Life in The Village, through the eyes of a student at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?



From Chapter 37:

Mr Cameron looks at me, more closely than just politely. He has a friendly face, with wrinkles at the corners of his eyes and mouth. Probably from smiling so much!

“What a pity that I”m selling this place,” he tells me. “I”d love to have you working out here with me. I can see why your dad and Ron think so highly of you.”

“I just thought that Andy and I may as well do something useful, Mr Cameron, instead of just riding around,” I say.

Inside, my heart is pounding, in anticipation.

“If you”d be happy to do that, let me organise with Mrs Cameron to pack you both some lunch,” he says. Then he adds, “Thank you,” and raises himself out of the chair. He pats me on the shoulder and heads towards the kitchen.


Chapter 38 � Kurt”s Day With Andy

I”m happy to see that the first person coming across the yard from the bunkhouse is Andy. I”m less worried about Mr Grant and William being left alone together in the shower than if Andy was with either one. Not that I distrust any of them! I”m just glad that Andy was quick to shower and get dressed.

Through the windows, I watch him all the way to the verandah and through the door.

“Good morning, young fella,” Mr Cameron greets him, passing him and heading back to his seat from the kitchen.

Mr Cameron says to me, “It”s all fixed for your lunch! Breakfast will be another five minutes or so. Would you like to come with me and get the bikes ready?”

Andy doesn”t get the chance to sit down. He does an about-turn and joins me in following Mr Cameron. I look at my brother and ask, “Hey, Karl, you want to come with us?”

He doesn”t say anything, but just smiles as if to acknowledge my invitation. He stands, leaves the pack of cards on the lounge and follows us.

Mr Cameron strides towards the bike shed, with us not too far behind; Karl on one side of me and Andy on the other.

Karl asks, “So where are you guys going to go on the bikes?”

I repeat what I had suggested to Mr Cameron, about checking some fencing and seeing whether the southern workers” hut needs any supplies.

“What about you?” I ask him.

He replies, “William reckons that Mr Grant won”t be able to keep up with him and me on the horses, so we”ll head up one of the trails that Mr Cameron took us on the day that you and Ron gave up riding with all of us. I think that Mr Grant wants a riding lesson, so he”ll probably hang back with Mr Cameron.”

“Well, I hope that you both have fun,” I tell him, smirking.

“You too,” he replies and smirks back. He knows me well enough, and he”s seen how I”ve taken to Andy, to know that we won”t be spending all of our time together in mending fences!

Karl and I are good! And I can”t make out the poker-loser”s grey aura for him anymore.

Mr Cameron ensures that two bikes are fully fuelled, then check-starts each of them, in turn. He gives Andy and me the safety talk, and emphasises care in turning and speed. “And don”t leave them running when you stop to check a section of fence, or if you need to take a leak!” he says.

Andy and Karl smile at his last comment, but I can tell from the expression on Mr Cameron”s face that he is serious.

From a cupboard, he collects two sets of the tools needed for tightening the nuts and bolts of the horse fences, shows them to Andy and me and puts them into a storage container on the back of one of the bikes.

“Why don”t you guys ride the bikes back over to the house, ready to collect the food?” Mr Cameron suggests.

Andy starts one of the bikes and heads off slowly, across the short distance.

“You want to drive this one?” I ask Karl, “and I”ll walk back with Mr Cameron.”

He grins at me and we bump fists. “Thanks,” he smiles.

As we walk, Mr Cameron says, “That was very thoughtful of you, Kurt.” Then he spoils my happy moment by adding, “Sooner or later, you are going to make some lucky girl a wonderful husband.”

I feel the need to respond.

All that I can think of is, “Later rather than sooner, eh, Mr Cameron?”

He laughs, “Smart beyond your years too!” and pats me on the back.


Breakfast is substantial and delicious.

Dad and Ms O”Sullivan look happy. So do Mr Grant and William. So does Karl. So does Andy. So am I! Mrs Cameron is always happy.

Ms O”Sullivan and Dad clear the table. Mrs Cameron hands me two large containers, “Some food in the top one, and drinks in the other one,” she says.

Andy and I thank her.

We all head outside, and I stow the two containers in the back of Andy”s bike.

Not much is said beyond the usual, `stay safe” and `don”t work too hard!”

Dad does add, quietly to me, “Look after him, Kurt, and have a bit of fun while you”re working, eh?”

