Subject: Summertime Part 1 Summertime Part 1 by Chaim [email protected] We are a little family and very close. So, welcome into fantasy land. Fantasy land is a place where the passions that drive us can be indulged without fear of consequences. I live here with my two young sons and we enjoy life to the fullest. I just walk through the door of our home after my workout. I am used to have my young sons rushing out to greet me and I’m surprised that this is not the case today. Listening. Muffled sounds come from down the hall and I smiled. My boys are in their shared bedroom, the door to the bedroom is ajar. I quietly approach and slowly peak inside. The clear and pleasant sounds of the boys moaning and the wet sounds of either kissing is obvious. My horny boys, and look inside and see the bed is moving. The sounds make my dick ooze precum into my jeans. “Uh! Uh! Ooooh! uh!” Wet, slurping sounds join the slight squeezing and thudding of the twin bed rocking and hitting the wall. I’m not sure which boy is making the cooing sounds of bliss. Sure as I suspected, my youngest boy Benjamin is naked and and leans down to suck his brother’s hairless boy cock into his mouth. He proves to be an excellent little cock sucker, playing with his brother’s tight balls and eventually sucking them each up into his warm smooth mouth. Within seconds Anthony’s boy cock was rock hard and pointing straight up towards his belly-button. I look with a sense of pride at the size and strength of my son’s young boy cock. As Anthony sits up, making it is easier for his little brother to suck him. Benjamin sucks his brother’s boy cock bobbing his sucking mouth up and down. Mouth watering as his brother’s juice begins to slime his mouth. Anthony sighs and shivers, “Fuck, I’m so close. Don’t stop sucking my cock”, he whispers. Benjamin sucks harder, his throat groaning at the anticipation. Anthony’s thrusts upward and he is on the edge. Benjamin stops and in a flash straddles his older brother. Anthony, my oldest, is now on his back and his still little hairless cocklet is hard as a rock and dripping, his arms reach up over his head to spread Benjamin’s bubble butt open to allow his tongue deep access to Benjamin’s smooth boy hole. I hear Anthony’s moans getting louder and louder into his pre-pubescent ass. Anthony rims his younger brother’s ass and groans, “Suck me, do it, suck me, I needs to squirt so badly. Yeah, I will eat your hot little boy hole! Yes, please suck my cock and I will give you my load!” I’m leaking like a faucet into my jeans now as I watch their love making. Benjamin is obviously enjoying his brother’s rim job and sucks his brother’s boy cock at the same time. The young boy starts jerking his little dickie. Suddenly his small body is shaking and rears his head backward in the throws of his dry orgasm. “Ahh!” the little boy screams as he continues to shake. This brings Anthony over the edge as his hips thrusted up so hard as his muffled screams are audible under Benjamin’s ass. Daring to be louder he turns it up a notch and moans out, “Ooooh, fuck, yes sweet little brother, do me, oh, ooh yessss please suck my cock, pleeease,” Shit, this is freaky, but too damn hot to stop them now! I see Anthony’s smooth boy balls going up as his cum spurts out of my son’s dickie. The boy trembles just like his little brother as an intense orgasm over takes him without having any contact with his cocklet. My boys collapse coming off their intense sexual high. Benjamin lifts himself off of Anthony’s face and lay on the bed next to his older brother. They are breathing deeply and are covered in a sheen of sweat. I just stand there smiling in the door way. It is Anthony who is still laying on his back who sees me first, “Hi Daddy! Sorry we forgot what time it was.” They get off the bed and run to hug me. Their naked little sweaty bodies pressed up tightly against my frame. Anthony’s chest presses tight against my erection and wet spot. I just look down at my glowing sons. “No problem boys! It was a nice show!” My boys are awesome, Anthony’s is thirteen and body is still smooth and hairless all over, just like his younger brother, but he is able to cum already. Benjamin, who is ten still has a little more baby fat on his bubble butt and tummy and was not yet that far. They are healthy and fit young boys and I love them both. Now I notice my oldest son Anthony running along the path close to the little nude beach. He looks already like a slim little