Subject: Personal Responsibility Chapter 12 DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story and contains descriptions of sex between young boys and men. If that offends you, stop reading. If it’s illegal where you live, stop reading. If you can’t differentiate between fantasy and reality, stop reading and get help. If you enjoy this story, or any of the other great stories on Nifty, consider making a donation. Day 11 � Thursday Kyle was awake a little before I was. The first rays of sunlight were just starting to poke their way into the van. He crept back to the bed and squeezed himself under the blanket, snuggling back up with me. “Morning,” I said softly. He turned his head, green eyes narrowed slightly. “Oh, so now you wake up.” He glared at me for a moment and then grinned to show he was joking. “Little shit,” I teased. “You’re really trying to earn your morning spanking, huh?” “I’m a good boy!” he gasped in mock indignation. “I even tied Alex back up after he got back from the bathroom.” I raised an eyebrow, actually impressed. “Sir,” I corrected, giving his butt a light pat. “Sorry, Sir.” He wriggled his hips around and stood back up. “Should I get breakfast ready, Sir?” I sighed. I’d been hoping for a bit of a lie-in but with two excitable boys in the van there wasn’t much chance of that. “Sure thing, kiddo. Alex, let’s get those cuffs off you.” I got out of bed and moved toward Alex, who sat up and held his wrists out. I uncuffed them but left his ankle cuffs on. He gave me a dark look but got shakily to his feet, joining Kyle in searching for cereal. I sat back and left them to it. They made an odd pair: Alex hobbled around, one hand resting on the edge of the van for balance, while Kyle winced with each step, evidently still sore from last night’s orgy. Between them, they managed to find cereal, three bowls, and a carton of milk in the cooler box. We sat on the bed side by side as we ate. “If either of you spill anything, you won’t be able to sit down for a week,” I warned, only half joking. Kyle tilted his bowl until the milk was dangerously close to spilling out and then righted it again. “What? It already hurts to sit down,” he said when I glared at him. For the rest of breakfast, we mostly discussed our plans for the rest of the day. Dylan would be joining us around lunchtime. In his emails he’d mentioned wanting to hang out with the boys after they were done paying him back for the van, which was fine by me. The boys were excited, too: “You mean we actually do get to go surfing? Yes!” Kyle pumped his fist in the air and came dangerously close to sending all of our bowls flying. “Shit, sorry Sir!” I chuckled. “Alex, go wash the dishes. Kyle will help you dry them… if you can manage that without getting water everywhere.” “Yes, Sir,” they said in unison. Kyle carried the dishes to the sink while Alex leaned against his shoulder, hopping along after him. Once they were done, I uncuffed Alex and let the boys get dressed. They changed underwear � both in matching black thongs � and put their little athletic shorts on. “I guess we don’t have to worry about our undies showing in these,” said Alex, tugging up a leg of his shorts. The front of the thong was just about visible when he did. He let it fall down and put his tank top on. I gave Kyle a similar one in a smaller size. His one was white, and clung so tightly to him that his developing musculature was clearly visible underneath. It was made of the same clingy material as gymnastic leotards, probably designed to be worn under sports jerseys. “You look very dashing,” I said as I applied sunscreen to Kyle. He grinned at the compliment and turned so I could do the back of his neck. Alex was next. As I was doing his arms I noticed faint red marks from the cuffs. They were on his legs, too. I smirked. “Think you can earn the bed tonight, Alex?” I teased. He shuddered. “I hope so.” He glanced at Kyle to his right. “It’ll be your turn tonight, man.” Now it was Kyle’s turn to shudder. “Can’t you just get a bunch of people to fuck me again?” I laughed. “Maybe I will. Now then, time for your morning spanking. Both of you get on your hands and knees.” They did as they were told. As they pushed their butts into the air, their shorts rode up until I could practically see the curves where their thighs joined their asses. I smirked. I’d chosen well, these shorts were so thin and short they might as well not even be there. If my boys were going to have to wear clothes in public, these weren’t bad clothes to have them wear. “I want you to count them out loud. Lose track and you both start over from one.” I knelt down beside Alex’s head, rubbing his ass first. “You ready?” “Yes, Sir.” He stuck his ass out even further, head almost touching the ground. “Good boy.” And then I started. Easily at first: two for Alex, two for Kyle. Two for Alex, two for Kyle. I threw in a couple of curveballs: three for Alex, two for Kyle. Two for Kyle, two more for Kyle. Still, they kept count. Kyle was at twenty-three and Alex at twenty-five, when I paused for a moment and then brought both hands down on Kyle at the same time. “Twenty-four, twenty-five!” he