Subject: Coach Reid’s Elite Swim Squad Chapter 06 The story is copyrighted by me in 2021 as the owner of it and all legal rights pertaining to it. (1) If you are not of legal age where you live, do not read this story! (2) This is an fictional story based on real life experience, a fantasy if you will, some the sex is bareback. In real life, BE CAREFUL and BE PROTECTED and DON’T DO ANYTHING YOU DON’T WANT TO DO. Nifty is a wonderful free service that depends on your donations to stay up. Give it a try at fty/donate.html or click on “Donate” on your screen At the end of the day Coach said that he would post the manes of the elite squad at 3:00 pm and we must be there if we were interest in taking the next step and begin the special training for the up coming races. It was 3:00 pm sharp and a bunch of kids showed up at the bulletin board to see who made the team and what squad. Freddy and I got there to look at the board when suddenly someone jumped on my back, It was Timmy horsing around saying WE MADE ELITE WE MADE ELITE and giggling. Big Whosh ! Everything was about to change for the whole summer. Here us the team. Freddy Weis 14 yo -5′!0″ Caucasian, Long Soft Golden BLD. Hair, BL. eEyes Tight Muscular Body Milky White Completion -Elite Swim Squad, soon to be High School Student and Boy Scout-He is My Hero and my cub scout den leader. He became my ‘everything’ and protector. Jason Colecord 13 yo -5’6″ Caucasian Br. Hair BR. Eyes, very fit teen some hair by navel-Elite Swim Squad, Grammar School, Cub Scout -Nice Kid friendly Themitoclese Pappas (Themis) 17 yo -Elite Swim Squad, High School Soccer Jock- Dalton Anderson, 17 yo Caucasian Red Hair, Green Eyes Freckles, Slim Physique White Freckled body-Elite Swim Squad, High School Drama Club- Lincoln Tanfey 17 yo Caucasian Brown Hair, Green Eyes, Slim Physique Elite Swim Squad Lived around the corner from me a sweet old kid who didn’t care how I was Gianni DiRoma 13 yo -Italian American 5’9″ Sandy Brown Hair, Brown Eyes, Fit Body Smooth Tan body-Elite Swim Squad, High School Soccer- Timmy Chin 12 yo -Asian, Black Hair tight compact body some hair around nipples-Elite Swim Squad, High School Wrestling-Fun Kid Big Smile Sweet disposition Me Stephen Siano 10 yo -Italian American 4’2″, Short curly Br. hair, Dark Br/GR Eyes slim body plump breasts large nipples no hair-Elite Swim Squad, Cub Scout *************************************************************************** Coach and Cathy stepped out of the First Aide Room and said “Listen Up All the Boys on the Elite Squad follow me, and all the girls on the elite squad follow Cathy” The 8 of us followed him up to the Lifeguard quarters and sat on the long bench waiting for Coach to speak. The area was really large, there was an office in the back to the right, next to the office on the left is a large bathroom shower with 2 stalls 2 urinals and 4 showerheads with no divider. There were 4 large padded tables and on the wall were 8 clipboards with 4 red bags with white hoses attached and on the top of each clip on the 8 boards was a whit bulbous nozzle. Under the hooks was a shelf with shaving cream and razors. Hanging from a string on each clipboard was what looked like a beige pen with no clicker. I think we all knew what THAT was and also the red bags. We just looked at each other and made facial comments. The Coach blew whistle to get our attention and get our minds off all the stuff. He asked us if we 1st wanted to be on the elite squad and accept all of the NEW training techniques for a winning. We all shock our heads yes . He said ‘I didn’t heaaar you’ so we all said ‘YES COACH’ in unison. He handed each of us white envelopes and said they had to be completed by next aydın escort week. The envelopes contained a standard NYC physical exam form to be completed by a doctor. Coach said you can go to you own doc or go to the Dept. of Health in L.I.C. or go to the Boys Club on 21st street. I just thought all I have to do is get it filled out because I just had an exam. The last thing he said was to go to the wall and find your clip board. The boards with the same color tape on the bottom were ‘BUDDY PAIRS’ Buddy pairs would help each other out to do the necessary ablutions ( I thought wtf does that mean ) and he read my mind and said you all know what I’m talking about but we will get into that next week, then he blew the whistle and let us go. Here are the Buddy Pairs, Me and Freddy, Timmy and Lincoln, Gianni and Themis, Dalton and Jason. Me and Freddy headed out and he started teasing me about shaving and the red bag and the thermometer. He took my hand and started walking but I pulled away and he said ” hold my hand while we cross the street I’m your old buddy and I have to make sure you are safe”. I still felt like a kid but non of the people walking long the park really noticed. We got to my house and Nonna was outside waiting and motioned us to both come in and go to the kitchen where she had cookies and milk for Freddy and O.J. for me. We