Subject: Max’s Grinder Journey — Chapter 7 (Adult/youth) The usual disclaimers — fictional story, fictional characters. Stay safe, and enjoy! Also, please consider donating to support this awesome archive of incredible stories to keep it going for our future generation at fty . Max’s Grindr Journey — Chapter 7 I got home from school and still smelled like sex from my encounter with Connor. I still couldn’t believe I fucked him, not even to mention that he found me hot OR that he was fucking gay! I still had Grindr running in the background on my phone, although I had silenced notifications. I quickly popped into the app to see if Aiden had contacted me yet, but he hadn’t. There were a few other nondescript messages from guys that were clearly predators, so I decided I should probably put the phone down for now and shower to remove the dried up bits of cum from my nether region (even though I thought it was so hot to still have remnants of Conner’s bodily odor on my manhood). I locked the door and turned on the shower. I had a full length mirror behind the door and was admiring my greatly improving abdominal muscles and my rather large but flaccid cock. I couldn’t help but start thinking about Connor’s beautiful hole and how much jizz he spewed into my mouth. It was creamy and satisfying, and it didn’t take long before my flaccid member was at full staff. Luckily I had my phone, so I took the opportunity to take some prize-winning selfies in all the right positions. I even got a few close-ups of my cock-head oozing with a few strands of pre-cum. Those would certainly beget some hot replies on Grindr when used at the opportunistic time. kırklareli escort As I continued to admire my twinkie body, the mirror began to fog from the heat of the shower. I decided I might need to relieve some of the tension of my swelling teenage hormones, and rather than create another mess all over my body, I figured I’d attend to my dick in the shower. As I was stepping into the shower, I noticed a new message pop in on Grindr. It was a nondescript profile, with no picture and no stats. The message simply read, “Hey sexy.” “What the heck,” I thought to myself, and I sent back a simple, “Sup?” He immediately responded with a picture of his (so I hoped) massively erect cock, followed by, “This.” “Nice man,” I replied. “Got any others?” He replied with a full nude headless body shot. Interesting. He was clearly an older (40+) guy, as I could tell from the silver hairs on his chest, but he was impressively fit and had the physique of a man 20 years his junior. I didn’t think at all that an older gentleman could have such an effect on me, but I was incredibly turned on and wanting more. I replied back with one of my fresh pre-shower shots, followed-up immediately by a closeup of my pre-cumming dick. The steam in the bathroom was getting to be a bit much, so I quickly hopped in the shower and rinsed, skipping my planned masturbatory exercises so I could get back to my new crush. I quickly dried off and looked at my phone. I had more messages from my gentleman caller: “Wow dude, just like I like them. Thin, smooth and hung.” This was followed by another message asking me to send him a picture of my ass. kırşehir escort I readily replied, to which he responded back with an eggplant emoji, peach emoji, and then sweat emoji. If only… I asked to see a picture of his face. He sent one along, and the best way to describe him was manly, light stubble, short silver hair and youthful looking–yet clearly older. I asked him how old he was, and he told me he was 48. I did the math on that, and he was basically my dad’s age give or take a few years. It started to seem a bit weird that I was/could be attracted to a guy more than double my age–almost triple my age frankly–but I can’t help nature and the impact that this studly dude was having on me. He asked if I had Snapchat, and if I wanted to have a quick jerkoff session, given he had to get ready for a dinner he was in town for, claiming he was insanely horny after having just landed from a long cross-country flight. Recognizing how horny I already was–only made worse by this sexy daddy–I shot along my Snap and it didn’t take long before we were exchanging one hot video after the next. I was still reluctant to send along my own face, but he never asked; he was satisfied with pictures of my body, cock and ass. This guy was clearly a horn-dog, because from the looks of it, he was snapping me from an airport lavatory stall–which made the whole thing even hotter! It didn’t take long before we were both cumming (add it to my list of orgasms today, but heck, I’m young and ready to fire on a moment’s notice). He told me thanks, and said he had to head off to meet his client for dinner. I replied back and just laid kızılay escort there thinking about how I just came to an old dude–and loved it. I asked if he was around later, suggesting maybe we meet up in person, but alas, the Grindr ghost-god’s interfered and I didn’t hear back from him. Clean from my shower, but showered freshly in cum, I decided to hop back in the shower for a quick rinse, then got dressed and started on my homework (or should I say, avoiding it by queuing up some nondescript pointless YouTube videos designed exclusively to procrastinate). Before I knew it, my mom was banging on my door and asking me to get ready for dinner–reminding me that dad had one of his clients coming over and that I needed to be on my best [Stepford] behavior. I came downstairs around 6:30 and continued my loafing in the living room. I saw a car pull in but didn’t see who got out of it. Seconds later the doorbell rang, and my mom screamed to me from the kitchen to answer it, assuming it was our guest. I put on my Stepford smile, walked to the front door to answer it, and opened it up. My mouth dropped. He stared back and smiled, puzzled at my confusion. “You must be Max; your father told me so much about you. I’m Michael, here to meet up with your dad on that project we’re working on together.” It was him–the Grindr guy from earlier, complete with a deep manly and masculine voice. Probably 6′ 2″. He had a suitcase and was here to not only have dinner but stay the night. He clearly had no clue that I was his jerk-off partner from before, but FUCK, he was hotter than I expected in person. And his manly aroma was intoxicating. My dick was rock hard, and I was still speechless. He sized me up, and I swear could tell I was packing some rock hard meat in my trousers. He then gave me a wink, and asked, “Well, Max…are you going to invite me in?” I couldn’t help but wonder if that was a double entendre.

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