blonde teen. Fuck, the way his bouncy boy ass is swishing and swaying. It’s pretty clear what he’s after. We are in the park, known for its gay cruising spots and nude beach, with a path with a lot of bushes that makes a circle around the lake. Anthony is a naughty boy and I know why he is here. Anthony is a pussy boy and wants to get fucked. I find a convenient place in the shade, one that’s got a good view far down the path, in case my oldest is planning to make more than one round. I sit down and wait for him. While I’m waiting, I get hard, rock hard, I want Anthony’s beautiful boy ass. Benjamin comes over after his swimming and playing in the lake and lay next to me in the sun. I have also plans for him, but first things first. Benjamin is my youngest son, he is my little tiger. Benjamin is slim, smart and cute. He wears his red boy Speedo and he looks so cute and innocent, but he is a little tiger. Always alert and looking for action. I smile at him and stroke his blonde hair, and my hand moves down over his back and his round little ass cheeks. With his cute tummy, slim arms and legs and still hatay escort tiny feet, he is a very cute boy. Full of energy, Benjamin’s Speedo stretches tightly, around his small buttocks. He is cute and adorable, his large sparkling blue eyes, he will give you a instant boner. Benjamin’s thin pink lips revealed the most gorgeous boy smile as he looks at his older brother. Anthony is a head taller, than his little brother. In contrast to his little brother, his tummy is flat and his two tiny pink nipples are sticking out from his small chest. My youngest boy is giggling nervously, even before there is anything to see, he is trembling from excitement as we watch Anthony. Anthony walks to a man sunbathing in a quiet grassy area close to the lake. The area is surrounded by trees, but from our spot we can see them. The man is wearing a Speedo and is obvious hard. The man smiles and talks to Anthony, and he invites my son to sit down. The man strokes his smooth body and pulls Anthony’s boy package out of his running shorts, while my boy pulls at the drawstring of the man’s tented Speedo. I just love to watch this and sure my oldest son is getting laid. Anthony pulls the man’s Speedo down and the man’s cock springs up, almost slapping my boy in the face. Anthony looks at his man-sized boner and takes it into his little mouth and sucks on his cock. The man is excited and grabs his blonde head to hold i firm in place. Believe me, I have never seen anything like this before, my oldest son is having sex with a stranger and enjoying it. I can’t believe how hard it makes me, to watch them having sex. I am so pleased and proud with my oldest boy, he does this on his own account. It makes clear Anthony is really gay. My oldest boy loves gay sex as much as I do. It gives me an unbelievable boner to watch them making out. I watch as Anthony licks the knob of the man’s dick and takes the head of the man’s cock into his mouth again. The man reacts by taking his blonde head in his hands and soon he is squirting a huge load of cum in his wide open mouth. My boy swallows some before he withdraws his little mouth and he gets a face full of cum with the next squirt. Rather than getting upset Anthony licks the cum that was coating his face. I’m only too happy to find out what my boy likes it. Sex is always better than a hand-job and my boy has to enjoy himself. Benjamin, my youngest son is sitting next to me and looks excited at their actions. Indeed, I see his small bulge, at the front of his Speedo. He giggles happy and seeing his little bulge made my dick throb. We watch Anthony as he walks to the lake to clean himself. Without shame, he turns around and waves at us. Benjamin waves back and yells, “Good job, Anthony!” Anthony walks into the water pulls down his running shorts and proudly showed us his boner to him. As I expected, his magnificent boy cock bounces against his flat tummy. Benjamin gasps at his dick that is at full mast and waving back at him. Anthony strokes it, since he knows that he gets his little brother happy and excited watching him. Anthony’s gives us a show, his hands roam his smooth body, lingering at the nipples and his navel before he strokes himself and his rod is throbbing and soon he is on the verge of an intense orgasm. We watch him as his mouth opens slightly as his hands continue along his body, he plays with his nipples and strokes his boy cock. A gasp, ever so slightly, and