Subject: Last of the Line – Chapter 75 Last of the Line by badboi666 =============================================================================== If sex with boys isn’t your thing, go away. If, as is much more likely, you’ve come to this site precisely to get your rocks off reading about sex with 14-year-olds then make yourself comfortable – you’re in the right place. NOTE to the reader: “Peter Brown” aka badboi666 is, as you might guess, not in the first flush of youth: indeed he is well into the you’ll-die-if-you-get-this-fucking-thing age cohort. It has been his habit in all his stories published here to be two or three chapters ahead of publication. If he gets a nasty cough and a temperature he will post all outstanding chapters together with a synopsis of what is still to come. Then, if he snuffs it, you can at least have some idea of what befell Dab in the end. A bit like Edwin Dro Don’t leave, however, without doing this: Donate to Nifty – these buggers may do it for love but they still have to eat. fty/donate.html =============================================================================== Chapter 75 It wasn’t hard to decipher Hamish’s reaction to the sight of Billy pissing – and pissing energetically – under the other shower. Or, to be precise, Hamish’s reactions, for there were more than one. What mattered was the final one – intense curiosity. “Does that mean you and Billy piss in here when you like? Not in the loo, I mean.” I nodded, and waited for the next connection to be made. It didn’t take long. “Can I piss here then?” I nodded again. “What if it goes on you, Dab?” “I shall enjoy it. Haven’t you worked it out yet? This middle bit is where we play piss games – you piss here where you like, and that includes on other guys in here.” And in them, I thought, but I kept quiet about that. The time might come, but when it did it would be at his instigation. He started to piss, decorously holding his cock and aiming the flow towards the drain. “Don’t I get any then?” and I gently took hold of his cock – still in full flow – and aimed it at my belly. Hamish’s piss ran over my cock and balls and flowed down my leg. Hamish’s eyes widened, but his bladder kept on with its work. “You really like being pissed on?” “Look at my cock – doesn’t it tell you I’m enjoying it?” He grinned. “Yes, I suppose it does.” (My cock was pretty hard by this time.) He waved his around a bit, splashing as he did so. Billy had quietly crossed to our shower. “Do I get any?” he said softly. Hamish spun round – he hadn’t heard Billy approach – and Billy got what he wanted as Hamish’s cock whipped round. “Mmm.” It was time for me to take the final step, so while Hamish was concentrating his flow on Billy’s belly I started to piss on Hamish’s back. He didn’t notice at first until Billy said quietly “are you enjoying that?” and pointed behind him. Hamish turned and was amazed. “You’re pissing on me, Dab!” I nodded, “and you love it, don’t you.” Hamish had no option but to agree, a position more easily arrived at thanks to the clear signal given by his cock. I bent down and got it between my lips. “If you have any more,” said Billy helpfully, “that means that Dab wants the rest in his mouth.” Alas, the well was dry. But at least Hamish now understood what was possible – nay, encouraged – in the middle part of the room. Let him think about it when he was in bed and see whether he came back for more. We soaped quickly and chastely, and ten minutes later we were all dressed again. “I told you we had a proper present for you,” I said, “but you don’t get it until you’ve spent ten minutes running around in the garden so you’re nice and hot and sweaty when you get home.” Hamish grunted, but his desire to get a present was uppermost in his mind so he went out to rush about mindlessly in the garden. When he came in again he had interpreted my instruction to the letter – he was pouring with sweat. “Good lad,” I said, giving him a quick kiss, “here you are.” He unwrapped the little parcel and found a zipper. “Wow! I’ve never had one before. Thanks!” and Billy and I were treated to a sweaty kiss. “I’ve put my number in.” I said, “so you can keep in touch. Tell us what Mr Ogilvie says.” “I don’t expect I’ll see him before you go,” he said, “but as soon as I do I’ll tell you.” After a few minutes of gentle leave-taking he cycled off down the track. We hadn’t made any plans for him to visit again, but with his having a zipper that wasn’t a problem. Even if the fish required his attention in the next few days we’d see him in September, and Mr Ogilvie’s thoughts would be put into practice by then. ***** In the event we didn’t see Hamish again that time. He zipped me two days after he’d been to say that Mr Ogilvie was away on holiday and that he’d been grounded for being cheeky to his mother. I zipped back to make sure that the cause of his cheekiness was not related to anything which might have happened at Inverthrum, and was relieved to get a reply that merely said “no, luckily. I dropped something and said ‘fuck’ and the shit hit the fan”. “We must be more careful to restrain our foul language when we are entertaining,” said Billy, looking over my shoulder. On the way home we looked in at McKenzie’s to let him know kilis escort that we