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Subject: Unlikely Muse V I am no authority on Cap d’Agde nor have I ever visited there but I hope to. It is also called the Naked City in that it has villages or areas that are essentially a naturist or nudist. Clothing is optional but plenty of people do everyday things while nude; shopping, movies, dinner, all nude. In the last 20 or so years it has become a swinger’s paradise with sex being performed openly, sometimes by couples, often with 4 or more people right out in the open. This activity is pretty much contained in certain areas because the town is family friendly and there are plenty of children in residence. I will be taking some artistic liberty however. Anyone familiar with Cap d’Agde need not offer corrections, I already know. N-joi the chapter. Hugs, Tag_m ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I had chosen to drive down to Cap d’Agde on the Mediterranean in the south of France, a drive that was uneventful for the most part and took the better part of 6 hours, a stop for lunch a necessity. I thought Archer might get a kick out of it and who knows, perhaps we would meet some new friends. And to create more excitement for my boy I booked a room at the Hotel Cap Pirate, a Pirates of the Caribbean themed hotel inside and out. The entire place is themed, including the rooms, and among other things it has a small water park that includes a pirate ship being attacked by a giant octopus, both of which kids can climb all over. “Holy fuck Remy,” Archer said with excitement as we passed through the entry gates. Indeed. I’m not going to even try to explain it all. Try google. Our room was decked out like the captain’s cabin with sumptuous woods, replica gold coins and requisite treasure chest guarded by a skeleton wearing the ragged remnants of a pirate’s uniform. “Can we go down to the waterslide stuff,” the boy asked, his voice laden with excitement. We certainly could and did, both of us resplendent in our new speedo’s. Archer was a stunning boy under any circumstances but in a skimpy emerald green speedo he was more than that. To say that we got plenty of looks would have been an understatement. We went down the slides together, Archer between my legs, laughing like the little boy that he was. I loved holding Archer under any circumstance but this was a total joy. I reveled in the feel of his compact little body against mine and once again my heart swelled for the boy in my life. We splashed in the pools, rode inner tubes into the mouth of the monster. I finally got out of the pool and flopped into a lounge chair and watched Archer continue to frolic about and naturally it only took moments before he was playing with a group of boys. I rested and drifted in and out of sleep finally waking when Archer gently tapped my foot. I opened my eyes to see him standing there with another boy, also in a skimpy speedo but in white with a red waistband and trim. “Remy this is Esme and this is my papa.” The boy looked to be 13, a highly tanned boy, very cute, and a very nicely defined body and seemed nicely packaged. Like Archer, his hair was black but more straight and not curly and hung into his eyes and below his ears. He eyeballed the front of my speedo wit interest. “Can I play with Esme after supper papa, maybe we can go to the nude beach.” “And what about your family Esme? Are you allowed to go to the beaches without them?” “Yes sir. They spend most of their time over behind the dunes. You know the dunes?” I nodded my head, indeed I did. That was the area where anything goes. Couples have sex on the beach in the open for anyone who cares to watch and there are always plenty of watchers. It wasn’t unusual to see 3,4 or even more people involved in group sex. Half of the males watching were erect and stroking their boner as they watched. From time to time a passerby might be invited to partake. I’d witnessed a scene there once where a single woman had a dozen men crowded around. There was always a cock in her cunt and most often one in her mouth at the same time. As soon as one man shot his sperm into, or onto her, another took his place. I didn’t stay for long for it didn’t interest me other than its unusualness but while I was there at least 4 men fucked her one after another. Children were typically not present. “Yes I know the dunes Esme.” He nodded his head and again, the boys’ eyes strayed to my crotch. “There will be a bonfire later and dancing and things,” he said as his hand strayed to the front of his speedo. I shared that I wasn’t quite comfortable with Archer wandering around a strange place, at night, without me. “I understand sir which is why I assumed you would join us.” I nodded my head yet again. “Well thank you Esme, perhaps you would join us for supper” The boy got a bit of a sad expression on his smooth face. “I have no money sir so I would be eating in our rental cottage.” Archer jumped in and suggested that we could buy his meal which I agreed to immediately. That earned us the first of many smiles. “Are