Subject: Scoutmaster Mr Lockwood 3 This story is a work of fiction and contains descriptions of explicit sexual acts of boys and young men discovering their sexuality. It contains graphic scenes of sex between consenting underage boy and adult males. Take a minute and donate to Nifty so we can all continue to enjoy such a fantastic site and keep it going!! _______________ I didn’t know what time it was, but I awoke, still in the arms of Mr. Lockwood. He was not sleeping as much as resting. He was looking straight into my eyes when I awoke. Neither one of us made a sound. I realized that his boner was laying across my legs and I reached down for it. Mr. Lockwood shimmied up a little so that his dick was closer to my hands. I held onto it and felt around it for a minute. It was really magnificent. I had never thought of using that word before but no word I knew described what I was holding. A beautiful 6 inch piece of meat that felt so hard and yet so soft. It was thinner than I would have thought being that he was an adult but also seemed — well, fuller. He had a lot of that liquid I had earlier coming out of his dick so I used my hand to smooth it all over the head just like he had done with me. Mr. Lockwood groaned and leaned onto his back. His boner was curved up towards his tummy and the pool of liquid dripped off of it. I was mesmerized. I had never seen an adult dick before, certainly not an adult boner. His briefs had stayed below his balls as I reached and felt each of them. They seemed really big. “Can you help me feel good?” Mr. Lockwood asked. I smiled up at him and, again, probably blushed. I took ahold of his boner and started to move my now slick hand up and down. Mr. Lockwood groaned louder than I ever had and he started to move his hips up and down with my hand. He put one hand on my butt while we did this, always running that long finger up and down my crack. It felt great when he did that and my boner was already hard again. Mr. Lockwood continued to get louder and his breathing started to get raggedy. Suddenly, he lunged up and his dick started to squirt a lot of the white stuff, all over me and him. I had never seen so much (of course, my cum was the first I had ever seen at all) and I was enjoying making Mr. Lockwood feel so good. As his orgasm came down, he leaned back towards me. He hugged me with both of his strong arms while my head was buried in his big chest. “That was fantastic, Jimmy,” he told me. “One of my best”. One of his best? I was going to have to talk to Dustin about that when we got home. Mr. Lockwood reached down and lathered up his hand with his man goo and brought his hand up to his face. He started to lick it off and stopped. “If you eat it, it’s supposed to make your dick bigger,” he told me. “Have some?” I wasn’t sure but he had never lied to me and I stuck my tongue out to lick once. karabük escort It wasn’t bad. I continued to lick his hand until it was all gone. “Yummy, eh?” he asked me. I just smiled. He reached down and pulled his underwear back up. I was going to but realized that my underwear had fallen off of my legs when I was cuming. I was looking down for it when Mr. Lockwood realized what had happened. “Don’t worry about it, Jimmy,” he said. “Sleeping without clothes will help you stay warm”. He smiled and brought me back in for a hug that just melted me. My boner stuck out and poked him in the stomach. “Let’s get some rest,” he said. He quickly drifted off. I couldn’t sleep with my boner the way it was, so I simply lay there with my Scoutmaster. While lying there, I realized there was a little light coming into the tent from our open door. That was when I realized we hadn’t closed or buttoned it down. Geez, I thought, I hope no one looked in on us while we were — what do I call it — playing around? I felt Mr. Lockwood stirring next to me with my body still in his grasp. My boner was still sticking out, drooling and bouncing each time it touched Mr. Lockwood tummy. Mr. Lockwood opened his eyes with a sleepy look. “So, what do you think of our first camp out practice?” he asked. I had just had the most amazing thing happen to me and yet I couldn’t put it into words. I must have looked shocked. “I know,” he continued. “It’s hard to imagine you had all of that good feeling inside of you and didn’t know it. Over the next few months, we’ll do some additional camping and overnight trips and you’ll learn more about your body and how it can make you feel better than what happened last night”. Better than last night? Was he kidding? I didn’t think anything could feel better than last night. I felt Mr. Lockwood’s hand go down and squeeze my boner. “Still hard eh?” he asked. “Ah, youth. It’s so — youthful”. His hand started an up and down motion on my boner, slick with the drool coming out of my dick. I looked down into the sleeping bag. There was Mr. Lockwood’s dick, covered by his underwear, hard as ever. I reached for it and he again shimmied upwards so I could reach it. He never let go of my dick while he was doing that. We both shook as we continued to play with each other. He was groaning and I was squeaking. It felt wonderful. Then, we both were breathing pretty fast when I felt it start. “I’m cuming,” he said. I nodded. “Me too”, was all I could get out. The feeling washed over me like it had the night before. Each of us squirted as the orgasm made us both breathe heavy and make the grunts (him) and squeaks (me). Being in his arms while I was cuming was simply the best! I felt his dick soak his underwear. As we both came down from my second orgasm, I heard a noise. It was like a twig crunching under someone’s karaman escort foot and I simply looked down at the tent opening. There, on his hands and knees looking in, was Dustin. He had his