would be returning in September. Before leaving I had installed an important purchase we’d made in Inverness, and the big fun room upstairs now had an entry system which needed a combination. As there was no more work to be done there no-one could snoop around – we had no idea how much McKenzie might try to put two and two together. He knew we were always together and it didn’t require great insight to conclude that we might well be queer. Neither Billy nor I was bothered, but equally neither of us had any idea of how such egregious behaviour was viewed in Lairg. It paid to be discreet, at least until we felt otherwise. “What code did you put in?” asked Billy, “you never know, you might drop dead and I’d never be able to get in to play with Hamish.” I loved the way he cared about things. “What’s your favourite number?” I said. He looked at me. “I don’t have a favourite number.” I looked back. “Think, Billy, what do you like doing?” I watched the penny drop. “Ah, OK, and I can do it twice – is that right?” I nodded. “McKenzie’ll never think of that,” he said happily. ***** Back home we found Seb well on the road to recovery. We examined his partially-shaved head and the wound. It looked scary. The five of us sat outside – it was over 30 degrees, even after 9 o’clock – and exchanged gossip. The hospital wanted Seb to go back in three days for a check-up, and his progress had been without problems. Dodo was like a mother hen – something which none of us (including Dodo) had never expected to see. When he went in to get something for Seb Jack said that he’d never seen Dodo like that before. “Not even when the two of us were on the run alone.” “That’s what love does, Jack,” I said, hastily adding “sex-love, I mean, not brother-love.” Jack grinned, “I know what you meant, Dab.” He paused: Dodo was still out of the room. “Can I sleep with you two tonight? I think Dodo needs only one chick to be broody over.” Seb roared with laughter for a split second before he remembered that roaring with laughter hurt. “You’re priceless, Jack. What you really want is to hear all the juicy details about the highland laddies these two have been seducing into their bed.” Neither Billy nor I said a word for several seconds, during which neither Seb nor Jack felt the need to fill the growing awkward silence. It was up to me, I suppose. “Not laddies, Seb, just laddie.” This time it was Jack who did the roaring. That was when Dodo returned. “What’s the big joke?” Jack could hardly contain himself. “The Laird of Inverthrum and his boyfriend have ravished an innocent Scots child, and the whole of the Highlands are aflame with the scandal of it.” “All that’s aflame, apart from the Laird’s cheeks,” said Billy, “was the hair on the child’s head: it matched Dab’s perfectly.” After that we had little option but to describe (in considerable detail) Hamish and his desire to be instructed in those matters in which Billy and I were so willing to instruct him. By the time we had exhausted the subject Jack whispered to me (but sufficiently loudly that Dodo and Seb could hear) that he didn’t really understand all that we had told him, but that if I showed him it might all fall into place. There followed quite the liveliest night that any of us three had had for a long time. So lively were we that at some time shortly after 2 a.m. a great cry of “shut the fuck up, you three!” came from next door where we had rather forgotten that an invalid was recovering. We three giggled at the cry from the mother hen, but that rather put a stop to any further wickedness, and we were all asleep tangled together a few minutes later. At breakfast the next morning Dodo glared at us fiercely, but he couldn’t keep it up, and all five of us were helpless with laughter. “It’s good to be back,” said Billy. “Amen to that,” said Seb, “you’ve no idea how grateful I am, Dab, that you’ve let us stay here. Mrs Tallis has been very good to me – to both of us – and it’s meant a lot to us that you’ve taken in a pair of strays yet again.” Dodo got up and stood behind my chair; he put his arms round me. “Thank you, Dab,” he whispered. ***** Three days later Dodo drove Seb back to the hospital. Billy and I wondered what they would do if everything was OK. Jack said that they were planning to have a couple of weeks away before Seb went back to work. “Dodo’s got some holiday due and Seb’s still on sick leave. They don’t want to go abroad, not while Seb’s still a bit wonky, so they’re thinking of Cornwall. Neither of them have been there. Pam knows a nice hotel somewhere and they might go there. Run by a couple of queers, apparently.” Billy and I relaxed at that point. Billy and I took the electro into Stoke as soon as they had gone. I wanted to get the van sorted out. Rather to my surprise it took us only a couple of hours to find something sturdy that could cope with the track at Inverthrum while not being a pig to drive the 480-odd miles to get there. As Seb’s shop was in the other direction we didn’t go to buy the sling – there was no hurry, after all. When they got back in the afternoon it was obvious from the smiling faces that Seb was fit to venture among a fresh kıbrıs escort pair of queers in Cornwall. The plan was that they would drive there in two days and stay until it