finished eating and ran upstairs before anyone got home and Freddy started tickling me and pulling my shorts down picked me up put me on the sofa and took my entire pube in his mouth and just sucked and stuck his finger into my quivering hole and pushed my button hard and I shuddered, shivered, pulsed, quivered and squeezed my hole tight and blasted what was the most intense orgasm of my boyhood. Before I could recover I headed my little sister come in downstairs and luckily went into my Nonna’s apartment. I jumped up Freddy put my swim trunks one and composed ourselves. I was so mad because I wanted to suck him so bad but my sister came up the stairs and said hi to us came over and gave Freddy a hug then went into her room. Freddy hugged me and we had a real kiss before he said he has to go home. I just love him so very much is all I could think. My mom got home and I was so exited and danced around and told her I made the elite squad and me and Freddy were going to be swim practice buddies. I gave her the envelope and said I need this filled out. She said “it’s for sports physical and have to make an appointment with Dr. V.” I said “I just had a physical” but she said “it’s not the same” I said “MA REALLY! do you even know what a sports physical is? you know cough cough”. She said she’ll ask the Dr. After dinner she said she spoke to the Dr. and he said to bring the form to him on Tuesday at 6:00 pm. You can skip dinner at home and get pizza at Palace. Tuesday started as an uneventful day me, Freddy and Timmy met Lincoln at the pool’s morning session. Public school wasn’t finished for the year so it was empty. The 4 of us went to parochial school so our year was finished. We had a great morning playing with our buddies me and Timmy so lucky to have sweethearts for our buddies. The let us jump of their shoulders and I loved when Freddy would pick me up cupping me between my legs to put me on his shoulders He would always touch me ‘there’, I also noticed that Lincoln did the same with Timmy. ( wondered could they be? ). Anyway the horn blew at noon ending the morning session. We got our towels and headed for the locker room they kinda darted to the lockers and I went to the showers and Freddy came back to me and I said ‘e have cub scouts at 3pm the I have to go to the DRS. at 6pm so I need to shower now.” He said ” he has to got to the aydınlıkevler escort DRS. also” I asked what DR. he said DR. V. I giggled and said ME TOOOO! ” I asked him if he knew Dr. V and he said no he is his new Dr. I told him about his temperature rule and he said ” No No he get’s his in his mouth not ‘there’ anymore that’s only for boys” I kinda blushed and he asked me if I still got it ‘there’. I said No! Not anymore. We showered together and he washed my back and my hair ( no one was around ) and started to was my pube when I saw Timmy and Lincoln out of the corner of my eye and I slipped away. We walked to our lockers naked and changed. Lincoln said to me that I am lucky to have Freddy as a buddy he really cares about you and Freddy winked at him then quickly at me ( what did Lincoln know about me or was it just they saw him begin to wash my pube ). As we all walked home together Freddy went for my hand to cross the street and I pulled away and ran to the bench to sit down in the park. They ran after me and he said “what gives”. I said I am not a boy and I can cross the street on my own. THEN surprisingly Lincoln put his arm around my shoulder and said ‘ that’s what I meant, Freddy really cares about you and looks out for you”. I looked in to Freddy’s eyes and got all teary and said ‘I’m Soory” He then hugged me in front of Timmy and Lincoln but I did not care, all of a sudden I felt incredibly safe and secure. We went to cross the street and Lincoln took Timmy’s hand and crossed then Freddy held out his hand and I took it and crossed. We walked home and my Nonna was waiting there but Freddy asked if I could eat lunch at his house. Nonna blew us kisses and said yes. We went to his house and I met his mom after a few years ( I met her when I was young after that terrible time I had after we moved to Astoria.) She smile at me and said “my my you are all grown up, come here and give me a hug cutie” and she grabbed me and tickled me ( I mean I wish I could grow up and not be so small and look like a boy. I am to old to be tickled ). She fed us a salad of diced oranges, tomatoes and lettuce and an egg. ( just like Nonna makes ). She offered me chocolate milk but Freddy said no he can’t drink milk. I got a little huffy and said ” How did you know that and what else do you know” I said. Your Nonna gave you O.J. remember and his mother winked at him. ( I have noticed that people are doing a lot of winking about me lately and I was getting a little sensitive about it ). Freddy swatted my nose and said “cool you jets tiger”, we finished eating and I thanked Mrs. Weis for a great lunch and headed to cub scouts. As we were leaving she reminded us we had Doctors