his orgasm is on him. Anthony’s mouth opens a bit father and his back arches as he coats his stomach with a healthy load of boy cum. The gasp turns into a groan as he empties himself before us. We watch him as he brings his cum-covered hand to his lips and licks away the evidence of what he’d been doing. My cock throbs at the culmination of the scene but with this added horny act in particular. I smile to myself and kiss Benjamin, I know my youngest son rather well and watch him as he closes his eyes and has a dry orgasm just watching his brother’s orgasm. Anthony Anthony was twelve and told me he was gay and he told me that he is not interested in boy’s his age, no way, not him. Okay, his little brother was the exception. He stated he likes men, older men, men just like me… Later I asked him what he wanted for his birthday, he point blank told me he wanted me to take his virgin ass. So, I prepared him for that, he already knew he was gonna feel some pain, and he bravely accepted that fact, he simply wanted to feel my cock fuck him into another world. Anthony’s birthday wish was fitting perfectly in our family tradition but I didn’t tell him less but pretended to be speechless. My boy wanted this, he wanted to be fucked by me. I promised to give him a special, special gift for his thirteenth birthday. I knew my boys were sucking and rimming each other for a few months now, but he was in for more. He begged and begged to get fucked on his birthday. He could not look at me without being frustrated as he wanted my cock up his little boy ass. How could I deprive him of his birthday wish, but I couldn’t help to steadily squeeze my aching hard cock thinking about deflowering him. With each squeeze, I felt more and more globs of pre-cum oozing out. My mind raced with the thought of finally fucking my oldest boy, more so, feeling his anal interior around my cock. So that afternoon on his thirteenth birthday I took him to the lake. Today, it’s Anthony’s birthday! “Happy birthday boy, you’re thirteen now,” My boy smiles and sights, “Thank you, Daddy,” watching me as I lean down far enough to plant a deep French kiss on his hurma escort mouth. As soon as my tongue slips into his mouth he moans softly. I take Anthony to an open spot in the bushes and we kiss and rub our tools against each other. “Are you absolutely sure about this, Anthony?” Concerned, I look at my son, he is thirteen but still a boy. Anthony just had a quick swim in the lake. his body is still damp and he looks into my eyes and replies, “I’m sure about this, Daddy. I’m a bit nervous, but… I can see what your cock thinks about it.” I sat on down, and looked at the thirteen year old naked butt that is flashing back at me. I realized my cock od quickly rising to a full mast and I’m turned on at the sight of this lovely naked butt. Anthony’s firm boy butt before me, is the center of what I want, it is the real thing. Looking at his ass, my cock becomes fully erect. My dick became my master, and took control of my body, and my brain. “I can see what that pecker of yours thinks about it, boy…” I squeeze Anthony’s rigid boy tool. I always enjoy it to making my boy horny. After a while, he lay my warm hands on his narrow shoulders and ask again, “Are you really, really sure about it, Anthony? It’s not too late to call the whole thing off… just tell me the truth, boy.” Again, Anthony’s blue eyes search my eyes and he replies with a steady voice, “Yes Daddy. I really, really want this to happen…” I notice a little shudder of excitement running through his young body. He see Anthony’s nipples getting harder, always the sign that he is getting excited. Anthony’s young boy cock starts to leak. I stop squeezing his teen dick and take a few steps back and smile, “I will make your birthday experience the best possible. ” Anthony nods. I get between my oldest boy’s smooth boy legs and start sucking on his boy cock and lick his still hairless little boy balls. I go lower and start to lick his cute little ass. Anthony is naked of course, his hard as steel birthday cock sticking straight out and already dripping with precum. I watch my cute birthday boy and I tell about him my special gift, “I want your thirteenth birthday to be the day you always will remember. Today you will lose your virginity to me, your Daddy. It will be a wonderful experience. As a matter of fact, my Daddy did the same to me gave me thirteen orgasms for my birthday.” Anthony is delighted and yells, “That