gasped, the sting starting to really build up now. “Wrong. That only counted as one. Both of you, start over from the beginning.” Alex sighed and glowered at Kyle. “Oh, c’mon,” he muttered under his breath. “Yes, Sir,” he added out loud, resigned to another beating. I did the same again, hitting hard and fast. The boys yelped with each smack now, until they were at fourteen and fifteen. This time, I gave Alex the double hit. “Ow! Sixteen.” I waited to see if he’d count twice. When he didn’t, I rubbed his ass and said, “Wrong. That was two.” After a pause to see if either boy would protest, I started again. When they both reached the count of ten, I stopped and caressed them, one with each hand. “There we go. That wasn’t so hard now, was it?” “Sorry,” mumbled Alex as the boys got to their feet, shaking their legs to get some feeling back into them. “I guess it wasn’t your fault.” I slapped him once more for good measure, making him jump a little. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. You both fucked up there.” “Yes, Sir! We’re really sorry, Sir,” chimed in Kyle, saving Alex from responding. It was cute to see the way they had each other’s backs even when they were supposed to be competing. Alex’s mood didn’t improve as we walked through the campsite. It wasn’t the stares � though now the boys were wearing a little more, people were more comfortable staring at them � because he was used to that. Perhaps it was his poor night’s sleep, or the trick I’d played on him during the spanking. I had them hold hands for the whole twenty minute walk into town. Once there, we stopped at a rustic looking cafe for a second breakfast. I had a large coffee flavored with some kind of caramel creamer. The boys each took a sip, and Alex perked up at that. After several unhealthy-looking pancakes drowned in syrup and ice cream (we were on vacation, after all), he was back to his usual self. “I am stuuuuuuuuuuuuuuffed!” he exclaimed, leaning back in his chair and puffing out his stomach dramatically. The tight material of his tank top clung to him, emphasizing the little puppy fat he still had. Kyle poked Alex’s tummy and laughed. “How the fuck do you eat so much?” A middle-aged woman at the next table glared at him. He gave her an infuriatingly smug grin and turned back to Alex. No wonder his soccer coach had been so eager to punish him; he could be such a little shit when he wanted to be. “Kyle,” I warned. “Don’t think I won’t spank you in front of all these people.” He opened his mouth to argue, but the look in my eye shut him up. “Sorry, Sir.” The woman at the next table gave a little “hmph” and turned back to her food. She continued to give us dirty looks as we finished eating and then paid. I noticed a man with her � her husband? � following the boys with his eyes for a little too long. “Sir,” said Kyle as we walked along the main street, holding Alex’s hand again. “Would you, like, actually spank me in front of people?” I laughed. “Of course. That’s what my parents did to me as a kid when I fucked around. And let me tell you, they didn’t have to do it much.” “I can’t imagine you as a kid.” Kyle turned to look up and down the street. There wasn’t a huge amount there. This town seemed to have been set up for tourists; it must be completely deserted come September. “Me neither!” said Alex, swinging Kyle’s hand around a little. “And I’ve actually seen pictures.” Kyle’s eyes lit up. “Oh my god, you HAVE to show me!” I resisted the urge to give his ass a good smack. “You know what, Kyle? If you’re a good boy today, I’ll let you see. Deal?” “Deal,” he said instantly. I wasn’t completely sure how I felt about this. On one hand, I cared for Kyle � and sharing a bed last night had definitely strengthened that bond � but on the other hand, the more comfortable he got around me the more he acted up. Perhaps that wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I wasn’t exactly going to turn down more chances to punish him. We spent the rest of the morning exploring the little town. There wasn’t a lot to do: most people who came here were only interested in the beach or the nearby water park. We spent a few hours at a local movie theatre watching the latest Marvel movie. I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, but Kyle and Alex both came out of it buzzing with excitement and discussing theories on what the next one might be. It was nearing lunchtime when we finally got back to the campsite. I checked my phone. There was a text from Dylan telling me he’d be there in half an hour. Perfect. We’d have time to eat before he got here. The boys undressed and made us instant noodles. Kyle added salt, pepper and ketchup to his portion. Alex had several helpings. “I hope that extra weight is going to your butt, young man,” I teased as he got a third bowl of it. “I figure I’ll work it all off surfing,” he shot back. I slapped his bare thigh and he yelped. “Ow! I mean, Sir.” We finished our lunch quickly. As the boys cleaned up, my phone started to buzz. It was Dylan, trying to figure out where we were on the campsite. I gave him directions and before long he emerged from the trees, stinking of