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Subject: Rods Of Redemption – Part 5 This story is a work of fiction. If material describing sex between men and teenage boys is illegal in your country, then read no further. Nifty is a free resource, but it does require money to stay on the Internet. Therefore, please consider donating to Nifty fty/donate.html Gay / adult-youth / interracial: oral anal, M+/t+ – – – After our inaugural fuck, the bishop gave me a glass of something he called “jump-juice”. Apparently the drink was some kind of aphrodisiac. However, the fact it put me to sleep only proved that it was more sedative than stimulant. When I woke up, I felt extremely horny. I was lying face down on the bishop’s stripped-down bed. A pillow beneath my body kept my buttocks up in the air. I tried to move my hands and feet, but they were tied to the four corners of the double bed with rope. I was dizzy and scared. The so-called aphrodisiac had knocked me out, and allowed Alfredo to tie me down and render me helpless. Alfredo sat on the bed and rubbed some lube into my arsehole. I grunted and pulled hard against my bonds. I was being molested by a man of the cloth, who had no need to tie me down – I was ultra horny and willing to have sex with anyone. I grunted again as a second finger entered my arsehole. I tried to relax when a third finger pushed its way past my arse-lips. The three digits then twisted and turned inside me, as more lube was applied to my “sweet hole”. “Relax, my boy,” he said. “Your sweet hole needs to be prepared for another round of penetration.” Just then, the bedroom door opened and someone entered. “Now that’s a pretty sight,” said the new arrival. “All tied down and ready for my ten-inch stem.” I gulped as Alfredo withdrew his lube-covered fingers from my arsehole. I looked back, over my right shoulder, and saw Léon standing in the doorway. The gatekeeper was completely naked and aiming his hard-standing cock in my direction. My arse-lips twitched in anticipation. “Now be good to this one, Léon,” said the bishop. “He’s weak and willing, so don’t go breaking his arse.” “I was hoping for a feisty fighter,” said Léon.” “Yes, I know you like fucking the unwilling. But this one is no Algerian street urchin.” “Okay, but I’m still going to ride his arse like he was an Algerian street urchin.” “Yes, but don’t go breaking anything. Just take it nice and easy, and hand him back to me in one piece.” The ex-soldier climbed aboard and probed my hole with his cock-head. I was afraid he was going to plunge straight in, without giving me any time to prepare. He ran his cock-head up and down my arse-crack, until he found siirt escort my moist hole. I grit my teeth, but his cock slid in without too much pain. My arse-lips twitched as his large ball-sac pressed against the back of my small ball-sac. “Don’t fret, boy,” he whispered in my ear. “I’m not going to hurt you. I talk tough because that’s the way Alfredo likes it. He enjoys seeing me ‘rape’ a tied down boy. So settle down and let me ride your arse for a while.” The man began to fuck me slowly. I really enjoyed the way he was doing it. He had a long, thin cock that slid in and out of my arsehole with ease. I truly thought that I was going to shed my load then and there. Léon moaned with pleasure as he steadily increased his stroke-rate. “Oh my,” he said. “You feel so-o-o good, boy. I would love to fuck you like this all day, but I need to climax. So beg me to power-fuck your sweet hole.” “Please, sir,” I earnestly implored. “Fuck me harder. Fill me up with your hot seed …. That’s it, sir! Power-fuck my hungry hole.” I then felt his cock flood my innards with spunk; and as it did so, my own cock released a deluge of seed unaided. It was truly an awesome, hands-free climax. My whole body shuddered as my “hungry hole” was filled with warm spunk. “Damn!” he exclaimed. “That was fuckin’ hot!” “Right, get off him now,” said Alfredo. “The boy needs a break.” Léon grunted as he raised up and eased his semi-erect cock out of my arsehole. I felt so empty, and needed to be fucked again. Alfredo clapped his hands to encourage his friend to get a move on. This infuriated Léon, so he decided to shove his cock back in and go for an encore. My arsehole was well lubricated, so it didn’t take much effort to get the action going again. “Not again,” sighed Alfredo. “The boy needs a break.” “And you need to shut up!” snapped Léon, as he fucked me faster and faster. “This boy’s arse is shamefully wanton, so stop putting in your orders.” Léon paused for a second or two, waiting for a rebuke. But when none came, he began fucking me again. My cock got really hard again. This dominant man knew how to make me feel good. I just loved the way his cock slammed into my submissive hole. The encore went on for quite a long time, and beat the main performance by a good ten minutes. I was sweating buckets by the time my hole was filled with another load of spunk. Damn, it felt good! The two men argued playfully as they washed me down in the bath. My sore arsehole was soothed with a mild anaesthetic, and then I was returned to the bedroom for a two-hour threesome. – – – The next day, there were four sincan escort cars parked on the driveway outside the mansion. They were all large and expensive