sounds awesome to me, Daddy!” I laugh. “I decided it had to be a tradition. You are old enough to be a pussy boy and I want you to be my own pussy boy.” Anthony is stunned, and you can probably imagine his smiling face as he said, “Oh, Daddy! I’m so happy! I want to be your little pussy boy!” I lift his smooth boy legs into the air. I have to prepare him, “Hold your hand out, sweetie,” instruct him, and he dutifully complies. He is a good willing boy. “A good pussy boy is always ready to have his bottom fucked. Daddy is always horny and will need your little ass. This means you should always be lubed up, son.” I squirt a liberal amount of lube into his hand, then I give him step by step instructions on how to lube his cute little ass. Following my instructions, Anthony takes his time, working the lube into the walls of his tingling boy pussy. As a result, his young body quivers with delight and anticipation while his boy cock stays hard as steel. Finally he is finished and I crawl closer and look at his exposed boy pussy. Nothing makes me hornier, I love to see his cute tiny boy pussy, My boy’s crack is flawless, stunningly flawless. No visible hair in sight and the most admiring aspect of it all is his tiny boy’s butt hole. I look at his inviting love entrance, smooth, and now well lubed. It looks so wet and inviting, my birthday boy is ready for his gift. Seconds later, the head of my rock hard man cock is drooling at his back door, prompting him to wrap his smooth legs around my midsection with a submissive whimper. “Feel my cock at your ass, sweetie, I hope you like your present.” Anthony sighted, “I love it so, so much.” I smiled at him, “Good boy, I will make you happy. I’m going to fuck your little ass.” I put the head of his cock firm against his boy hole and gently push. Anthony groans, he is excited but relaxed, he has my cock at his entrance, pushing, he holds his breath and concentrate on his most important muscle, his sphincter, just the way I learned him. “Are you ready for me, sweetie?” I ask tenderly, and Anthony nods up at me with needy eyes. “You’re very horny right now for Daddy, aren’t you?” Anthony pants, he longed for this moment “Yeah, Daddy,” biting his lower lip as he waits for my entry. I start rubbing my cock against his ass crack and lean forward and kiss him, “I love you, Anthony,” I tell him gently as I nestle the head of my raging cock against his hot, tight entrance. “I love you too, Daddy,” he sighs dreamily just as I plant a wet kiss on his cheek and I realize that he had been waiting for this moment. “Are you ready for Daddy to receive your birthday present, baby?” I ask, and he only nods as the heat of his ass welcomes my cockhead. I feel a surge of precum run out of my piss slit, and I feel he is ready. I run my hands along his slender waist, then I take a firm hold of his hips and push inside. I smile the moment I feel my glans pushing through the tight ring just inside of his tiny asshole. I just claim entry and Anthony sighs with sweet relief. He feels me up there, getting deeper, strtching his tiny pussy wider. He takes the pain in his little ass and ığdır escort struggles some, but he doesn’t beg me to stop! I start to fuck him slowly. Pumping his little warm tight boy pussy. Anthony groans his need, “More Daddy, more, more!” but his boy pussy is in pain and it takes time to take the inevitable. Anthony is mine, my boy, I’m his man, his Daddy, and he begs me to breed him! Well, disspite the pain, he is happy to receive me and I enjoy every second of my penetration as I slide my throbbing cock all the way inside, my pubic mound smashes into his crack. My birthday boy is ready for me and I start my thrusting, my hips move and my cock goes in. My thrusts are fluid and packed with power, making my birthday boy moan with reckless abandon into my mouth while his little body rocked back and forth. Anthony’s ankles are digging into my waist, he needs my cock inside, his small fingers are locked at the back of my neck, never wanting to let go as I take his cherry. “Are you having a special thirteenth birthday, Anthony?” I ask, watching with an affectionate smile as my boy nods with a dreamy look on his face. “I can’t wait for your cum inside me, Daddy,” Anthony moans, knowing that his boy pussy is going to be filled with my Daddy load. Anthony’s boy hole is tight but I trained his cute little sphincter for this special moment. “That’s my little bottom boy,” I say to him with a