pot. “Whoa, man,” he said. As kütahya escort he arrived, Kyle was bent low to the ground picking up bits of noodle Alex had spilled. His ass was raised higher than his head, the little black strip of fabric only just obscuring his hole. Kyle stood up quickly. He’d heard me guiding Dylan to our plot, but he still looked shocked. His dickie was soft, but he still covered his little bulge with both hands. “Uh… hey?” he said. Dylan just smiled and walked closer. “You’re even hotter in person, dude. Can I?” He reached out to touch Kyle’s crotch. His training kicked in and Kyle moved his hands away, holding them awkwardly in front of himself for a second. “Sure.” He settled on putting them on his hips, fingers tucked into the black strap around his waist. Under Dylan’s fingers, Kyle stiffened up, causing the man to grin stupidly. “Whoa, looks like Kyle junior’s happy to see me.” He let go of Kyle junior and held out his hand for the boy to shake. “I’m Dylan.” “Uh, hey Dylan.” Now there was a stranger here, Kyle seemed awfully uncomfortable about being nearly-naked. “Nice to meet you.” “You too dude.” Dylan kept hold of Kyle’s hand as he looked around for Alex. “Where’s, uh, Alex?” Hearing his name, Alex came out of the van where he’d been tidying. “Hey!” he called. Unlike Kyle, he was already entirely comfortable around strangers in this state of undress. “Nice to meet you man!” He came in for a high five which he turned into a hug. Dylan groped his ass, grinning. Alex grinned back and pawed at the man’s chest. Now I got a slightly closer look at Dylan, he didn’t look too much younger than me. He had laugh lines on his face, which was weathered by sun and whatever shit he’d spent his life smoking. “Looks like you boys have both been good,” said Dylan as he stepped away from the hug. He was staring hungrily at Alex’s crotch. The boy already had a bit of a semi going on despite nobody having touched it. “I’m always good,” said Alex, puffing out his chest proudly. “But I can be naughty if you want?” Kyle stood awkwardly where Dylan had left him, giving Alex an incredulous look. He’d been doing this a while, and it showed: he was right at home flirting with strangers who’d paid me for his services. Kyle, on the other hand, was already bright red with embarrassment and all Dylan had done was say hi to him. “Hey, let’s just relax, guys. Can we sit?” Dylan looked to me for confirmation more than the boys. I waved my hand at him. “Hey, we’re borrowing your van. For the next few hours they’re yours, just like we agreed.” “Awesome. You don’t have to be good or naughty, Alex. You can just be yourself.” Dylan slumped to the ground and pulled a long joint from somewhere in his pocket. He lit it and patted the grass next to him. Alex joined him, looking longingly at the joint. Kyle sat and stared too, but more out of judgement than envy. I figured he must still be in the ‘drugs are bad’ stage of adolescence. “What should I call you?” asked Alex, leaning sideways against Dylan, one hand resting against his shoulder. “Ah just Dylan, man.” Just Dylan, man took a long draw of his joint and ashed it on the ground in front of him. I sighed inwardly. Had I trained the boys well enough to stay disciplined after an afternoon with a filthy hippie? “What’s that like?” asked Kyle. Curiosity seemed to be winning out against D.A.R.E. class. “It stinks.” Not too much, then. Dylan blew a plume of smoke into the air and laughed. “Hey man, you learn to love it when you’re older.” I cleared my throat. “If I let him.” Kyle smiled at me. He still seemed a little uncomfortable around Dylan. “Yeah, I dunno, isn’t it really bad for you?” Dylan just shrugged, but I noticed him sidle closer to Alex, holding his waist with the hand that wasn’t holding his joint. “Whatever floats your boat. But yeah, Kyle, it makes everything feel good. It’s like…” He paused, searching for words. “You’re really just at one with nature. And it makes sexy hunks like you guys even sexier.” He took one last hit and then stubbed out the rest, leaving it to blow away in the breeze. So much for being one with nature. Now that both hands were free, he took Kyle under his other arm, rubbing up and down his side. Goosebumps erupted all over Kyle’s tanned skin, and he slumped sleepily into Dylan’s lap. Dylan continued to stroke the boy as if he were a particularly fuckable cat, smiling down at him. “Hey man, you’re safe here. Just relax.” “Mmm.” Kyle was starting to warm up to Dylan. I wasn’t so sure that was a good thing. What I was feeling wasn’t entirely jealousy, more… disapproval. Perhaps I should be extra strict with the boys tonight. “So pot makes us sexier, huh?” asked Alex, shifting so that he was sitting side-on to Dylan, both hands now resting on him. “How sexy are we?” I had to marvel at how good Alex was at this. He could figure out what men were after, and then give it to them. There was a hint of teenage self-consciousness in his voice, but to most of my customers that made him all the more appealing. Dylan pulled Alex in even closer and planted a kiss on his lips. For a split second, Alex pulled a face � the man had been smoking less than a minute earlier � but he pushed through it, closing his eyes and kissing back. Kyle seemed to be at a loss for what to do without someone to tell him. He slid off of Dylan’s lap and leaned up against him, hands rubbing at the front of his faded jeans. Dylan broke the kiss, unbuttoning his jeans to give Kyle a little more space to work. Alex pawed at Dylan desperately, leaning in for another round while Kyle got down and started to suck him off. The man moaned. From my college days I remembered just how good stoned sex felt and kicked myself for not keeping the joints I’d found in the van. I wasn’t about to start asking customers for drugs in front of my slaves, so I just leaned back and enjoyed the show. By some unspoken agreement, Kyle and Alex swapped places. As Kyle made his way up Dylan’s chest he started to plant kisses on his bearded chin, sighing softly into his open mouth before he kissed him. The three of them had entirely forgotten I was watching, lost in each other’s bodies. “Stop,” moaned Alex, moving away from Dylan’s dick. To his credit, Dylan instantly stopped, moving backwards on the grass until his back was against the side of the van. “You good?” he asked, bloodshot eyes wide with concern. “We can stop whenever you-” Alex cut him off, moving closer. “My thong is too tight.” He spoke in a high-pitched, sing-song voice I hadn’t heard him use before. He didn’t often get to take the lead when it came to sex, and he was clearly enjoying it. “Mine too,” joined in Kyle, catching on to what Alex was doing. “It feels like it’s going all the way up my butt.” As if to demonstrate, he turned and tugged at it, shaking his ass in Dylan’s face. Dylan paused, his concerned look turning to one of lust. “Let me help you guys with those.” One in each hand, he tugged them roughly down their thighs. He helped Alex out of his thong first, then Kyle, and was rewarded by the sight of two naked boys advancing on him, dickies at full mast. “Thank you,” moaned Alex. “I thought that was going to crush my dick. You wanna kiss it better?” Kyle burst out laughing at Alex’s over-the-top pornstar impression, but Dylan didn’t seem to mind. He started laughing too, the breathless half-crying laugh of someone who was a little too high. That only made Kyle laugh more. Alex blinked for a minute and then joined in, sitting back on his haunches to catch his breath. “My butt feels empty now,” said Kyle once he had recovered. He was trying to copy Alex’s mannerisms but he started to laugh again halfway through. “Maybe you could help with that?” He turned and presented his empty butt to Dylan, shaking it side to side. “Or you could fuck me,” said Alex quickly. “I want you inside me.” He continued to advance on Dylan until he was straddling him, reaching down and jerking him off gently. “This feels so big.” Dylan shook his head, grinning. “I didn’t think you guys would be this into this. Uh…” He paused, looking from boy to boy. “I’ll fuck you first,” he said to Alex. “You can get some another time, Kyle.” Kyle pouted, but sat up as Alex took his place on all fours, presenting himself to Dylan. Dylan started to line his cock up with Alex’s entrance, when Kyle scampered back into the van to get some lube. “This might make it feel better,” he said, handing it to Dylan. “Oh shit, man!” he exclaimed, looking at Kyle like he was a genius. Compared to Dylan, he pretty much was. He applied a generous amount to Alex’s asshole � far too much, I thought; the kid was tough � and even more to his cock Now he was fully prepared, he started to slide into Alex. I moved around so that I could see better and put a protective and on Kyle’s shoulder. He relaxed a little into the touch, turning to give me a cute smile. In front of us, Dylan was still slowly pushing his cock inside of Alex. Alex moaned sensuously, starting to pant even though the man was barely moving. I shook my head, smiling. Anyone sober might feel a little condescended to at that performance. Dylan didn’t care. He started to fuck Alex in long, slow motions that were probably quite romantic in his head. “Fuuuck,” he grunted. “Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck!” He started to pick up the pace. Each thrust was accompanied by a wet slapping noise as their hips connected. “Oh yeah, Dylan, fuck me!” moaned Alex. Kyle seemed to be in danger of another fit of giggles at this. I gripped his shoulder tightly to keep him focused. Dylan fucked him. It didn’t take him long to reach orgasm, grunting and panting as he fucked Alex. He gave a particularly long, hard thrust and then stopped, catching his breath. He withdrew his cock from the boy and stuffed it back into his shorts. Still basking in the afterglow, he lay down on the floor watching the clouds. “Come on, boys.” I clapped my hands to get their attention, eager to get some semblance of discipline back. “Time for the beach. Get your trunks on, hurry now.” I had Alex wear a tight black speedo that started to stain with semen at the back the second he put it on. He gave me a withering look but didn’t object, though I noticed him rubbing at his butt, trying lara escort to make the marks less noticeable. I gave Kyle a pink