“Yes, Dad,” I tell him.

I”m aware of the great responsibility that has just been given to me. Andy!

I lead. Andy follows. And, it doesn”t take him long to figure out that he shouldn”t ride directly behind me. Like my first time, eating Ron”s dust!

By the time that we come to the first section of the wooden fences, the homestead is well out of sight. I stop my bike, and Andy turns his off too.

We leave them, grab the two sets of tools, and I show him what we are looking for. We check the first section of about 50m, and only find two bolts to tighten. I do one and Andy does one.

“How are we gonna do this?” he asks. “Are we going to leave the bikes and walk along the fence together? How far?

We do three similar-length sections together, none to tighten, then walk back to the bikes. We ride them to where we finished checking, and then do another three the same.

“I have an idea,” Andy says. “Instead of just walking together, what if we ride past the next three sections that we haven”t checked, then I can walk back and check the three of them, and you could walk forward, checking the next three. Then we can both come back to the bikes. I reckon, that with us both working, we can finish six sections in the same time, and it will only take us half as long. What do you think?”

“I think that you”re a `trucking” genius,” I tell him and capture him in a hug.

We implement the `Andy Plan” and absolutely fly through the work. Of course, it helps when there is not much that needs tightening.

After about 90 minutes, I reckon that it”s time to check out what Mrs Cameron has packed for us, and we stop the bikes, side by side, under what I now recognise as a mulga tree. I explain to Andy, as Mr Cameron told Karl and me, how these are quick to regenerate and provide a reliable source of food for the livestock in times of drought.

I open one container to find cans of orange and lemonade plus two thermoses. One of tea and one of coffee, with a couple of mugs.

Andy opens the other container and there are multiple sandwiches, cut into triangles, plus two types of cookies and some apple tarts.

“What would you like?” Andy asks me.

I tell him, “I was thinking of a mug of tea and one each of the cookies. I like them both � the ones with the peanuts and the other with the Corn Flakes.”

“Me too,” he answers, and smiles at izmit escort our identical choices.

I pour two mugs of tea and hand one to Andy. He offers me the container of biscuits and I take two.

We each lean against our own bike, facing one another. Sipping and munching.

It”s impossible in this situation not to be captivated by two things; Andy and our surroundings.

The autumn morning is clear but not cold. Brilliant blue sky. Warm sunshine. Tall gums along the creek on the other side of the horse paddock, and the sounds of a variety of local birds: I would describe some as songs and others as protests at trespassers upon their territory.

I watch Andy eating and drinking. I observe the rise and fall of his Adam”s apple, which really distinguishes him from my brother and, obviously, me. It reminds me, using my Dad”s words, that he is `growing up”. Very handsome face, especially his smile and his perfect white teeth. I can”t describe his lips, except to say that they are not thin but not fat; not broad but not small; not red but not colourless. Good for kissing and sucking. LOL.

And I love where else he is growing up! Longer than mine.

I can”t wait to get him alone in the worker”s hut! My plan has worked!

“What?” he asks, looking at me looking at him.

“When?” I reply.

“Just now,” he tells me.

“How?” I say.

“How, what?” he answers, looking confused.

“Why?” I smirk.

“You”re not making any sense,” he says, shaking his head.

“How, what, when and why,” I tell him. I let the mini English-lesson on adverbs just wash over him.

“Oh, I get it!” he smirks. “But you left one out?”

“What?” I ask.

“No, not `what”, `where?”,” he tells me.

“And what about `who”?” I add.

We both dissolve into laughter.

“So, let me ask you the question,” Andy says. “Who, when, where, what and how? And why?”

“Hey!” I protest. “That was two questions! But, I”ll answer them anyway. You and me, before lunch, in the workers” hut, you can guess what and how. Why? Because I love having fun with you!”

We pack everything away.

Andy says, “I need to hang out. How about you?” And he undoes his jeans, hangs out and starts to `take a leak”, as Mr Cameron described it.

I fish Junior out and we play sword fights. His pee and mine. Not pointing towards each other! I”m not stupid! Just in the same direction.

“Want to have some fun here?” he asks, taking hold of Junior.

“Yes, I”d love to,” I tell him. “But I”d prefer to wait until we get to the workers” hut. OK?”

“OK!” he says. “Let”s get the fencing finished. Hurry up.”

Two rapidly-expanding cocks are stuffed back, with difficulty, into our jeans.

