Subject: Brief Encounters 2 Nifty needs your donations. If you enjoy the stories on this site, please donate! fty/ Thank you for the positive feedback on my stories. It is very much appreciated. Search for ‘greyone’ if you are interested in reading others. I write quickly, from memory or not, you decide. Usual disclaimers. Adult/youth (m/t) University summer surprise.. A double adventure! I had stayed up at university for the summer doing some extra research and a part – time local job. I was 25. There was never a shortage of fun to be had at university. At parties, around the uni, local parks, uni toilets, there was always an ass or cock to be found when horny. I had been cruising a particular uni toilet for two years by this point, near the main cafeteria. A big L shaped urinal and a row of 6 cubicles was frequented by many hungry, young cock suckers. The cubicle walls stopped a short distance above the floor and it was a case of watching for shadows and foot-tapping signals for fun. There was only one cubicle with a tiny spy hole into another, at the end cubicle, which was the disabled one. I’d had a lot of understall fun there. Guys didn’t tend to go into the cubicles together because, despite being cruisy, it was also busy and therefore risky. So understall handjobs and some contorted blowjobs were the norm. So there I was, around lunch time sitting in the cubicle with the small hole waiting to see what was on offer. The traffic was a lot less than uni term time, but there were some summer schools and visitors etc which usually meant something would happen. About 15 minutes in and stroking myself to higher sexual desire, my lucky day. The door to the disabled cubicle opened and closed. A figure went towards the toilet and sat down without undoing their jeans. That could mean a couple of things, but I hoped it was a guy checking things out understall before deciding. I made out a pair of black jeans and a red top but couldn’t see the face because of the angle of the hole. I was totally horned up and had my jeans /boxers round my ankles and stood up and faced the little hole. I leaned back slightly and sure enough, I saw a shadow appear under the hole. The guy had moved over to peek through. At this point I had no idea what was on the other side. All I had gathered was that it was a slim appearing guy, from the shape of the jeans I’d seen. I was really horny and thought, well, I’m not bothered, even a hand job will do at the moment. He remained staring through the hole, then bent down and I could ree his head hair under the stall. I crouched down slightly, one hand on the wall and the other jacking my cock. There was absolutely no doubt he was watching the lot. “I know what your doing.” he whispered. No shit! I thought it was a slightly odd thing to say. But, I knelt on the floor and pushed up against the wall. A hand grasped my cock and began to jerk me. Then I felt the unmistakable warmth of lips on my cock head, and he slipped his mouth over. The angle was awkward and I saw him lay down on his side to suck me more fully. It felt good. I saw very little of his face and couldn’t make out what he was like. I was up for some cock sucking myself and drew back. I looked under and he drew back a bit. I saw çankaya escort he still had his jeans on and motioned for him to take them down and whispered the same. He knelt up and pushed them down. Then lay sideways again. I bent down to suck him, then realised this was no uni student, this was most likely a boy! His little pubes and hard cock of about 4 inches made my jaw drop. Smooth legs, little patch of pubic hair, smooth balls. Fuck, what was he up to! I reached out and grabbed his cock, he thrust forward a little. I was overtaken with wanting to see this possible boy face to face. He couldn’t be that build and so hairless, surely?! “I’ll come into your cubicle. Open your door when I open mine.” I quickly got up, arranged my jeans and went out the door. I turned and knocked on his and it opened. Holy crap, was he a boy! He can’t have been more than 13. Cute, short brown hair, slim, a total gem. I smiled a ‘hi’ then reached for his crotch. His little cock was solid in his jeans. He buttoned them up. I went and sat on the toilet and pulled him over. I undid the top button and they dropped. He had no underwear on. Sexy little fucker, I thought. He had one of the most beautiful boy cock’s I have ever had. Literally a small soft patch of hair, smooth balls and thighs and legs. The tip was peeking out his foreskin. I leaned forward and pushed the skin back with my lips and gently sucked on his cock-head. It was almost straight up and I pulled it down a little with my mouth. His smooth tight belly, little belly-button and little pubic tuft infront of my face. I used a lot of saliva to make it as soft an experience for him as possible. I simply sucked gently on the head, my hands on his hips, only once giving his butt a squeeze. I was in boy heaven. I stopped and stood up and opened my jeans. My cock sprang out, looking red and angry for attention. He knelt and mirrored exactly what I had done to him. That gorgeous, smooth face in front of my crotch was delicious. His hands on my hips, his lips parted and he took my cock head in. Looking down on the top of his head as he worked on me was driving me crazy. I wanted to cream his lips there and then, I didn’t care if I wasn’t going to get a full-on blowjob. He moved gently over my cock-head, lips at full stretch. Fuck, this kid was amazing. I let my hand caress his face, and ears, beginning to gently guide his movements. But, I wanted more of his cock too. I withdrew from his mouth and sat down. He stood, and I pulled him forward, again toying with his cock-head but taking more of his adorable boy dick in this time. I so wanted to feel his smooth boyhole. I was beginning to think of getting as much of my cock in his mouth as possible and blowing my load in his mouth. My next turn, he was getting my load. I fondled his smooth, small balls a little whilst sucking, then pushed my hand between his thighs. My palm slid over one leg, the back of my hand on the other, totally smooth boy skin. I felt his hands mirror my actions again, running over my ears. I couldn’t get my hand higher up between his legs. I was about to reach round and find his boyhole when the main door I opened. A guy came in and went into the next cubicle, fuck. I stood çankırı escort and whipped my jeans up, and the boy pulled his up. I motioned for him to stand to the side of me so I could hide him if the