Subject: Dane Cody & Friends pt 2 Once again, not me, anyone I know or thought I knew. I had a wonderful dream. I was laying on a massive sofa kind of thing and the most beautiful boy in the world was paying homage to my cock with his equally gorgeous mouth. My balls were being sucked and fondled, while a nipple was being tweaked as well. I could feel my self getting quite hot but, like most dreams, it had an un-realness to it. In this case, it was all being done at the same time. My mind considered that as the dream faded and consciousness slowly came to the forefront. And the realization that…. My eyes popped open. I could see the back of Dane’s head on my belly, his arm stretched to the side with his thumb and forefinger tweaking with my nipple while he sucked on my engorged cock. Over his head I could see the top of Alika’s head, which was buried in my crotch, sucking and licking on my balls. One of Alika’s arms was stretched out as well and it appeared that he was stroking on Dane’s cock, as Dane was laying perpendicular to my body. I moaned and placed my hands on Dane’s head. Dane stopped his sucking and said, “Hey my sweet man, you’re awake”. Me and Alika decided to give you a surprise wake-up”. He said, as he readjusted himself to lay next to me and kiss me and mixed with his sweet breath was the taste of my own cock. “MMMmmmm, what a wonderful way to wake up baby boy, I will have to show you sometime”, I replied with lust in my voice. Looking into those stunning green eyes, I added in a whisper “god I love you so much Dane”. His look told me what his voice did not need to. Alika stopped his ministrations on my balls and crawled up on my other side and planted a long warm kiss on my lips. “Glad you’re awake brah” he smiled. I grasped a hot hard boy cock in each hand and began stroking slowly and gently. Alika had broken the kiss and leaned across my chest and was kissing Dane, both boys with mouths wide open, nostrils flaring as the kiss became more passionate. Far from being jealous, I was happy, content in the knowledge that Dane truly loved me and that his passion with Alika was not the same as love. That the boys had been talking before I woke up to their of worshiping my body became evident. The kiss broken, Dane looked into Alika’s eyes and said, “Cody, Alika wants to go inside me, are you ok with that.? Before I could answer, Alika looked into my eyes and said, “But first I want you to fuck me Cody. Dane said he would like you to do that, he thinks it would be hot for him to see your big man cock in my ass”. Before I could answer that, he placed his mouth over mine in the same kind of kiss that he and Dane had just completed. That this boy was honest in his desire and sincerity was beyond question. All I could say is “When?”. Without answering, Dane snagged the lube off the nightstand and squirted some into Alika’s pink palmed hand and a small amount on his own middle finger. Alika gently grabbed my cock and smeared the lube all over it stroking me gently. He was laying on his side, next to me with his other foot flat on the bed. He leaned in and kissed me again deeply and as he did I felt him tense, and break away from me with a gasp. Dane had reached through the gap in Alika’s legs and put his lubed finger up Alika’s ass and began going in and out, lubing escort izmit his teenage asshole and priming it for my rampant cock. Alika thrashed and moaned, eyes closed in obvious ecstasy. “Oh God Dane”, Alika moaned as he let go of my cock and straddled me, “put his cock in me now, put it in my ass Dane”. Dane grasped my cock from between Alika’s legs and pulled it up right, his other hand on Alika’s hip, guiding him back. I felt the head touch the muscle of Alika’s ass, then he took over and sat firmer, pushing the head in, then more, and more. Gasping, he sat, all of his weight on me, my rock hard 7 inches of cock buried into his tight willing boy ass and bonding us together. He wiggled his ass, moaning while Dane got behind him to see the actual coupling. “God Cody that is so hot to see, your big cock in his ass. Oh man” he whispered as touched us there, feeling where my cock went into the boy, running his fingers around the rim, fondling my balls as well. It was soooo fucking hot, I can hardly describe it. “Now fuck on him Alika, make his cock go in and out”. Alika complied by leaning forward a little then raising up and down on my cock, fucking me. Dane came around and, still on his