appointments at 6:00 pm. ( I almost flipped – how did she know that I just found out earlier about him having the same doctor as me ) I looked at him in not the nicest way and walked ahead of him to cub scouts, when we got to the corner he caught up to me ( he wasn’t getting my hand to cross this time ) and put his arm around my shoulder and pulled me close to him to cross and I just melted into the side of his chest. He looked at me knowingly and seemed like he wanted to say something but didn’t. As we got to the other side he kissed me on the top of my head and we walked to the cub scout room. Our den meeting was about identifying plants that grew in the park and we had to over the next week find them and check them off. I also worked on my wolf and bear badge. Mrs. W also had a lesson in being a good buddies to each other and always be a good helper and always respect someone who helps you. ( gawd did I feel guilty – I was a little monster to Freddy and was wrong to ignore his help ayrancı escort and be mad at him ). After scouts we headed to his house to get his envelope and to my house to get mine. We walked up the avenue to Pizza Palace and got Pizza. I told him I will pay for it out of my allowance, he tried to say no but I said ” please let me I have been a monster to you and I am sooo very sooory” He looked around then kissed me on the cheek and said “I Love You, don’t you know that and I care about you and watch the way you run across the street and sometime never look both ways, you care me Stevie so from now on you stop and look both ways so you don’t get hit by a car” I want to deny it because my dad says the same thing and I knew I was wrong and careless but happy to know Freddy cared enough to keep me safe. As we were walking to the Dr. I told Freddy I did not need an exam I was there last week to show him my bruise and got a ‘complete’ physical if you know what I mean and he giggled and said “I…. KNOWWWW” and HE BLUSHED!!! then I giggled. We got to the office and entered the waiting room and saw Lincoln and Timmy we all looked at each other and made eyes at each other. I took out my envelope and knocked on the glass window. The nurse opened the blinds and slid the window open and I said my mom called and told me to come and get this form filled out using my exam from last week. She buzzed the door and asked me to step in the Dr. wants to see me. I wanted to protest but I knew I would catch heat for it when I got home so I reluctantly walked in, I turned around to look at Freddy and he winked. She showed me into the exam room and said to take my close off except my underwear and sit on the table and placed the step stool there. I acted like I was taking my shirt off and she left the room. I did not get undressed and sat on the chair next to the table. Dr. V. came in and saw me on the chair fully clothed and started to say something when I interrupted and said “I had an exam last week all you have to do is fill the form out” He looked at me and told me I needed an exam for the NYC form and not to make to much out of it. He also said I have an assistant from the medical college that would be learning how to be a Doctor and opened the door. My jaw dropped when I saw Coach walk in and I said “WHAT DOC HE”S MY COACH, and that is not fair”. Coach walked over to me and picked me up and stood me on the chair and pulled my t-shirt off and said “let me see you chest and how it his healing, that’s okay isn’t it, remember I saw it at your house last week. He rubbed my nipple and asked me if it hurt and I said “a little” and he said “that wasn’t so bad was it” Doc said to him ” go ahead and continue ” he lifted me of the chair put me down and led me to the scale to way me and check my height. He said 50″ and 60 lbs the Doc checked the chart. Doc said wait check him without his dungarees. Coach squatted down and undid my belt and lowered my pants and I stepped out of them and got back on the scale. He said 59 lbs. Doc said Hmmm. Coach said to hop up on the table said ” Say AH” put the big Popsicle stick in and looked. All ok Doc. He had me tilt my head back and put the light in my nose and said ” all good “. He felt behind my ears and my neck then put the light in each of my ears and said “all okay”. He put the metal hose in his ears and listened to my heart the went to my back and said ” big deep breaths ” and said ” he’s fine Doc”. Doc said lay him down and check his ‘tummy’ and Doc winked at me and said ” so far so good “. Coach pressed my tummy and got close to my shorts and I was real nervous Coach never saw my ‘willy’. Doc stopped him and said ‘NOW’. Coach looked at me and said turn over on you tummy. and stupid me didn’t see what was coming fast enough when Coach started to slide my undies off and I looked when he turned around and got ‘IT’ and dipped it in Vaseline. I pulled my shorts up and jumped off the table and ran to the corner and said NO NO NO. I AM NOY A BOY ANYMORE

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