was time fir them both to go back to work. “When will that be?” I asked. “I plan to find out tomorrow. We’ll go in and I’ll talk to the boss. Dodo and I have talked about it and we both feel that starting again on the Monday 18 days from now will be about right. If you’re happy we’ll come back here tomorrow night, then go home the next day to collect things for Cornwall, and set off from there.” “Of course, Seb,” I said, making a mental note that dinner the next night would be special. The next morning they went off to the shop and I went to sort things out with Mrs Morley. She was delighted that – as she put it – at last she could stop doing nursery food. It was good, she said, that civilized adults were back, requiring her to use more of her skills. What had I in mind? I said I would leave it to her. “This is their last night, so something special, I think.” I went to see Hester. It was time to do something about Jack’s college. She had the forms all ready to be sent off. Although they didn’t need to be in for another three months it made sense to get him in the queue early. All that was needed was my final say-so. It didn’t take long for me to read it through. “You’re sure this is the right place for him? And he’s sure?” She assured me that wild horses would not keep Jack back. I grinned; I could imagine Jack’s insistence. “OK, I’ll get Dunstable to fill in the details about the fees and so on. What’s Jack up to today?” It was perhaps a foolish question with lunch less than an hour away, and by the time I got back to the house and had a beer I had had a very thorough session. Jack really had fallen on his feet. So, come to that, had Dodo. I spent a happy few minutes wondering what Dan and Golding would think were they to see Dodo and Jack now. During that hour I’d told her about the state of the grounds at Inverthrum. “Would it make sense if I got Jack up there to see what he could do with it? Would the College be more likely to give him a place if he’d done work – designed it, I mean – of that kind?” “I should think so,” she said, “anything that draws attention to one applicant rather than another is bound to be worth doing. When were you thinking of?” I hadn’t got that far yet, but I told here that Billy and I were planning another week there in September. “Isn’t that a bit late to have any influence on the College? Why not go back in a week or so, then Jack can look around and write a report, a proper formal one, for me and it can be sent with the application. A fortnight’s delay won’t make a difference, especially if he can add something he’s been responsible for.” “Agreed. We’re having a special dinner tonight as Seb and Dodo are going back home tomorrow. Keep it a secret and I’ll tell Jack tonight.” “He’ll be unstoppable.” I reminded her that that was part of the attraction. I went for a walk round the garden with Billy after lunch, avoiding anywhere Jack might be. I explained about the change of plan. “Do you mind not coming this time?” “Of course not, Dab, it’s important that Jack has you to himself now and again.” I told him to keep it a secret until dinner. Dodo and Seb arrived back with big silly grins on their faces. “What have you two been up to?” said Billy, aware that something must have happened. Whatever it was was to remain a secret, apparently, ‘until later’. These secrets were building up. What they did say was that the shop was back to normal and that the rest of the staff would look forward to their return from Cornwall with great enthusiasm. “What did that mean?” asked Jack. “They’re worked off their feet without us,” said Seb. “And their star sexy salesman is busy looking after you instead of selling mountains of stuff,” added Dodo. Worries about his lover seemed to have left Dodo. Dinner was festive, as I had planned it would be. Mrs Morley had pulled the stops out. By the time we’d all stuffed ourselves we were all feeling very relaxed – a position aided by a couple of nice bottles from the cellar. “I’ve things to tell you,” I said. Groans from the rest of them – “no, not a bloody speech, news. Hester and I were discussing your college application this morning, Jack, and we both thought it would help if you had something more to put on the form. You and I are going to Inverthrum in a day or two and you are going to study the grounds and make a report on what you think should be done. It’s been overgrown for years, and all that’s happened is that the stuff has been hacked back.” Jack’s face was a picture. “Just you and me? And I’m to do what I like?” I nodded. “Not ‘do’ at this stage though, just write what you think should be done. Who does it, and when, are things for next year.” When the hubbub died down Seb said that he – they – had news as well. “You’ve been so generous, letting us stay here while you and Billy were ravishing highland youth and all. Billy mentioned that you were going to buy a sling for Inverthrum. Well, you’re not, because we want to give you one. In fact it’s already arranged. All you’ve got to do is collect it and take it there.” “And kırıkkale escort think of us while you’re enjoying it,” said Dodo. Billy was quick to say that it would be even more enjoyable if all five of us were there.” “Some time next summer,” I said, “once the jungle’s been