knees, managed to get Alika’s hard brown pole into his mouth, while his hand still reached around and felt Alika’s asshole and my cock as it slid in and out. Alika was moaning, I was moaning, Dane was sucking. I said “Dane, can you swing around so I can lick your asshole”. Dane complied and although it was a pretty tight fit he managed. He told Alika to lean back on his hands, which Alika did, giving Dane more room as Dane straddle my face and lowered his white ass to my lips. I grasped both cheeks and pulled them apart, his pink center looking me in the eye and I pulled it to me, licking and sucking and kissing at his asshole. Dane wiggle his ass and pushed back, forcing my face into it. Why none of us had cum yet is beyond me. Alika said that he wanted to try a different position so I could control fucking him. We all stopped and disengaged, three very hot and horny males, rampant cocks standing up, ready for action. Alika got on the bed on his hands and knees, which needed no words. I got behind him, and slipped my cock back into his willing brown ass and gripping his hips began to fuck him in earnest. Dane got on his knees beside me, and kissed me passionately while his hand was between me and Alika, again feeling the whole area as my cock pounded in and out of the boy. “God Cody this is so hot, seeing you fuck him like that, oh man” he whispered. He moved away and got under Alika and took his cock into his mouth. My moaning, breathing, and motion became faster and Alika knew I was going to cum. He pushed back and wiggled his ass, intensifying the pleasure “Oh god Cody, fuck me harder, oh God” Alika said as I drove into him, reaching an orgasm and firing steaming hot cum into his young ass, pulling him tight to me and grinding my hips trying to get as far in as I could. Dane had moved to Alika’s front and sealed their lips together in a heavy kiss. I swear I managed another squirt watching my boy kissing another boy like that. It was hot. My passion died down, my cock finally softened and plopped out of the boy’s asshole trailing a string of cum. I rolled onto my back, as the 2 boys laid together izmit rus escort still locked in the kiss. Alika broke the kiss and said, “are you ready for me Dane, I am so hot after Cody fucking me I am really hot for you”. He moved to his knees, his boy meat about as hard as a teenaged cock can get. I had to suck it, and told him so. He moved out of the way so Dane could get into position, and put his boy cock to my face, then slipped it into my mouth. I gripped his firm ass and helped promote a fucking motion as he pushed in and out of my mouth. Dane had gotten on his back, a pillow under his firm tight ass, and Alika pulled out of my mouth. I grabbed the lube and smeared some into my baby’s tight asshole, pushing one finger then two in, causing him to gasp a bit. I pulled out then smeared lube all over Alika’a throbing brown cock. Alike moved into position, placing Dane’s legs flat against his body so they into the air along side Alika’s head. He dropped his body just a little and positioned the engorged head of his cock to Dane’s pink muscle. I Had moved close to watch the penetration as Alika pushed the head inside. Dane gasped, and Alika waiting for almost thirty seconds before pushing in a little more. “Oh God” Dane whispered, “oh God Alika, push it in all the way, go all the way inside me”. Alika did just that, slowly until he bottomed out inside Dane’s tight ass. He wrapped his arms around Dane’s legs and lifted his back higher which gave him a little more cock to push in, which in turn drove Dane wild. “Ooooooohhhh gooooooooddddd” he moaned. Alika began the motion, slowly fucking my baby boy, and I was so hot watching it. I didn’t think I would be so turned on by it but I was. Alika’s head was thrown back as he pulled almost all the way out then moved back in, straining to push as much of his hard dark cock into Dane as he could, as Dane responded with loud “uuugggghhh” and “unnnnhhh” on the down stroke. I laid next to my baby and began suckling on his small brown nipples a bit, then moved to his neck, licking in his ear. I Planted my lips to his in a passionate kiss and when I pulled away, he said, “are you okay with this my sweetest man, are you mad that somone else is going inside me?” “Oh no my sweet boy” I whispered back to him, “it is so hot seeing another boy fuck you and seeing you so so hot from the feelings, I am getting hot watching it”. He