Subject: Devyn’s Struggle V2-16 This is a fictional story involving sexual acts between two or more men. If this offends you, why are you here? If you are under the legal age to read sexually explicit material then do not read any further. This story in no way represents any person living or dead. Any resemblance to any real person is purely coincidental. This story is the property of the author and no copying or posting to any other website is permitted without the author’s written consent. Please help keep Nifty going by donating to the awesome service. http://donate./donate.html Well, I got lots of comments from the last chapter of Devyn’s Struggle and Brent’s Struggle. Thanks everyone for the feedback. I do appreciate it and since I got so much, I thought I had better get another chapter done. I will be looking forward to your comments. Please send them to me at [email protected] You can also check out these other stories: Brent’s Struggle https://www.//gay/highschool/brents-struggle/ Jake’s fty//gay/college/jakes-tale/ Devyn’s Struggle V2 Chapter 16 After their talk, Devyn felt like something inside him had shifted. He felt like a weight had been lifted. He hurriedly cleaned himself up so he could help Joe. “Don’t you want to get a couple hours of sleep?” Joe asked when Devyn returned to the kitchen after getting cleaned up and splashing water on his face. “Just let me have some of that coffee you made and I’ll be fine,” Devyn said. The thing Devyn could not get off his mind was having a physical relationship with Joe. Devyn wanted those strong arms around him again. He wanted to hold Joe’s hard body and Devyn wanted to kiss those inviting lips. “You need to get a grip,” he told himself as he was watching Joe coming from the bathroom in nothing but boxer briefs. Devyn quickly turned his gaze back to the television before he popped a boner. “You alright?” Joe asked stopping to look at the teenager. “Um, just fine,” Devyn said but did not look at Joe. He knew if he looked at the almost naked man, he would not be able to stop his body from responding. “I’m sorry we worked so late,” joe said. “I hope you aren’t too tired to get your homework done.” “don’t worry about that,” Devyn said. “I got it covered. Retaking these classes means I get most of my homework and studying done in study hall.” “Just don’t neglect school,” Joe said. “um joe,” Devyn said, “I need to be honest about something.” Devyn looked at the kind eyes and swallowed. “I, um, cut class a few times.” “You did?” joe said. “Yeah,” Devyn said. “I was angry and would cut class with Terry or Dewayne.” Devyn could not meet Joe’s eyes. He did not want to see that disappointed look that he had seen Saturday morning. “I appreciate you being honest,” Joe said. “you don’t have to worry,” Devyn said cutting in on what Joe was saying. “It won’t happen again. If you need to ground me, I am alright with that.” “I believe you when you say you aren’t going to do it anymore,” joe said. “I’m going to trust you. I’ll also trust you to work out your own punishment.” “Workout my own punishment?” Devyn said surprised. “Why not,” Joe said. “If you are going to be honest, then you can be honest with yourself and do the time for the crime.” Devyn looked at Joe now. He only saw caring in those blue eyes. He tried to focus on Joe’s face and not the rest of the man’s magnificent body. He did not want to look at the broad shoulders, that bare chest, those arms with the bulging cords of muscle or the way the guy filled out the front of the boxer briefs. “get some sleep,” joe said not noticing the sexual desire in the teenager’s eyes. “tomorrow is a school day.” Sure,” Devyn said. Almost every Sunday Devyn would spend a little time talking to his grandmother. She had started the weekly calls shortly after Devyn had started living with Joe. Roberta was always showing her support for her grandson. She never mentioned Devyn’s parents and Devyn had not asked about them. Roberta must have sensed that her grandson was not ready to deal with that pain. She did however always ask how Devyn was doing. Devyn had always told her that he was doing fine. He did not want to worry her when he technically was not doing fine. “You sound different,” Roberta said when talking to Devyn Sunday night. Devyn had worked with joe all day Saturday and Sunday. Plus, he had very little sleep Friday night because of his drinking and partying. On Saturday night he had practically passed out from exhaustion but was up with the sun to help Joe on Sunday. “I’m just tired,” Devyn said. “I, um, didn’t sleep so well and it was a busy weekend with the farm.” “No, it isn’t that,” Roberta said. “Oh, you bursa escort