Subject: Risky Ricky: Part 1 / Gay/Adult youth Remember to fty This story and its characters are fictional. Send all comments ail Risky Ricky – Part 1: Extra Sausage Man is my dick hard. I apologize that is not an appropriate way to start a story but you caught me in the middle of an intense jerk session. It’s a beautiful Friday afternoon, porn is going, a top is laying pipe into a young Egyptian guy while I stroke away completely naked in my apartment. I accumulate a sweat pumping away through my apartment, windows open, exposed to my neighbors. My name is Riccardo, but you can call me Risky Ricky. Why do they call me this you ask? Well I have been known around my village in Greece to try anything. As a kid, I would walk naked to the store, to my friends, even around the village, 8 inches at full mast. Eyes would gawk and others roll their eyes, aware by now of Risky Ricky. I don’t like to brag but it is why I am so proud to masturbate. Seeing my veined dark, circumcised cock swell in my hands and I caress it up and down, \up and down. It has always pleased me. And here I was pleasing myself as I ordered delivery from the pizzeria downstairs. As I put the order in on my app, I was completely unaware two college age boys from the flat across from were locked on my hard cock through my open window as I stroked and pressed buttons on my phone. One records me from afar as I press submit and leave their view. I enter into my living room, cock in hard, pumping slowly and precisely as I wait the allotted fifteen minutes for the eldery delivery man downstairs to come up with my meat lover’s pizza. How ironic that I love extra sausage? Seeing his face as he makes direct contact with my cock always makes me laugh. Then hearing him walk away cursing me in Greek is the icing on top. tugging furiously in the middle of my living room. I’m 39, 40 in December, and I take pride in the fact I work out daily. I stand, muscular and ankara escort sweaty in front of my old Panasonic, tugging at the strong erection that is slowly building pre-cum in my wet hands. _________ That’s when I get a knock. I bring my edging to a halt and calm my nerves long enough to grab a towel. A wash rag is the more appropriate term since it was barely covering my genitals at all. I get ready to greet the elderly man, completely bare-assed and with a huge grin… …when instead I open the door and look down at, a kid? 11-year-old Miles, a punk skater kid who frequents the arcade, stands before me, pizza in hand. He has the darkest brown curls and darkest brown eyes, but skin pale as can be. Greek genes are magnificent I must say. Nevertheless. A streak of embarrassment shoots down my spine, but instead of going flaccid like a normal person would, my dick jumps under the rag, almost growing at the sight of the young teen. I try my best to hide my erection and close the door to just a peak of my head as I ask “Ya, paidi, where is Mr. Zaggi?” “He saw your order,” started Miles in his nazily preteen voice. “And put it to the side. I was playing Pac-man when I heard him say he was done delivering up to you.” He then smiled, revealing a set of braces. “So… I thought I would bring it up to you?” I stammered a little as I said thank you. Normally I pretend to scramble for change to make the old man wait and watch as I walked around my apartment naked but here this kid was, so innocent and sweet, so adorable… I couldn’t.” “Here let me try to find some change, I’ll be right back.” I shut the door and throw the rag to the ground as I search for any change to give the kid for his good dead. What a good kid. My dick, still hard, swings side to side as I walk hastily through my apartment. As I looked through a pair of jeans for my wallet I couldn’t help but think what made this kind kid pick ankara genç escort up an order for the village flasher? Shouldn’t he know I’m the local self-proclaimed perv? Thinking of his braces made my cock jump again and just as I found my wallet. The only change I had to give him was the Greek equiv of $50 and I wasn’t feeling that generous. He was cute, but no. I start to head back to the door to ask if he can go break my change downstairs when I turn to see the door is now wide open! The kid is now in my kitchen, a few feet from me, eyes locked on my cock. Shocked, I reach for the nearest shirt to cover myself. I stammer as I ask if he can go grab me change, I tell him I can only give 10 and thank him. He makes eye contact and then locks back on my cock. “What if I can make it worth it?” Before I can ask Miles what he means, the 11yo walks up to me, rips the shirt from my hands, then takes a firm, and I mean firm grasp onto my swollen cock. “I…I mean” I can barely form a sentence from his assertiveness. He begins to look up at me, the biggest puppy dog eyes, tugging carefully, oh so carefully, on my dripping cock, as it pulsates in his tiny hands. “Please?” This makes my cock jump in his hand, almost saying yes for me. And with that the boy gets to his knees, furiously pumping on my fat cock. I am in awe. I almost lose my footing, falling back onto the nearest chair as he looks up at me, eyes as big as the moon, letting my precum glide his hand up and down my curved cock. I tell him this can’t last long as sweat starts trickling more down my naked body. I start to build up a quick climax watching the boy devotedly jerking off. I try to control myself, edging myself with his hand to gain my own momentum. I can’t just let some kid who is terrible at Pac-man come into my apartment and take control of MY cock! My pride, my trophy. No matter how hot he was! Fuck… antalya escort No matter how sexy his braces. Ohhh… No matter how cute his eyes looked as patiently waited for what was about to happen next? Oh shit. I thought I was able to take control of the situation but I could no longer continue. The boy had a hand on him and he was motivated to make me fall apart. And that I did. Sweat pouring from my body, gibberish spilling from my mouth, my legs trembling, this was it. It wasn’t until I looked up to suddenly remember Miles left my front door wide open! The two guys from across the patio walk by slowly, taking in the scene from the hallway. At that, it began. My eyes rolled back into my head as a small dribble ejaculated from my cock. Miles gasped excitedly, only to almost stop, thinking that was it. It was not. I roared for him keep going and just as he did, I erupted. I could not control myself as the oncoming orgasm took over. I tensed as a heavy splat of cum burst from the head of my cock, shooting every which way, covering the boy’s nose as he gasped. He kept pumping my wet cock as rope after rope of white milk began aiming right at his little face. I tensed, almost seizing at his accomplishment, still firing. All Miles could do was gasp as he came face to face with a huge wad that plasters his hair, another shot perfectly arches past his braces down his open throat. I slowly start to come down, still tensing madly as he coughs. Miles, now soaked in the dying eruption, never lets go, instead now slowly caressing my cock as it deflates in his hands. He stares, mesmerized at what he has done, a large splooge dangling from his nose as now holds my fallen soldier in his hands. “Wow.” Is all he says as he reaches over giving my fat cock a kiss. My cock oozes out its remains as the boy’s cum soaked tongue moves over the head. I see my neighbors circle back one more time. One recording as he walks by. I am still trembling and unable to care what they saw. All I know is this kid had a goal and went for it. I clean him up and hand him the cash. “Keep the change.” He smiles, braces showing again. “Until next time Ricky?” “Until next time.” Told you, they know my name around here.

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