you familiar with the restaurants here Esme?” I was already familiar with them but wondered what the boy might have in mind. He said he knew a few of them but he’d also heard that the hotel had some nice ones. “Maybe we could just eat there,” Archer suggested then added, “Could we have it sent up to our room?” I nodded my head and said that would be fine. “Why doesn’t Esme just come up and shower in our room then.” I suspected that my boy had an alternative motive and that was fine with me. Esme was a good looking boy, seemed nice enough, wasn’t picking his nose or anything. Besides, the bulge in his speedo, while not huge, was certainly inviting enough. When he turned I got a great look at his butt and that too was inviting. “May I ask how old you are Esme,” I asked as we walked toward the hotel lobby. “I will turn 14 in a few months sir,” he said. I noticed that his voice was struggling to enter into the deeper registers that signaled his maturity. “You may call me Remy my friend,” I told him and patted him on the back. “Do you go to the nude beaches a lot Esme,” Archer asked the boy who nodded his head. “I have since we started coming here,” he said, “which has only been in the past month. I enjoy the freedom of not wearing clothing.” “Gosh don’t you get a boner seeing the naked girls,” Archer asked and Esme grinned and shrugged his shoulders. I thought it interesting that he didn’t answer. “Are you naked in front of your parents too?” Esme nodded his head. “Yes. It was strange at first but I quickly got used to it. Of course they go to a different place on the beach that kids aren’t supposed to go to. I’m not supposed to know it but my father likes watching other men fuck my mother. I heard him tell a friend of his that it makes him horny as hell seeing another man’s cock in my mother’s cunt. He told his friend that lots of other men and women stand and watch people having sex on the beach and that many men openly masturbate while they watch. My father said that too makes him horny, seeing other men masturbate in public like that especially when they are watching my mother get fucked.” “How do you feel about that Esme,” I asked him and the boy shrugged his shoulders again. “I do not mind. They are adults. I have known of this for some years. They have had friends to the house when they thought I was sleeping. They always use the room downstairs so to not make noise to wake me. I always know when they are going to have a friend over because they act a certain way, you know what I mean? They get all whispery like. One time I was very curious because I heard my mother say quietly to my father, “but they are just boys Jacques.” “What happened Esme,” Archer asked. I was wondering the same thing. The boy cleared it up quite nicely. There was a spot outside a basement window. It was low and surrounded by thick bushes so one could not see in except that Esme had actually cleared out a way to get in there that was essentially hidden. So, he’d gone downstairs and opened the window and cracked open the curtain and then sneaked downstairs later and got all comfortable under the bush. “My parents came in with 2 teenage boys a little older than I am now. They started hugging and kissing on my mother while my father undid their pants and took them down. Both boys had hard boners and my father sucked on each one before they undressed my mother. They sucked on her titties and licked on her pussy while my father sucked on their cocks and licked on their balls and stuff. I watched as they both fucked her and my father watched stroking his cock and rubbing their butts and even licking their butt holes. One of the boys asked about his sperm and my mother said they could pull out of her cunt before they cummed and jack off so she could watch them shoot their sperm. Then my father fucked kocaeli escort my mother while the boys kissed each other and sucked each other’s cock. Then they took turns fucking both my mother and father. That surprised me a lot. It also made me very horny and I jacked off and shot my own sperm in the bushes 3 times while I watched them. My mother finally left and my father did fuck each one of the boys while the other boy sucked his friends cock then one boy fucked the other boy while my father fucked him.” “All the while I could hear them talking. My father kept telling the boys what great cocks they had and asked if they liked fucking my mother and of course they did. My mother had also told them their cocks felt good in her cunt and to fuck her harder and things like that. The boys moaned loud too when my father fucked them. There’s a lot more but that’s most of it. Notice that Esme didn’t actually answer my question. By that time we’d entered the hotel and a moments later were in our room. Esme was quite taken with it. “Our cottage isn’t at all like this,” he said. Archer showed him around then asked if we could all take a shower together. “I don’t mind,” I said “but it’s up to Esme. He may not be comfortable with that.” “Oh no, that’s fine,” the boy piped up. “I do go to