underwear on and you couldn’t really see anything except his face, which had a big smile. “Wow!” Dustin said in a quiet whisper. “Are you teaching Jimmy about everything?” Mr. Lockwood smiled and looked back at me. “Well, am I?” he asked me. I was still reeling in my post-cum state and simply nodded my head. Mr. Lockwood looked back at Dustin. “Do you want to come in with us and show Jimmie more of what we learn?” Dustin smiled and scooted into our tent, laying down between the both of us. You could tell he was a little bit cold being in just his underwear but was soon squirming under our sleeping bags. “Oooo,” he cooed. “It’s warm under here”. Dustin reached over and pulled my body next to his. “I knew you would like our Scout troop,” he said, smiling. His hand went down to my bare hip. I felt his cotton covered dick, hard, poke up towards my now again hard boner. Mr. Lockwood spoke up again with a whisper. “Go ahead, Dustin,” he told my buddy. “Show him what else can feel good”. I don’t think I have ever been so excited as I was at that moment. I was laying naked with my best friend, Dustin, who was in his underwear. Behind me, my new Scoutmaster, in his underwear, was moving his hand down towards his own boner. It looked like he was jacking off again. Dustin whispered into my ear. “Relax,” he said. “We all like doing this and you are going to love this part”. Dustin started to crawl under the sleeping bag and the top moved down with him. He continued to move his head down to my boner. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen but was really excited at what he was doing. Suddenly, I felt his hand take hold of my dick and his tongue wrap around it, licking the head. I thought I was going to come off of the floor of the tent! “Oooooo,” was all I said. “Yeah,” Dustin whispered as his head came off of my boner and he looked up at me. “Everyone likes this part”. I heard a moan from in back of me and realized Mr. Lockwood was watching us two boys and jacking off to what he was seeing. Dustin moved back down to my boner and slid the head back into his mouth, eventually sliding the entire length in. His tongue was doing unbelievable things to my dick and I was squirming and squeaking. “That’s it boys,” Mr. Lockwood said in a low tone. “It’s natural that young boys experiment and play with each other”. I felt like my skin was filled with energy and my dick was feeling really good. Dustin sucked me for about five minutes as I breathed heavily and continued making those noises. “Cuming,” Mr. Lockwood said. He had pulled his cum-filled underwear down past his balls and I felt his dick squirting his boy goo all over my back. His kars escort moans were pretty loud as he came this time. That drove me over the edge. I started to feel the cum from down in my toes and up through my legs. I squirted at least three into Dustin’s mouth and he never missed any of them. He swallowed it all, letting up on my now sensitive dick and coming back up to where my head was. He leaned into me and kissed me with his cummy lips. It was awesome! “Nice Load, Jimmy,” Dustin said. “How about if you help me?” I realized that in all of my good feelings, Dustin had been hard since he watched Mr. Lockwood and I play. I moved the top of our sleeping bag off of both of our legs and reached down and his boner was in his underwear and a big wet mark was where his dick head was at. I reached for it and gently started to jack him off. Dustin put his hand on the top of my head and started to gently push it down towards his dick. I had never sucked another boy’s dick but was really curios about it. If it felt that good to me, I just knew I could make my buddy feel just as good. As I reached his cotton covered dick, I reached for his underwear and started to pull the elastic waistband down. “Life up,” was all I said. Dustin understood and raised his butt so that I could get his undies past his now very hard dick. Dustin’s boner looked to be around 5 inches, not big around but a nice one. That same boy drool was coming from his dick and I knew that smoothing that around the head always made you feel good. I started to do that with Dustin’s. “Oooo,” he said in a low groan. “You learn fast”. I took my tongue and licked the head of his boner. Dustin squirmed and moved his head back and forth for a minute while I licked his boner up and down. I took the head into my mouth and tried to repeat what he had done with me. “Watch your teeth,” Dustin warned. I don’t think I hurt him but he wanted to make sure I was doing it right. As I continued to be fed his dick, I realized that Dustin had a few hairs at the top of his dick. I would have to ask him about those later. I started seriously sucking his boner and Dustin seriously started to groan. I was hoping no one else would hear us but at that point, I didn’t care. He grabbed my head and mumbled. “…cuming…” was all I heard. His body jerked and squirmed and his breathing went wild as his dick let go of his boy goo. It seemed like a lot but not too much that I couldn’t handle it. It tasted ok but, more to the point, it was making Dustin feel really good. As Dustin came down from his cum, I let go of his dick and looked up to see Mr. Lockwood still jacking off, even though he had already cum twice. He had a smile that was the biggest I had ever seen. “That’s my boys,” he said. “You guys are really sexy together”. I had never thought of me, or any of my buddies as `sexy’ but liked the compliment. I hugged Dustin and he hugged me and, together, naked and a little sweaty, we rested beside each other. It was then that I realized what that smell was in Mr. Lockwood’s sleeping bag. It was boy cum and sweat. I liked the smell. I really did!

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