do sound tired but there is something else there.” “I don’t know,” Devyn said. “You sound less tense,” she said. “You sound more like your old self.” “I guess Joe is making an impact on me,” Devyn said. “You know he says you can come and visit anytime.” “I wanted to give you time to settle in there,” she said. “I thought you would need to adjust to living with Joe and then to adjusting to school.” “it has been a big change,” Devyn said. “I knew it would be,” Roberta said. “Farming has to be a completely different kind of life for you.” “you know I never would have considered that I would enjoy farming but it is kind of cool,” Devyn said. “Joe is great and doesn’t mind teaching me everything.” Roberta could here the honesty in her grandson’s voice. She could hear a happiness that had been missing from some of their other conversations during the summer. “How is school going?” she asked. “I told you I had to retake several classes,” Devyn said. “So, I’m getting as without really a lot of effort.” “I hope that makes starting over easier,” she said. “Any friends?” “A couple,” Devyn said. “any boys you are interested in?” Roberta asked. She wanted her grandson to know that she accepted him completely as he was. “Um, no,” Devyn said. “really,” she said. “No cute farm boys in those bib overalls?” “Geezd, Grandma,” Devyn said. “Well I always found them sexy,” she said her voice filled with teasing. “Especially if they had no shirt on under those bib overalls. It would always make my heart flutter.” “Oh, my gawd,” Devyn said rolling his eyes but laughing. “I so do not need to know this.” “Just keep yourself open to love,” she said a little more seriously. “You never know. I’m sure there is some boy that you like and he might just like you.” “There is this guy,” Devyn said. “But he isn’t interested.” “Just keep an open mind,” she said. “Love will always find a way.” “Thanks grandma,” he said. They talked a while longer before saying their goodbyes. “I love you,” she said. “I love you too,” Devyn said. “Thanks for everything.” Devyn still sometimes wondered why he did not reach out to her when his parents first kicked him out. “It might have been so much easier,” he thought. Devyn looked over at Joe. If he had went to his grandma, he would have never met Joe. “What would my life be like without him in it,” Devyn wondered as he was going upstairs. “Night Joe,” he called “Night,” Joe said. “Thanks for all the hard work this weekend.” “No problem,” Devyn said. Devyn thoughts were spinning around in his head. If he had not met Joe the way he had. If maybe he had gone to his grandmother, his life would be different. “I might have met Joe differently. We might have met on vacation somewhere. Maybe he would have come down to Florida. Devon’s grandmother lived in Florida. He had visited once a couple years ago. She lived in a condo right on the beach. He might have been walking along the beach and ran into joe. “Oh, sorry,” Devyn said looking up at the sexy man he had just bumped into. “I’m sorry,” joe said. “I was not watching where I was going.” “No, it was completely my fault,” Devyn said studying the sexy man. Devyn’s eyes slid over the broad chest, the muscular arms and the flat belly. Devyn knew they would instantly have a connection. Their interest in the other would be obvious to both. They would talk and spend the day together. Then Joe would take Devyn back to his hotel suite. Once inside, they would let go of the restraint they had been giving. They would step closer and pull each other into a hug. Their lips would find each other and they would explore each other’s mouth. Joe’s hands were sliding all over Devyn’s body. Joe would push down the shorts Devyn was wearing and Devyn would like wise push Joe’s down. they would both stand their naked with throbbing cocks. Joe would begin by kissing him again and again. Then joe would pull Devyn to the king-sized bed. They would stand their next to the bed kissing. Joe’s hands sliding down Devyn’s back down to cup Devyn’s firm butt cheeks. Joe’s fingers would slide into Devyn’s hairless crack. Devyn’s own hands were sliding all over Joe’s muscular body. His fingers were tracing the cords of muscle following them down to the man’s hot butt. He would feel the fuzz growing from Joe’s crack. He would drop to his knees in front of Joe and take his dripping cock into his mouth. Devyn was swirling his tongue around the head. He was tasting the man’s juice as he slowly took inch after inch of Joe’s cock into his mouth. Devyn continued to fantasize about Joe and their first time together in Devyn’s bursa escort bayan fantasy world. Devyn’s hand pushed down his briefs and took his cock