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Subject: GROWING UP NUDE AND MORE. CH 10 GROWING UP NUDE AND MORE. CH 10 This is gay erotic fantasy fiction. Don’t read if you’re not of legal age or where prohibited. This is the last chapter for now. As I haven’t heard from many readers lately, maybe the story should end after this although there is more to tell. If you’d like more, please let me know. Please make a donation to Nifty to keep this site free for all to read. Thanks Rob I awoke early as usual. Probably too much to think about with meeting Mr. J and all. I would have a kid of busy week with swimming and yard work and pool cleaning at home. I also had the photo session with Nick on Tuesday. Wow, a lot to contemplate. Fist though I had to clean the pool and get up for swimming practice. One thing at a time. Speaking of Nick, he was practically laying on top of me his cute dick, seeming to get bigger all the time. Part of him was on top of me. I smiled and thought what a cutie he was. As I stirred, his eyes popped open and smiled at me and leaned up to kiss me. I said good morning twerp as I often did and he laughed and asked a favor. “Can you fuck me this morning before you go?” I looked aghast at him and asked why, don’t you get enough already? He smiled and said he wanted to be ready to take on his friend’s brother should the opportunity come along. I said I did’t want him to get double fucked and he said only one at a time for him. I nodded . I told him I really shouldn’t fuck him as he’s my brother, incest and all and he said you fuck or get fucked by others and I want you to open me up some, just in case. I told him the only way was if he sat on my cock and fucked himself on it. That way, technically, I wasn’t fucking him and it was him fucking himself on me. He agreed and I said lube up and he did. His hands felt nice as he lubed my cock too. I also asked if he was clean He said I hope so but promised to clean me off after. Ok then, so I pointed and he climbed up. I got to admire his developing body. Thin, but had what looked like maybe pecs coming soon if he swam and exercised. His hot hole opened up easily, I guess Mark is dong a good job on him! He got some pained faces but said he wanted to go all the way. I lay still and let him slowly let me all the way in until he was brushing my pubes. He actually felt nice. Then he began going up and down and I saw by his dick, leaking already, he was getting there. He finally did and shot all over me and I told him I was cumming too and he took my load. It felt damn nice, I must say. He slowly climbed off and true to his world, moved his face to lick his cum off. He got a funny face and whispered he think he ate some shit. I said it was his fault, but he said he could handle it and promised to use the butt washer on himself. We finished and I got up to shower and have my usual protein shake which he tried with me after we cleaned up. We showered together and said he never wanted us not to shower again without each other. I promised that we could when I was home. I kissed his sweet smiling face and was off to swim practice wearing just shorts. It felt strange driving in bare feet but I kind fo liked the sensation of rubbing on the pedals. Almost erotic! I was sad that Connor wasn’t with me to practice but he had sent me a text saying he met one of the ship employees in the sauna and the guy, younger, I guess, smiled at Connor and before you know it, they were 69ing! Damn! I asked him not to fuck with other guys. Selfish me I thought and chuckled as I went inside. We practiced for about two hours. Coach pointed out that school was starting in a few weeks and we would be swimming against another private school team like ours so it wouldn’t probably be open to visitors to watch but their boys would swim naked like our team. I just wished it was that way always as speedos and kind of confining on my junk After, I left and saw Chris waiting and he came right over. He wanted to hang out which I assumed meant at my house and naked. Maybe he wanted more but I had to decline with apologies as I said I had a busy day but maybe on Wednesday or Thursday when Connor got home, I figured. He said that was ok so I replied that I would look forward to it. I didn’t think I’d fuck him, well maybe, but I would lick him I promised which made him happy. We hugged and I gave him a little kiss on the cheek and headed home to thoroughly clean out and shower again with some nice body wash. Derek called and wished me well today and said don’t worry. Just be sexy and normal and let him, Mr. J, call the shots. I thanked him and promised to call him tonight after I got home. All clean and smelling good after my shower, I put on