Subject: Babysitting For Coach This story is complete fiction. Please consider donating to so that their site can remain free and open for everyone to enjoy. Babysitting For Coach I had just turned 12 years old and was in 6th grade. I was just beginning puberty and had noticed that my balls had grown a little bigger but my dick was still the same as always, just under 3 inches and about the size of a man’s pinky finger. I didn’t have any pubic hair and I couldn’t wait. I had very light, blonde hair with blue eyes. I was overweight but not grossly “fat.” I had a belly and was somewhat big chested. I was embarrassed by my boy boobs with their big round aureolas and was made fun of at school sometimes because of them. I also had a bigger butt than most kids, which was also bad. My mom was always on me about exercising and trying to lose some weight. My dad left us soon after I was born so my mom had to work two jobs to make ends meet. That left me free after school and most weekends to roam our small town on my bicycle. I had some friends that I hung out with but they were mostly younger than me. Boys my age didn’t really want me around much and I gravitated toward the younger boys. I had recently met a boy who was a couple grades under me. I saw him playing in his yard by himself as I rode by on my bike. I stopped and greeted him and we played together in the grass in front of his house. While talking to him I found out that his dad was my PE coach and his mom was a teacher at the high school. I absolutely hated PE! It was the last class of the day and we had to change into gym shorts and a T-shirt in the locker room and then change back into our school clothes at the end of the class. This was a horrific, daily experience for me. The coach was nice but I hated his class because of having to strip down until I was only in my too-tight, literally tighty-whities, with my little cocklette, my big butt, and my boy boobs on full display to anyone who cared to look. I didn’t say anything to Chris, my new friend, about my dislike of his father’s PE class. We played for an hour or so after school that first day. I played with him fairly often after that. One day, while we were kicking a ball back and forth to each other, Chris’ dad came out to get him to go in to eat dinner. He looked at me and said, “Well hello, John.” “Hey, Coach Tavers,” I responded shyly, looking down at my shoes. “Chris told me that he has a new friend,” he said. “I didn’t know who it was until now.” I just stood there, not making eye contact. I thought back to his class that afternoon and knew he had walked right by me as I changed into my gym shorts. I could feel my face burn and knew I was turning red from embarrassment. “Well,” Coach Tavers said, “Chris has to come in for dinner now. It was good to see you. Chris has told me that he likes playing with you and that you’ve been very nice to him. I’m glad you two can be friends.” “Erm…I’m glad too,” I said as I looked up at him. Coach was looking at me and smiling. “I’ll see you later, John,” Chris said. I told them bye, got on my bicycle and rode back to my house. I watched TV until my mom got home around 7. She brought home some food from the restaurant where she worked as a waitress. I ate, showered and then went to bed. The next day in PE, I noticed that Coach Tavers paid more attention to me. It made me feel good and I worked harder during class because of his encouragement. After class, I usually dragged my feet and found any excuse I could to wait to change clothes until most of the boys had already changed and left the locker room. Then, I was alone and right when I had taken off my sweaty shorts and shirt, Coach Tavers came up and told me that he saw me working harder and was proud of me. While he talked, I also was aware that he was looking at my boy tits and my belly. My underwear was a little damp from sweat and I could feel it clinging to my crotch and butt and I knew he was looking at them but wasn’t sure how much he could see. I suddenly realized that my dick was getting hard! I was even more horrified knowing that Coach Tavers was going to see it. I grabbed my regular shorts and almost fell over trying to get my foot into the leg hole. I began to stumble and Coach Tavers grabbed my bare arm and shoulder to steady me. I hurriedly put my other foot in and pulled them up to my waist, making my titties jiggle and bounce up and down. Only then did I make eye contact with him. “Anyway,” he said, looking pointedly at my boobs, “you did a great job today.” He slid his hand down my shoulder briefly and smiled as he rubbed my bare back. I smiled back but didn’t say anything. He walked away and I continued getting dressed and left school. After I got home I had a snack and rode my bike over to Chris’ house. I rang the doorbell and he came outside to play. About an hour later Coach Tavers drove up and parked. He got out of his truck and walked to where we were playing. “Hey, John,” he said. “Hi, Coach,” I said. “I wanted to ask you something,” he said. “Would you be interested in watching Chris on Friday evening? My wife and I would diyarbakır escort