Subject: Alaskan Huskies, Chapter 7 Disclaimer: This is an Adam’s Gay Reader pulp story (233) written by Michael Scott. There is no copyright on it, so I wanted to share it with others before it gets lost forever. This story includes sex between adult males. If this is unappealing or illegal in your location, please do not read this story. *** Please help me in supporting Nifty so we can continue to have this great resource of stories to enjoy for a long time to cum! 😉 -DurtyRiter ********* Chapter 7: A Welder’s Rod Trent stretched out on the bed next to Hugh and started rubbing his solid prickshaft against the welder’s thigh and hip. Hugh turned his body so that it faced Trent’s, and pressed his chest, crotch, and hard cock up close against him; then he started rubbing himself back and forth against the unyielding rigidity of the married man’s fuck tool–wondering how Trent’s wife could possibly take such a big whang up her cunt without discomfort. Maybe she couldn’t take it at all–maybe that was why her stud husband had to go tom-catting around with experienced cocksuckers up north! His lewd thoughts inflamed Hugh, and he threw one arm around the other guy’s naked body and embraced him roughly, pressing their flesh together. As though encouraged by Hugh’s gesture, Trent lost some of his shyness and reached over and began massaging Hugh’s nipples, pulling at them and teasing then with his blunt-tipped, calloused fingers. He felt both tits begin to harden under his touch, then he let his hand roam down Hugh’s torso to his cock, which was now enormous in size and pointed straight and firm out from his body, pulsating visibly with its barely pent-in lust. “Oh, Jesus, you’ve got a big one,” Trent said in an urgent, excited whisper, staring at the prick he was fondling in his hand. “That little faggot who sucked me off–he didn’t really turn me on. I didn’t want to do anything to him, just get blown. But you–shit! I want us to do everything to each other, man. I want us to fuck and suck like animals!” “Play with my goddamn prick, if you want to fuck and suck so bad,” Hugh moaned. “Oh, God, it feels good when you rub my meat like that! It’s almost as good as having a hot mouth on it, sucking it, or a nice tight asshole around it, squeezing it: milking the come right out of the fucker– “Yeah, talk dirty to me, tell me what you want me to do!” Trent hissed exultantly, rubbing the full length of Hugh’s grotesquely swollen cockshaft with both hands now, pinching the head of the dick slightly. All of this hot, teasing foreplay was obviously turning Trent on, and he jerked his hips restlessly back and forth, shoving his prick into Hugh’s steadily massaging hand. Hugh felt underneath, running his hand under Trent’s balls and back into the furry valley that lay between his excitingly hard, spherical buttocks. Trent instantly spread his legs apart, resting his weight on one thigh but throwing the other high in the air, so that Hugh could run his warm palm and exploring fingers all along his anal groove. The welder was forced to admit to himself that he was getting exceptionally turned on by this guy. It wasn’t just the sheer, raw physical horniness that had built up in his balls during his past week of uncharacteristic (for him) abstinence from sex. Maybe it was the fact that Trent was married and undoubtedly screwed as many women as he could sweet-talk into spreading their legs and opening their cunts for him that was giving Hugh a perverse kind kaynarca escort of pleasure. Whatever the explanation, he was really getting off on sharing his body with this butch number, who was responding to the gay stud’s advances as though he, too, had been starved for sex. So, when he found Trent’s asshole and began to finger it, Hugh wasn’t surprised to find his own cock beginning to pulsate and throb with a spontaneous, all but uncontrollable, impetuosity of desire. Meanwhile, Trent seemed to be driven berserk by the welder’s slow, expert initial explorations of his body; he was getting hotter and hotter, and thrusting himself at Hugh harder, more insistently, silently begging the other naked man to make love to him in any way Hugh chose to satisfy himself. He felt Hugh’s finger touch his asshole and he wanted Hugh to spread his buns, ram that finger right up his asshole, and take him at will, while he lay back, spread-legged, accepting it all gratefully. Most of the sluts Trent had fucked since coming to work on the pipeline had been willing enough to get screwed, but they tended to be shy about going down on a man–especially a guy hung as heavily as the stud Georgian–and most of them would have been shocked at the very mention of anal