Subject: EXPLORER SCOUT CAMP EXPLORER SCOUT CAMP by Josh Prim Nifty is a great site – one I’m sure all of us would like to see keep going. So it would be greatly appreciated if you would make a donation to Nifty. In addition, the only ‘compensation’ authors like myself receive is hear from the readers their comments on the stories we write. I’d greatly enjoy reading those you might make about this story. Please feel free to email me at [email protected] * * * * * * * * * * * * * My friend, Bobby, and I (Kevin) were excited. We were going on our first camping trip as Explorer Scouts. We had been good friends for several years and ended up joining the Explorers at the same time. Bobby had just turned 14 and was about 7 months younger than me. We got on one of the two vans that were taking the 16 of us from our city up to the camping site in the mountains where we would be spending the next 2 weeks. I loved having new experiences and, especially with a group of older guys like this, it was bound to be different than it had been in the Boy Scouts. In all, there would be about 100 boys between the ages of 14 to 18 from all over this area of my state that would be at this camp this year, so the possibilities were endless of learning new things and making new friends. After we had arrived, we were given a specific camping site where our group we set up camp and pitched our tents. The lake wasn’t far away and the restrooms were close by fortunately. There was a tent for every 2 boys and Bobby and I had arranged to share a tent together. Bobby’s 5’8″ and I’m 5’9″ which I guess is about average for our age. We were both Eagle Scouts and felt we already knew a lot about camping since we had been camping with the Boy Scouts for several years, but since we were with an older group, we expected it to be different and hopefully more fun. After everyone got their tents up, we had dinner around our camp fire and then swapped ghost stories – and even some sexy stories and jokes, which even the scout leaders seemed to enjoy. The next morning, we were awakened early, dressed, had breakfast and got ready for a 10 mile hike around the lake and back. Bobby and I walked together for a couple of miles, but Bobby slowed down when he saw a couple guys he knew, but I just kept on going figuring he’d catch up with me later. I passed a number of guys because I was a fast hiker. After some time, I found myself behind a couple of older guys who were talking in low tones. I have great hearing and I wondered why they were talking so quietly. I wasn’t tried to eavesdrop but my ears perked up when I heard one of them say to the other: “Did you hear about a couple of the older scouts with a tent next to the lake?” “No, what about them,” said the other. “Well, I hear they’re fucking willing boys in their tent late some nights.” “You’ve got to be kidding!” “Not at all. The guy that told me heard it from one of the scouts who had it happen to him.” “Well,” said the other, “I suppose if the kid wants it, it’s OK. But I don’t understand it myself. I wouldn’t want someone’s dick in my ass!” “Me neither.” “So, where is this tent?” “Like I said, it’s over by the lake. I understand the guys in the tent pin a white handkerchief to their tent flap so it’d be easy to find.” “So if a guy wants it, all he has to do is go over there and go in?” “Don’t be silly — who knows what those guys in there are doing? What they do, if they’re `entertaining’ some boy, they just remove the handkerchief. But if the handkerchief is there, the guy has to use his clacker and clack 3 times and wait to see if one of them comes out. If no one comes out, they’re not there or maybe asleep.” “Why don’t the scout leaders put a stop to it? “I suppose they would, but some of them are gay as well — plus I suppose if a guy wants his ass plugged and there are no complaints, they just let it slide.” They changed their conversation, so I just walked on by them like I hadn’t heard anything, but I was intrigued. I didn’t think I was gay, but it didn’t mean I wouldn’t want to try some gay stuff to find out what it was like. After the hike and after dinner, I went out walking by myself by the lake acting like I was just out for a short walk. But really I was eyeing the tents as I went past them. Finally I saw a tent with a white handkerchief pinned to the flap. I continued walking a short ways and then turned around and went back to my group. I didn’t do anything about it for the next couple of days, but if you know what an earworm is, well this was sort of a thought-worm. I’d watch a few gay videos on the internet several times and I’d seen some guys getting fucked — and for the most part, they seemed to be enjoying it. The thought of having this done to me kept running through my head and I had to wonder what it felt like. I’ve never done anything sexual with another person before (with the exception of kissing