like to have a date night and Chris could use somebody to hang out with. We will pay you, of course. He has a tendency to run babysitters off after the first night.” “Sure!” I said. “I’ll have to make sure it’s okay with my mom though.” “If you give me your phone number, I’ll call her this evening to answer any questions she might have,” he said. “Why don’t you two come inside and play so I can write it down.” I followed them inside and gave him my number. Chris wanted to show me his room. We played with some toy cars for a while until it was time for them to eat. After my mom got home Coach Tavers called. I listened to my mom ask what time I would be home and she agreed to my babysitting Chris this Friday evening, which was the following day. That night, I relived the incident with Coach Tavers in my head. My dick got hard again thinking about him seeing me almost naked in my wet underwear. I pushed the front of my underwear down and wrapped my fingers around my stiff shaft. I gently squeezed and rubbed my hand up and down. I reached my other hand lower and began to fondle my hairless balls. I brought my hand up to my mouth and I licked my palm, adding some extra saliva to it before resuming the pumping action on my dick. It felt so much better with lubrication. I began squeezing my butt cheeks and pumping my hips. After only a couple of minutes I felt myself getting closer to cumming. I felt my little balls pulling up and my dicklette began to spasm in my hand. I had to be quiet so my mom wouldn’t hear me. I gasped as the first squirt of cum shot out of my dick and splashed warmly onto my belly. Another, smaller jet of thin, watery cum shot out. More dribbled and oozed onto my bare pubis. I could feel cum running down the left side of my belly and down my side. My hand became wet and slippery as my dick finished jumping and spasming. I laid there breathless, feeling the cum begin to cool on my stomach. There wasn’t a lot of it so it didn’t make too much of a mess when I wiped it off with my sheets. I pulled my underwear back up and quickly fell asleep. The next day was Friday. I went to school and sat through my classes. When I got to the gym for PE I changed into my gym shorts like I always did. We played basketball and ran laps up and down the court. Coach Tavers was especially encouraging to me. I gave extra effort again, trying to impress him. I was sweating and out of breath by the end of class. I hung out on the basketball court to put up the balls and clean up any trash that I could find until the gym was almost empty. Once again, Coach Tavers came up to me right after I peeled off my shirt and began to lower my gym shorts. It would’ve been weird to stop so I just lowered my shorts down and stepped out of them as he looked my body over again. This time I turned around and sat on the bench in front of my locker. I reached behind me and got my other shorts. He was telling me that he was happy I was putting in so much effort in class and I felt my dick harden involuntarily. There was no hiding it this time. I looked up and saw him looking at my crotch. I lifted my leg up and had to spread my legs to put my shorts on. I knew that he was looking at my hard, little dick. Once I got my legs in I had to stand up to pull them to my waist. I looked down and saw how obscenely my little pecker was poking my underwear out as I quickly pulled my shorts outward and over it. When I looked back up Coach Tavers was still staring at it. He slowly raised his eyes to my boy boobs and asked me if I could be at his house to babysit at 5pm. I told him I would be there. Then he turned around and walked away. I got fully dressed and left the locker room. I arrived at Chris’ house a little before 5. Coach Tavers and his wife were waiting for me. They gave me instructions on who to call in the case of an emergency and left for their date night. I heard Chris’ mom tell him to behave and to not “run me off,” whatever that meant. They said they’d be back before 10 and to heat up a frozen pizza when we got hungry. We ate and watched cartoons for a couple of hours. About 8pm Chris said that he was supposed to take a bath before his parents got home. He then surprised me by saying that he needed help with the water. He told me to follow him and we went into his bedroom. He opened a drawer and pulled out some clean underwear and then he led me into the bathroom. He asked me to turn the water on. I did as he asked and leaned over the side of the tub, plugged the drain and started the water. When I turned back around, Chris was totally naked and standing next to me. Since I was bent over, my face was pretty close to his crotch. What I saw was beautiful, causing me to gasp slightly from the sudden sight of it. Chris’ dick was hard and poking right at me. He was uncut, which wasn’t what I was used to seeing on other boys. His foreskin covered everything but the top half of his glans. His dick was just slightly smaller than mine, around 2-2.5″ long. I watched in fascination as he flexed it, making düzce escort it point slightly higher into the air and stiffening a little more. Chris looked at me and