Our two mugs go back into the drinks container and both are stowed back on the bike.

We work at a much faster rate, almost running back to the bikes at the end of each section.

With the workers” hut in sight, we go extra fast, and I hope that we haven”t missed any loose bolts!

We pull the bikes to a halt outside the door. I grab one of the containers, head into the hut and put it on the bench. What”s keeping Andy? I thought that he was right behind me.

I go back outside.

Then I see them. Two horses mating. Not far from us. Andy is staring. The stallion is really going for it!

When he pulls his pole out of her hole, it is followed by a small gush of white stuff. Haha, I know how that feels.

“Now, that”s really got me hard!” Andy comments, and jiggles the front of his jeans.

Andy grabs the second container and heads into the hut.

While he adds the second container to the bench, I turn on the gas, as Ron showed me. That will make sure that the water in the shower is hot.

Everything is exactly as I remember it. Maybe nobody has been here since Ron and I made use of it last holidays.

“I know that you had a shower this morning,” I tell Andy, “but you didn”t have it with me! Do you want to have one now?”

“Hell, yeah!” he says, using William”s favourite expression.

It doesn”t take us long to strip naked, with our clothes flung onto one of the bunks.

We stop to look at ourselves in the tall mirror next to the shower-room door.

I love what I see. Not just our cocks; his longer than mine, and mine fatter than his. But our bodies seem somehow perfect together. Maybe even more than Karl”s and my identical ones do. I compare Andy”s curly `chicken feathers” with my straight ones. He has more. I check out his Adam”s apple and I swallow to see if I can see mine. Our tans are similar. Our blond hair is different but similar. Our grins tell me that we have the same thoughts, and I take his hand and lead him in to the shower.

While I turn on the water, I love the feeling of Andy”s body pressed against my back, with his arms around my chest. I feel his cock between my glutes and I think of the fun that I had when I was here with Ron. But this is Andy! Hell, yeah!

With the water temperature just about perfect, I turn and hug my body against Andy”s. We rub out bodies together and reach around for each other”s glutes.

“Come on,” I tell him. “The shower”s ready, and there”s nobody around. Just you and me.”

We step in, turn around lots of times until we are totally saturated with wet hair across our faces.

I sweep my hair to one side, pull him out of the direct stream of water and grab the soap. “Turn around,” I tell him, “and I”ll soap up your back.” He does. And I do. I love the feeling of his firm, soapy glutes. “Now me,” I tell him.

He does. After he soaps up my back, I turn my front to him and say, “Keep going.”

He grins the most wonderful grin, starts at my chest and works his way down. He only gets as far as my cock and balls, and they get a good soaping.

He hands me the soap and I get his front all soaped up as well.

It almost seems instinctive that we start to rub our soapy bodies together. Mostly front to front, with lots of glute squeezing around each other”s body. Then I turn his back to me. My memory of my time with Ron kicks in and I firstly rub Junior up and down Andy”s crack, then I poke it between his legs and pull his body hard against mine. Then I start to do what Ron and I did, and I start pushing my hips backwards and forwards. I feel Junior sliding and it feels fantastic.

Andy freezes.

“This feels really good,” I tell him. “Wanna do it to me?”

He turns and looks at me, and I think that he has tears in his eyes. It”s not just the shower water!

“What”s the matter?” I ask him. “Did I hurt you?”

“No, Kurt. You didn”t hurt me,” he begins to cry, “but I remember when somebody else did.”

“Who? When? What happened?” I ask, much more seriously that when we were playing that word game earlier.

“Can I tell you later, or some other time?” He asks me.

“I”m sorry!” I tell him, and I think that I”m going to cry as well, for making him so sad. “I thought that this would be fun, Andy. I”m really sorry.”

“I love being here with you, Kurt,” Andy sobs. “It”s just that I have some bad memories.”

“Can I help them to go away?” I ask him, and hug him to me.

We hold each other and I nudge him and me under the warm water.

“I love you, Kurt,” Andy whispers into my ear, together with some water.

I have to stick a finger in my ear to try to clear it, then shake my head. What that does is flick a whole lot of water into Andy”s face.

We both laugh. Andy”s mood is happier.

“Let”s start again, with the soap,” I tell him. “You do me first.”

When we are both foamy and slippery, I decide to see whether something that Ron taught me will make Andy happy.

izmit otele gelen escort We stand face to face. I take his longer-than-mine and direct it under my balls, then I hug him as closely to me as I can.

