Subject: Painter’s Protege Chapter 6: Reconnection This is a work of fiction that takes place in a world of my imagination only. The ages of the characters involved are up to my readers. Any comments, feedback and suggestions are welcome! Please send them ail. Chapter 6: Reconnection I cannot describe to you adequately quite how exhilarating it feels to wake up beside one you love after a long absence. Seeing the first morning rays cast a golden glow over Tim’s fine features and feeling the warmth of his long, lithe, smooth body against mine is a memory that will sustain me for many years. I watched an errant curl of his golden hair fall across his face and he stirred, mumbling quietly. A moment later he turned and twisted his neck to gaze into my face. My heart lurched at the stunning clarity of his green eyes and the pink bow of his lips. I reached to brush one of the errant curls from his face and he gently pushed my hand away. “Not yet, okay, Will. I’m not ready to be touched like that yet.” There was a momentary pang, but I nodded my understanding. “No problem, Tim. You wanna get a shower while I make breakfast?” I rolled out of bed, slid my bathrobe over my boxers and padded out into the kitchen. I shut the door behind me, a flashback to Tim’s gorgeous nakedness running through my head. I sighed, but didn’t push anything as I went to make some crepes. I heard the rush of running water as I heated the pan, making the batter in the meantime. The thought of the hot water slicking Tim’s smooth flesh made my cock stir in my boxers. I shoved the thought out of my mind. By the time my beautiful boy emerged from the shower, I had the crepes cooked and escort ankara the macerated fruit I’d made the morning before spooned out. I let Tim roll himself a crepe while I poured us both coffee. I followed suit and sat quietly, waiting for him to speak first. Eventually he broke the silence. “I’m sorry for everything, Will. I guess I better tell you what happened and how we got here.” The tale unfolded in fits and starts. After our intense sexual encounter, Tim grew nervous about how he felt and what I was starting to mean to him. He told his parents that he wanted to try a different art direction, so he wanted another teacher. I was eternally grateful that was all he’d said to them. After I’d left, the desire for more of the same pleasure had continued. He’d found a classmate who returned his affection and they’d began dating. Their insatiable, youthful lust had overcome reason and they eventually got caught, Tim’s cock in the other boy’s mouth. His parents had been appalled and tossed him out. By the time he was done telling his story, crystal tears were running down the silky smoothness of his face. Hitching sobs choked him and his shoulders shook. I had put my arm around him the night before, so I figured it was safe. He didn’t resist as I cradled his lean, lithe frame against me and smelled the fresh scent of his clean body. Eventually the crying slowed and then stopped. Tim took a deep, shuddering breath and turned away from me for a moment. When he looked back his eyes were red-rimmed but resolute. “I know that they think that I’ll stop, but I won’t! I don’t give a damn about their bigoted bullshit.” I nodded esenyurt escort and added, “It was a shock to them, I’m sure. I know they’re pretty conservative, but maybe they’ll come around to the idea that you’re still their son.” Tim’s gorgeous green eyes caught and held mine. “You should hear the sorts of things they say, Will. I very much doubt they’ll ever conclude that having a queer son is anything but a disgrace. After all, what will all their friends say at cocktail parties?” The bitterness in his tone shocked me. We had never discussed his relationship with his parents before, having been focused on painting (and other things.) I began to realize that his sudden rejection of me had come from a more deep-seated place. I laid a hand on his arm, squeezing it. “Well you can stay here for as long as you need, Tim. I’m here to help.” I felt his fingers, long and graceful, gently brush over mine and he gave me a tired smile. “Thank you, Will. I…missed you.” Our fingers lingered a moment more before he took his away. The day passed with him working on some drawings while I painted a piece I’d been working on over the last month. It felt good be near this angelic young man while we both concentrated on our work. There was a feeling of creation and productivity that filled the space of my studio. After we’d had our fill of work, I suggested that it might be time for a light repast. I raided my fridge for some smoked salmon, Boursin cheese and cut some slices off the rye loaf I had baked. As we ate, enjoying the companionable presence, I felt Tim move nearer to me. There was an electric jolt eskişehir escort as his long leg touched mine, I felt the contact of his body’s warmth and the subtle movements of his muscles as he pressed his thigh into mine. There was tension building as that contact increased my arousal, causing my cock to swell in my pants. A surreptitious glance across Tim’s crotch showed a distinct swelling in his jeans as well. Forcing myself to look away, to turn my attention from that suggestive bulge I concentrated on the food. His leg stayed put, pressing against mine and transferring its deep warmth to my own. We cleaned up after dinner and Tim said he was so exhausted that all he wanted to do was lay on my sofa and mindlessly watch some TV. I was quite content to share that time with him, sprawled out on the expansive cushions. I sensed him slowly inching nearer to me, the caressing warmth of his lean body becoming more noticeable. Soon he was right against me, pressing the length of his lithe teen frame into me. I felt his cock throbbing in time to his heartbeat, thick against my leg. My own penis responded in kind, filling up and stiffening, my heartbeat pulsing in it. All at once, he straddled me, grinding his slim hips into mine, rubbing the heat and weight of his teenage cock into me. “Fuck Will, I can’t take this any more! I want you so goddamn much!” We were kissing, mouths meeting in a moist, deep kiss. His eager tongue ran over mine and the heat of our bodies mingled. I could catch a hint of the musk of his teen dick and the rich scent of his armpits, so full of pheromonal funk. The kiss was needy, aching and hungry. Panting, I broke the kiss for a moment. “A…are you sure?” There was fire in his beautiful eyes and he thrust his throbbing erection up against mine for emphasis. “Oh yes Will! I am quite emphatically sure!” Once more, I shall be cruel and leave my readers hanging (or not) so that I may devote a full measure of description to our passion!

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