Subject: It’s Just A Number 6 “Change of plan,” David said after I picked up my cell phone. It was barely 6:30am. “We have to leave for Costa Rica so Maui is out for now. “You guys are welcome to come with us if you happen to have your passports on you.” As a matter of fact we did. Orion didn’t have a driver’s license, let alone an enhanced one so we used passports to fly, a practice I’d adhered to for almost 10 years regardless. “How long will we be gone,” I asked him. “Three to four days, five at the most. We’ll fly you back here or home if you prefer.” Actually home would be better since we had a lot of work to do before moving to Costa Rica. I told David to hold on while I asked Orion his thoughts. I was back to David in less than half a minute. “We’re in,” I said. “We’ll pick you up 30 minutes and explain the situation then. We’ll serve breakfast on the plane.” I made arrangements with the condo management to have my unit cleaned, sheets and towels changed and the like. Got the battery disconnected on the Mustang and were waiting on the street when their long black older model Mercedes limo glided to a stop in front of us. We’d barely gotten seated when David started his explanation. “So what happened is I got a phone call from our business partner in Jaco. A 45 unit hotel is going up for sale in the next 48 hours. There’s been some scuttlebutt about a possible sale for 6 months and now it’s definite. We’ve been waiting around for it to become official. The place sits on 3 acres on the beach and is barely 10 years old. It’s pretty nice, has a full restaurant and bar, a beach side Tiki bar, 4 luxury suites, conference rooms, 2 swimming pools, sauna, hot tub, exercise facilities including tennis and a basket-ball half court the whole shiteree. It’s occupancy rating averages 90-95% most of the year, 100% during the season and it’s held those numbers since it was built. In addition to the main building it has 4 stand-alone 2 bedroom cottages with full kitchens and a manager’s/owner’s apartment on the top floor of the hotel. At one beach side corner of the property is a residence, currently the owners home, that is sequestered behind a 10 foot high wall with private entries from the hotel grounds as well as a side street.” “Why a motel you might ask. The fact is that us, our business partner Greg are going to have to figure out housing for a bunch of people and Greg’s B one is 13 the other 12. Unless I miss my count that’ll be 9 boys if Brett comes with. Any thoughts on managing the age differences?” “We have a preponderance of 13-15 year old’s some slightly older and some younger so they can be lumped together. The younger boys can sit in on some of their classes and actually get something out of it. We’ll have to figure kocaeli escort bayan out a PE program of some sort and do you want Spanish taught to the American boys. I’m more than qualified to teach it.” “Yes,” Cody said “and that includes Seneca. They all have to have a language to graduate so as long as we’re here, what better way to learn.” “I think English for the local boys is in order as well,” Greg added. “They all speak it but their understanding is quite limited as is their reading and writing abilities.” I nodded my head. “What about work schedules,” I asked. The beauty of home schooling is we can make our own hours and I think if the boys understand that progress means less class room time, we can use a shortened schedule.” There was more discussion between the other adults about use of the facilities. As David had said, between the two organizations they had quite a few people moving to the area and having them housed together would make everyone’s life easier and less expensive to everyone. Too, the hotel restaurant could manage at least some of their meals. “As for the house,” Greg said, “it is quite large, some 17,000 square feet, 7 bedrooms he was like a sword swallower. After a good 5 or more minutes Angelo turned his attention to me only to discover that I was still barely half hard. “You no like to watch Se�or Rory,” he asked, The boy seemed to disappointed but probably wasn’t. “Sometimes us old guys aren’t as quick to respond as you young studs,” I told him. “So perhaps I will sit this one out. We’ll be here for a few days so I will bet there will be more opportunities.” He nodded his head in agreement. “That will be my goal for the week,” he said then went back to Orion. “I’d like to suck on you too Angelo,” my hot teen lover said. The youngling didn’t hesitate to turn around so they each had the other’s crotch in their face and go straight for Orion’s cock. My boy didn’t waste a second and leaned in while pulling on Angelo’s butt and in second had his face buried into the preteen’s groin. They suckled and slurped and moaned and groaned as they engaged in the time tested 69 position. I have to say that Angelo was incredibly enthusiastic in his sexual behavior and it made me wonder if in fact, the kid was a gay boy. I discussing it with Greg some months later his response was that Angelo was probably gay but until he was actually face to face with a split tail, there was no way to tell. The boy hadn’t made any declaration one way or the other. “Angelo, move above me so I can lick your hole.” The youngster moved, straddling Orion’s body and pushing his delicious little ass into the teenager’s face. Orion raised his head and went to town. The feelings were powerful enough that at one point Angelo izmit sınırsız escort just hung his head and rode the wave of pleasure that was washing through his body. It didn’t