Subject: The Secret Fort by the Creek 7 Gay adult-youth The Secret Fort by the Creek by Brad Iroe Chapter 7 *Please consider donating to fty* For the next week it rained, and stormed, and my parents wouldn’t let me go to the fort. I knocked on Jim’s door a few times but I guess he wasn’t home. Aaron was off on a family trip. All I could do was jack off in my room and that started to get boring! Compared to being with Jim at least. Finally, the day after the storms stopped, I figured the fort would be dry enough to go hang out. I stuffed some of Jim’s porn magazines, the bottle of albolene he gave me, and a towel into a backpack and left my house. It was already a hot and humid day, and it wasn’t even noon yet. By the time I got to the fort I was dripping in sweat. My balls were sweating and dripping down my thigh! I peeled off my tank top and sat down on a log. It was still kinda damp, so I kept my shorts pulled up, and just pulled my cock out through the pant leg. I stopped wearing underwear when I came out to the fort, just in case! I began looking through one of Jim’s magazines and stroking myself as I got harder. This magazine was called “Cubs and Bears” and everyone in it was so hairy! Some were wearing leather vests and pants, too. That was kinda hot. My cock was now fully rigid and could feel myself getting really close. I took my hand off my cock. I had nothing else planned and wanted this to last, so I took out the bottle of albolene and scooped up a huge glob of it and slathered it on my cock. “Ahhh… yeaaaaahh” I moaned softly. The greasy frictionless strokes felt amazing and took me further away from the edge. I kept one hand slowly stroking my cock and carefully turned the magazine pages with my other hand. There was lots of hardcore fucking, pissing, and extreme stuff in this magazine that I didn’t think I would have liked. While I was jacking off my dick took over my mind and suddenly everything was exciting me, I wanted to try it all! Then suddenly I heard some twigs snapping, and I packed. I pulled my shorts down over my rigid, greasy boner, closed the magazine and tossed it haphazardly in my backpack, and grabbed by towel to try to clean the grease off my hand. I looked down and noticed that my greasy cock had rubbed off on my shorts and left and very obvious dick stain. `How will I explain this to mom…’ but then I came back to the present and looked behind me to see who, or what, was walking out here in the woods. It was a man, but who was it? Wait, he did seem familiar somehow… I squinted as he walked close… he is defitely walking over to me. Wait a second, that can’t be… Is it really Mr. Tony?! Mr. Tony, as we all called him, was one of the jators at the elementary school I just left in spring. I guess I did kinda have a crush on him. He was kinda short, and had really short buzzcut, with a goatee. His forearms were thick and super hairy, and he always had a huge thick tuft of dark chest hair poking over the top button of his uform. He waved at me and smiled as he got close. “Hey Bud! Jim told me I could find you here.” My eyes got wide, Jim was talking about me? What did Mr. Tony know? Seriously, why the fuck is he here?! “Oh! You know Jim too? Yeah, um, Jim is just my neighbor, he helped my friends and I build this fort.” Mr. Tony got closer, and he was carrying a skateboard and dressed like he just came konyaaltı kendi evi olan escort from the skatepark. He was kinda muscular, a bit like the “cubs” in Jim’s magazine. He was wearing a sweat-stained, tight undershirt revealing even more dark hair on his chest and a thick dense armpit, baggy brown shorts, wallet on a chain, tall white socks and some well-worn, all-black Vans. Something I never noticed at school was that he had tattoos on his upper arms, shoulders, and legs. I guess he kept them hidden for work. “Yeah, Bud, he told me about this fort… and,” Tony looked down and saw my raging boner bounce under my thin shorts, he smirked and winked at me, “and he told me about your other fun you have with each other, too!” My boner, which I had hoped would have gone down from pac and apprehension, now went to full attention as I realized that Mr. Tony was like Jim and I… he was gay too! I must have still looked really scared, because Tony sat down on one of the logs across from me, “It’s cool bud. I was actually housesitting for him, I just check in every other day. Since today’s the first dry day, I figured I’d check out the fort he said he built. I’m actually really surprised to see you here.” I nodded, “Yeah, I