let it slide in bit by bit. It felt great and not difficult to take. The amyl was certainly helping. The further it went in, though, the thicker and hotter it felt. I reached underneath and had a feel of how it was going. There was still plenty more to go, which was a bit scary. I felt so full and stretched open already. Sensing it might be enough for me at the moment, Mered started gently fucking rather than trying hard to push it further in. Hopefully that would help me get used to it and it could go in deeper shortly. I realized at that angle on the bed I could see myself in the wardrobe mirror. My face was red from the amyl and Mered looked like the greatest fantasy black stud imaginable, positioned behind me and gently fucking me with his eyes closed. Zain had positioned himself in the chair directly behind us so he was getting a full view of my ass being fucked. Mered fucked me steadily for about 5 or so minutes, moaning softly with each stroke and then paused and tested to see if he could get in deeper. It felt like another couple of inches of his cock went up me. I certainly gasped at that point. He then started fucking steadily some more and I could feel my ass starting to relax on it. Zain asked if he could feel the cock going into me, so Mered stopped and leaned forward over me to make it easier for Zain to see and feel. It must have looked amazing and I wish now I had had a photo taken of it. Zain’s fingers felt great tracing around my tightly stretched asshole. He tried to get a finger into my ass as well but there was no give at all. I was stretched to the limit! Mered then pulled me sideways off the pillows and, lifting my left leg, kept on fucking me but sideways from behind. The change of position meant his cock felt it was reaching different places deep inside my ass. He started fucking a bit faster and it felt even more intense than before. I’m sure his cock was edging deeper into my ass. Zain was now standing next to the bed to watch the cock going in and out of my ass. As Mered stopped fucking and shifted position slightly to be more comfortable, Zain reached in and had another feel of my ass and Mered’s cock. Catching my eye, he made the silent ‘Wow!’ sign with his mouth again. It was extra exciting being fucked like this with someone highly aroused watching. After fucking me a while more in that position, Mered pulled his cock right out of my ass – which felt awesome – and, moving to lie on his back on the bed, asked me to sit down on his cock facing him. I got up and straddled his hips and felt behind me for his cock. Suddenly I felt Zain there helping to put the hot, wet cock into my hole. It went in much easier than at the start and I sat gently back on it, feeling it slide a long way up inside. I reached behind me and pulled my ass cheeks open and tried to relax my hole more. I felt the cock go in even etlik escort deeper. ‘It’s in the whole way now’, said Zain, having yet another feel. Mered groaned and started moving, thrusting upwards as deep as he could. It still took my breath away to feel the huge head going deeper than I had ever experienced with anyone before. ‘Squeeze my nipples’, said Mered, breathlessly. ‘And you should use more amyl. I’m sorry but I have to fuck you hard now’. I did as he suggested and then enjoyed the steadily increasing rhythm of his cock going in harder. I tried to squeeze my ass muscles as I would usually do but his cock was so thick I could not feel that I had any control. I was absolutely impaled on him. Suddenly he started breathing very heavily and his thrusts got even stronger and faster and finally he moaned loudly, stiffened and stopped pumping. I could clearly feel his strong orgasm happening so deep inside me like a fountain. It was awesome to know that this beautiful sexy man was filling my ass with his cum and would be leaving it in there. We stayed in that position silently for a while until his cock stopped jerking inside me and his breathing slowed down. Then I jerked off on his chest and shortly afterwards lifted myself off his cock and lay face down beside him. Suddenly I could feel Zain’s fingers pulling the cheeks of my ass open. ‘Your ass is still gaping open,’ he said, ‘It looks so hot. I can see the cum in there.’ Then he lifted me onto my knees and rammed his cock into me and started fucking me really hard. ‘Suck Mered’s cock while I do this,’ he said. I reached over and put Mered’s wet and glistening cock into my mouth. It was still quite hard. Mered groaned and I tried my best to deep-throat it. His cum tasted nice and I was enjoying sucking him while Zain fucked me. I could feel Mered’s cum leaking out of my ass and dripping down over my balls. Then with a loud groan, I could feel Zain cumming inside me, too. It felt so good. Then he collapsed on top of my back. He was sweating from all of the exertion. Eventually we got off the bed and took turns in the shower. There were plenty of towels so I think Zain had made sure I had been given extra towels by housekeeping that day. When we dressed, Mered asked to have a photo taken with me with his phone. Zain took the photo and Mered embraced me and asked if I would like to have a drink at the bar downstairs before he had to go. He wasn’t staying at the hotel. I was very happy to spend some more time with him. We all went down in the lift together. Zain got out at one of the lower floors and said goodnight. He still had more work to do, he said. Mered and I went on down to the ground floor and into the aviation-themed ‘Cockpit Bar’ – a name that made us both laugh, given what we had just been doing. We both had a whiskey on the rocks and I was a bit shocked at the high price, but that was usual in international hotels in Moslem countries. However, when I went to pay, the barman told me it was on the house. I was being looked after very well! We chatted for nearly an hour. He was a very interesting man and we swapped Whatsapp contacts before he left. After bidding him goodnight and seeing him off in a taxi, I went back to my room and to sleep. I had some broken, mixed up dreams during the night. If I had dreamt what I was going to experience next day, I wouldn’t have believed it! To be continued…. Comments welcome at ail. Readers, enjoy the stories here but remember that Nifty needs your donations to keep providing them — fty/donate.html

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