“Go on!” I tell him. “Do it!”

He doesn”t need an explanation. He starts slowly and I rock my body in time with his, so that I can feel his cock sliding along the hard part of Junior that is on the inside of my body, behind my balls.

“Ohhh,” he groans. “This feels so good.”

“For me too,” I tell him. “Keep doing it!”

He continues for about a minute and then stops and pulls his cock right back, and it pops, upright, next to Junior.

I”m about to ask him what is wrong when he says, “You do it! I want to feel what you were feeling.”

I make sure that Junior is really soapy, then I push it under his balls and begin to slide it in and out.

Andy pulls my body against his. “Go faster,” he tells me.

I pick up speed and can”t help groaning with pleasure as I feel Junior running along the hardness of Andy”s `hidden” cock.

He groans again, “Ohhh! This feels good too. Keep going. More! I think that I”m going to spurt.”

I lean my chest back away from his, just enough to take his cock in my hand. I rub it once.

“Aargh!” Andy calls out and a huge spurt shoots up between our bodies. And another. And more.

The sight and feeling of him shooting is too much for me, and I pump Junior in and out as fast as I can. Just as I am about to spurt, I pull Junior back and blast my stuff all over Andy”s stomach.

“Amazing,” Andy says, hugging our two bodies against each other. “I definitely want to do that again!” Then he kisses me. On the lips. My mouth opens and our tongues wrestle with each other”s.

“I love you too,” I tell him, and I wonder when we will get another opportunity to repeat what we have just done, in private.

We clean ourselves and I turn off the shower.

We dry ourselves with a shared towel and I am about to get dressed when Andy says, “Hey, how about we have no clothes until after lunch? Sort of like Marty”s rule before breakfast.”

“I”m happy to look at your naked body for a while longer,” I tell him, grinning. Then I add, “Hey, your cock looks thicker after you have spurted!”

“And yours looks longer,” he laughs back.

We stand in front of the mirror, and take in each other”s beauty. More similar now than earlier.


We unpack everything onto the bench and check it all out. “OK,” I say, “What about, sandwiches first and then a mug of coffee with an apple tart, sort of like dessert?”

It”s decided. We eat, drink and feast on two apple tarts each.

At the bottom of the food container, Mr or Mrs Cameron has put a clipboard. When I check it, there is a list of everything that should be in the workers” hut, and how much. Plus a pencil.

That makes it really easy to work out what extra is needed. We line up everything on the bench and the small table and check what is here against what should be here. There”s not much difference. Maybe a couple of extra cans of vegetables and packets of soup mix. And some extra tea bags.

I think that we should take the opened sauce bottles back to the homestead. I”m not sure how long sauce lasts when it is opened and left unused.

I also discover something that is not on the Camerons” list. Maybe Ron left it here. Baby oil. Hmmm.

We replace everything, and I think that we”re ready to go. We still have the soft drinks and some cookies left that Mrs Cameron packed for us. We can have them on the way back.

“Want to get dressed now?” I ask Andy.

He looks at me, strangely.

“What?” I ask.

“Do you want to do it again?” Andy asks me, and grins sheepishly.

“What? Count everything?” I put to him.

He shakes his head and smirks. “No. Have another shower.”

His cock starts to grow and stand out from his body. I know what he wants. Hell, yeah!

Then I think. We have the beds. We have towels and I”ve found Ron”s baby oil! Junior is already standing out from my body.

Andy looks at it. “Is that a `yes” then?” he asks me.

“Almost, but not quite,” I tell him. “I have another idea which I think you will love.”

I put a dry towel onto one of the beds and tell Andy to lie on his back.

He does, while I fetch the oil from where I put it at the back of the cupboard.

He watches me to see what I have in mind.

I kneel either side of his legs, play with his now-hard cock and his balls. I lift his balls and squirt some oil under them. I lean forward and position Junior where I have squirted the oil. Then I slowly push it down, and pull back. Then push again, spreading the oil deep between his legs.

I look at Andy”s face. He is grinning. I lay my body on his, and kiss him, while thrusting Junior down and up. In and out. Feeling the firmness of his cock inside his body.

“This feels fantastic!” I tell him. “Wanna try it?”