nude beaches after all.” At that Archer peeled his speedo off and Esme was right behind him with me being last and of course we all checked each other out. Esme was fairly delicious. His cock was soft, easily 4 inches of flesh. He had a small patch of pitch black hair at the base of his flat pubic bone. His balls hung low beneath that in a completely smooth sac. His tan was complete, no white anywhere. “You got a nice one Remy,” Esme said and gently cupped his balls. I thanked him and headed to the bathroom and the shower. It was decadent, that’s for sure. Once in we got wet down. “Maybe you could give Esme a back rub,” Archer suggested, then to the boy he said, “you would love it. Remy give a super back massage.” Esme looked to me. “If you want to, that would be good.” I started the process and as was usual, the boy started moaning right off the bat. “How about if I wash your front Esme,” Archer suggested and the hot teen gave my boy the go-ahead. I was pretty sure by that point that Archer intended to engage the boy or have him engage with me or both. Archer confirmed it by looking over Esme’s shoulder and winking at me. I worked on his shoulders, reveling in the developing muscles of a growing boy. As I worked down further to the small of his back then toward the glorious brown globes of his delicious butt the boy gasped and his body stiffened slightly. I could see that Archer’s hands had reached Esme’s crotch and he was undoubtedly giving his boy parts all the attention they deserved. I took the liberty of moving up inside the crack of his butt and running a soapy finger across his puckered hole. That earned me another gasp. I slid my fingers back and forth, going far enough forward to touch his balls and Archer’s fingers. “Are you having fun Esme,” I whispered close to his ear. The boy shivered. “God yes,” he said in a soft voice then groaned in pleasure. I felt his hand reach back and touch my hip so turned and offered him my rising cock. “You’re huge,” he whispered. I could see that his other hand had gone forward and was apparently fondling Archer who said, “Can we rinse and go to bed,” he asked. My response was to step away from Esme who turned and went right into my arms and firmly planted his mouth against mine but not before I got a quick glimpse of 6 plus inches of rock hard teen boy cock. Esme’s rigid flesh pressed against mine from mouth to knees. Dear God but I do love holding a naked wet squirming boy, especially one that’s hard as stone. “Oh mon dieu,” he said throatily. We quickly went about getting rinsed off, stepped out and dried off and went straight to the king sized, ship captain themed bed and tumbled onto it in a jumble of arms and legs. It was Archer’s turn to engage our guest and soon the two boys were making out with a frenzy. I chose to go for the teen’s cock, reaching between the boys to take hold of his raging hard cock. Esme immediately rolled back to give me full access to all of his boy parts and I quickly did exactly that. I put my mouth over the tumescent flesh and began sucking him for all he was worth. It had been a minute since I had been with a teenage boy, some 7 months before if I remembered correctly. It had been a deliciously cute Ukrainian boy, 14 blonde and hung a little larger than Esme was. I had fucked that boy repeatedly for 6 hours and I swear he wanted more. Actually, he told me he did but I had a plane to catch. He offered to come live with me and I gave it some serious thought, believe me. It was nice to have a more mature boy in my mouth. It was nice to feel the girth of him against my opened mouth, to let my tongue explore the satiny surface of his swollen cock head and to take in the almost sweet elixir of his seeping precum. I slid his foreskin up into a nipple and sucked on it for a moment then worked the tip of my tongue against the small hole before retracting the skin and allowing my lips to follow behind it creating another type of foreskin. As I suckled, Archer broke away and moved up to offer his own raging cocklet for Esme to work on and the teen took it greedily. He put his hands on my boys’ incredibly small butt and pulled forward which encouraged Archer to fuck the boys’ mouth. “If you turn Archer,” Esme said in a husky voice, “I will lick your butthole and balls.” Naturally Archer was all for that but I offered a different suggestion. “How about if Archer lays down and pulls his legs back Esme and you could lick him while on your hands and knees. That way I could honor you in the same manner.” The boy’s face split into what I what soon learn was his signature grin, and what an amazing thing that did to an already cute face. “You would lick my butthole at the same time Remy?” I nodded my head and got an emphatic yes from the boy. I had Archer lay crossways on the bed and then Esme kneel at the very edge of the bed. In that manner I could attack his bottom end while kneeling or standing on the floor and from my position below him, have complete access to his entire playground. Esme climbed on the bed as I had