speedo, the twin of the purple one he’d worn the previous day. He gulped as he put it on. Every detail of his little dickie and balls was visible through the thin, shiny material. Perhaps more so than yesterday, thanks to the lighter color. Dylan’s orgasm seemed to have sobered him up slightly. That, or he was so hopelessly addicted to pot that his highs only lasted half an hour. “You’re sure it’s cool if I take them to the beach?” he asked. “I brought some surfboards in my car. You guys are gonna love this, trust me.” I applied a fresh layer of sunscreen to the boys while we waited for Dylan. He returned holding three surfboards: one regular sized one, and two smaller ones for the boys. Kyle’s eyes lit up at the sight of them. He ran forward and grabbed hold of the smaller surfboards, handing one to Alex. “Hold it to the side,” I instructed. Kyle tried to hide his crotch with his board. Blushing, he moved it to the side, revealing his boner. “Yeah, little dude. You gotta keep it straight or you’ll get pushed around by the wind and the currents.” He demonstrated holding his own board straight to his side. “Don’t worry, this’ll be fun. I promise.” Dylan led the way along the winding path to the beach. Once there, we walked a little way � almost to the same spot we’d met Dan and Henry � until Dylan decided the waves were just right. The boys got a little lesson on the beach. Kyle didn’t seem too happy about that � though whether it was because he was anxious to get into the water or because he was embarrassed of his speedo I wasn’t sure. The three of them laid their boards down on the sand and stood on them. Dylan showed them how to balance correctly, moving his hips around smoothly. For all my dislike of the man, I had to admit he was a good teacher. I snapped some pictures, admiring the way they were forced to stick their butts out as they leaned forward. Some teenage girls seemed to be admiring Alex too. He gave them a smooth wave, but I noticed him turn so they couldn’t see the cumstain on his ass. The beach part of the lesson done, it was time to head into the waves. I watched from the shoreline, taking more pictures. They waded out until the water was up to their waists and started to paddle their boards out farther. I got a particularly good one of Kyle floating on his board, legs spread either side of it. Wet, his speedo clung to him even more than it had before. My mouth watered as I snapped away. Kyle caught a wave and rode it all the way back to shore, grinning like a madman. “Sir! Sir, I did it! Did you see that?” The same group of girls � who had stayed, presumably to watch Alex � stared at me. If they thought it was weird for Kyle to call me sir, that was their business. “I sure did. I got a picture, too!” “Awesome!” Kyle grinned and turned to go back out, tripping slightly as he did. I got a great shot of him staring out at the sea. The Velcro cuff attached to his surfboard looked pretty hot. I’d have to tie him up more often. Time passed quickly. Alex and Kyle both progressed to kneeling on their surfboards. Alex tried to stand, but fell off almost immediately. He floated there for a moment, spewing salt water from his mouth and laughing. I started to sneakily take pictures of other beachgoers, too, retreating up the shoreline lest my shoes get any wetter. There were so many boys. They looked carefree and wild, sprinting across on the beach, splashing in the water, lazing about on the sand. As happy as I was with my life now, I couldn’t help but feel a pang of nostalgia. Everything had been so simple back then. I spent the rest of the afternoon lost in thought, even forgetting my camera. Dylan trudged up the beach holding his board, Kyle and Alex in tow. “That was SO COOL!” said Kyle as they reached me. “Did you see that? When Alex fell off?” He paused to laugh. Alex laughed too. “Nah, see, it’s like I told you. I was too warm. Had to cool off in the water.” “Suuuuuuuuuure.” They continued to tease each other as the four of us made our way back to the campsite. In the excitement of their first surfing lesson, they had both forgotten to feel self-conscious about their speedos. Neither of them saw the few men who stared, but I did. It filled me with a sort of pride: those pathetic men were resigned to a life of longing, of looking but not touching. They’d go home and make unsatisfying love to their wives while I was balls deep in a twelve-year-old slut. This sense of smugness followed me all the way back to the campsite. I had the boys help Dylan load the surfboards back into his car, ignoring his insistence that it was fine. I wasn’t going to let them be upstaged by a filthy hippie. Dylan hugged each of the boys in turn, lit up another joint, and then drove away to commune with Mother Nature somewhere else. Finally. The shadows were starting to stretch out. I sent the boys to go shower the sand away and tracked down some pictures of myself as a kid. I interspersed them with some pictures of Kyle’s room. Him lying on his front humping the bed. Him and Cole fighting each other. Him and Cole sitting in their underwear playing video games. I stroked myself through my shorts. His reaction