I pull out and we swap positions. He picks up the oil and copies what I did with it, then lays himself on me. I feel his cock stroking Junior”s hidden bit and it feels amazing. What is even better is watching the pleasure on Andy”s face and hearing the noises that he is making.

“Wait.” I tell him. I turn over and lay on my stomach. “Keep going, from the back,” I say. “Just like from the front. Use more oil if you have to.”

Andy pauses. “But I might hurt you,” he tells me.

“You won”t” I say. “Try it.” Why would he even think that?

I feel the oil first, then his cock. I move slightly to ensure that his cock is pushing under my balls. Then, I get him started by raising and lowering my backside.

“How does that feel?” I ask.

“Trucking fantastic,” he replies, and his pushing becomes enthusiastic.

“Let”s turn on our sides, like in bed,” I say. “Then keep going.”

I”m aware of feeling Andy”s chicken feathers against my glutes each time that he pushes his cock right in between my legs. “Hold onto my cock while you”re doing it,” I say.

“Ohhh,” he groans. “So nice!”

“Keep going,” I tell him.

He continues to push and groan and I feel his breathing change. His body tenses.

“I”m gonna spurt!” he tells me.

“Keep going,” I say again, and hold the towel in front of my balls so that nothing spurts onto the bed or the floor.”

He grips me hard and, after his body freezes, I feel it shaking. I feel his cock throbbing. I feel his wetness under my balls. I feel excited that he has enjoyed himself. With me.

I roll back onto my stomach. “Lie on me,” I tell him.

I love the feeling of his weight on my back. And the heat of his body.

We rest while his breathing recovers. His chest on my back. His face against mine.

“What about you?” he whispers in my ear.

“Suck me,” I tell him. Andy rolls off me and turn onto my back. We position ourselves so that he can do it easily.

He does what we have been practising this past week, and soon has me ready to let fly. “Stop!” I tell him. “I”m going to spurt.”

He doesn”t stop. And his mouth takes it all! And he swallows. Then he kisses me and I can taste my own stuff in his mouth.

“OMG.” I tell him. “I”m going to miss you when you go home!”

“Me too,” he says. “But we could always visit each other. Sometimes.”

His emotions seem mixed. I”m unsure whether he is happy about even the possibility of his suggestion, or miserable at the certainty of us being apart. Like me.

I take the wet towel to the shower room and hang it to dry. I wet a face washer with hot water, squeeze it out. Andy and I clean ourselves from the oil.

darıca escort We hug and get dressed.

I decide to take that towel, plus the one which we used to dry ourselves back to the homestead. It would not be much of a lie to say that we showered after working hard and feeling dusty.

I make sure that we have packed everything, and I close the door.

We start our bikes. “Wait!” I call out, and turn my bike off. “I almost forgot to turn off the gas.”

That done, we head back.

About half-way, I stop my bike, and Andy pulls up alongside me.

“Look! Over there! At this point, we seem pretty close to the river,” I tell him. “Let”s take a drink and some cookies and walk over there, through this fenced paddock.”

It only takes us a couple of minutes to find ourselves beneath the river gums. I spot a log about 20 metres away and we head for it.

We sit, listen to the gurgling of the running water, and I”m aware of a sort of soft, whispering wind among the gum trees. Whispering Gums? Hmm.

Andy and I talk while the drink and cookies progressively disappear.

I think that Andy is surprised when I ask, “How come you were so fast in the shower this morning? I thought that you would have spent more time in there with Mr Grant and William. Like you said that you did at the beach, with your other friends.”

“Well,” Andy begins, hesitantly. “They were already really soapy when I went in and Tom was hugging Will from behind. When I took my underpants off, they separated and said `good morning” and they both soaped me up. I got stiff too, like they both were. But I just had a feeling that they were hurrying because they really wanted to be alone, so I rinsed off, told them that I”d see them for breakfast. dried myself, took my undies out to the bunk room, got dressed and headed over to the house.”

“Oh,” I say, disappointed that it wasn”t me who had walked in on the other two. I try to imagine what it would be like to be `soaped up” by Mr Grant. Junior stirs.

“It was OK,” Andy says. “They are brothers, you know. Don”t you have some fun in the shower with your brother?”

“Yes,” I tell him, grinning, “but not like what we did back in the workers” hut.”

“Yeah,” Andy comments, as though it makes no difference. “That”s sort of what I think they were doing. But they are brothers. Not like you and me!” He grins, and I force a grin back at him.