proposed, keeling right at the edge with his knees spread wide enough and his body low enough that his puckered muscle was fully exposed, his balls hanging low and not more than 4 inches from the bed. The boy had not a single hair around his brown tinged love hole or along his perineum or on his hanging nuts. I heard Archer moan as the teen began to work on my boys’ tight little pussy so moved in and treated Esme to the same. I may have said that I love rimming, I can’t remember, but I do. And when a boy is spread open like a freshly shucked oyster shell it gets my blood pumping even more. I put my face in close and caught the slight fragrance of boy crotch along with the body soap we’d used. I stuck my tongue out but didn’t lick, only poked at the puckered muscle a little bit, get a sense of tiny hills and valleys of his little rosebud. Then, satisfied by the feel of him, I went to work. With both hands on his butt cheeks I peeled him open even more, not that his flesh allowed for too much more, then began licking all over the hole with as much enthusiasm as I could muster, which was quite a bit actually. I could actually feel my cock become more engorged as I, in turn, gorged myself on his asshole. I could hear the boy moan a little louder and knew that it was because I was working him just like he was working Archer. I licked down along his perineum to the sensitive underside of his delicious balls and took time to lick a bit on each egg, moving the entire sac as I worshipped him. I reached up underneath him and took hold of Esme’s raging teenage boner, not at all surprised at discovering that it was hard as stone, and gently stroked him. I got the residue of his precum on my knuckles and was a little surprised at just how much of the stuff there was. I licked it off and savored it, glad that it was sweet and not the more bitter bleachy tasting cum that it would eventually become. I tugged on his smooth balls as I rimmed the boy and earned even more moans. Finally, he said, “Maybe put your finger in me Remy.” I stepped away, got the lube then went back and did as he requested, slipping my slippery digit up his tight little fundament. “Do it to me too Esme,” Archer groaned, “finger fuck me a little bit.” I had the teen put his hand out and I lubed up his finger for him and a moment later Archer moaned as his little hole was penetrated. We kept that up for another minute before Esme spoke. “I need to get fucked you guys,” kolej escort he said, his voice husky with lust. “Me too,” Archer said, “I really need a cock in my butt too. How are we gonna do this then?” I waited for the boys to figure it out and was surprised at what they came up with. I had backed away from the teen boy who also backed away and Archer sat up, his hand at his crotch stroking his raging hard cock. “Maybe I could fuck Archer and you could fuck me at the same time Remy,” Esme suggested. “Oh yeah,” Archer responded, “How would that work?” “Maybe if you lay face down or something,” Esme suggested. “As I fuck you I would be fucking myself on Remy’s cock.” “That would be way cool,” my young lover boy said then added, “I might want to try being in the middle of a fuck sandwich though too.” “That would be hot too,” the teenager said. “I guess we don’t have to limit ourselves to just one fuck.” That said I got the lube and smeared my cock then offered to do Esme’s hole and his cock as well as Archer’s little pucker. The boys allowed me to prep them then the fun began, not that it hadn’t been fun up to that point. Archer lay face down on the bed and Esme got on behind him. At the last minute we elected to put a pillow under my young lover’s waist in order to raise his asshole up a little bit. Esme got into a kneeling position and gently slipped his cock into the preteen and slowly buried himself as deep as he could go. Once there he spent about a half minute fucking Archer and I watched, mesmerized by the sight of the boy that I loved being fucked by another boy. Archer was moaning from the get go and at one point he looked back over his shoulder at Esme, and me. His eyes were half lidded in lust and the smile on his face told me that he was far up into a fog of hotness. “Oh God Remy,” he groaned. Esme finally stopped and rubbed on Archer’s butt cheeks for a brief moment then told me to go ahead get my dick into his butt. Esme held still as I got into position. “I really like fucking you Archer,” I heard the teen whisper into my paramour’s ear. “You are a very delicious little boy. I hope that I have pleased you thus far.” “Oh, you have Esme. I love having your cock in me,” Archer replied. “You have a lovely cock.” I peeled one of the teen’s butt cheeks open to reveal his hole, the puckered muscle shiny with lube. I moved in close and put my cock against his flesh and pushed, got resistance of course, and pushed harder, pressing against his flesh. After a good 30 seconds of trying to get inside the boy, his muscle gave way and my cock head entered his young teenage body, causing him to yelp in pain. Needless to say, I stopped all