a few girls) and here was my chance to try something like this. The thought was both exciting and somewhat intriguing, but, as I said earlier, I like new experiences and also, I was just plain curious about what gay sex was like. I decided to go out to those guys’ tent tonight and see what happened. What did I have to lose? After dinner, while the guys were sitting around the campfire, roasting marshmallows and telling stories and singing songs, I quietly got up and walked away. It was very quiet that night as I walked along the lake. Before long I was at the tent — and the white handkerchief was there. I got out my clacker and stood next to the tent and nervously clacked it 3 times as I was supposed to do and waited. After a few minutes, a tall bare-chested guy came out, looked at me and motioned for me to come in. They had a lantern in the tent and I could see the guy better. He was about 6 feet tall and very good-looking. His chest was hairless and his stomach was flat with a treasure trail going down into his shorts. He looked fit, strong and sexy. His roommate was lying on his sleeping bag, completely nude! He had a tablet open and I guessed he was reading or watching some porn because he had a boner. His dick was cut and it looked like it might be about 7″. The first guy looked me over. “Well you’re certainly cute,” he commented with a smile. He held out his hand, “I’m Stan and that hunk over there is Jerry,” he said motioning. “And you are?” “My name’s Kevin — and in case you’re wondering, I’m 14 going on 15.” “I’m guessing muğla escort that, since you’re here and you knew to use the clacker, you know what we do with guys that visit us.” “Maybe — I’ve heard rumors that you fuck them — is that true?” “Yep, you’ve got it,” Stan answered with a grin. “Will it hurt much?” I wanted to know. “Some, but not too much if you do as we tell you. But the pain will pass after a minute or two and then it will start feeling really good.” “Anyhow, we’re wasting time. It’s your choice, Kevin, now that you know what we do – you can either leave now or even later if you want — or you can strip and let us see your body.” I gulped. I knew if I left I would miss my chance here, `cause I probably wouldn’t come back. I also knew I wanted to do this, plus I looked over at Jerry and his hard dick and I knew I wanted to stay, so I pulled my shirt off, unbuckled my shorts — letting them fall to the ground and slipped off my briefs. “Shoes and socks too, Kevin.” I pulled them off and just stood there, naked (and sort of embarrassed) in front of these guys. “Very, very nice — and slim. Great body! He’s ripe just like we like them!” Jerry commented enthusiastically. “Have him turn around, Stan, so we can see his ass.” I turned half-way around and stopped. I felt Stan’s hand on my buns. He put a hand on my shoulder and ran a finger through my cleft, stopping at my anus and probing slightly. He turned me back around, leaned over and kissed me, at the same time reaching down and stroking my dick until it started getting hard. “You ever done this before, Kevin?” “No — I’ve never done anything sexual before. But I heard what you do to guys in here and I just couldn’t get it out of my head, so here I am.” “Hey Jerry, we have a virgin here. What is that? — 3 so far this year?” “Cool, man. I love virgins! Let’s show him an especially good time.” “OK, Kevin, we’ll try to go easy on you. If you do exactly what we tell you to do, you’ll enjoy it. Now turn around again and bend over and touch your toes and spread your cheeks.” He knelt down behind me, stuck his face in my cleft and licked and kissed my hole. I jerked and he laughed. “Get used to that, Kevin, I’ll be doing a lot more of that soon.” He licked my ass again and pulled me up, turning me back around. “OK, now the first thing I want you to do is to kneel on Jerry’s sleeping bag and suck his dick.” “What? You want me to put his dick in my mouth?” “That’s the idea. If you want to go through with this, prove it.” Jerry was stroking himself in anticipation. I swallowed and knelt down on the sleeping bag as I was told. I’d never touched anyone’s dick before so this would be another new experience. I moved up until my head was over Jerry’s groin. Jerry placed his hands on my head and pulled it down until his dick touched my lips. “Open your mouth, boy, and lower your cute lips around it.” Still somewhat hesitant, I did as I was told and soon his cockhead was in my mouth. I ran my tongue gently over it, tasting the slightly salty pre-cum. It wasn’t nasty or even bad, so I let my lips slide further down. “Oh God! That’s good!” Jerry said quietly, “But watch your teeth, don’t let them scrape against me. Now go down further, take as much as you can!” Stan was standing behind me, watching. Then he knelt behind me and began rubbing my ass cheeks, spreading them as wide as he could. “What a beautiful pink pucker!” Stan