new guy looked. The kid was a beauty. He was under shoulder height to me. I started to massage his ass through his jeans as we stood waiting to see what would happen. I pressed my fingers between his butt cheeks as I massaged and could feel where his tight little boy – hole was, even through his jeans. I looked over to the partition, and there was a face just appearing underneath. Shit. I barked “Piss off.” and it dissappeared. However, the boy was spooked at this and darted for the door and unlocked and left. I was still raging hard and wanting to finish the boy, and me, off. I quickly followed out the toilets and saw him run round the corner. I chased without looking too obvious in the hope I could entice him to another toilet I knew. When I got out at the end of the corridor he was running down the road. Fuck fuck fuck. Horny and angry I headed for a nearby park. I was exceptionally horny and needed relief and there was a cuisy toilet there. I thought I’d just jack off reading the graffiti in the toilets there if no one was about to have fun with. I couldn’t go back to the one I’d just left. I also had that boy fresh in my mind. On the way I wondered where the kid was from, how much he’d done sexually, how did he find that uni toilet. It was so annoying. I got to the toilets in the park and headed in. On the right was a long wall urinal and three cubicles on the left. I clocked an old guy standing at the urinal near the door end and someone else at the bottom end facing in, probably pissing. I’ve had more sex than anyone I know. Over the years I’ve been incredibly lucky, with boys and men. But that day was probably the luckiest I’ve had. I was about to turn to a cubicle when the figure at the bottom turned and looked round. I’d noticed he was slim, certainly younger than the guy near the door. I was burning when I saw his face. About 15/16. I went down his end of the urinal and pulled out my cock. I looked in his face, smiled and held my cock. He looked down at it. I turned a little towards him and stroked a few times. There was no doubt what he was there for. Obviously he was turned at the bottom away from the old guy, but moved round to give me a full view of his hard on. I reached out and grabbed it, felt his ass and made the move to get him out of there. I said “I know a quiet place nearby we can have fun. Want to go?” “Yes.” And with that, the second young cock that day was mine! We got out of the toilets and he unlocked a bicycle from a fence. We walked and chatted for a bit till we reached the little area I knew of. He was 15, summer holidays, lived fairly close. The area was between the park and the University, a walkway with a bushy garden down one side. I told him to lock his cycle up and we walked down the path. I looked around and ushered him into a bushy area and all the way inside to the high wall. We were both high on sexual desire. I opened my jeans and boxers and dropped them, he did exactly the same. I noticed his hard cock tenting his loose boxers before quickly pulling çayyolu escort them down. He had a good build, hairy crotch and balls and lower legs. He’d obviously hit puberty a few years back and his look was quite young adult, apart from his face which was still smooth. Standing there with his boxers round his ankles I couldn’t believe how lucky I was. I knelt down. A fairly thick 6 inches or so of cock was soon in my mouth. I remember thinking he tasted salty and that the earlier boy hadn’t. I held his balls in one hand and mouthed his cock. I soon realised his legs were shaking from excitement. Maybe he wasn’t the seasoned cottager I’d imagined he might be. I was really hungry for his cock. Took it deep, balls deep, which made him sigh and put his hands on my shoulders to steady himself. I put my hands round and pulled him by the ass, which certainly had some downy hair I could feel, my nose in his rather sweaty pubic hair. He nearly buckled. I wanted his mouth. I stood and almost ordered “You now.” He wasn’t an expert by any means, but watching his eager young mouth stretch and take my cock as far as he could was reward enough. I put my hands at the back of his head and gently fucked into him. I could see he was still shaking from excitement. I withdrew my cock and fucked into his mouth a few times, not chocking him, but certainly making sure I felt good. Moist, warm, soft, it felt amazing. Looking down, and on either side, I watched him take my dick. Another swap and I knelt. His legs were still wobbly. This boy won’t last much more I thought. I wrapped my hand round his balls, pulling at them and sank my mouth over his cock, all the way down. His hands were on my shoulders again and this time fucked my mouth a bit. I slurped and slid up and down his cock, repeatedly the head on my lips then pushing right down. His legs almost spasmed and he let out an “oh fuck”, and with that a whole load of hot, boy cum filled my mouth. The bleachy, salty taste filled me as he jerked his body, my hands on his ass now and fingers digging into his butt cheeks. I doubt this boy had ever come this hard. I turned my head and spat out what seemed like an enormous load. I wanted him to return the favour. I stood and told him to suck me to finish. But, this time he was reluctant. Dam, the post-orgasm shame seemed to have kicked in. “OK. Turn and let me see your ass while I wank off.” He was still shakey, but turned for me. It was a solid, really nice ass. It was a little hairy as I’d felt, but more than sexy enough to get me off. I grabbed my cock and started jacking. He leaned forward a bit, hands on knees. I reached out with my other hands and stroked, kneeded and squeezed at his ass. Seeing his jeans and boxers round his ankles began to set me off. I slid two fingers between his cheeks and felt for his boyhole. It was hot, tight, sweaty. My balls were boiling now and I massaged at his little ass hole and began unloading. With my fingers firmly pushing at his hole I stood straight and shot a huge load myself, I’d been building for ages after all. He saw me shoot. A small dollop of creamy cum landed in his boxers, which went home with him! As I flicked my cock to get the last drops, he bent down to pull up his boxers and jeans, giving me a nice view of a sweet, hairy, boy fuckhole. As soon as he was buttoned up he just said “Thanks.” and was off. By the time I got out he was getting on his cycle and rode off. I’ve had a lot of very horny experiences, but that day was definitely one of the best.

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