movement in order to give his body time to adjust to my size. It didn’t take long before the boy told me to go ahead and put some more cock inside of him. I got maybe half of in up his ass before he told me to stop. “I’m going to fuck Archer a little Remy to see what kind of adjustments we have to make.” I knew what he was doing. Primarily, Esme would want to be able to get as much of my cock up his ass as possible without taking his cock out of Archer’s ass. But secondarily he wanted to be able to fuck Archer and thus himself with some power and speed as well. It took a little bit of maneuvering about by both of us until we got positioned where we wanted to be. “After minor adjustments by everybody we gave it a trial run. I stood at the edge of the bed right behind where Esme’s boner was lodged inside Archer’s. Plus I stood far enough away that the teen could get a nice little head of steam going. In moments it seemed like we had the basis for a great 3-way fuck fest Going on. “Goddamn this feels good you guys,” Esme groaned. He leaned down far enough so that he and Archer could kiss and my youngling took to it like a duck to water. Archer had come a long way since our first days together. While sex had been a chore before, a way to stay alive, he now embraced it. I was sure part of it was having the emotional connection that had been nonexistent in his life thus far but I was convinced that he truly enjoyed it. After breaking the kiss Esme concentrated of fucking, both him getting fucked and he fucking Archer. Both boys were groaning and moaning and I could feel my own level rising. It was a little strange for him however, being the passive actor in the action but it was still hot and I was still loving it mostly because it was unusual but also because I was watching my lover get fucked. “Fucking hell Remy this is incredible,” Archer groaned. “I know baby boy it is for me too.” Esme backed out but stayed there this time and ground his little ass backwards into me. I gripped his hips a little tighter and ground back in order to help him out. “Oh fuck Remy,” the boy groaned. “I could almost cum right now.” That said, he went back to fucking us. A moment later he did it again only time he was pressed into Archer. I repeated my action, held him tight and pressed into the boy and ground my own ass. “OhmygodRemyI’m gonna cum,” Esme spit out. I felt his asshole grip my cock and knew he was right, he was cumming. I decided to take over and began to fuck him hard, ramming my cock into his tight little. “Oh sweet Jesus,” he groaned. “Fuck Remy,” Archer cried out, “you’re fucking him is making Esme fuck me harder.” I didn’t let up but continued to hammer the boy’s little ass and he cried out again. “Fuck I’m cumming again I’m cumming again,” Esme all but yelled. I thought that was pretty cool. I had experienced double orgasms before but like for most males, they were very few and very far between. I finally felt Esme’s orgasm begin to wane so I too slowed down but didn’t stop. I kept up a slow movement, keeping my cock in him in order to prolong things for the boy as long as I could. “Go ahead and stop Remy,” he finally said so I stopped, still deep inside of him. We stayed in place for a moment while Esme caught his breath until he finally told me I could come out of him. I did so in slow motion until my cock cleared his hole which began to leak sperm immediately. I backed away, my cock still fully hard and bobbing while Esme got off the bed and hurried to the bathroom to void if necessary. “Can you fuck me now Remy,” Archer said, “I’m hot to cum I need to cum.” I could see that Archer wasn`t wrong, his beautiful eyes almost closed in lust. I got into position and put my swollen cock to his hole. “Don’t wait or nothing Remy just get it in there and fuck me.” I loved it when Archer was that far into a fog of hotness. Sometimes he just had to have it, had to have my cock in his ass, had to get fucked and fucked hard. As soon as my cock head was lodged in his hole I rammed it home causing my boy to inhale sharply. I quickly got my arms under his legs and leaned forward, putting his knees next to his ears. I flipped my hands up and brought them down to grip Archer’s shoulders to keep him in placer and began to fuck the shit out of him. My blood was up too. Maybe not as high as Archer’s but up none the less. It caused me to want to just hammer my boy, not worrying about hurting him because I knew I wouldn’t. I managed to get a full 6 inch throw so was able to slam my cock into him getting as deep as possible with each thrust. Archer wrapped his legs around my waist and held on for dear life. “Oh fuck Remy,” Archer cried out, “fuck my ass hole hard. Hurt me Remy, fuck me hard and hurt me.” I knew that he didn’t actually want me to hurt him, at least not in the actually hurt and pain sense but in the pleasurable hurt sense. “Jesus Christ on a crutch that looks hot you guys,” Esme said. I didn’t stop fucking Archer, why would I? I felt the bed move as the boy climbed on then felt his hand on my butt. He