exclaimed. “I’m really going to enjoy opening it up and plucking his cherry!” I tensed up, thinking he was going to fuck me already. Jerry could tell I was nervous. “Just relax, Kevin. He’s not going to fuck you yet. First he needs to get your asshole to open up some.” Stan left me alone for a few seconds — I couldn’t see what he was doing. When he returned he began wiping my ass with a wet rag. “Throw the rag to me, Stan, when you’re done with it,” Jerry told him. “You can stop sucking me for now, Kevin, I don’t want to cum this soon – wipe my ass with this rag, just like Stan did to you.” Of course I did what he asked. “Get my ass as clean as you can.” I was surprised when Stan buried his face in my ass and began licking me down there. Now I knew why he had used the rag. After I had finished and I had given the rag back to Jerry, he raised his legs, exposing his hole to me and told me to start licking his ass like Stan was doing to me. I licked and licked his ass over and over again. I saw his hole and licked it too which made him jerk and moan. I now knew what it felt like and tried to make him feel as good as Stan was making me feel. . Meanwhile, Stan continued licking and I felt the tip of his tongue tracing the rim of my anus and he was even able to push pushed it into me a little. It felt wonderful! Finally he stopped and he pushed one of his fingers into me. Jerry held my head to his ass. “Suck on my hole, Kevin!” Stan’s finger felt very weird being pushed into me, but not at all painful. He shoved it all the way in and pulled it back out. I suspect he then had put some Vaseline on his finger because when he pushed it back in again, it went in much more smoothly. He pushed it in and out several time and I was moaning. He then used 2 fingers until he was satisfied and finally 3. They felt much thicker than the 2 before. He was rotating them as well and spreading them apart as far as he could. I could literally feel them stretching me inside as much as possible and opening up my hole. It hurt but he kept doing it for what seemed like several minutes and eventually stopped when he was satisfied that he had stretched me with his fingers as much as he could. Pulling them slowly out, he took some more of the Vaseline and shoved it into my hole, getting it as slick as possible. “Is he ready”, asked Jerry. Yep, now comes the good part!” replied Stan. “Keep him distracted!” Jerry pulled me up and made me start sucking his dick again. My mouth was now full of cock. He held my head down with one hand and began massaging my shoulder and back with the other. “When you feel him trying to get into you, Kevin, push back as if you’re trying to shit. It will make it easier for him, plus it won’t be as painful for you.” Soon, I felt a soft, blunt object pushing against my anus. The pressure got greater and greater and I pushed back as I was told — when suddenly I felt my hole open up and his cockhead went into me! I tried to scream `cause it really hurt, but my mouth was full of muş escort Jerry’s cock and I couldn’t get a sound out. “Relax, Kevin, and let it in — and remember to breathe. The pain won’t last very long and then it’ll start to feel better,” Jerry told me. “Well, you’ve just lost your cherry, Kevin! This is a moment you’ll remember forever, I promise you!” Stan exclaimed. Stan didn’t try to enter me any further, instead letting me adjust to him. “God, Jerry! He’s got to have the tightest hole I’ve ever put my dick in!” “He’ll loosen up, Stan — just take it easy on him.” Jerry kept massaging my back and I soon nodded, letting him know Stan could continue. Stan began pushing again, but slowly. It took a little while, but finally I felt his pubes against my ass.” “OK, I’m all the way in!” I felt him pull out a little and then push back in. He was just flexing his hips and I felt him fucking me with slow strokes. The pain was slowly going away, so at the same time I started sucking Jerry’s cock again. “I think he’s OK now, Stan. Take longer strokes but still pretty slowly.” He pulled out almost all the way and then pushed back in slowly. I swear I could feel every ridge and vein on his shaft. After a few times of doing this, Stan was sliding smoothly in and out of my ass, so he began to speed up. The initial pain was almost completely gone and I was beginning to enjoy being screwed. I started sucking harder and harder on Jerry’s dick, sliding my mouth up and down and licking all around his glans when I could. “Oh, Shit,” Jerry moaned. “This kid is a born cocksucker! But you need to stop, Kevin — I want to save my cum for your ass!” The pleasure of feeling Stan’s rod sliding in and out of me increased and I moaned loudly. “I think he’s enjoying your fucking him, Stan. You can probably go faster and deeper if you want now.” “I will,” was Stan’s reply, but he needs to learn that fucking is a two person sport and he needs to