Subject: BECOMING A FATHER FIGURE. PART TWO BECOMING A FATHER FIGURE Chapter 2 1. The following Friday, I received a message on my phone from an unknown number. The message was short: `can I call you?’. Since I didn’t know where or from whom the message came, I was a little skeptical. However, I replied after a while that it was ok for me. Soon the phone rings. “Pat, it’s me, Chris.” The boy’s shy voice sounded tense. “Oh, Chris. It’s nice to hear your voice. How are you?” “I’m fine. You told Mom you could keep me company. Would you like to go to watch a movie with me? Children are not allowed to come and watch it without an adult. Mom doesn’t want to go. ” “That would sound nice, but does your mom know you’re calling me?” I asked. “Yeah, Mom knows she’s standing next to me, do you want to talk to her?” Chris asked. “No need, I believe you. When would you like to go? ” “Tomorrow, unless you have anything else in mind? Or maybe today? ” “I don’t have any plans for the weekend, so it fits me the way you want.” Eventually, we agreed to meet in front of the movie theater just before eight o’clock. Chris ‘mother brought the boy, and we shared a few words. The film was exciting and therefore it was quite understandable that children couldn’t be allowed to watch it alone. In the most exciting scenes, Chris grabbed my hand and pressed his head to my armpit. After the movie ended, I drove the boy home and got him to the door where I talked to his mother for a while. I told her I had enjoyed Chris ‘company and would love to spend more time with him. The boy’s mother told how she had spent all her time with the boy alone. Only a couple of times she has had the opportunity to spend the evening outside the home. I don’t know if it was a subtle hint, erzincan escort but I grabbed it immediately. I asked if she would like to take a break right away tomorrow because I could very well enjoy the company. My daughter wasn’t with me that weekend, so it was quite possible. We then agreed that Mom would bring Chris to me the next afternoon. 2. At 5 PM Chris and his mother were finally at the door. They both smiled delightedly and I let them in. Chris immediately pressed himself to hug me. His head was a little below my chest, he was a slender boy about 130cm (4.3ft) tall. I made coffee and put Oreo biscuits on the table. Chris’ mother told me how happy she was to enjoy an evening with her girlfriends. She was visibly relieved that she had someone she could rely on and that her son liked a lot. We discussed this with that until I decided to come up with the very topic itself: “Do you and your friends have plans for the evening?” I asked Son’s mother. “We don’t actually have any specific plan. I’m going out to eat with two of my friends and maybe we’re going to some nice club to dance a little. ” He told. “Sounds nice. If you are interested in a really great and authentic Italian pasta, then I could recommend Don Alfredo, it’s located at the beginning of Kent street as seen from here. ” “Oh, a wonderful big serving of fresh bolognese. What a wonderfully delicious idea. Thanks for the tip.” “Do you have any kind of schedule planned?” I asked. “Not really. What time do you think would be the proper time to come get Chris home? ” “It suits me even if you only come tomorrow. I have space, an empty room, because my daughter is not here, and it would be nice to be accompanied by a nice boy. ” “Oh! Really? So Chris could erzurum escort stay with you for the night? ” “Of course, if that’s just right for you. That’s definitely not a problem. ” I told. Chris’s mother got up from her chair and rushed to hug me. She smelled a little musky, the same one my wife smelled of when she was younger. “You are a wonderful man,” the boy’s mother sighed in my ear, “I guess you can go late, so I’ll bring that boy to you tomorrow afternoon, is that ok?” So it was decided. Chris ‘mother headed to the city’s nightlife, and I stayed together with her little boy. 3. I ordered two pizzas, and we ate and drank and joked. Chris found a funny movie on Netflix that he wanted to watch with me. Once again, I wondered why there’s so horrible noise and pace in children’s movies all the time. We sat on the couch. Chris leaned against me and I wrapped my hands around his shoulder caressing it. Chris was wearing a sleeveless shirt that left his shoulders bare. His skin was silky and soft. I smelled his hair. “I guess you took a shower before you left home? You smell good. ” I said, trying to sound innocent. “Yeah. You smell like aftershave, it smells good too. ” Chris replied. He leaned more tightly against me and lowered his hand to my thigh. The boy fell lower and lower against me, and soon he was half lying on my lap. I slowly caressed his arm and lowered my hand lower onto his chest. I moved my hand slowly, as if carelessly along his chest and stomach. I had an almost painful erection. I tickled the boy from the side, and he started laughing and squirming. “No. No, no, haa-ha-haa! ” Chris laughed with tears in his eyes. I continued to itch, and finally, the boy was completely in my arms, We were esat escort face to face, our noses touching each other. Chris looked at me breathlessly and said; “I like the touch. Mom hugs me often, but no one actually touches me. You touched and it was incredibly nice. Then he turned his head slightly and gave a gentle kiss to my cheek again. “I don’t often get kisses on the cheek. ” I said. “And I would be incredibly nice if I could get one.” Chris turned his head again and kissed my cheek, and pressed his lips against me, this time longer than the first time. Then he looked me in the eye again. His big green eyes were still damp, and he looked insanely sweet. “Would you like me to kiss again?” He asked. I nodded approvingly as a sign of consent. Chris turned his head again, but just as he was touching my cheek, I turned my head against his face and he gave a kiss straight to my lips. He got scared and pulled away. “I’m really sorry, I, I, ha- had no intention,” the boy stammered. “No, it was me. I turned my head, you couldn’t have guessed that I would do that.” “It felt different… than Mom’s kiss.” “I think it felt pleasant. ” I said. “Me too. Can I try again? ” No force in the world would have made me say no at that moment. Chris pressed his mouth against my mine, and we gave little kisses to each other. “This is fun.” The boy said and pressed his lips against mine. This time I started to move my lips quietly and pushed the tip of my tongue between his upper teeth and lip. Then I sucked it and felt how he pushed his own tongue against my mine. Slowly and tenderly I taught him to kiss, he was a fast learner. I caressed his neck and back. The room was filled with the rustle of clothes, heavy breaths, and the watery sounds of kissing. Eventually, I asked; “Do you like this?” “I like it really, really, very much.” He answered. “This would be a lot nicer when lying down, wouldn’t it?” The boy nodded his head. I lifted my little lover into my arms and tenderly carried him to my bedroom.

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