Ass Fucking

Subject: Browsing At The Mall (part 11) This is an Fictional story of the many hot men that are walking through the mall and any given time. This could be any mall existing anywhere in the U.S… And of course any man mentioned does not presume to say they are Gay or participate in Gay activities. Browsing At The Mall (part 11) I had to get new glasses one day after I sat on my old ones. Lucky for me there was a vision specialist at the mall. I walked into the mall and headed to the vision place to see if they could set me up with some new ones. As I walked through the mall I passed a new kiosk that sold phone covers for cell phones. Or I figured it was new as I don’t recall seeing it before. Anyhoo as I walked past it I saw the really handsome bearded guy that ran it. he was average height and had grey jeans and a Blue shirt on. The sleeves on his shirt were rolled up and I could see some nice hair on his forearms. He was talking to a customer but must have felt my eyes on him and he looked up. he looked towards me and His hot face seemed even hotter as I glanced at him. He quickly returned to his customer and then lead her around to the other side of his kiosk. I glanced down to see his grey jeans were nice and snug on his lower body. I couldn’t make out much of the front since he was moving. But then as he turned towards the other side, I caught a glimpse of his ass. “Ooh to be those jeans” tuzla eve gelen escort I thought to myself As I could no longer see him, I continued to my destination. I entered the vision place and started to look around. I looked around to see they were fairly busy. But since I needed the glasses I started to look at some of the frames. there weren’t to many that really caught my attention and I thought to myself to leave as I could always go to another eye glasses store in the city. But then just as I turned to head out I caught a glimpse of this young hot guy in the store. He had on a red polo and jeans that hugged his thick legs. His crotch was not big but was promising nonetheless. His upper body was beefy and he had thick arms. His face was cute and he had a mini goatee on his handsome face. he saw that I was going to leave and asked if I needed help. I turned back at him and said yes. “Needing new glasses” I mentioned as I looked at this hot guy intently. “Have you had an exam yet. ?” he asked “Not recently” I replied. “Can you hook me up ” I said coyly. He looked at me and smiled. I was obviously flirting a bit with him as he was so freaking hot. And I got a gay vibe from him anyways. I was set up for the exam and in ten minutes I was out to look at glasses. the hot guy came over to help me peruse through the displays as my eyes had been dilated, so everything tuzla otele gelen escort looked weird. he actually took my hand and lead me to the men’s glasses. everything seems so bright and hazy at the same time. but I could still make out the hot looks of the guy helping me out. “I need something that will make me look real good babe” I said Then I caught myself and quickly apologized for my comment “Sorry man I didn’t mean…” I had started to say I felt his hand on mine and he replied. “That’s okay. I figured you for family. And I think any glasses would make you look good … babe” I smiled at him and gripped his hand tightly. “So what are you doing after work?” I asked him He smiled back at me and replied. “Actually off in an hour. So if you want we can go someplace I know…” I cut him off as he started to say his statement. My hand reached under the desk and gripped his knee. I moved up his beefy thigh and grinned. “I know” I answered back “I work the mall too” He looked at me for a moment before acknowledging seeing me before. “I thought you looked familiar” he said. I felt his hand on mine ass he pulled it closer to his crotch. I brushed it before I had to pull back because one of his fellow employees came towards us. he asked my hot stud a question that was so irrelevant to me I paid no mind to it. So after my hot guy helped me tuzla sınırsız escort choose the right glasses, which took nearly an hour. He smiled at me again and said “Catch ya later” He winked as I started to walk off and out of the store. my crotch had been stirring the whole time I was in the store and I couldn’t wait to hook up with him. I waited around the corner from where the eye glasses store was. I sat down in a rest area in the mall. From my vantage though I could see the other hot guy at his kiosk. I could see him standing there talking to a customer and looking so damned delicious. His grey jeans again were nice and tight against his butt. He again turned I saw his full crotch. how I wanted to rush over there and fall to my knees before him and chew on his cock through those lucky jeans. my dick was throbbing in my pants as I watched him. Then I saw the young hot guy turn the corner and I waved at him to get his attention. he saw me and came towards me. “Hi there” he said smiling as he stood before me. His thick legs tightly pressed into those jeans he had on hand me actually reach for then. I stroked his beefy thigh through the jeans. I stood and he hugged me. He pressed close to me and he could feel my cock twitch between us. He moved in close and whispered. “Can’t wait I see” I reached between us and grabbed his crotch. “No” I replied. Then we headed towards the usual area for some fun. As we walked through the mall we passed the other hot guy at his kiosk. He must have seen us as we hugged there because he had his eyes fixed on us as we walked by. I looked back as we headed towards the entrance to the back areas of the mall , and the guy was still watching us…… More to cum

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