was going to be priceless. Alex and Kyle returned just as I was getting food out for our dinner. “Hey, Sir!” called Kyle. He was still wearing the pink speedo from the beach. It stood out against his tanned skin even in the dimming light. “Hey there, kiddo. Alex, you get started on dinner. Kyle, I have a little something to show you.” Kyle’s eyes widened. He sprinted the last ten feet or so to our clearing, practically bobbing up and down in excitement. “The pictures?!” he said. “I still can’t imagine you as a kid,” he added, smirking. I handed the phone to him and he started to laugh. “Oh my GOD! You look so much like Alex here!” He started to swipe through the pictures. There was me on my first day of school, me piled into the back of a car with Alex’s mom, me lounging beside a pool. When the pictures of Kyle came up, he paused for a second. “Hey, this looks like-” and then he went silent. “What’s wrong, kiddo?” I asked as he continued to swipe through the pictures wordlessly. His eyes narrowed. “That’s me,” he said in a small voice, turning the phone so that I could see it. It was a screenshot of the video I’d recorded of Kyle and Cole sitting in their underwear playing video games. On the screen, Cole was staring openly at Kyle’s little briefs. “How do you take this?” I snatched my phone back. “You belong to me, Kyle. I like to keep an eye on my toys.” His hands balled up into fists, his face moving from suspicion to anger. “THAT’S how you knew I was jerking off.” His voice carried, and I couldn’t help worrying someone might hear us. “You were spying on me!” Alex walked out of the woods looking concerned. “What’s up?” he called, a towel slung over his shoulder. Before I could say anything, Kyle turned to him. “He was spying on me! He had cameras in my room, or something!” Alex glanced at me for a second and then looked back at Kyle. “I mean, we are slaves, dude. That kinda makes sense.” Kyle shook his head, running inside the van. He slammed the door behind him so hard the whole van shook. I sighed. At least he hadn’t run to the campsite at large. I was reasonably confident he was well-trained enough to handle this… eventually. “Alex, prepare our dinner. I need to discipline our little friend.” “Yes, Sir.” He set about busying himself with the stove while I opened the door to the van and then locked it behind me. Kyle was sitting on the bed, legs hunched up tight with his arms wrapped around them. As I entered, he turned to glare at me but didn’t speak. His petulant, stubborn pose was undermined slightly by the bright pink speedo he was still wearing. “You have something you need to say to me, Kyle.” I sat down on the bed next to him. He shifted away from me as I did, but didn’t answer. His gaze was locked on the floor now. “Kyle, who do you belong to?” There were a few seconds I thought he would continue to feign deafness. Eventually, he spoke. “You, Sir.” “That’s right. And is there anything I can’t do to you?” I put an arm around his shoulder, pulling him close to me. “…No, Sir.” Again, his answer took a little too long. “That’s right. If I want to lock up your dickie until you’re thirty, that’s my right. Lucky for you I just want to keep tabs on you. Isn’t that right, Kyle?” He took a deep breath and let go of his legs, sitting up properly. “I guess,” he said eventually. “That’s right. You’re being a brat, aren’t you, Kyle?” My arm moved lower so that it was around his waist. His skin felt soft and warm under my fingers. He hunched away from me on the bed but my grip was firm, not letting him escape. “Uh… I guess. Sir.” He started to relax, resigning himself to his punishment. “I’m sorry, Sir.” I guided him over my lap on the bed, patting his perfect little bubble butt through his speedo. I tugged it up at one side to see his cheek. The contrast between his tanned thigh and his pale ass was fantastic. The outdoor work had done wonders for his tanlines. “I’m not so sure you are,” I said, tugging the speedo back down and adjusting it so the skimpy material covered as much of his cheeks as it could. He didn’t answer. I raised my hand and brought it down on him hard. He gasped but didn’t cry out. He gasped on the next smack too, and the next. Twenty more had him grunting audibly. I could feel his boner pressing into my thigh. “You’re enjoying this a little too much, Kyle. Hips up.” “Yes, Sir.” As usual, the spanking brought out his submissive side. He was putty in my hands, and I intended to take advantage. I tugged his speedo down to reveal his butt � now turning a nice pink � and resumed the beating. I hit harder now, flicking my wrist as it connected with his butt. His grunts started to turn into yelps, and then a long, wordless moan. “Stand up.” He got to his feet, looking gratefully at me. If he thought his punishment was over, he was sorely mistaken. “Yes, Sir.” His boner stuck straight up to his tummy. I thought about locking it away, but I didn’t want to ruin tomorrow’s lara eve gelen escort fun too much. “Hands behind your back.” Kyle did as he was told, holding obediently still while I wrapped a length of rope around his wrists. I tied another around his upper arms so that he was