felt along my butt crack and went down to touch my hole then feel my balls, catching them in a swing. It felt good but didn’t deter me from continuing to slam my cock into him with every fiber of my body. “Oh god Remy oh god oh god I’m getting close Remy fuck me hard and make me cum.” I kept up the assault, didn’t let up, and kept fucking him hard. I stopped and pressed my body against Archer’s and ground my ass in circles, forcing every possible inch of cock into him and massaged his prostate in the process. That did it for Archer. “Oh goddamned fuck shit Remy,” he groaned. I felt Archer’s asshole grip my cock like a vice then his body began to vibrate. Sometimes I could determine the depth and quality of Archer’s orgasms by the degree that his body vibrate. This one must have been extraordinary. Whatever it was it shot me over the edge. I growled like a dog guarding it’s property as I experienced my own powerful cum. Archer began keening, the low kind of wail that is normally associated with acute sorrow. I knew he wasn’t sorrowful. I continued konak escort to fuck him hard even as my orgasm began to wane. Archer was mumbling to himself as he reached between us to take hold of hi cock and I assumed to work it and prolong his cumming as long as possible. Eventually I slowed down and finally stopped. Both Archer and I were panting heavily, inhaling deeply to gulp in as much oxygen as possible. We stayed in place although Archer leg his legs down then raised his head to kiss me on the cheek. My head was turned away from him otherwise it would have been on my lips. I finally started to move but Archer put his hands on my back and exerted pressure but it was haphazard. He simply saying he wished we could stay like forever, or at least hours, but knew that my cock would soften and squish out of him regardless. Once my cock was completely out of him, Archer did what Esme had done and made a hasty retreat for the bathroom, his tiny butt cheeks clenched together. “That was really fucking amazing to watch Remy,” Esme said after Archer left the room. “You think you could fuck me like that?” I pulled the boy to me and kissed him hard on the mouth. I pushed my tongue against his lips and he opened up to allow me inside. As we kissed he reached down and took hold of my cock which was still about half way hard, and began to stroke it. “Maybe,” I finally answered him after we broke the kiss. “I sure hope so,” he said then kissed me again. “Easy there buddy boy that’s my lover you’re massaging lips with.” Obviously Archer came back into the room. “I was telling Remy that I wanted him to fuck me like he just fucked you,” Esme said by way of reply. Archer got on the bed and snuggled in with us, kissing me a quick one. “That was the most amazing fuck I’ve ever had,” Archer said. “I mean, I could really feel it when you were fucking Esme,” he said to me. It was different somehow, I’m not sure how but man oh man when you fucked me Remy it was just fucking awesome.” To Esme he said, “I hope he can fuck you like that Esme, you’d go crazy from it.” We continued to snuggle and chat for a bit before I brought up the subject of dinner to which both boys agreed. “Now that you mention it I’m starving,” Esme said and Archer agreed with him. “Eat in or go out,” I asked. Both of them wanted to go out and I was actually more interested in that than eating in the room which I tended not to do. The room always smelled like the meal for hours and that wasn’t something I relished at all. We jumped in the shower and used the shower wand to wash our crotches then hopped out, got dressed and headed downstairs to one of the hotel restaurants. While the food was certainly well prepared and quite tasty, the experience itself wasn’t much to crow about. Not good, not bad. Baby Bear said it best; it was just right. Being a breakfast kind of guy along with knowing that breakfast is a meal that is hard to fuck up, that’s what I planned on having. Our waiter was a very cute boy that couldn’t be much older than 16, if that whose name tag read Marco. The boy was slender and as smooth a face as either of the boys that were with me. Marco had medium brown hair worn moderately long for restaurant work but that framed his face beautifully and brought attention to large brown eyes framed by long thick lashes. His smile was relaxed and engaging, his lips more than adequate for kissing. Archer and Esme both ogled him which didn’t go unnoticed by the young hottie who seemed to ogle them back. When he left to get our drinks even Esme commented on the boy’s tight little butt encased in light tan Chinos. For my part I didn’t see an underwear line at all. Unlike many waiters, our didn’t wear an apron so we manage to get a good long look at his boy bulge, which was moderately prominent. When Marco returned we talked about food, I shared my concern then asked what he would eat he suggested an American style breakfast dinner combo common to the southern United States. “Our chicken fried steak is quite good and features an authentic sausage gravy, your