in hand as he thinks of sucking on joe and having Joe suck on him. Joe would reach under Devyn’s arms and pull the teen to his feet. they would kiss again so Joe could taste the pre-cum on Devyn’s tongue. Then joe would be pushing Devyn down on the bed and sliding on top of him. Their naked bodies would be tangled together there on the hotel room bed. “We would be there in a sixty-nine position on that king-sized bed,” Devyn thought. “My cock in his mouth and his cock in my mouth.” Thinking of that sent Devyn over the edge and he started blasting his cum up onto his chest and belly. Hot strands of white boy milk splattering across his tan skin. His smooth chest had three large strands across it. His belly had a pool of boy juice at his navel. “If only,” he thought as he started to come down from his climax. Monday was Devyn’s weekly drug counseling session. Joe was driving him to it after school. “I think maybe you should talk to the therapist about the beer you have been drinking,” Joe told Devyn as he was driving him to the counselling session. “I haven’t really been participating that much,” Devyn admitted. “I mean I listen but I don’t share as much. He’s been encouraging me to open up more.” “If you want to talk to him privately,” joe said, “we do not have to rush to get home.” “Oh, and what about my ten o’clock curfew?” Devyn asked a teasing tone in his voice. “I mean it is a school night.” “We can make an exception in certain circumstances,” Joe said. Devyn decided to listen to Joe’s advice. Although Joe was not part of the session Devyn could feel him standing beside him. It gave him courage to share some of his experiences. He talked about the peer pressure to drink and the fact the beer helped him forget. “What is it you are trying to forget?” the counselor Arnie asked. “That, that…” Devyn’s voice trailed off. “This is a safe place,” Arnie said. “That I’m gay,” Devyn finally said. Saying it even to this group of strangers was hard but after he said the words Devyn felt free. “How did it go?” Joe asked picking Devyn up after the appointment. “It went fine,” Devyn said. “I took your advice. I participated more. I, um, told them I’m gay. Are you alright with that?” “of course,” Joe said. “It is your decision who you tell and when.” “I don’t know any of those people,” Devyn said. “It made it easier since I won’t really see them except at the meetings. I just don’t want to cause problems for us at home.” “Your being gay,” Joe said his voice serious and reassuring, “is never a problem. I will always be there at your side.” Devyn felt a warm sensation in his belly. It was exactly what he had been thinking when he was standing up in front of the group. It somehow made it more real hearing Joe say the words. “Thanks Joe,” Devyn finally said. “I guess maybe I’m not a total screw-up.” “You aren’t a screw-up,” Joe said annoyed. “You made bad choices because of your circumstances. The important thing is that you learn from them.” “I am trying,” Devyn said. “So, any cute guys in this group?” Joe asked with a twinkle in his eye. “Um, one or two,” Devyn admitted blushing. “Do you think they are gay?” Joe asked. “I don’t know,” Devyn said. “Well you will have at least one thing in common with them,” Joe said as he turned the truck onto the gravel road. “Might be nice to have some friends that have the same kind of problem you do. You can help each other that way.” “I guess,” Devyn said. “Might also be nice to have a boyfriend,” Joe said. “There is only one guy that I am really interested in right now,” Devyn said and started looking out the window. “From the group?” Joe asked. “No,” Devyn said. “He doesn’t think of me like that.” “Devyn,” Joe said. “The age doesn’t matter to me,” Devyn said. “Why is it so important to you?” “For one thing,” Joe said trying to explain his feelings to Devyn, “it would be considered extremely inappropriate.” “I would never tell anyone and it is no one else’s business but yours and mine,” Devyn said still looking out the window. “The other thing is,” Joe said as if Devyn had not spoken, “is that I love you but not in that way. You need a guy your own age. You need a guy that can grow up with you.” “I can’t help how I feel,” Devyn said. “Nor can I,” Joe said. Joe turned the truck into the driveway and shifted into park. He then turned off the key and turned to face Devyn. “I know you have these feelings for me. I wish there was a way I could help make this easier for you.” “If you were not so damn nice and escort bursa so damn sexy,” Devyn said and turned to look at Joe. His brown eyes glistened in the moonlight. It was clear they were filled with tears that the teen was holding back. Joe