move his ass!” With that, he slapped my ass, hard. I began pushing back every time his cock pushed into me. “Kevin, lay your head in Jerry’s lap and raise your ass up higher,” he instructed. Stan pulled out of me and got on his legs and bent over me. Finding my hole again, he pushed his rod back into me. He then bent over me, wrapping his arms around my chest and began fucking me faster and harder. This felt even better and I loved every stroke. I tried tightening my hole up each time he pulled out and he seemed to appreciate that. Soon our rhythms matched and his hips were slapping into my butt with each stroke. “Oh, that’s so gooood!” Stan cried. “God, I’m coming to cum soon. Hold him tight Jerry as I shoot my sperm into him!!!” With a couple more hard strokes, he plunged his dick into me one final time and held still. I could actually feel his cockhead swelling inside my tunnel and then jerking. He was cumming deep inside me! Stan was breathing heavily and almost panting after he came and then collapsed onto my back. I couldn’t do anything with him on top of me, so I just laid flat on the bed. I was surprised that I had almost enjoyed it. Yeah, feeling his cock sliding in and out of me actually felt sorta good after the first couple of minutes, but I think I enjoyed mostly feeling our bodies rubbing together and knowing we were actually physically connected for a short while. After Stan recovered, he pulled out and cum poured out of my hole. Jerry stopped holding me and I stood up. Stan handed me a towel so I could wipe my ass off. “Nice going, Kevin!” Jerry told me. “You took it like a man — and I suspect you were really enjoying it towards the end. How does it feel not being a virgin anymore?” he asked with a grin. “Not much different, I guess, although my ass hurts some.” “Yeah, it should!” he said laughing. “You’ll be sore for a few days I’ll bet! Especially after I fuck your cute ass too!” “Tell me, Kevin, if you’ve never done this before, why did you come here tonight when you knew what would happen?” “I’m not sure. I’d heard about you guys and I couldn’t stop thinking about it,” I told him with a wry grin. “Plus I just like to try new things — sort of expand my horizons. And so far, it’s certainly been a real experience!” “I’m sure it has! OK, now let’s stop fucking around and get to doing some more fucking!! This time I get to breed your beautiful ass!” “Breed?” I wondered out loud. “Yeah, shoot my sperm deep inside you. That’s the ultimate in fucking for me. I love that after I’m done with a guy, he’s carrying some part of me around in him for awhile. Consider it as sort of a gift — from me to you,” “In any case, get back down on the sleeping bag, but this time lay on your back. When I fuck a guy, especially a cute one like you, I want to watch his face so I can see how he’s taking it. Plus I like to be able to kiss him while I’m driving my dick into him. It seems to make it a lot hotter — at least for me. So get on the sleeping bag like I told you.” I laid down on the bag like he wanted. Stan handed him a large rolled up towel which he slid under my butt. “Would you get on the bag behind him, Stan, and hold his legs up and spread them like you usually do. I know you like to do that because it gives you the best view.” Stan grabbed my ankles and pulled them up and apart until my ass was totally exposed and ready for Jerry to penetrate me. Jerry then slicked up his rod with some Vaseline from the jar next to him and knelt down behind me. I knew what was coming next, but I was sorta wrong. Instead he began sliding his shaft in between my cheeks while bending over and sucking on each of my nipples. Then he kissed my face all over until he reached my lips and forced his tongue into my mouth — all the while sliding his lubed dick in my ass cleft. After tongue-fucking my mouth he raised up on his arms, looked down at me and gave me an evil grin. His rod was still sliding back and forth in my cleft and sometimes he held it still when I could feel it poised at my asshole but not putting it in. The anticipation was killing me. “How are you doing, Kevin? Feeling good?” I choked out, “Yeah.” But really I wanted him in me. Why was he waiting? The next time he paused, I pushed back and his cockhead entered me. I was so slicked up from the lube and Stan’s cum, that his cock slid half-way in before I knew it. I groaned as a hard rod filled my ass once again. Jerry groaned. “Oh shit, Kevin, your ass feels so good wrapped around my nevşehir escort dick!” He began slowly pumping his hips, his ass rising up and down, his cock sliding in and out. I groaned. This was totally different than it had been with Stan. I reached around him and put my hands on his butt. I could feel his muscles moving those hips which were steadily driving his dick into my hole. It felt wonderful and I could feel my body and emotions responding to this wonderful