Life in The Village, through the eyes of Tom Grant, the only teacher at the remote school.

This is an original work of pure fiction (just an expression of a fantasy)
by Robert A. Armstrong (a pseudonym)
(re-written from my 2013 version)

The resemblance of the characters by action, name, location or description to any real person is purely coincidental.

If it is illegal, or offensive, for you to read stories involving interactions of a sexual nature between adults and youths, then what are you doing here?


From Chapter 23

When we get home, the house is still empty. Will and I go through to the deck at the back. There is something that I want to check out. I look upwards towards Simon”s place and can clearly see him and Luke leaning on the balcony railing. I had never noticed people up there previously.

I put my phone on the outdoor table, strip naked and tell Will to do the same. We step to the edge of the pool and wave our arms to attract their attention. After a few moments they acknowledge us. Will and I hold each other”s cock with one hand and wave with the other.

I soon hear the message tone on my phone. It”s from Simon”s number and it reads `OMG. It”s U!!!”

Chapter 24 – Doris and Karen


I turn my eyes to the balcony and give Simon the `thumbs up”, indicating that he is correct, and that it was indeed I whom he had seen frolicking with my friends. He gives me a return salute in acknowledgement.

Will and I go upstairs to change. I do not want to be `sprung” naked by Mum and Amelia arriving home unexpectedly, considering that it is now almost time for lunch. Mum is just as likely to change her mind and come home instead of eating out.

Considering that we have just showered at Simon”s, Will and I simply change into something a little more casual, instead of looking like `a pair of matching giant garden gnomes”, as Luke had cheekily described us to Will.

“Let”s grab something to eat and talk about Simon and Luke,” I suggest. Will agrees and we peruse the refrigerator shelves for something quick but tasty. A variety of meats, cheeses and also tomatoes and salad greens make for some delicious and refreshing sandwiches.

I start, “So how was that, mucking around with someone else? I mean, doing more serious stuff than with Jake and the twins back in The Village?”

“Hey, I loved it. Luke and I just seemed to have `clicked”. Everything that he did to me felt great, and he seemed to really like me too. But it was just good sexy fun. No chemistry beyond mucking around with another like-minded guy. I didn”t tingle the way I do when you touch me. But you know what I really loved?”

I just look at him. I don”t need to ask because he”s going to tell me anyway!

“I loved watching you giving Simon a blow job and taking him right in. It was like watching a video of you doing it to me – from a totally different angle to what I can normally see.” He giggles. “And I liked having you watch me do it to Luke. The smirk on your face just encouraged me to go for it.”

I reply, “Yeah, I enjoyed the expressions on yours and Luke”s faces too. However, I have to admit that I”m a little embarrassed by what I was thinking when we were side by side blowing the pair of them.” I just know he will ask!

I wait.

“And what was that?”

Haha. I knew he couldn”t resist!

“Well, I imagined, just for a moment, that it was you and I with Karl and Kurt. Weird eh?”

“Yeah, well you wouldn”t be the first one to have those thoughts!”

“What?” I ask.

He laughs, “Well, if those two haven”t thought about it, I certainly have!

“You”re incorrigible!” I say.

“Hey, I don”t know what that means, but I”ll bet that you”re right!” he smirks at me.

“Do you need any practice?” I shoot back at him. “I know where you can get some.” I smile at him and hold my crotch, awaiting a response.

“Yeah, Luke would love that.”

“I didn”t mean HIM!” I say, raising my voice, but ordu escort playfully. And I punch him on the shoulder.

The banter continues until I hear a car pull up. “Mum”s home!” I announce, fearing that the moment of confrontation is very near. What a pity she didn”t stay away longer. She and Aunty Doris could have bent each other”s ears for a few more hours, thank you! For that matter, so could have Amelia and Karen.

Moments later the front door opens, unleashing a cacophony of female voices.

`What the hell?” I think, then look up to see Mum, `Aunty” Doris, `cousin” Karen and Amelia. I don”t know how many separate conversations are going on at once but it certainly sounds like more than one or two.

`Good!”, I think to myself. `More delays. I hope that they stay for dinner.”

As the fearsome foursome come through to where Will and I are sitting, their babble comes to an abrupt halt. Aunty Doris and Karen look from me to Will and back again. A few times. I”ve become accustomed to THAT confused expression and I smile at Will. He smirks too.

I stand to greet them. “Aunty Doris, you have no idea how good it is to see you again.” I say, taking her hand and kissing her on both cheeks. “And Karen… don”t you look amazing?”

I know that the way to a woman”s heart is flattery. She takes both of my hands and gives me the double-kiss greeting.