mouthed an “I love you” to me as I slid down and began suckling on his rigid throbbing boy cock. It was almost pouring out pre-cum he was so hot, and I sucked it all up, licking and slurping at the head, then engulfing him in my mouth down to his hairless balls. His moaning and groaning became louder and I could tell he was going to squirt soon. I asked him if he wanted to shoot or cum in my mouth and he said shoot. I added some lube to my hand, gripped the swollen sensitive head of his young cock and began jacking it, twisting my hand around it, rubbing on it with my thumb and forefinger and just mauling it in general. I laid back down next to him and kissed him, moving my tongue to his and both our tongues doing a dance inside our mouths. He started thrashing a bit and breathing deep and I knew his time had come. I broke the kiss and lifted his head a bit so he could watch, and moved off his kocaelide escort cock head to the shaft and stroked it up and down in tandem with Alika’s cock pounding in his ass. He screamed as he came, long hard squirts of boy sperm flying in the air. The first one hit his chin, the second and third hit a nipple, then a few more landed onto his lower belly. Alika was right on his tail, pumping into Dane furiously and moaning what sounded like fuck over and over again as he blasted hot Hawaiian teen cum into my baby boy’s ass, his face contorted into the pain/pleasure look that we get when we orgasm. He finally stopped, his head drooping while he caught his breath. I licked Dane’s sperm off his chin then kissed him, tonguing his cum into his mouth. He kissed back with as much passion as I have ever felt. I broke the kiss and Alika slowly slipped out of Dane then lay down on the other side of him. “Oh man that was so hot fucking you Dane, and seeing Cody suck on your cock and kissin you and stuffs”, and he leaned in and kissed Dane. He broke the kiss and leaned into my lips, bestowing me with the same. He broke and said that my fucking him was probably the best he had ever been fucked. He then added that he was hoping that I would let him fuck me as well. Whether the “best fuck” was the truth or not, I don’t know or care. I felt great, laying there with two magnificent specimens of boy hood, and thanking god they both enjoyed me enough to share their young bodies with me. Alika then said, “Is anyone else as hungry as I am?” We all realized it was almost seven O’clock and we hadn’t eaten for hours. “What is anyone hungry for” I asked. Dane said Steak, Alika concurred and I said fine. “Where”. Alika said there was a Stuart Anderson’s around the corner and down a couple blocks. We could walk if you want, so we did. We got back to the condo a couple hours later and I asked Alika what his plans were. “Well I can call my dad and he will come get me or”…and here he smiled “I can stay here tonight and we can get a good start in the morning, doing what ever you want.” When I asked him about school he said that we were top of the line guests, which meant a priority so he would not be in school this week if we wanted or needed his services. I smiled at that one. “Besides, I get really good grades and my teachers know that I guide so they leave me alone”. I said “Ok so what do we do tomorrow? Dane, anything special you want to do. Alika, suggestions”. We talked for about a half an hour about options. Dane was somewhat red from the day’s sun so Alika said that we should not spend a lot of time in it. He suggested that we take the drive around the island, check out the tourist sites and at the same time see if there were things we wanted to spend more time at later, like Haunama Bay which was known for snorkeling as well as it’s beauty. We agreed that was a good idea. We had not showered before leaving for dinner having agreed it was kind of sexy sitting around eating dinner with lube and sperm in and on various body parts. But now it was time for bed and the stickiness and had to go. I stood up, reached out an pulled a boy off the sofa with each hand with enough force to propel them both into my arms. I kissed them both, they kissed each other and we began a complicated and fumbling movement of undressing each other amidst giggles and squirming. We finally managed to get nude, clothes thrown all over the room and we hugged again, a tight silent moment that told of the feelings that each had for the other. We headed for the shower.

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