Andy picks up on my almost-insincere grin, then says, “Ship! I”m sorry, Kurt. Did I just break a house rule? You know, what happens in the house, stays in the house!”

“It”s OK, Andy,” I tell him. “Even if it is a house rule out here, then I won”t tell that you told me. What happens between us, stays between us.”

We chuckle at our personal house rule, stand up, hug, then separate with a quick kiss.

I think that I will have to watch Mr Grant and William together more closely! Especially since I already know that they suck each other”s cock. But I am really happy that William taught me how to do it to Andy.


“You should see Will ride!” Karl tells me over Mrs Cameron”s afternoon tea.

I think that I could easily put on a lot of unwanted weight if I was to eat this kind of stuff every day. Make that twice a day � morning and afternoon. Maybe three times if we include supper!

Neither Andy nor I need to ask for more. Karl goes on, “He can gallop and turn and jump and he looks like he”s glued to the horse. He”s amazing.”

“And you should see Tom ride!” William comments in response. “He can walk and bounce and…”

Mr Cameron cuts him off. “I think that you”re being unfair to Tom, Will. He did very well for only his second time on a horse. He managed to trot quite well, which you weren”t around to see.”

I”m amazed by two things.

Firstly, was this only Mr Grant”s second time riding a horse? Really?

Secondly, that Mr Grant pokes out his tongue at William, who does the same back to him. That”s the kind of thing that little Eric and his brother David would do at school. I”ve gotta find out from one of them what that”s all about!

Dad and Ms O”Sullivan have been very quiet. Until Dad says, “Guys, I”ve asked Mr Grant if you could stay with him for the rest of the week. Helen has some Council business to attend to and I need to go to Brisbane for something important.”

“Brisbane?” Karl asks. “Couldn”t we come too?”

“We could see Mum and stay with Ma and Pa,” I add, as though my twin brother and I are instantly on the same wave length.

“Maybe next time,” Dad says to both of us. “Besides, I”m sure that Kurt doesn”t want to leave Andy here by himself for the last few days of term. And it wouldn”t be fair if I took one of you and not both of you.”

Dad”s right! I have only a few more days, and nights, with Andy before he has to go home. I couldn”t leave him. I”m sure that would be worse for him than it was for me when Mum and Ron went away. Even though I would love to see my Mum, I really don”t want to leave Andy! I love her but I think I”m in love with him.

“It would be OK with me if Karl wants to go and see Mum,” I say. I mean it.

William and Mr Grant look at each other, and raise an eyebrow and a smirk. I”m watching those two! And which bed do I think that William would sleep in at Jintabudjaree without Karl there?

“On second thoughts,” I say, “I think that Mum would like to see us both together. Don”t you think so, Karl?”

Karl looks at William, and I can tell what he”s thinking. He doesn”t want to miss out on spending the week with his friend before William disappears with Mr Grant for two weeks for the holidays.

Karl turns to me and says, “Yes, I think that when we go, it should be together.” He adds, “Can you imagine how much of Ma and Pa”s carrying on that I would have to endure without you there? And their questions?”

“When she sees you, I”m sure that your mum will be amazed at how much her two boys have grown into young men. Maybe next holidays you could stay for a week, eh? This time I”ll only need a couple of nights,” Dad tells us. “Helen is going to drive me to Cunnamulla on Monday morning and I should be back sometime on Wednesday, depending on the transport timetables.”

I want to ask Dad why he has to travel to Brisbane so urgently, but I”m sure that he will tell us. Maybe when he gets back.


Andy and I give Mr Cameron a report on what we did with the fences, and give our list of things to Mrs Cameron, so that the next person to go down to the workers” hut can take everything.

And the afternoon is spent playing games. Dad and Ms O”Sullivan join in with us. And, I find out that you can use two packs of cards when there are so many people playing poker. And, it is possible to actually get five of a kind!


When the rest of us head for the bunkhouse, Dad stays longer with Ms O”Sullivan and the Camerons, like last night.

Underpants are substitutes for pyjamas, again.

I lie in bed and wonder how my brother is feeling, with nobody in bed with him. And whether horse riding was all that he and William did without Mr Grant and Mr Cameron being with them. Yeah, I reckon that they would have both jerked each other off at some time during the day!

Andy and I turn in our beds to face each other in the dim light. Smiling. With wonderful memories of my day with Andy, I feel my eyes getting heavy.


(to be continued)


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