mean, I never thought I’d see you again since I’ll be going to juor high school next year.” “Oh, you were worried about never seeing a jator again, huh?” He chuckled and smiled at me. My face must have turned beet-red, “Uh I mean, you were the “cool” jator, ya know? Hanging out with us boys on the playground, on the monkey bars. The other jators just sat at the picc table with the recess ladies.” “Yeah well, you knew those ladies, would you want to hang out with them or get some exercise and hang out?” I laughed and put my arm behind my head, “Haha, yeah I guess so.” Tony looked at me, “Dang dude, look at that pit fur you’re growing. You might be as hairy as me in a few years,” he lifted up his right arm and flexed, his biceps popped! “R-really?” My mind raced and tried to imagine Tony naked, all furry like the men in the magazine. “Dude it’s hot as balls out here, you had the right idea going shirtless and commando. Since we’re all bros here, I’m just gonna take off my shirt, cool?” I nodded, hoping I didn’t say or do anything to stop this from happeng. I watched as he peeled off his a-shirt, revealing a thick forest of hair. His entire chest and stomach was covered in dark hair! He had such a ce body, not super muscular, but not as lean as Jim. He was kinda like a cub, like in the magazine I was just looking at. “Might as well get these baggy shorts off too. Don’t worry I got boxers on,” he unbuckled his belt and let his shorts fall to the ground, carefully stepped out of them and sat back down, now just in his skate sneakers and some loose-fitting, boxer-briefs. We sat in silence for a few seconds, I was frozen with what to do or say next. My cock bounced, and I wonder if Tony could see it from where he was sitting. “So, Dude… I saw you toss something in that backpack when I walked up. Whatcha got there?” I bent over and picked up the magazine, “Oh just something Jim gave me,” I held it up so Tony could see the cover. “Nice! Bears and cubs eh? You like guys like that? I sure do,” he started grabbing his crotch and I could see his bulge growing. konyaaltı otele gelen escort “Yeah, I guess so. A lot of this is new, so I’m not sure what I like yet.” Tony glanced down at my boner, still hard, and smiled, “Well I think its safe to say you like something you see now. Mind if I come sit by you?” My throat went dry, I only nodded and Tony stood up immediately. I guess he was really into me? As he walked over to me, his semi-hard cock flopped out of his boxers’ fly. My eyes got big, it looked thick! Tony laughed a little and shook his hips to make his pes flop around. By the time he sat down next to me, he was rigid and fully erect he was thick as a soda can! “These boxers are kinda useless now… I’ll just slide em down and start stroking with you ok Bud?” I slide my own shorts down to my ankles and start stroking in rhythm with him. All I can do is stare at him slowly stroking that thick, hairy rod of meat. We sit in silence for a few minutes, he idly flips though the porn mag until he lifts his arm up to scratch his head. I immediately get a whiff of his pits and almost cum right at that moment. I let out a barely audible “mmm.” Tony looks over at me and smirks, “You like musky pits lil bro?” Oh my god, how was it possible for my pes to get even harder? “I don’t wear deodorant in the summer, hate the stuff. Unfortunately I have to wear it at school. Why don’t you get in here and take a deep whiff?” He puts his hand around the back of my head and gently guides my face into his furry, bushy, armpit. I notice sweat is dripping down his sides as my face is pushed firmly into the hair. I inhale deeply. The musky, tangy, almost oon-y smell is intoxicating. I take a few more deep huffs before pulls back slightly and daring to lick a bead of sweat from his side. It tastes so good. “Oh fuck yea, Bud… get in there you lil pit perv! Hey stay right there,” Tony gets up, jogs over to his shorts and grabs a tiny brown bottle, and jogs back sitting right back where he was. “If you’re gonna huff my musk, lil bro, I’m gonna huff something too.” He gives the bottle a shake, unscrews the cap, and brings it up to his nose, takes a deep breath, then screws it back. It smelled a little funny, but in just a few seconds, Tony was moang. “Ohhh fuck yea… that was deep.” He takes another, deeper huff. I can see his cock jump. He pulls my head out from his pit and guides it down to his thick, veiny, cock. I open my mouth eagerly and start sucking on the thick mushroom head of Tony’s cock. Tony’s hand