stimulation as a source of erotic pleasure. So Trent exulted in Hugh’s uninhibited use of his asshole. Then Hugh started sucking on his cock, licking it all over first and letting his hot tongue drip its saliva down all over the hard length of the big penis. His tongue began lapping more forcefully at the shaft of Trent’s cock, and as Hugh took it into his mouth and began sucking savagely, the ironworker groaned and turned his body so that he was lying flat on the bed. Hugh positioned himself so that he was kneeling over him, his head over Trent’s crotch, his own dick and balls hanging down over Trent’s head like a bunch of ripe, fleshy fruit waiting to be plucked and devoured. Hugh had no trouble at all taking every thick inch of the prickshaft inside his mouth and even stuffing the head of the cock partway down his throat; he sucked Trent’s hefty fuck tool passionately, gyrating his mouth all over the guy’s groin, letting his beard-stubbled face rub up against Trent’s lower belly and balls and then twist away from them as he fed upon his meat, forcing its full length in and out of his mouth, literally fucking himself orally on it. As he got sucked, Trent moaned, then stared up at Hugh’s huge tool, pointed downward at his mouth like a deadly phallic weapon about to shoot off. Trent could look up and also see the cocksucker’s hairy anal crack sticking up obscenely in the air. He put his hands up and grabbed Hugh’s ass cheeks, pulling his butt down to his face. With Hugh’s cock and balls crushed against his chest, Trent went to work on his ass, spreading his cheeks as wide as he could and shoving his tongue up along the cleft until it found the tight, musky-tasting hole. Trent licked it hungrily, feeling the delicate hairs around Hugh’s sphincter brushing his cheeks as he wet the guy’s asshole with his saliva and teased it with darting stabs of his tongue. Hugh continued to suck on Trent’s cock, plunging it forcefully in and out of his mouth; with each thrust of the cockhead down into his throat, he chewed on the base of the shaft, biting it gently while he licked the flesh, and driving Trent wild–the married stud thrust himself up at Hugh again and again, spreading his long, heavy thighs orhanlı escort wide open and throwing both legs high in the air. Trent then moved his mouth down and grabbed Hugh’s pulsing fuck tool in his hand, stuffing it inside his mouth exactly as he might a long, fat sausage, bobbing his head furiously up and down as he sucked on that juicy male meat. Hugh almost choked on the other guy’s dick when his own prick stabbed deep into Trent’s mouth and, with one desperate, eager swallow, he drew Hugh’s cockhead down into his throat–holding it there and letting his nose rub against Hugh’s sweaty balls. Trent could feel Hugh’s cock tensing inside his mouth and he was afraid the welder might come in his mouth, when what he really wanted was to be fucked raw by this handsome young number. He wrenched his mouth off Hugh’s hard-on, raining drops of spit as he did so, and gasped out lustfully, “Hugh, goddamn it, I need a good, hard fuck–and I think you’ve got just the right cock to do the job! Ram it up my asshole and screw me, man! I’ll spread my butt wide open for you and make you feel like you’ve never had a real piece of ass before!” As he spoke, Trent was already turning Hugh’s body around, so that the welder was lying on top of him. “Jesus! You’re hot for it tonight, aren’t you, stud?” Hugh commented admiringly, as he pressed his thick cock down into the other man’s open ass crack. When Trent felt Hugh’s hot tool slide down between his legs and jab between his buns, he immediately thrust his crotch up at Hugh and spread his legs wide. He spat on his fingertips, then rubbed the saliva over his asshole, then rubbed more spit on the head of Hugh’s huge, hard ramrod of turgid flesh. “Don’t worry if it’s a tight fit,” Trent gasped. “I want to really feel your dick stretching my asshole wide open!” Excited by the other guy’s lewd talk, Hugh moved his cock slowly up and down, letting it rub itself arousingly against the flesh of Trent’s cleft. Each time he came down, he pressed hard against Trent’s own big, round cockshaft and his swollen balls. He was obviously getting the guy hot: Trent groaned, pulled his legs back over his head, and held them far back by locking his arms around the backs of his knees. Hugh looked down and saw the open smoothness of Trent’s exposed crack. The pink rim of his asshole was moistened and glistening with spit, lined with hair on either side. Hot to fuck that ass, Hugh; quickly positioned the head of his cock against the quivering hole, then began to force his