hardcore action. On its own accord, my ass started moving in sync to Jerry’s motions. It was as if we were one body acting in harmony. Jerry’s eyes were closed and he had a slight smile on his face, just enjoying the sensations he was receiving from the friction of his rod inside my hole. Occasionally when he went a little deeper his cockhead rubbed against something inside my ass that made me groan with pleasure. Stan had stopped holding my legs, so I grabbed my ankles myself and pulled them back until my feet were almost touching my face. I glanced behind me at Stan and saw that he was jerking himself off from watching the fuck action in front of him. After about 10 minutes of fucking me in that position, Jerry pulled out and lay on his side next to me. Raising my leg nearest to him, he positioned himself and once more slid himself into me. His hips were now slowly flexing back and forth and his dick was fucking me once again. He grabbed my head and leaned over and kissed me, out bodies rubbing slowly together, his cock and my ass constantly in motion. I kissed him back and we tongue fucked each other all the time he continued to screw me. I’m guessing that 15 minutes must have gone by while we were in this position. Jerry stopped, pulling out and got on top of me, spread my legs wide apart and reinserted himself. This time he was up on his arms looking down on me. He had a slight smile on his face as he resumed fucking my ass. I reached up and wrapped my arms around his back and then moving them down his body until I could feel his hips flexing, driving his dick into me over and over. Every now and then he’d pause while watching me and then resume. I could feel my body responding to his steady pumping. The feeling was incredible and once every few strokes, his dick would rub against that spot inside me. I felt myself getting hard, something that hadn’t happened earlier with Stan. Jerry was watching my face, seeing how I was reacting, varying what he was doing and somehow adjusting it to give me maximum pleasure. “Keep on doing that, Jerry! Yeah, just like that!” I told him. I knew I was approaching sensory overload. I closed my eyes and just enjoyed the heightening of the feelings inside my body. The sensation was overwhelming and my own dick had become rigid and I knew I was going to cum soon. Jerry sped up slightly and was going deeper and deeper into my ass, his balls brushing my crotch each time he pushed in. “Cum for me, Kevin! I know you’re close and so am I! I groaned and suddenly, without my touching myself, long ropes of cum spewed from the head of my cock, first hitting Jerry’s chest and then my face. My orgasm was so strong, I think I almost blanked out. Soon after, Jerry shoved into me hard and he jerked several times and I could feel his cock throbbing. I knew I was receiving his load of sperm deep inside my ass. I was watching his face closely and he was both smiling and grimacing as he unloaded his hot spunk. We lay together there afterwards just trying to catch our breaths. Finally I spoke up, “That was fucking amazing!!!” “You bet it was,” replied Jerry. “I’ve never nutted so hard before in a guy’s ass. You’ve got such a really sweet hole!” After I cleaned up and was putting on my clothes, I thought I’d ask a question that I’d been wondering about. “Surely the camp counselors know what you’re doing to younger scouts like me?” “Yeah they do,” answered Stan. “But they’re not going to do anything about it.” “Why not?” “Because we only fuck guys like you who volunteer for it. We don’t force anyone and they can leave anytime they want to.” “Still, it seems funny.” Then Jerry spoke up, “What Stan didn’t mention, is that we provide somewhat similar services to the counselors as well. You see, we service them too — while you’re doing your scout activities. Most of them want to fuck one of us, so we provide the holes for them to stick their dicks into. And then some are satisfied with just blowjobs which is OK. It’s a win-win situation for them and for us. With that I said good-bye. “I’m surprised, I didn’t really think I’d like it, but it turns out I loved it.” “Well, we did too,” Jerry answered. “I hope you’ll come back soon, Kevin, you’ve got a great ass and I’d be disappointed if I didn’t get to do you again. “Ditto”, agreed Stan. “I’d be more than willing anytime to `help you `expand your horizons’ some more,” he said with a grin. With that, I walked somewhat gingerly back to my tent and slipped into my sleeping bag. I fell asleep while remembering how much I had enjoyed the experience and tried at the same time to figure out when I could visit Stan and Jerry again. * * * * * * * * * * * * * If you should be interested in reading any other stories I have written, here’s a list – and I would appreciate hearing any particular comments about them you might have. 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