take long before he declared that he needed to get fucked. I got off the bed and got the lube out of my suitcase then handed it to Orion. “How do you want it Angelo,” Orion asked. Angelo moved then lay down on the bed but raised up to cock one knee up with sort of put him not quite fully face down. Orion lubed up himself and then Angelo and got into position above the boy but slightly crosswise so his upper body was above the bed as opposed to Angelo’s body. Holding his cock down to the puckered target, Orion began prodding and pushing against the boys’ flesh. Just when it seem fruitless Angelo’s young muscle gave up the fight and let Orion in. To his credit, the young boy didn’t even grunt. Hearing no objection Orion continued to move, his thick cock spreading Angelo’s small asshole open as he buried it inside the boys’ small body. “You have filled me up Orion,” Angelo mumbled. “Now fuck me hard and make me cum.” Orion did just that, pulling half way out then plunging back downward until his moss touched Angelo’s smooth ass then did it again, and again. Angelo began moaning as he was fucked up into a fog of hotness. Speaking of hotness I discovered that my cock had inflated to its fullest. I was a little surprised at that but realized this was new territory for me. I’d never been with a preteen boy nor had any of Orion’s and my adventures included a preteen boy. It did not go unnoticed by Angelo. “Ho, Se�or Rory, tu polla se puso dura which translates to “your cock got hard”. “Perhaps you could let me suck it.” I couldn’t see any reason to deny the boy so I moved in close. It took a little maneuvering on Orion’s part but we managed to accomplish the deed and soon Angelo had his sweet lips wrapped around my dick. “That’s hot to see Rory,” Orion said as he began pounding Angelo’s ass. My boy wasn’t holding back, even a little bit, but began slamming his cock into Angelo causing the boy to move each time he bottomed out. To his credit, the young Latino didn’t lose my cock but managed to keep his mouth wrapped around the head at the very least, and sometimes even some of the shaft. It felt to me like I could even cum of it kept up. Angelo had been playing with my balls a little bit but finally moved his hand down under his body to take hold of his cock. I didn’t see his arm moving very much so figured that he was allowing Orion’s fucking him to move his cock in and out of his close fist. “I cum soon,” he finally panted, looking at me through eyes that were almost closed from lust. “Maybe you cum on my face, eh”. “I izmit anal yapan escort can try but you’ll have to give me some warning when you get close peque�o �ngel, which is of course, “little angel” a name I thought fitting for the boy. I allowed the feelings to well in my body, almost edging but without the use of my hand. “I’m close too you guys,” Orion panted then pressed into Angelo, ground his own tight little ass around, then went back to fucking the boy. “Puedo ir, puedo ir”,” Angelo said quickly after spitting my cock out of his mouth. He was saying, “I can go, I can go” so I took hold of my cock and began stroking and just in time. “Now,” the youngling almost screamed out. I let myself go and about the time the boy groaned I started shooting sperm all over his face. I did my best to move my dick just a fraction each time I pulsed out my cum so it would spread out and not just splatter one spot, which I knew was what the boy wanted. “Oh fuck,” Orion groaned and I knew he was cumming as well, having seen that expression on his fac plenty of times. Angelo’s hand had begun moving, jacking his cock to gain as much pleasure from his orgasm as possible. Like all orgasms it was over in 45 seconds, not counting the afterglow. Nobody said anything for a good minute or more. Nobody moved either. We all knew the importance of staying put and not losing that emotion or physical connection any sooner than necessary. “Ho, el ho, que era un bueno jode Se�or’s ,” Angelo panted which roughly translates to that was a good fuck Se�ores. Indeed, I had to agree even though technically I wasn’t fuckin although I was fucking his face. “I’m pulling out,” Orion said and as soon as he was clear Angelo got up and went to the bathroom. I knew it was to see what he looked like before cleaning the mess up. He came with a clean face that sported a massive grin. “That was hotter than Caribe�o,” which I knew was Caribbean but would later learn it was a Costa Rican hot sauce. “Well, whatever you can it Angelo it was hot,” Orion said. Angelo had turned over and planted his mouth against Orion’s for some gratitude kissing. He then did a 180 and gave me the same thing. It was pretty cool holding onto a smaller body. I hoped I’d get more opportunity to do so. Everybody yawned so we turned out the light, gave mor kissed then drifted off, Angelo between me and Orion. ========== ========== =========== =========== ============ Costa Rican Connection Timeline Readers have asked for some kind of story list and time line of what I’m calling the Costa Rican Connection. This is the best I can do for now. I will update and add it to any additional chapters of all stories. All background in “Brazen Brothers”. First connection “Walmart waif” chapters 8 & 9 Next connection is “Brazen Brothers” Chapter 16 which ties into WW chapters Next reference “Mysterious Dragon Boy” chapter 13 Next is “It’s Just a Number” chapter 6 & 7. Chapter 7 posting soon ( I hope) Nifty operates on reader donations Please make yours fty/donate.html

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