Subject: Reaching into the Dark 3 : Gay Encounters Reaching into the Dark 3 It was some time ago now, but once a month, a sauna in Sydney had a `Butt Naked’ night. No towels! I liked the Butt Naked nights, not because I particularly liked being nude but there was nothing to hide. You got what you saw. Well, mostly! Any sexual contact was great but sometimes just being in one of the packed orgy areas and having to push past other men with rock hard cocks was as horny as hell. Feeling a cock poke into my leg or butt felt sooo good. Lots of `reaching into the dark’ happened on those nights. Someone grabbing my butt was horny as; it always made me to stop and enjoy the moment. Tripping over a man giving a head-job was damned hot. I would reach my hands around and feel the cock thrusting into his mouth or maybe feel the other guys cock and balls. One of my fetishes was to stand behind a guy who was receiving a izmit escort head-job and play with his nipples. I found it hot when they moaned and groaned and if I went to pull my hands away, they would stop me. I also liked standing behind the same man, wrapping arms around his body and grabbing the head of the guy giving the head-job and pushing his head down on the cock. Some liked it a lot and others would stop me. It was a bit of a lie, because the guy giving the head-job would not always realise that it was someone else pushing his head. Non the less, I liked doing it. They got even hornier and that turned me on even more. Standing behind the guy was hot because I got to feel his flesh against mine. Wrapping my arms around him while my hard cock was shoved between his leads. My hands wondering all over this torso. Feeling his balls. Kissing his shoulder blades or nibbling on his ears. The pièce de résistance izmit escort bayan was when I was firm against a man squeezing, his nipples and his cock being worked on and he blows his load; I squeeze harder on one or both nipples or sometimes only one nipple and push the giver – hard onto his cock and force him to swallow the load. The guy blowing would lean against me all spent and moan. I would not move. The sigh of relief was beautiful, horny and a great reward for me. As much as I like sex, I don’t always have to cum and am quite happy to help someone else out. But this fetish of mine always got me extra hot and horny. There were times when I would drop to the floor and go under the guy giving the head-job and suck his cock and balls and maybe finger his hole. Oh, yeah. Man. There are lots of encounters, of course. One favourite was me desperately trying to catch a guy who was about 183 centimetres izmit bayan escort tall. I am a jelly for taller men. I really liked the feel of him. His big body, slightly overweight. Thick seven-inch cock and big balls. He didn’t always give over to me but when he did, I gave him a good work out. I would be kneeling, wrap my arms around his hips – so he couldn’t get away and then suck on that big nob until he blew all his hot man-juice into my willing mouth. I loved it when he grunted that load out. I was always hot for him. He was as arrogant as hell but he sure did like getting his cock sucked and I was always willing to oblige. Very obliging!! ————————————————————————- Thanks to the Nifty Archive Alliance for providing such a site so that I can share my musings and hopefully you will enjoy them too. If you do enjoy my writing(s), or others, please consider donating to Nifty so that you and others can also enjoy them: http://donate./donate.html If you enjoyed my story, I’d love to hear what you think: Klaus Wankedorf Maybe you would also fty//gay/encounters/reaching-into-the-dark

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