smiled as he thrusted his hips forward, almost poking me with his little spike and then stepped around me and got into the tub, which gave me a nice view of his small but very cute little ass. It was smooth and hairless with slightly rounded cheeks. Chris handed me the soap and a washcloth and asked me to wash him. I took my time, enjoying the feel of this naked little boy’s soft, wet skin. “You have to wash my dinky too,” he said. I lathered soap on my hand and began to wash his cocklette. I began rubbing it up and down causing him to giggle for a minute and then he just quietly watched my hand moving along his shaft. “You always have to clean underneath the skin too,” said Chris. He moaned softly as I peeled back his foreskin and gently squeezed and washed the uncovered, slightly darker head. I thought that he might’ve had enough so I moved on down to wash his little balls. I got a great feel of both little marbles in his silky scrotum. I washed his ass and rubbed my soapy hand up and down his butt crack. I stopped at his hole and swirled my fingers around and over it, eliciting more giggles from the boy. He pushed his ass back and was clearly enjoying me touching him there. When I inserted a finger, he squeeled, laughed and then pulled away. I washed his hair and the rest of him before announcing that he was clean as a whistle and opened the drain. I dried him with his towel and began to get Chris dressed but he only wanted to wear his underwear. The shorts, underwear and shirt that he was wearing got picked up and we walked back into his room to put them in the dirty clothes basket. After he put them away, he turned and looked at me. “Now that you’ve seen my dinky it’s only fair that I get to see yours,” he said. ” I…uh…I don’t know, Chris,” I stammered. “I don’t think your parents would want me showing you my…my dinky,” I said, using the same word for penis that he did. “They won’t care,” he said. “I won’t tell them. Now let me see it.” I was almost instantly hard from being put on the spot by this little boy demanding to show him my dick. “Well…,okay. Only as long as you don’t tell anyone, especially your parents. They won’t let us be friends if they find out,” I said. I put my hands on the front of the waist band of my shorts and hesitated. I began to rethink doing it. “Do it,” Chris said quietly. “I want to see it.” I felt naughty as I hooked my thumbs beneath the cotton material of my shorts and elastic band of my underwear and lowered them. I stopped when I got to my mid-to upper thighs. I looked down and saw my hard dick sticking out. Then I looked up at Chris. “Ohhh,” he said. He walked closer to me and reached out his hand. He wrapped his fingers around my shaft and felt it up and down, gently running his fingers over the coronal ridge. My dick jumped when he got to the head. Chris giggled quietly and continued his exploration. He brought his other hand up and cupped my balls. I felt his fingers gently dig into my scrotum as he felt my testicles. I instinctively lowered my shorts a couple of inches further down my thighs and widened my stance, giving him even further access. His hand felt warm on ballsack. We stood there for about a minute, me holding my shorts down as Chris fondled me. He was squeezing and rubbing his hand up and down my dick and rolling my balls around. “Mmmm,” I moaned. “Does that feel good?” Chris asked. “Your dinky doesn’t have skin like mine does. It’s a little bigger and thicker than mine but your balls are much bigger.” I didn’t say anything. His little hand felt really good on my dick. I didn’t want to cum and decided that I better stop or I might. It could scare Chris or he might think it was gross. I stepped back and raised my shorts back up to my waist. “Wait,” Chris said. “I get to see your butt too.” I might as well, I thought, and turned around. I lifted the back of my shirt up and closed my elbows to hold it up and pushed the back of my shorts down, exposing my ass to him. I suddenly felt Chris’ hands on my butt cheeks. He rubbed them all over as I stood there. He rubbed my butt and up and down my hips and the back of my upper thighs. I felt his hands move back to my cheeks and felt him squeeze. “You have a big butt,” chris said, laughing. I jumped when I felt him slap me. I stepped forward and pulled up my shorts. I turned around, my face red and hot. Chris was standing there, smiling, with his hard uncut little dick pushing against the front of his underwear. “That was fun,” he said. “Next time let’s do it for longer.” I didn’t know what to say. Evidently this was going to be something that he wanted to do fairly often. Chris and I played and watched TV. He also had a Nintendo and a few games that we played. Just before 10pm, I heard a car pull into the driveway. Chris had fallen asleep on the couch and I was watching the cartoon channel. Once Coach Tavers and his wife walked in, they both thanked me. He gave me a $20 edirne escort bill and told me he’d give me a ride back to my house. We walked out and coach put my bike in the bed of his truck. I hopped into the passenger side. “Thanks again for watching Chris,” he said once