Subject: The Bloke in the Shop Part 2 The Bloke in the Shop Part 2 After that first time in the back room of the off licence, surrounded by crates and boxes of stock, I wanted more…..and felt I owed him something in return for that amazing blow job. I went to his shop late one night the following week, hoping to catch him alone and near closing time. Looking good in his tight faded jeans and a too tight tee, he smiled as I walked in the deserted shop, eyes lighting up and a flash of white teeth under that trimmed moustache. After a bit of small talk, he decided to call it a night and I hung around while he locked up. This time, we left the shop together and walked, in silence, to his home. Once inside, and in his own territory, he was like something possessed… grabbing me, licking my face, forcing his tongue inside my mouth, hands on my arse, squeezing hard, crotch grinding into mine and all before we’d left the entrance hallway. He pulled back and grabbed my hand, kicking his trainers off and prompting me to do the same as he led me slowly up the stairs. He turned and held my head as he kissed me, egging me on to unbutton my shirt as he did the same…..we left a trail of clothes on the way up the stairs towards his room. By the time we reached the door to his room, we were both naked and unable to keep our hands to ourselves. He nudged the door open and led me to his bed, all without breaking ankara masaj yapan escort the kiss. We fell onto his bed, me on top of him, our legs intertwined as our cocks touched, balls squashing into flesh, precum wetting cock heads, foreskins peeling back as we rolled over on the bed. Fingers digging into flesh, nails scratching down backs, gripping heads as our tongues met inside warm and wet mouths. He slowly moved between my legs, urging me to open up, my feet wrapped around his back as my answer….I’d never had a cock inside me, wasn’t sure if his would fit it seemed so big… He moved down and I thought I was in for another earth shattering blow job but instead he lightly kissed the tip of my cock and ran his tongue down the side towards my balls. He took first one and then the other inside his mouth, gentle as possible but an amazing feeling. He left a wet trail as he moved down to my hole, forcing my legs up and out, held in place by his rough hands. Nothing prepared me for the invasion of his tongue, wet and hard as it probed my insides, alternating between the crevice of my ass and forcing itself inside my ass in short, sharp jabs. I’d never felt anything like this before, the tight grip he had on my legs, the feeling of something warm and moist inside me, my own subtle thrusts and opening my legs as far as possible to allow more of him inside. mecidiyeköy escort He slowly moved back up, stopping at my nipples to take each one in turn inside his mouth and delicately biting each as he let it slip out, and the feeling of his cock, as it trailed up my thigh, leaving a sticky trail as it moved into place. By now, he had me moaning, needing something inside me in place of that warm tongue, and for the first time ever, I was about to feel a hard cock inside me. I could feel the wet tip at the entrance as he pushed ever so slightly, gently forcing himself inside me. I heard him whisper “relax and let go” as he slid his hands down my arms and into my hands, clasping fingers tightly, like life depended on it. He slowly slid more of that beautiful cock inside me. The pain was intense, and off set by his finger nails digging into my hands, a bite on my neck, and a feeling of a final pop as i felt the base of his hairy cock against my skin, against my hole – he was all the way in. He slowly lifted his head and looked into my eyes, bringing his beautiful mouth down to mine and kissing me. Forcing that tongue, the one that had opened my ass up, inside my mouth and in unison with his thrusts, slow and hard. I lost myself in the moment, the thought that here I was, joined with another man, linked by bodies, sweat, animal lust, mersin escort that unique urge to simply cum, feel that ultimate pleasure of orgasm with another human being. His thrusts picked up speed, and my own cock, trapped between us, grew harder than I thought possible, wetting his hairy skin with my own precum. His mouth near my ear, whispering about how it felt for him, the tight hole of a virgin, the feelings my hole was giving him, clasping his cock inside me, my own hips now bucking against him not wanting this to end, but needing some release for my own cock. His hand slipped between us, found my cock and grasped hard, fingers moving along its length, and wanking me in time to his thrusts. The pain/pleasure for me now too much and my balls started their journey upwards, as his breathing quickened. I grabbed his head as I finally shot load after load into his hand, across his stomach and onto my own, causing me to tighten even more onto his cock, and sent him into convulsions as I felt him come, filing my arse with his hot cum. His tongue was back inside my mouth, frantically kissing my mouth, my neck, biting my ears, and slowly his breathing returned to normal as I felt him start to shrink inside me and start to leave my body, my hole. “Thank you” was all I heard that evening, as we simply held each other and went to sleep in each others arms, finally losing my virginity with a man, in such a wonderful way, a painful, messy way, and something I couldn’t wait to do all over again – glad that my first had been my first to make me cum with a blow job, and the first inside me……..always something special, and never forgotten. And next, the move to college, a big city and my slutty years……….. keep an eye out for the rest………

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