the mesh shorts denizli escort and mesh top. I could see through everything, except for the crotch area of the shorts which had a small modesty liner to cover most of my junk although some was still visible. I slipped on my flips and reread the instructions from Mr. J and headed out, now carrying the flips. I found it cool to drive barefoot and then maybe my feet would stay fresher smelling too, I rationalized. The trip was basically no big deal with the lady on the nav going me perfect directions. When I arrived, it was quite a large complex. I could see it had a huge pool, cabanas and even a lake at the back of the property. The place looked kind of expensive but I figured that was why Mr. J had a place there. I parked my car in the guest spot in front of the place and checked the address and all and made sure I wasn’t late or too early. Satisfied that I was on time, I headed to the door and rang the bell thinking well here goes nothing. Mr. J opened the door and welcomed me in. He immediately hugged me and said I looked very hot. I thanked him but he added you really don’t need the shirt. This complex while open to anyone, very clearly is planned for gay people so you see shirtless guys in practically nothing else around all the time. I thought what a cool place for a nudist. He said nudity was permitted at one pool and an area at beach at the small lake. “My company developed this and own about half. We sold a lot of units but this one and a few others are kept for our executives and clients when they visit. I know you know Christo and the unit next door is where he is staying for now. Yes, I did hire him and he starts this week.” Wow, I thought, I wonder what his job is but couldn’t rule out in my mind that he was gong to be a high priced call boy for whoever. I couldn’t say that as that’s never discussed an I was simply to agree with Mr. J. I said “Sir, this sounds like a magical place to be. I love it!” He smiled and said why don’t we get comfortable. I knew that meant naked and I was ok with that. He both stripped and he lead me to a bedroom and pulled back the expensive looking duvet on it. I just lay my wallet and keys and clothes now, in a pile near the door. We both got on the bed and I lay close to him on his right. Almost immediately, his arm was around me and he began to play with my nipple. I slid closer to make it easier for him and enjoyed it. We chatted for a bit and he again thanked me for being such a good waiter for him and his family and a friend. He told e his younger son, who was 14, had told him he was gay. “I don’t know if you noticed, but he couldn’t look at you enough and asked me later, if he could meet me. He is a swimmer at your sister school across town and he tells me, when I told him where you attended, that he was swimming against your team soon. I guess I looked surprised and said yes it was our first meet of the year. He told me he was attending and I didn’t know if I should say it was closed to the public due to nudity but he said certain benefactors of the school can attend any events, even those closed and he planned to be there. I smiled and said that would be real cool. He laughed and added that his son wanted to meet me and maybe we could get together with him. I almost choked but said sure. He further explained that his wife and he had an open marriage, meaning that she had someone she saw and he was free to do as he wanted as well. They got along ok I guess but she had apparently learned about his businesses long ago and just enjoyed living the good life that he provided and was open to many tings. “Her boy has even been to dinner with us. She knows our son Gabriel is gay too and kind of gives him an open path, as he described it. I told I’m it sounded like my home somewhat. He knew about our nude family and said his boy wasn’t as experienced yet as I was but he wanted to learn and when he saw you, he thought you’d be a great teacher. “Unfortunately, he sees himself as a top right now. I said I was mostly a bottom so it might just work out if that’s what he wanted. He smiled at me more and his hands left my back and nipple and went down my leg. I spread my legs farther thinking, He has seen my hole and if wants me, I’m his. He also started to tell me that he was going to California next week and already had the permission of my father and my coach to go along and keep him company. I told him I hadn’t been there but had traveled to Greece with my family and some adventures there so I would like that. He said that was good and he would contact me via text of the flight details and all I needed to know. We then talked dikimevi escort about school and I proudly told him I was an A student most of the time and hoped to go