This kissing is a family-and-friends thing, and I know that Will is about to get his wish.

Mum says, “Doris, Karen, I”d like you to meet my nephew, Will, about whom we spoke.”

“Hello, darling,” Aunty Doris says. “How wonderful to meet you!” Then she plants a polite one on each of his cheeks. Turning an inquiring face to Mum, she adds, “I still can”t believe that Bill has a son!”

Mum smirks, “Neither could we, but that”s another story.” She smiles at Will and me. I wink back. Will blushes a little.

Will extends his hand. “Pleased to meet you, Karen,” he says most politely. “Tom has told me a lot about you.”

Always the extrovert, Karen grabs his shoulders, pulls him into a hug then gives him a triple kiss. Will looks at her, stunned.

She relieves his confusion with, “one for good health; one for good luck; and one just for `good to meet you”.” She smiles.

Will is definitely blushing, big time! Sis giggles.

Then he turns to me and gives me a cheeky smirk. I know what”s going through his mind! The kids at The Village will enjoy hearing about this, as much as he will enjoy telling it, probably with a little embellishment. Maybe, not just a little!

Amelia, not to be forgotten, simply pretends to kiss me on both cheeks with a loud `mwa, mwa”, then mockingly pokes out her tongue. However, she doesn”t fake the two kisses that she gives to Will. He laughs. She giggles then races upstairs.

Mum explains, “Amelia has really taken a liking to her new-found cousin!”

Pleasantries are still being exchanged when Amelia re-appears, clutching a bunch of papers. I recognise them.

“Aunty Doris, Karen, would you like to see my new drawings? Will”s been helping me.” Coming from Sis, this is not a question; more of a polite directive to make her the centre of attention.

Some cursory interest is shown in her unique monstrosities (even with some realistic eyes). However, when Will”s pencil sketch of Amelia is produced, their attention heightens.

“Amelia, darling, is this one of yours? No, it couldn”t be… but, it is you. Who did this?”

“Will,” she replies, looking at him proudly.

Karen joins in. “Hey, Will, this is good. Really good. Congratulations!”

I”m not sure whether it”s appropriate to congratulate people on their talent, but Will nods in appreciation of the compliment.

Mum continues, “Doris, Karen, you must come and look at a painting that Will gave me.” She leads them to the lounge room and proudly indicates Will”s `Weir and School”.

“Oh, my!” Aunty Doris exclaims.

“That”s beautiful,” Karen adds. “Is it a photograph?” osmaniye escort Then, looking more closely, answers her own question. “No. I can see the brush strokes. It”s a painting. What a beautiful landscape. Where did you find it?”

Mum says, “Yes, it is beautiful, and Will painted it.”

Following their gasps, between the two of them, Aunty Doris and Karen begin a series of incomplete questions.

“When did you…?”

“How did you…?”

“How can you…?”

And others.

I think, `Will, bro, you”re going to have to get used to these questions and comments from people”.

With amazed interest from them, and insistent encouragement from Amelia, Will, shyly retrieves his portfolio and, with all of us sitting around him, he begins to show them what he has brought with him, adding comments on the subject matter in a bit more detail than he had done previously with Uncle Bill present.

The perverse thought that enters my mind is that the longer everyone is focussed on Will, interspersed with tea, coffee and food, the less inclined Mum will be to corner me and dump her thoughts on me.

I decide to see how far I can push the envelope. “Aunty Doris, are you going to stay for dinner? There is so much that we could catch up on.”

It”s Mum who responds. “I have already tried to persuade her, Thomas, but Aunty Doris says that she has other commitments and that Karen has some research that she needs to undertake.”

Aunty Doris looks at her watch and exclaims, “Goodness me! Where has the time gone? Thank you, Susan. Karen, darling, we really must be going.”

Ouch! Drawing their attention to the time has only backfired on me.

They both gush about Will and his work one final time before giving him more smooches which he can tell the kids about, back at The Village.

Mutual kisses and hugs all around and they are gone.


Sis asks Will for another lesson. I try to dissuade her, but Will is more than accommodating. Bless him! Curse him! Now Mum and I will be left alone together!

Mum makes us both a fresh coffee and gets straight to the point. “Thomas, let”s go to your dad”s study and we can talk in private.”

I recall Uncle Bill”s words once again, “Get it over and done with!”

Closing the study door, Mum indicates for me to sit in one of the arm chairs. I envisage her sitting behind the desk and berating me over some issue, or dumping some dirt about Uncle Bill, my biological father, on me. I”m surprised when she sits in the other arm chair, alongside me.