tamed.” All this talk of slings served only to make a visit to the sling upstairs all the more desirable. Seb assured us that the hospital had passed him as fit to resume normal life, and that he would expect to entertain all four of us while he used his professional expertise to check that the sling was still in full working order. “Did you mention being fucked by a whole houseful?” asked Jack. This detail had not been covered, it turned out, but a general resumption of a full and active life was being encouraged. As the hours passed we tried to remember not to be too vigorous in our satisfying Seb’s seemingly unquenchable desire to test the sling to its limits. ***** After we saw them off the next morning, somewhat later than had been anticipated, Billy, Jack and I had a conference. “Change of plans,” I said, “I’ll take the van and collect the sling, and Jack and I can erect it. We’ll leave the van in Inverthrum and get the train back. If we leave early tomorrow we ought to be able to do it in a day.” Jack was even more excited at the thought of all the pleasures that awaited him – a sling, a job of work that would give him a blank canvas to deal with, and a few days of having me all to himself. “How long will we stay there?” he said. “Four, five days I expect,” I said, “but we’ll need to see how your project goes. It’s work, Jack, as well as fun.” “I know, Dab, but … will I get to meet Hamish?” So that was what was making him so excited. “I expect so. We’ll be buying stuff in his mother’s shop, after all. Go and talk to Hester about it all – well, not all, but about the parts where she might have ideas for you to think about.” It was always a joy to see someone so keen to set about the day’s work, and for about the hundredth time I thanked the jillies for leading him and Dodo to attack the school. ***** The van wasn’t idea for a long journey, but we got there in a oner. We’d stopped in Inverness for something to eat as Billy and I had left no food in the house, thinking we wouldn’t be back for several weeks. We were both dog tired, and I probably shouldn’t have been driving for so long, so on arrival we went straight upstairs. I put in the code and opened the door. Jack was amazed. “Wow! It’s magic, Dab. A sling room and a bedroom all in one.” “We’ll play tomorrow, I promise, but right now I’m whacked. Come on, teeth, piss and cuddle.” The next morning we unloaded the sling and manhandled it upstairs. We left in in pieces – there would be time to assemble it later. I took the van down to Lairg, leaving Jack to look around the grounds, armed with a measuring tape and a notebook. “No hurry, Dab,” he’d said as I got into the van, “this looks like real fun.” Mrs McKenzie was surprised to see me. “It’s only a few days since you were here – is something the matter?” I assured her that everything was fine, but that I needed the grounds properly surveyed. “I’ve brought a lad with me who works on the gardens down where we live. He’ll be going to college next year, and this will be good experience for him.” She smiled, “that’ll be nice,” she said, and I went on to buy the stuff we’d need. “Is there a garage I could rent to keep the van in?” I said, “we’ve been bringing stuff up that’s too big to go in the wee car -” (I was beginning to speak the language, thanks to Hamish) “- and we’ll keep the van here, but I don’t want a 2 mile walk to the station every time.” She said she would ask her husband when he got in from work. “Maybe I’ll send Hamish up on his bike to let you know.” I said that would be good, “Hamish is always welcome.” As I drove back up the track I regretted having said that – I didn’t think his parents were aware that he’d visited apart from that first day. Oh well, there was nothing to be done about it now. All that and saying ‘fuck’ as well – the boy would have to be careful. I saw Jack measuring when I got back, so I left him to it – he was working, after all. I emptied the van and put all the food and drink away. Then, as it was baking, even as far north as Sutherland, I took two cans of beer out to see how he was doing. “God! Thanks, Dab. You never told me it was hot up here.” “How are you doing?” “I’ve made a sketch and put all the measurements in. It faces south, so there’s plenty of sun on three sides and a good deal of shade at the back. That means we can grow different kinds of things. What are you after? Flowers or what?” “That’s the sort of decision you’re here to make,” I said, “any fool can measure. You know the sort of things worth growing.” He grinned. “This is going to be a lot of fun, Dab. I’m going to find out about the soil and the climate up here – it’s different from ours at home.” He wasn’t watching my face, intent as he was on the job in hand, so he was unaware of my reaction to hearing him use those three simple everyday words. What a change had happened to his life since the jillies led him to me. =============================================================================== The fun continues in Chapter 76 as Hamish brings news of a garage, and things take an interesting turn. Drop me a line at net – that is after you’ve dropped a few quid. ===============================================================================

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