looking vehicles, so they probably belonged to rich sponsors. “Hello, Gavin,” said a naked priest, as he came down the stairs behind me. “Come meet our new visitors. Martin and Russell are already being double-penetrated by them in the main lounge.” The four white men were all in their late forties, early fifties. They were stark-bollock-naked and fucking Martin and Russell like there was no tomorrow. The two boys were bent over and trying to cope with a cock in the mouth and a cock in the arse. They were grunting and groaning as the priests and boys around them looked on. “Splendid,” said Alfredo, as he waved me over. “It’s good to see new sinners being penetrated by old sinners. By the way, this is Gavin. He’s the third new sinner we have on loan.” The pastor was nowhere to be seen, so he had probably gone back to town the evening before. This meant that Martin, Russell and I were now naked guests, visiting a remote mansion in the countryside, with no idea how long our stay would be. Léon squeezed my arse as I stood beside the defrocked bishop. He then looked at Martin and Russell, and then back at me. The silent request was obvious, so I bent over to allow him and Alfredo to double-penetrate me. I was then shunted over to join my two friends in the middle of the room. The cock-sucking and arse-fucking went on for most of the day. I was fucked by four pairs of men that day, and another five pairs of men fucked me the following day. – – – A “track-down” had been organised for the next day. The money generated by such an event did help keep The Retreat going. Rich sponsors would arrive at the mansion to indulge their carnal urges, via the organised hunt. The bishop had a long list of sponsors in his contact book, so every event was oversubscribed. The four white hunters were each allocated three priests to aid them track down their quarry. Alfredo gave the six of us an hour to lose ourselves within the sprawling grounds. But before we set off, he told us not to enter the woodland beyond the parameter. We had to stay within the grounds at all times. “If you are caught,” he said, “you will be punished. And if you are tied to a tree and subsequently abandoned, Léon will be sent out to bring you back …. That’s if he can find you in the dark.” I gulped as one of the priests slapped me across the arse and sent me on my way. “Good luck, little one,” he said, as he watched me strike out for the bushes. I was sinop escort tracked down by Gordon’s team in no time at all. The four men had their evil way with me, doggy fashion, and then tied me between two trees. Everything hurt as I stood with my arms and legs fully outstretch. The ropes around my wrists and ankles were expertly tied; and Gordon took great delight in slapping my face, pinching my nipples and squeezing my ball-sac. Meanwhile, the three priests were fucking my hole in random rotation. “Shall we hunt another one down?” asked the priest that was about to fuck me again. “We could tie them together, face-to-face, and play with their arses all day.” “Or we could tie this ones ball-bag to a log and set it swinging between his legs,” added another priest. “Yes, excellent ideas,” said Gordon. “Let me think about them for a while.” Eventually, Gordon decided to track down another boy. The four men left me tied between the two trees as rain clouds gathered ominously above my head. Of course, they didn’t return to release me when the downpour came. I stood there, in the middle of nowhere, looking like a drowned rat. Léon found me sometime later. He untied me and threw me over his shoulder – I couldn’t walk, because of cramp, and my arms felt like lead weights. “Stupid fuckers!” he snapped. “They said that they couldn’t remember where they had left you. Fucking dickheads!” “I hurt real bad,” I whimpered. “Pins and needles, and a sore…” “They just didn’t want to get wet. That’s the truth.” “I hurt real bad,” I said again. “Pins and…” “Stop complaining!” he snapped. “You needed a good wash.” – – – I was out of action for a day or two. Gordon apologised profusely, but I knew he didn’t mean it – the bastard liked the idea of leaving me out there, in a summer storm. Alfredo was also apologetic, and tore a strip off the four men in front of me. He then asked me not to say a word about the incident to the pastor. Martin and Russell, and the three other boys, were obliged to take up the slack. I was put on sick leave and given loads of cake and ice cream. This didn’t go down too well with some of the boys. “A bit of rain and you get cake and ice cream,” griped Derren. “I get my arse dragged through loads of stinging nettles and…” “Sorry about that,” I interrupted, as I looked down at his uncut cock. “He’s Alfredo’s favourite at the moment,” said Julian. “And the gatekeeper likes him as well. I was surprised that he was sent out as a runner. Alfredo must be really short-handed on the bum-boy side of things.” “Sorry again,” I said, as Derren and Julian put their hands on my shoulders and pushed me down on my knees. “Have you ever tasted cock-cake, Gavin?” asked Julian, as he took hold of his semi-erect cock. “It tastes a little like ice cream, especially when the filling hits the back of your throat.” I smiled and quickly opened my mouth.

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