is resting gently on my head, indicating I’m doing a good job. I want more of his musky cock and try to take it deeper. I gag and cough. He’s too thick. “Sorry, Tony. I thought I could try to take more.” Tony had taken a few more huffs, “Here, start with a short huff. It might help.” He held the bottle up to my nostril with one hand and pinched the other nostril closed with his other hand. He smiled down at me with a blissed-out fuzzy expression, “Now inhale, gently!” I take a slow, deep breath, like I’m at the doctor’s office. It slightly tinges my nose. Hmm… nothing seems to be happ- My chest suddenly feels warm, my thoughts melt away. I feel light-headed, my eyes get heavy. I can feel my heart, I can feel my pulse in my pes as I grip it. It’s the most amazing feeling in the world… konyaaltı rus escort and then it’s gone. “Whoa… that felt amazing Tony.” Tony smiled at me and then held the bottle in my other nostril. “Ok, now you can take a deep huff, and while you feel the rush, try to take as much of my cock as you can.” Tony helps me take the second huff and I feel a more intense rush, and dutifully go straight down on his cock. I can feel his cock pushing past my tongue, and into my throat. I enjoy the tight feeling back there, knowing that Tony’s big cock is fully in my throat before the hit wears off and I feel myself getting normal. I take his cock out of my mouth, “Wow… I can’t believe that worked! This stuff is amazing!” He hands me the bottle, “Ok you try huffing it yourself,” he gets down on his knees and puts my rigid boner in his mouth. He doesn’t even need the bottle to take all of me. I take a huff in each nostril, as he told me, and wait for the rush to take over. My cock has never felt so good before! I lay back and let Tony’s throat massage my cock as my thoughts leave my body. I take another and another, and again. It feels so good I can’t stop myself. All of a sudden, I am at the edge and falling over, I barely blurt out, “Oh no, I’m cumming” and begin blasting my edged load right town Tony’s throat as he moans in encouragement. I’ve never felt such a powerful blast out of my cock, and it keeps going. At least seven blasts and a few more convulsions after that. I lay back, almost exhausted from the severity of the orgasm. I can only mutter “oh my god” under my breath over and over again. Tony had rested one big hand on my chest and another on my thigh while I came back to my senses, making sure I didn’t roll off the log. I eyes finally can focus again and I see him smirking again at me. “I’m really glad I could swallow your very first popperload, lil bro.” I smile at him like a big goof. “That felt like so much cum… I didn’t know I could come so much.” “It’s the poppers dude, they help. I’m so fucking horned up right now, I’ll show you.” Tony sat back down next to me, unscrewed the poppers, and started huffing them with one hand and stroking with the other. “You turned me on so much lil dude, this will a huge load, I can feel it. Actually, help me out, just grab my balls, wrap your thumb and pointer finger around my sac and just kinda hold it, keep the grip even when I’m cumming, ok?” I nodded and gripped his hairy sac, his balls even felt heavy. He took a few more hits then looked right in my eyes, “Oh fuck” and almost instantly he began blasting a thick stream of cum on his furry chest. He kept stroking and his face contorted, “fuck!” and another blast of cum launched from his cock and landed on his goatee, furiously stroking, another shot landed on his belly, he grunted and a final load spurted out landing on my hand on his balls. He kept stroking a little more but no more cum. I was amazed at all the cum, and so turned on by seeing a popperload, like the one I just shot down his throat. He took his hand off his cock, and grabbed my wrist letting me know to release his sac. I lifted my hand up to my mouth and slurped the cum, winking at him and saying “It’s only fair I get to taste yours too.” He smiled back at me and picked up the poppers bottle, tightened the cap extra hard and handed it to me. “I can always get more. You take this bottle for now.” “Wow, thank you so much Tony!” I’m gonna used this every time I jack off now.” Tony chuckled, “That’s what I like to hear… you’re my little popperbro! I’ll get more for you whenever you ask. I gotta get going… I will see you around Bud!” He got dressed and waved at me as he walked away, leaving me alone at the fort, but with empty balls and a big smile.

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