proud smile, then I lean down and plant another kiss on his mouth. “Are you ready for Daddy’s load, boy?” We both know all of the signs, he is ready. The way his boy pussy throbs, squeezes his ass juices under the force of my cock. As a very young pussy boy, he is taking me easily. For me, the signs are just as clear. I feel it around my entire length, opening and closing tight while I fuck my cock in and out of him. I feel his sphincter as it opens and closes around my thickness, slowly at first, slowly its pace starts to quicken. I hear it in his moans, which are always there, but get louder and longer as I bring him to the edge of his orgasm. I know his young body well enough to understand his needs. Anthony pants, “Please Daddy, breed me!” As soon as he answers me, I take a firm hold of his ankles and pull his smooth boy legs apart even further. I start to thrust inside his ass. “Yes, I will, sweetie” I hiss, feeling my cock plunge deeper in his boy pussy over and over again. The warmth of his insides are already around my drooling dick. At the same time, his pucker squeezes along the length of my shaft as I bury my dick slowly all the way inside of him. Anthony’s sphincter grabs my tool with force while my precum and his ass juice mingle. “Who’s my special birthday boy?” I ask tenderly as I start to thrust with slow, gentle motions. “I am, Daddy,” he said in a small voice, turning his head and smiling at me. “That’s right, little buddy,” I assure him. “Daddy’s so happy for you.” “I’m glad too,” Anthony tells me, still grinning from ear to ear as he turns to face forward and rest his head on his arms. Soon, the force of my thrusting grows stronger but I restrain my lust as I watch my dick move in and out of his hungry boy hole. I reach around and place my hand flat on his tummy, while I give him continuous strokes of my hard cock. I press my lips to the nape of his neck and kiss him tenderly. We are in no hurry to end our love making, so I focus on his pleasure. I feel his already throbbing ass, it wraps itself tight around my dick while his moans fills the air. “I love you Daddy,” he pants, at the same time, I feel his anal ring starts to open and close in a continuous motion, telling me that he is on the edge. “I love you too, little buddy,” I tell him, then he shivers with a soft moan, that is somehow boyish and feminine at the same time. “Oh Daddy, yeah, fuck me,” he moans, his voice trembling as I continue to run my dick deep in his hot tight love tunnel. “Are you ready to cum, little buddy?” I ask and once again, he only nods as the intensity of our love making overwhelms him. I know my cock deflowers him and the real ecstasy is close. I see his springing little boy boner and decide to move things along. I move my hands back to his hips and take a firm grasp, then I start to drive in hard while his moaning grows more and more erratic. I center my thrusts on the depths of his boy pussy. I hit his pleasure spot over and over again while his pleasure increases. As soon as I explore the deepest corners of his love tunnel, I feel his surrender. With one passionate, boyishly moan, Anthony’s young balls pulls tight and his boy cock trembles, his little boy sphincter contracts with more force, then he yells out, “Oh Daddy…!” and his dick jerks forcefully, shooting all over his tummy while he groans. I’m still driving in and out, watching as his boy cum spurts out with each inward thrust of my cock. After some deep thrusts that brought out the true pussy boy in him, Anthony’s boy cock stops shooting cum and he collapses under me. “Where do you want Daddy’s load, little buddy?” I ask, and he looks over his shoulder at me with a expression of lust and need. “Put it in my ass, Daddy.” he pants and lets loose with another guttural moan while I grant his wish. As my load shoots in his boy pussy, he calls out again, “Oh Daddy!” After my cock is drained, I use it to give him deep thrusts for another minute. I want to make sure that my man cum is deep his boy pussy, and I know that he is my little fuck buddy now. When I pull out of him, he snuggles into my embrace while I spoon up to his back side. “I love you, Anthony, happy birthday son!” planting a kiss on his head. “I love you too, Daddy,” he says, catching his breath while cum ran out of his tiny hole. With a smile, he turns his head and puckers his lips, so I kiss him while I massage the cum into his smooth ail

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