Subject: New Neighbors, Old Friends part 6 ( Adult-Youth) 6th Part I woke up and without disturbing Matias, because I knew if he woke up it was difficult not to have another sex session, I got up went to the bathroom, took a shower and got dressed, went to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. – Matias gets up almost at the time, go take a shower and come to have breakfast After a while I hear a voice grumbling and coming down the stairs, he appeared in the kitchen, naked and with a hard cock – Well, young man, as much as I like the style you wear, I think your school won’t accept – AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH, I was dreaming so well. And going to school the day after yesterday I don’t feel like it. – Isn’t it the last week? He sat down and put his head against the counter – I’m not in the mood. I want to stay with you to do beautiful things. I put it behind him, and I told him – Come on, good boy, otherwise they’ll still find out what we’re doing and I’ll be arrested. He lifted his head and kissed me – I’ll get dressed. When he passed, I slapped him in the ass. We had breakfast and took him to school. In the middle of the morning Mateus called me – So I spend the night waking up – No, he was a good kid, first he was on the couch and then the bed. – Wow what a home life. You look like an old couple. Thank you for your help – Whenever you want Nothing happened for a few days, I was going to them and he was mine, but nothing special. Well, life was back to normal. But on Saturday it was a hot day and at night too, I decided to go back to my night baths, but instead of a bathrobe, I took some shorts and a t-shirt, with slippers. Go out through the garden gate and when I start walking I see the M&M gate, nickname I have for father and son, opening – Good night neighbor – said – Fuck that scare. – Matthew replied – I didn’t count on you here. I’ve never seen anyone around these parts at this hour – And what are you and your son doing at these hours? – The madman now gave him to stroll the beach, take walks in the moonlight. And thou? – I’m going to take a dip in the moonlight. – At this hour? – It’s hot, and it’s quieter – Dad, Dad Dad, Shall we take a dip too? – Can we go but didn’t bring the shorts? – Me neither. konyaaltı üniversiteli escort I go to natural – Ui swim naked! – a squeaky voice- I want to try it. Once again, without giving the father time to answer, he ran out of the way towards the beach – You are creating an exhibitionist – Don’t even tell me. Now you can walk or in a bathrobe or underwear at home. I do not know what’s happening. – It’s adolescence .. – He was a very respectful teenager, until he spent the night at your house. I will still find out what you did – ME, nothing – lying. The young man’s father liked to run naked on the building’s stairs – It was silly. And you were the same When we arrived at the beach, we were given an ass to face us. – The ass is just like the father – I said when we approached – Let’s go undress your elderly.-And ran to the water And I did just that, I undressed, my cock in half rod and I also entered the water. I dived and went to Matias’ feet, he started playing with my cock under the water – The seduction plan is underway. – He whispered, turning to the shore, where Mateus was still in his shorts. – Come on, don’t be ashamed what you have we all have He started to laugh and dove and I felt his mouth on the erect member, I looked straight ahead at Mateus who had removed his shorts and what can I say that he had grown a lot since the last time I saw him naked. Matias returned to the surface, with a smile of satisfaction – What is up? – he said when his father leaned against him, making Matias a sandeuiche. – Oh father, you scared me Mateus wrapped his arms around my body, squeezing the boy between us, I looked at his face and a smile of satisfaction was on his face and I felt him moving his hips. – You can try to escape, but you are well trapped.- Lowering his hands to my buttocks and I took advantage and did the same, Matias managed to escape, which made me and Mateus join our bodies and kiss lightly. – Your son looks like an eel. You can get out of grips with ease. It is very flexible. – It must be the gym he did. He could put his legs between his head – It was like the father could do it too – he said and I gave an ironic smile During this kurtköy escort brief conversation, I took a hand from his ass and squeezed his hard cock – You are well grown in all departments. – And you too- copying the same movement – I need to talk to you in private. – You can talk.- said inquisitive – Not here, it’s about Matias. – What is up ? – Tomorrow he goes to lunch at a friend’s house and we speak at that time. During those moments we continued to caress, without noticing that we were being watched by Matias. – Well it’s very good but I have to go. Come on Matias – Oh just a little more.- He made a face- Uncle Pedro takes care of me I don’t even argue anymore. You can but don’t come back late. And he started to walk towards the clothes, Matias was pleased to see his father walking away. I looked at his ear and told him – What did you do that your father wants to talk to me about you. – I did nothing, I am behaving so well- while saying this, he leaned over a little and found my dick at his entrance and slowly let himself in. – Good, I really needed it I looked in the direction Mateus was nowhere to be seen, I grabbed his cock and followed his pace, but we quickly got to the climax. Without speaking we went to the clothes we got dressed and started to go up the direction to the houses. – You know that the father is very happy to have found and he only talks about your times together and that you had a lot of fun – We were the best of friends He stopped and stood in front of me and took my hands – He never told me but I suspect you two were more than friends. And I would like to know what will happen to me if you two return together? – We won’t think about it for now. I will always be at your service. Don’t think you’re a fleeting affair, You’re strong in my heart – I just want my father’s happiness – We will be happy all three. – And your son? What will happen when he comes on vacation – Let’s be calm, very calm Arriving at the gate and before he put the code, I kissed him fervently. And each one went to his home. I still heard him calling his father and laughing The next day, wait for Mateus and the news, at around 14.45 the bell rang ankara kurtuluş escort and he entered. – Good afternoon. Have you dispatched the child yet? – I could see he wasn’t going to see his friend. – Wow what a loving father. I’m going to have coffee, do you want? – Yes. And I took out the coffees and put his on the kitchen counter and leaned against it. – Tell me what’s going on? – Kind of afraid because I was afraid that he had discovered what was going on with me and his son. – I don’t know how to tell you this. – with a shy voice – You don’t have any milk? Jokingly I told him – You always knew where to go – with an ironic laugh – I can’t take it anymore – He suddenly got up, approached me and in a quick movement he knelt and lowered my training pants and underwear – I’ve been dreaming about this for years And swallowed my cock in one gulp -AH Fuck. Don’t forget how to do it – and I grabbed his hair And since he was good, since he was young he was great at sucking cock, but now he was an expert. The mouth and tongue knew where to touch to get the best pleasure. I pulled it up and we started doing mouth-to-mouth breathing, at the same time we took off our clothes. – Walk with me. – I gave him his hand and with the hard dicks showing the way we went to my office, inside there was a sofa bed. We lay down to kiss like there was no tomorrow – I missed your mouth – said Matthew – Shut up and turn around. And we were in 69, in front of me the cock where I learned to suck, without wasting time swallowed, I hear a sigh from the other party – I already said and I repeat that I missed your mouth- And sucked my cock again For a few minutes only the wet sound and sighs could be heard. His cock tasted the same as it used to. He slightly opened his legs and I saw his hole blinking, I took advantage and introduced a finger and when he felt it being penetrated, he squeezed his finger, I forced it and started to roll it and go deeper. Suddenly I hit your prostate – That’s right at that point – howled. I took advantage of his relaxation and stuck the second finger, it was the opening of the dam, he came with a force that I had to take the mouth of his cock at the same time that also reached my climax. Our bodies were covered in semen and without reaction. I turned to him and started to lick his face, then it was his turn, finally we kissed and stayed in each other’s arms. We stop here in this 6th Part I know it deviated a little from the section, but it had to be in order to continue the story I hope your criticisms and ideas for the ook And don’t forget to support fty

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