to college after. He said that would be arranged in due time but he wanted to know how I would feel about doing my junior year in California at a private boys school. He was of course willing to pay. They offer an extremely liberal education if you catch my drift some also live in a kind of commune. They attend school one or two days a week but where I would stay would be a house with some male tutors and guests and that they lived there mostly naked. I thought that sounded real cool and told him so. Just as we finished talking and he began to make another move to play with me, the bell rang and he said that is probably one of his boys, a waiter in training. “He is bringing by some drinks and snacks for us although me may offer more.” I didn’t know what that meant but he told me to answer the door. I got up quickly and was about to slip on shorts when he said it wasn’t necessary. He has seen a lot before as he works at the club you attended Saturday when he isn’t working for me. I said ok, smiling and got up and went to let the guy in. I arrived at the door and there stood a young guy, maybe a bit older than me, dressed in very short shorts and a tank top. He appeared to have no shoes either. I figured that was him and opened the door. He stepped in and greeted me and put down his cargo and knelt and kissed my cock. I was totally flaburgasted and said “ah, um, please come in.” He smiled broadly at me and stripped off his clothes. He followed me in carrying the food and drinks. It must have been a good sized cooler to hold all he brought. He followed me to the bedroom where Mr. J just welcomed him and called him Jeremy. “Jeremy is one of my favorite boys.’ It gave me a moment check him out. He was a lean island looking black youth with braids and cornrows. He had a huge cock that swung as he walked in and smiled at Mr. J and said how nice it was to see him and immediately set the food down and leaned over to kiss Mr. J.s huge cock. “I’ve used Jeremy for a bit, since he was around 11. He has grown up well and is a good server. He may even be someone I would recommend to your dad for his restaurant.” Jeremy spread out the snacks elegantly and added a white table cloth and then poured some drinks. “Oh, Jeremy, Steve does not drink. Do you have the pineapple juice I requested?” Jeremy smiled and said yes Sir and poured a glass for me complete with ice and a piece of pineapple in the glass. He handed it to me and said he hoped he pleased us .I nodded yes and smiled at him not taking my eye off his cock. Mr. J then pointed out that Jeremy was pierced as I realized. “He doesn’t fuck anymore but he’s ok with that. I enjoy his body sometimes and he will do anything for us both. He came to us that way, a real shame but we decided not to change that and I think he is ok with that. He has learned to cum when fucked and I thought I might like to see you in action, Steve, but I would like to fuck you first if that’s ok. I was now back in bed and I nodded yes with a smile. Mr. J took me in his arms and lay me down and lifted my legs. “Jermey, would you lick him for me to get him ready. Jeremy replied with a yes Sir land gently spread my legs wider and simply got down and began to eat me. His long tongue was magic to me making me purr like a cat. Mr. J smiled and said I looked so good to him. Jeremy backed off after a few minutes and said he is ready Sir. Mr. J came around and I was about to take Mr. J’s cock in my mouth first but Jeremy said that as I was special, he did and just deep throated the man slobbering all over his cock and nuts and even licked his hole briefly. I was simply amazed. Mr. J then turned his attention to me and he put his cock to my hole and slid in. It felt so good and he began to push in. Jeremy, I saw out of the corner of my eye, stood back and spread his legs wide, his dick hard and put his hands behind his head while we fucked. What looked like from porn as a total slave look. Mr. J was so good and gentle with me and I loved every minute of it. I think the only one who fucked me as well was Derek. I began to perspire from the sensations when Mr J groaned a bit and I felt his jizz shoot into my hole. It felt like hot lava or something . Wow he was good. After he kissed me again and slid out, Mr. J simply said Jeremy and the youth jumped not action and began to eat out the cum from my hole and said it tasted so good. After we stopped for awhile to rest, Jeremy remaining and serving us crackers and all kinds of spreads, he stood by dikmen escort and watched us. He never sat down until Mr. J simply said to him sit on the bed. Jeremy replied yes Sir and was on all fours in doggy style and spread his smooth legs wide exposing the biggest hole I ever saw. I