choice of white or brown. It comes with 3 eggs and country style fried potatoes and toast or pancakes.” “You’ll swear by it,” I said in an obviously teasing voice. The boy grinned hugely, nodded his head and said, “I do. In fact I’ll pay for it if you don’t like it, although it might mean a little bartering.” The boy made his point and in doing so let me know just where things stood. To the boys, he said, “And what will you guys have?” Esme go a very sly grin on his smooth young face. “I was thinking of a big fat wiener,” he said smoothly. “Do you have a big fat wiener.” “I do and I’ve tried it myself, it’s very tasty.” “Is it juicy,” Archer asked seductively. “Very,” Marco replied. Then his eyes narrowed. “You look familiar to me,” Marco said to Esme, “have you stayed at the hotel before; like in the past month or so?” Esme was clearly at a loss and shook his head. “Uhm, no I’ve never stayed here before,” he said. Marco nodded his head. “Well then, my mistake but I’m pretty sure I know you from somewhere.” To the rest of us he asked if we were ready to order, got a round of head nods. We placed our order and off Marco went, all of us ogling his delicious butt. This time though he looked over his shoulder and saw us watching him, smiled and waved then moved on. “Jeez what a great butt he’s got,” Esme mused. “I wonder why he thinks he knows me,” the boy added. Then his eyes went wide and a smile split his face. “Fuck, now I know. We saw each other at a wild sex party the first weekend that my family was here. I didn’t do anything with him but I saw him fuck the shit out of a couple of boys, one didn’t even hair on his dick yet. And he’s got a really nice one, big and fat; Not quite as big as yours Remy but pretty fucking close.” Archer looked at me with his sly smile and I knew what he was thinking. Not that he necessarily wanted Marco to fuck him but looking at playing a little was a pretty sure bet. We talked some more about the party that Esme had gone to. He said there were at least a dozen boys anywhere from 11 or 12 years old up to Marco’s age. There weren’t any adults present that Esme was aware of. Esme said that there was plenty of sucking and fucking, that he’d sucked a bunch of cock and even fucked a couple boys. All in all, it had been a blast. Marco eventually returned with another guy who was carrying a tray with our food and got everything on the table and said he’d be back in a bit to see how things were going. We dug in with relish. The boys said that their burgers were delicious as were the hand cut fries. My chicken fried steak was everything that Marco said it was and my sunny side up eggs were perfect. Marco came back about 8 minutes later and asked how things were and of course the boys simply nodded their heads because their mouths were full. “You weren’t wrong Marco, this is fabulous,” I told him and the boy practically beamed. “I remember where I saw you,” he said to Esme who grinned and nodded his head. “Yeah I figured it out too and told my friends about it out too,” the young teen said, nodding his in my direction and Archer’s. “Uhm, everything,” Marco asked and Esme nodded his head. “In detail, especially about your juicy big wiener, even though I didn’t get to sample it.” The older boy got an almost stricken expression on his face. I held up a hand. “Not to worry Marco,” I said, “We’re all good here. The way Esme told it sounds like it was a hell of a lot of fun.” “Makes me want to go to a party like that,” Archer said then shoved his hand down between his legs to grope himself. Marco was clearly relieved that. “Alright then, enjoy your meal,” he said and headed off. “Damn,” Esme said after him. We continued to eat and talk, both boys wondering what we’d do after dinner. “Well, I for one would like your cock in my butt again Remy,” the boy said quietly, “especially if you fuck me like you did Archer earlier.” Then to Archer he said, “I wouldn’t mind you fucking me either Archer, if you don’t mind.” “Oh hell yes I don’t mind Esme,” my young lover said around a mouthful of fries. Dinner was eventually done and Marco showed up with the check and I handed him my credit card. It didn’t take but another 6 minutes before we were ready to leave. Archer and Esme went to the restroom and I waited in the lobby of the restaurant for them. It seemed to take longer than I would have imagined but when they did come back both boys had grins on their smooth young faces. “What,” I asked when they got to me. Esme nodded to Archer. “Well,” Archer said, drawing the word out, “we’ve been invited to a party tonight.” I was shocked at that revelation. “I’m not so sure that I’m comfortable with you being and about on your own Archer, no offense to you Esme,” I said looking at the boy. “He won’t be on his own because you’re invited too Remy,” Esme said. “Marco asked if you had a big cock and I told you had fucked me good just before dinner and it was as nice as his own cock, maybe even better. He wants you to fuck him Remy.”

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