felt his face blush at Devyn’s words. He really wanted to help the kid get over the crush. He knew that it was just a crush and as soon as Devyn met a boy closer to his own age and who was caring, passionate and down to Earth, Devyn would be over the crush. “Thank you for the ego boost,” Joe finally said and he reached out and placed his hand on Devyn’s back. “You will feel differently in time and I think in the end you will be happier with a boy your own age.” “I doubt that,” Devyn said and looked down. “Because he won’t be you.” “it will pass,” Joe said. “One day you will thank me.” “That won’t happen,” Devyn said. “Thank about it Devyn,” Joe said. “If we took that step. If we became lovers and then you found a boy that you liked. No let me finish,” joe said when Devyn started to protest. “If you found a boy you liked and that liked you and you were stuck with me. The feelings might happen slowly. You might not even realize it. Then you have these feelings for me and for him. If you chose him, then that would hurt me, don’t you think?” “Um, yes,” Devyn said. “I don’t think I would ever choose anyone over you.” “Neither of us know what the future holds,” Joe said. “You are young and still growing. Your feelings will change over time. Tom did a number on you and it takes time to heal from that.” “I guess,” Devyn said. “But I still have these feelings for you.” Devyn was glad it was dark in the truck. Other than the moonlight there was no light. He would not have been able to say any of this to Joe in the light. “And I am more than just flattered,” Joe said. “Give them time. Let’s see if they change.” “if they don’t?” Devyn asked. “The feelings have to go both directions,” Joe said. “I guess that is true,” Devyn said. “Come on,” Joe said sliding out of the truck. “Serious talks like this calls for ice cream.” Devyn’s counseling sessions were every other week. He followed Joe’s advice and tried to become friends with a couple of the other guys in the group. He was not sure if they were gay but it did help having friends with guys that had similar problems to his own. Devyn still hung out with Terry and Dewayne at school, but not quite as much as before. He also tried making a few other friends. It was harder now. Devyn had developed a reputation as one of the bad influences. He wanted to find a way to set things straight with Joe. That was why when Terry and Dewayne invited him out again, he turned them down. “Sorry guys, I can’t this weekend. I have a lot of work to do on the farm.” They had pressured him, but in the end, they had dropped it. Devyn had decided that if he lost them as friends, then they were not true friends to begin with. He wanted other friends. Sam seemed to be willing to give Devyn a second chance. They had gotten an `A’ on their history project. “You did most of the work,” Sam said. “No,” Devyn said. “It was a fifty-fifty effort.” Sam introduced Devyn to a couple of his friends. Stacy Devyn had already met the first or second day of school. “We still have an opening in drama club,” she encouraged. “Um, I don’t really act or sing,” Devyn said. “Um, maybe next semester.” Then there was Sam’s best friend Charlie who was in Devyn’s Biology class. “It must be great having Ned as your lab partner,” Charlie said. “He’s the best kid in our class at science.” “I’ve been lucky,” Devyn said. “I always get study partners that can bring up my grade.” “knock that off,” Sam said. “you are the reason we got that A grade on our history project. You actually made it interesting.” “Wow,” Julie said. “Can you do that with math? I am always more confused by the end of the class.” “Um, sure,” Devyn said. “I can try.” It was nice having friends that were not all about drinking and fucking. For Devyn, these kids were more like the friends he had at his old school. He did not have the connection with Sam that Devyn had with Brent but he was a good guy. Stacy was also nice even if she was obsessed with drama. “She’s going to be an actress,” Sam had told Devyn. “She is determined so she might just make it.” Devyn’s relationship with Joe was also improving. Now that he was not going out every weekend and getting smashed their relationship was returning to how it had been during the summer. Devyn would have been happy if it had included a physical relationship but he kept hoping that Joe would come to that conclusion and they would be more to each other. For now, all Devyn could do was give it time and see where things went. Copyright 2020 by Keith yates att) all rights reserved. No copying, reposting, or distributing is permitted without the author’s written consent.

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