was gaping already. He must get fucked often and loves it I presumed. Jeremy turned to face me and pleaded with me to fuck him. Mr. J looked over and nodded approval. I could still feel some cum leaking out of me. I wondered what Mr. J would say but I just climbed on the bed and rubbed Jeremy’s butt and then began to enter. “Fuck him hard, Steve. It’s the way he likes it best, maybe the only way he likes it but it does get him off and he needs that.” I leaned in and took hold of his huge black dick. “Oh, master J, I do, I do!” Jeremy croaked out I began to push and there was no moan or sign or pain. I couldn’t do that but apparently, Jeremy knew only that way. His warm innards felt so good on my cock asI hadn’t fucked anyone and only had Nick ride my cock earlier but this was different. I rutted him for may ten minutes and he gasped and shouted out “oh thank you, Sir, thank you!” I guess he liked my cock and I suddenly felt the urge and let go and shot a huge load in him. I thought I shot pretty good earlier but this was a whole new thing. I finished and began to pull out. Jeremy immediately turned and licked my cock clean slurping up my cum. I felt so good! We finished and Mr. J told Jeremy to clean up and go. “Yes, sir and thank you Sir” he said smiling at me. My cum ran down his leg but no one said I should eat it out of him and he didn’t seem to want that. Mr. J smiled at me and said “I loved the afternoon with you. Look for my texts about going to Cali.” I smiled back went over and kissed him with tongue saying today was unbelievable. He smiled back and said I should let you get home. Jeremy didn’t even put his clothes on but walked me to my car and thanked me again. I told him I was just a boy like him and got fucked a lot myself. He smiled and said you will be a master someday, like Mr. J. I just know it. I hugged him as he seemed to like human touch and he again thanked me for making his day. I went home quite happy. I never discussed money as I knew something would be in my account later. I was tired though and after seeing the family and eating, not really telling anyone about my day, My Dad smiled and said he hoped I did well. I smiled and said I thought I did. Nick came in and asked to sleep with me. I was glad he wasn’t battered or bruised so I smiled and said to climb into bed and that we had a big day tomorrow. He smiled but told me his friend and his brother fucked him and came in him and he ate out both butt holes and sucked them clean. I told him he was becoming quite the whore and then added, just like me! We curled up together and I told Nick to spoon with me and he lay in front of me to sleep. I kissed him and he said Mark and his brother are kind of shitty. I looked at him and he said they would let me fuck either of them but gave him 10 bucks. Just like a whore I said smiling and we drifted to sleep. Tuesday came and it started out about the same as Monday with swim practice.I didn’t want to show off my hole as I felt it must be gaping. It actually wasn’t but I was concerned. I came home after and had a light healthy lunch with Christina and Nick. Mom and Dad were already off. We chatted but stayed off the sex topics. I again showered with Nick and we got ready to go for our photo shoot. It was kind of a fun experience once I found my way to the studio. We did some photos of Nick by himself mostly sports or beach wear, some of quite slutty poses ,I felt for 14 but Nick loved it. Then I posed reclining on what appeared to be a beach, some rather serious shots of me totally exposed, no clothes for me. Finally, the guy said he wanted some brother shots so we posed first on a bed with me holding Nick, exposing both of us and then a few exotic ones where Nick who could be seen and me my face not in the picture, had him sucking my cock while I lay back. The last one we did was me, from the back holding Nick out and simulated fucking him. The guy did ask for my cock head to penetrate and Nick was ok with that and actually loved it. I think my favorite was us standing with my arm around him, both of us fully exposed and faces showing. Nick was pictured kind of looking u at me with awe. We both got paid a considerable amount. Due to the sex photos, we were told we would each get $1000. I nodded and we dressed to go home to think about more sex with my boyfriend and maybe with Chris too. Life was good!!! End of 10. Thank you to all who read and wrote to me encouraging me on to do more. There is more to tell if you’re interested. Perhaps I will continue with Steve’s trips and time in the future school learning and being fucked by the boys at the school and other men. It was quite an experience!

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