way inside; he inserted himself slowly at first, letting the head of his prick wet itself with the lubricating saliva that was all around and just inside that horny manhole. With each thrust, though, Hugh poked his dick in further, feeling Trent’s tight asshole give a little each time, accepting the penetration. Trent gasped, staring up at Hugh’s face, his body shaking with pure lust as he strained on his legs; he couldn’t spread himself enough for the humpy number who was jamming every inch of his big, hard cock into his shit hole! Trent finally reached down and with his fingers spread his asshole even wider, so that Trent’s solid shaft slipped in easily the rest of the way. Trent humped his ass higher against the welder’s groin, lost in the delirium of being filled and fucked by the other man’s potency. Too aroused by the way the other guy was lying there, obscenely spread-assed under him, silently pleading for his dick, Hugh gave it to him! He rammed tepeören escort all of his hot, searing prick deep into Trent’s anus and felt it convulse all around him. “Oh, Christ, that feels like the biggest dick in the world shoved up my ass!” Trent whispered fiercely. “Fuck me good and hard and deep with that big cock, man; oh, give it to me!” As he gasped out the words, he humped himself even harder against Hugh’s penetrating pole, exulting in the sensation of having its entire solid length burning its way up inside his spasmodically excited rectum. Hugh could feel the delicate membranes of Trent’s anus giving way under his merciless assault; but the harder he plunged into the guy’s asshole, the wider Trent spread his legs and his buttocks, and the more eagerly he thrust back in return! The guy just loved to get fucked! And Hugh loved to give him what he wanted! He screwed Trent avidly…Trent felt the stud’s cock sinking painfully deep into him, its hugeness completely plugging his horny butt. He savored it, wanting every inch of it rammed into him, inserted deeply into his asshole, giving him the kind of raw sexual thrill that only another man’s stiff dick could supply. He closed his hands greedily around the cheeks of Hugh’s ass and pushed down on them, forcing him even tighter against his spread buttocks, screwing himself on the welder’s rod. Hugh stabbed into Trent’s asshole even more roughly, the steady friction of that tight sphincter muscle around his dick bringing it closer to its inevitable release with each new thrust. Suddenly, he began quickening his thrusts: he grabbed Trent’s hips and buttocks, and pulled the guy’s lower body brutally against his own grinding, humping crotch, burying his dick to the balls in that hot, tight ass and letting out a deep, hoarse grunt of bestial lust when he felt his orgasm hit him. Trent knew that Hugh was about to shoot, so he humped himself at the other guy violently, choking out, “Shoot into me! Shoot into me! Yeah, fucker, shoot! Shoot!” The hot stream of come bubbled up out of Hugh’s balls, raced down the corridor inside his madly pulsating prickshaft, and blasted free from his dickhead and into the depths of Trent’s anus. He emptied himself in wads upon wads of slippery jism, deep within Trent’s insatiably hungry insides. Trent howled and bit into the flesh of Hugh’s sweaty pecs as he felt the jism fill his anal canal with its warm, soothing wetness, which backed up and even gushed out of his plugged asshole to drip down between his grotesquely spread buttocks and seep into the sheets on the bed. The fact that Hugh was coming in his ass like that excited Trent so much that his own body suddenly began to tremble, and as he jerked his legs out hard in front of him, his own cock exploded in thick spurts of salty cream, which jetted all over his and Hugh’s stomachs and chests. As he stopped ejaculating, Hugh caught his breath, then forced himself to relax, stop humping against the other guy’s butt, and sink down heavily on Trent’s chest–this action squishing out the layer of come on Trent’s pees so that it ran sluggishly down his sides “Christ,” Trent panted, “that’s one thing my wife couldn’t ever do for me! Now I know why she goes crazy every time I stick my dick in her and fuck her silly. Thanks, Hugh. I really needed that fuck tonight.” “So did I, man,” Hugh groaned sleepily, as he embraced the other man clumsily and settled down to sleep in his arms, both of their naked bodies reeking with sweat and come. “So did I!” ********* Check out my other posts! “The Man with the Jeep” in the camping section Other transcribed stories: “The Battlefield” in the Historical section “My Favorite Freshman” in the College section

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