forced to hold his wrists straight down. I rummaged around in another bag until I found what I was looking for: a large red ball gag, with a leather strap attached. Kyle’s eyes widened when he saw it, but he knew better than to protest. “Know what this is?” “I… think so, Sir.” He gulped, squirming uncomfortably against his bonds. “Good. I don’t want to hear any more of your whining, alright?” He nodded, unsure of whether he should agree out loud or not. I put the gag into his mouth and attached the straps around his head. It was a little large for him, forcing his mouth open a little too wide to be comfortable. “That’s a good boy. Now, is your little butt sore?” I rummaged around for a jar of soothing cream that I’d brought with me. He nodded, eyes widening. “Not sore enough.” I put the jar on the ground and sat back down on the bed, patting my lap. He grimaced around the ball gag but walked closer to me, allowing me to guide him over my lap back into a spanking position. I took hold of his hands and pushed them aside with ease. His ass was now free to spank, and spank I did. Even with the gag in place, he cried out in pain. My hand was well and truly stinging by the time I was finished, leaving my slave hanging limp over my lap. I stood up and lay him face down on the bed, roughly spreading his legs as far as they would go with his speedo around his knees. He turned to give me a look of betrayal, but didn’t try to speak. “Now, let’s make your butt feel better.” I took the cream from the floor and rubbed a little into him, perched on the edge of the bed. He started to relax. “I thought you knew you belonged to me, Kyle.” “Mmm.” Was that agreement? A protest? Acknowledgement that I’d spoken? “I thought you were going to be a good boy. It’s been nice, not having to punish you so much. Do I need to be rougher with you from now on?” “Mmm!” This time he shook his head, leaving no doubt as to what he meant. “I don’t know, Kyle. I think you’re a very bad boy. If you can’t handle a few cameras, I obviously haven’t trained you as well as I thought. That gag is going to stay in overnight. I’ll take it off while you eat and drink, and when you go shower, but it goes right back in after. One word out of you while it’s out and I’ll beat your ass so hard you won’t be able to sit down for a week. Understand?” “Mmm.” He turned his head to face down into the pillow as I rubbed his ass better. The smell of sausages sizzling away wafted in through an open window. My stomach rumbled, but I wasn’t finished with Kyle just yet. I pushed my fingers between his cheeks, rubbing his tender hole. He grunted a little around the gag, but didn’t try to squirm away. “Good boy. Being my little toy isn’t so bad, is it?” I left him lying on the bed as I looked through the bag of sex toys for a little vibrator. It was a sleek black egg with a wire attached that went to its control unit. I slid the egg into Kyle. When it was half in, his hungry ass sucked the rest up. “Sometimes when I play with you, it’s to make you feel good. Does this feel good?” I slapped one of his red cheeks and hit the button on the control unit. A low buzzing filled the van. “Mmmmmmm!” exclaimed Kyle, wriggling against the bed. “No, sit up. No playing with your dickie.” I lifted him up and shifted him around so that he was sitting on my lap, my arms wrapped around his chest to steady him against me. I kissed his cheek and neck, my hands coming down almost � but not quite � to his hard little dickie. “If you’re a good little boy, you get to feel like this.” I turned the vibrator up a few levels. His moans got higher-pitched. “But you have to remember that I own you.” I squeezed him close, feeling his body pressed against mine. It wasn’t long at all before his little dickie started to twitch and a little watery semen trickled out the tip. I turned the vibrator back down to a gentle teasing buzz, but left it up his butt. “Who owns you, Kyle?” “Mmph mm,” he said through the gag. Close enough. His heart was racing from his orgasm and the constant teasing, I could feel it against my chest. “That’s right. I won’t let you forget it again.” I lifted him to his feet and pulled up his speedo. More to have somewhere to put the control unit of the vibrator than to preserve his modesty. “Let’s get you outside for dinner. Remember, one word and you’ll fucking regret it.” He nodded, squirming against the ropes. I took his gag off and he gulped. He didn’t quite scowl at me, but the spanking had cured him of his earlier defiance. “Good boy. Now, let’s get you outside.” I led him outside and helped him sit on the grass. He squirmed as his sore butt made contact with the ground. It must have nudged his vibrator around inside him too, because his little boner twitched and he moaned. Kyle stared longingly at the food. “You can wait,” I instructed, noticing the way he stared at it. He just nodded, staring instead at Alex. Once Alex and I were finished eating, I had Alex feed Kyle, not wanting to untie him until he’d well and truly learned his place. Kyle’s breathing was ragged as he ate. His orgasm earlier hadn’t been enough for the little slut; his boner was twitching inside