he was in and closed the door. “My wife and I could use more nights like tonight.” “You’re welcome,” I responded. “I had fun playing with Chris. He’s a good kid.” “Yeah, well,” he paused. “Chris has a tendency to run his babysitters off.” “Oh, really?” I asked. “Yes,” he said. “Did he tell you that he had to take a bath?” “Uhm…y…yes,” I stammered. “Did he tell you to wash his dinky?” I sat there looking down at my feet. It was dark in the truck and I was glad because I could feel my face burning and knew I was bright red. “It’s okay, John,” he said. “We aren’t mad at you or anything. Were you okay doing it for him? I don’t know why he does that but that’s why most of his sitters don’t want to come back.” “I was okay with it,” I said quietly. “Chris is very interested in having others see him naked and seeing other people naked,” Coach Tavers said. “Did he talk you into showing him yours too?” “Yes,” I almost whispered. “He was pretty demanding about it.” “Ah,” said Coach. “I see. Did he want to touch you?” I only nodded. I was too embarrassed to speak. “Did it feel good, John?” he asked. I nodded again and felt tears welling up into my eyes. “It’s okay, John,” he said. “Did he get you to cum?” I shook my head this time. I began to feel confused at his questions. “Well,” he said, putting his hand on my knee. “You must feel pretty frustrated then. I know I get frustrated when I don’t get to finish once things get started.” It was like slow motion. I sat rigidly as Coach Tavers began to move his hand up the top of my thigh toward my crotch. I felt blood begin to engorge my penis. Then I felt his fingers probing my crotch area until he found my “dinky.” Once he found it I got fully hard and he began to gently squeeze it through the front of my shorts. “Let me help you, John,” he said. “Pull your shorts down.” As if in a daze, I did what he asked. I lifted my hips and pulled my shorts and underwear down to my knees and then Coach Tavers pushed them the rest of the way down to my ankles. He then leaned closer to me and spread my legs before sitting back up. He reached over and took my rigid dicklette in his hand. He began to gently squeeze it and massage it. “Mmmmm,” I moaned. He began to slowly move his hand up and down the short length of my shaft. I spread my legs further apart and he felt my balls and gently squeezed them. He removed his hand and put it to his mouth, spitting into his palm. He put it back on my dick and resumed squeezing and rubbing up and down, focusing on the head. This felt so much better than being dry and I moaned again. He continued pumping his hand up and down and slowly increased the speed and rhythm. I don’t know if the erotic experience from earlier in the evening with Chris was being built upon by feeling my PE Coach jacking me off but I fairly quickly began to feel an orgasm build. I felt my core begin to tingle and the familiar, spectacular pressure building inside me. “I’m gonna shoot,” I said urgently. Suddenly, Coach Tavers leaned over and took my dick into his mouth. He began to bob up and down, swirling his hot tongue around the head of my throbbing penis. I couldn’t hold off any longer and began to cum. “Unnnngh!” I grunted as the first, powerful wave slammed through my body. I felt a strong spurt of cum shoot out of my spasming cock and into his mouth. I felt him moan as I shot another strong squirt of cum onto his tongue. “Nnnnngh!” I grunted again. I put my hands on the back of his head and thrust my hips forward, trying to fit more of my dick into his greedy mouth. I grunted a couple more times with my penis throbbing and quivering as he continued to lick and suck it. All too soon, my orgasm passed. I felt my body relax and almost melted back into the seat. He must’ve felt it too because he slowed his mouth action and just gently suckled me. I felt his lips softly milking my shaft, trying to get all of my cum that he could. Then he lifted up and let my softening dick fall out of his mouth. I was breathing hard and just turned my head to look at him. He started the truck engine and pulled out of the driveway. We headed in the direction of my house. Coach Tavers reached over and put his hand on my upper thigh. “You’re a good kid, too, John. Thank you for hanging out and being so understanding with Chris. I hope what I just did for you helps you to relax and relieve any pressure that might’ve been built up.” I leaned forward and pulled up my shorts. We were silent for the rest of the short drive to my house. He pulled into my driveway and we got out. He lifted my bicycle out of the bed of his truck and handed it to me. Coach Tavers paused and looked into my eyes. “Would you be interested in babysitting again next Friday?” He asked. I smiled. “Definitely,” I said. “Perfect!” He said. “Okay then. I’ll see you on Monday in class.” The end of part one. Please feel free to get in touch with me at [email protected] I write stories like this and hearing from you is my only reward. Tell me what you think of it. What was your favorite part? What do you think should happen next? John Hanes.

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