Putting her cup next to mine on the small coffee table, she takes my hand and looks into my eyes. “I love you, Thomas,” she says, as a conversation starter.

“I love you too, Mum,” I reply, almost automatically, and with a little less tenderness than I would have offered normally.

She looks at me and I see that her eyes are showing signs of becoming moist. I think, `This is going to be bad! She loves me but she thinks that Will and I being together is wrong”.

She says, “Thomas, I”m glad that you and Will have found each other. He is so much like you. I really like him.”

I”m anticipating a big `BUT…”. However, she continues, “And so does Amelia. I think that the two of them are going to be good for one another.”

Now I”m confused. She”s OK with Will and Sis enjoying each other”s company but she doesn”t want her gay son and gay nephew being together and `doing stuff”. That”s not fair! We are the brothers that each of us always wanted yet never knew. Our mutual magnetism (albeit sexually orientated) is some karma, I feel, for the years of `lost time” together growing up. Surely!

“Thomas, your father and I have talked about something and he thinks that I should be the one to tell you.”

Whatever it is, I”m not giving up being with Will! It will break my heart. And his! She has Dad and Amelia. I want him.

“Thomas, there”s something that you need to know.”

My patience is wearing thin, but I take a deep breath ostim escort and say, as calmly as possible, “What Mum? What do you need to tell me?”

She squeezes my hand, and her voice suddenly seems a little croaky as she says, “I have inoperable cancer. The doctor thinks that I may have only three, perhaps six, months to live.”


I am shocked and instantly overcome with guilt because of what I was thinking of her, and supposing what she was going to say to me. I am totally devastated. I clamp both hands over my mouth in an attempt to stop my bottom jaw from quivering. My eyes fill and overflow. I can”t hold it in. My emotions erupt. OMG.

A loudly-whispered “No!” escapes from my trembling mouth. “No, Mum! Not you! It can”t be. You are so healthy! There must be some mistake. No! No! No!”

Then I am so wracked with emotion that all I can do is stand, urge her to her feet and hug her to me, and hold her and cry against her.

“Thomas, honey,” she begins, attempting to comfort me by rubbing my back, “I”m afraid there”s no mistake. I”ve just finished having the blood tests, scans and biopsies. The specialist confirmed everything a few days ago. I will start a course of chemotherapy probably late next week.”

Attempting to allay my own emotions I ask, “Does Amelia know?”

Mum replies, “No, not yet. That will be the most difficult. For all her extroversion, she is really quite fragile. I need to pick the right time and place to tell her. Please don”t say anything to her at the moment.”

I contemplate the plight of my little sister at her vulnerable and needy age, being left without a mother, without Mum, and I burst into tears again. I revert to a childhood habit and wipe my nose and eyes with my forearm and shirt sleeve.

“Come on, son,” Mum says, trying to be positive. “Let”s take our coffees and sit out by the pool. I would not want Amelia or Will to see you upset when they emerge from her drawing lesson. Let”s talk about some good things, like Uncle Bill, and Will”s future as an artist.” She pulls a small handful of tissues from the box on Dad”s desk and hands most of them to me, dabbing at her own eyes with the others.

We pass Amelia”s closed door. Their laughter is evidence that Will is making this lesson an enjoyable one too.

I go straight to the table by the pool, inadvertently, almost automatically, glancing up to Simon”s balcony. Nobody is there. The memory of our fun brings a slight smile to my dial and I mop away the remnants of my tears. I hope that my eyes are not red and puffy. I use the tissues in an attempt to fan away the heat that I feel, and to accelerate the evaporation of any remaining moisture.

Mum emerges with a plate of custard tarts. “I”ve put the coffee mugs into the microwave. They”ll be ready in a minute. You still like these, I hope?” She waves the plate in front of my face.

Now that”s a perfect example of a redundant question, if ever I heard one!

“I thought that they might help,” she says.

There are five. One each for Mum, me, Sis and Will. She sees me counting and doing the mental arithmetic. “If we leave four for when they others come down, they”ll never know that you had a head start!” She smirks at me. She knows me like nobody else does! I love her.

I contemplate `only 3-6 months?” And for nearly all of that time I won”t be here with her and Dad and Amelia. I”ll be teaching back in The Village. At least I will have Will. But he”s not Mum. I love them both, but it”s different. Perhaps God knew in advance and led me to Will to ease the pain of losing her. Is that ridiculous? It”s not fair! It”s not an eye for an eye! It”s a love for a love! That”s cruel! I want both.

OMG. How is Amelia going to cope?


(to be continued)


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