his speedo. If I was quiet enough, I could hear the low buzz of the vibrator up his ass. He finished his food. After giving him a drink of water � much of which splashed down his chest and onto the grass � I put the gag back in. The three of us went back inside the van. The light outside was failing, the sun disappearing behind our line of trees. I found a little lamp inside a cupboard which I turned on, bathing the van in a warm orange glow. I laid Kyle in the doggy basket as comfortably as I could while keeping his arms bound tightly. “I want you to watch,” I whispered to him, propping his head up on a pillow so that he was facing the bed. “This is what you could have had, if you were a good boy.” I had Alex sit down and slowly pulled down his speedo. His boner sprang free with such force that it almost slapped me in the face. He gasped as I took the tip in my mouth, sucking on it hard before beginning the journey up and down it. Behind me, Kyle moaned in sync with Alex. The vibrator on his prostate must be especially intense now as he watched his own personalized porno. “Oh, fuck!” gasped Alex, leaning back and spreading his legs. I slid a hand between them to nudge his perineum. “Fuuuuck! Sir, I’m gonna cum!” He didn’t get his little dickie sucked very often at all. In all honesty, this was more for Kyle’s benefit than Alex’s, and I think my nephew knew that. Still, he enjoyed his blowjob all the same. Less than two minutes in, Alex began to grunt and moan. His legs rested on my shoulders, wrapping around like a child clinging to its mother. With a particularly loud moan, he came in my mouth. I swallowed the watery semen and kept going, eliciting even more grunts and groans from the boy. Finally, I let his dickie fall out of my mouth and turned to Kyle, licking my lips. “Did you enjoy the show?” He nodded, eyes wide with jealousy. I noticed he’d rolled over onto his front so he could hump the bed. “Mmmm!” “Bad boy, Kyle,” I taunted, speaking as though he were a toddler throwing a tantrum. “I didn’t tell you to play with your dickie, did I?” “Mmm…” he said. Somehow he managed to sound contrite without being able to speak. He shifted his weight, trying to roll back over, but I put a hand on his shoulders, keeping him in place. “No. You can stay like that for now, little boy. Alex, get me a paddle.” “Mmmmm!” Kyle shook his head and tried even harder to turn over, but without the use of his hands he was helpless. He turned to Alex and began making eyes at him instead, trying to win a little pity. That didn’t work either. Alex kept his eyes on mine as he handed the paddle over, before sitting back on the bed to watch. “I think both of you need some more discipline today,” I said conversationally, running the wooden paddle along Kyle’s back. The boy whimpered. “Yes, Sir,” said Alex from the bed, ever obedient. “I promise I’ll be good, Sir. Kyle does too,” he added. Kyle nodded furiously from the doggy basket, assuring me with his moans that he would definitely be a good boy this time, for sure. “We’ll see about that.” Smirking, I brought the paddle down sharply on Kyle’s ass, holding his hands out of the way in one of my own. He yelped and jerked against his bonds, but it was no good. I did it again, and again. After six blows, I set the paddle down and pinched Kyle’s butt. After all of his beatings, it was very red under his little pink speedo. “Your turn now, Alex. Get on your hands and knees.” Alex did as he was told, glancing down at Kyle as he did so. The boys exchanged a supportive little glance that I appreciated. I wanted to keep them in line, but it was nice that they got on so well, too. His ass was raised high in the air, framed by the tight black speedo. I pulled it back down his thighs to admire his butt in all its glory. After a few days at the beach, he was starting to get tanlines as well, though not nearly as pronounced as Kyle’s. “Kyle had part of his punishment earlier,” I explained. “So you’ll be getting twelve. Any complaints, and we start back over from zero… for both of you.” I gave Kyle a meaningful look. “Yes, Sir.” Alex pushed his ass up higher and held his breath, waiting for me to begin. I did, beating him slowly but hard. He gave a cute little high-pitched grunt with each blow, but kept his back arched until the very end. I pinched each cheek in turn and then tugged his speedo back up. “Thank you, Sir,” said Alex as soon as I was done. “Good boy. You can lie down now.” I ruffled his hair and went to turn out our little lamp. “Kyle, I expect you to behave perfectly tomorrow.” This was a lie; I was hoping he would give me another excuse to punish him. He didn’t need to know that, though. “Remember, if you need to get up in the night, come get one of us.” He murmured a little “mmmpph,” in response. “Good boy.” With that, I stripped off and lay down in bed spooning my nephew. * * * To be continued… I hope this chapter was worth the wait. If you have any other comments/suggestions/complaints, feel free to email me ail. Hearing from readers encourages me to write more; writing me will probably make next update faster! 🙂

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