Subject: Vampyre – Part 14 Nifty is the constant source of all your erotic dreams. All kinds of fetishes can be found here. I am grateful to Nifty for posting my stories. If you enjoyed my story or any others on this site then please show your appreciation and donate whatever you can afford. Every little fty/donate.html —————————————————————————— If you are of a nervous disposition this may not be the story for you… It is easy to dismiss myths, legends and the creatures of your darkest dreams; it is what I reply on, otherwise you would take precautions against me, but your fear of being mocked, made to seem paranoid, is what lets me thrive. Young men are the worst, yet their very bodies, allow me to drink the two substances I need to exist, pleasure comes in many layers, I don’t live in the shadows, I don’t need to; to you I don’t exist. ************** `Ha, I bet we had you worried’ we all hugged then Ernst grabbed my hand and hugged me tightly `thank you’ he whispered in my ear. The other Old Ones arrived and the ceremony took place, as pleased as I was, I felt the need to get back home. I left in the early afternoon, Zeke and the three dogs beside me, we began our drive to the coast and home. ***************************** Vampyre – Part Fourteen `Sir, I can only get us all on the overnight ferry from Amsterdam to Newcastle, I hope that’s okay’ the intercom went quiet. `Okay Pyotr that will be fine, I want us all together’ I switched off the intercom, oh well, at least it was a big modern ferry, I would share my suite with Zeke, the rest of the guys would be doubled up in various cabins nearby. As the car’s sped on through Germany and into the Netherlands, I was reminded how beautiful, it all was, but also how much it had all changed, it was many years since I had been in Europe, I glanced over at Zeke, his nose at the window, so many changes to my life in just a year, I closed my eyes and breathed deeply. `Sir sorry to bother you’, the intercom burst into life again. `Go on Pyotr’ `Sir the concierge from the Adlon Hotel has just rang, he has a package which Ernst has asked be forwarded to you, I have asked them to send it to the Manor, will that be okay? `Yes, fine, we are certainly not going back for it’ I flicked off the intercom, now what could the package be, with Ernst you could never tell. `Look, look a real windmill’ Zeke excitedly pointed out of the window. `Yeap, what did you expect to see in Holland? I smiled, winking at him, I kept forgetting his was only twelve. So here we were in the Netherlands, not much longer to the port and then the overnight crossing to Newcastle followed by a two hour drive home. I was looking forward to seeing the Manor again, it had been a few weeks since we had first set off to sort out Casper, oh a note to self, must sort out more training for Casper and Zeke and help Zeke work on transforming in to a Doberman. It was late afternoon when we pulled into the Port of Amsterdam, we followed the lead vehicle straight down the VIP lane, a brief conversation took place with an official and then, I saw them walking down to our car, I opened the window as he drew level with my door `Good afternoon Sir, everything is ready on board for you, you will board immediately’, I nodded and closed the window, Zeke looked at me puzzled `Zeke remember there are lots of us in positions of power all over the place’ He nodded, alas a twelve year old child, would never be one of them, what would his future be. The lead car drove onto the Ferry followed by ours and the backup car, the security detail would ensure the vehicles were kept secure for the voyage. We were escorted from the vehicle deck, with the dogs up the crew stairs, slipping through a crew access door we were in the corridor outside our Suite, standing by the door was the Captain `Welcome aboard Sir, we should be casting off on time, I will make one of my junior Officer’s, Mark, available to you for your time with us, I hope that will be acceptable, if there are any issues, please bring them immediately to my attention’ `Thank you Captain, excellent’ I shook his hand and walked into our suite, very nice, I thought to myself, modern and roomy, with large panoramic windows looking out over the bow of the vessel. Zeke was very excited and rushed round checking out all the rooms, `Can I have the big bedroom? He looked at me with big puppy eyes `Okay, as long as mine is okay too’ I said, chuckling to myself. I had a quick look around and was satisfied that the smaller room was fine `I am going to have a shower, behave yourself’ I said heading into my ensuite I stood enjoying the warm water cascading over me, the shower washing away the effects of the long car journey, finally relaxing. What was that, I thought I could hear voices, I turned off the water, yes Zeke was speaking to someone, bollocks, I grabbed a towel and wrapped it round my midriff, dripping, I went out into the main cabin, Zeke was now staring into the eyes of one of the ships Officers, their Black jacket emblazoned with a gold band above his cuffs, indicating his rank. The guy was just beginning to unbutton his jacket, Zeke heard me his head snapped round `No Zeke’ Zeke looked down sheepishly The Officers face changed to one of surprise as he realised what he was doing, hurriedly he re-buttoned his jacket, I was going to really have to have a word with Zeke about what was and was not appropriate. The Officer looked towards niğde escort me, his mind still trying to work out why he had been undoing his jacket. `Good evening Sir, I am Mark, one of the ships Officer’s and have been assigned to you for the duration of the voyage, please do not hesitate to let me know how we can make the journey a more enjoyable one’ `Thank you Mark, nothing at the moment, maybe you will give us a tour later, let us have a look round the vessel’ I smiled. Mark nodded and turned to leave, I could see what had attracted Zeke, Mark was mid-twenties, five foot, eight short blond hair, a boyish face, the white top of his Officers cap, picking up the white shirt he was wearing under his black jacket, his black fitted trousers, finishing at his highly polished black shoes; yes very nice, maybe later. I turned to Zeke `Zeke! please! Just because you can have someone, doesn’t mean you always have too’, I was about to remind him of the security guard at the Mercedes works, but this was a problem I would have to solve once we were back, maybe regular meal times, with Ian, Christ how daft does that sound, we are Vampyre’s. Mark walked to the door, he turned to me still looking somewhat confused he gave me his bleep number, he was needed while the ship set sail, we would see him again later. I got myself dressed and watched with Zeke through the windows as we set sail, turning in the harbour and then heading out into the North Sea. There was a knock at the door. `Come in’ The door opened and Mark came in `Are you ready for your tour of the ship Sir? `Yes, that would be good, come on Zeke, let’s have a look round the ship, maybe find something to eat’ Zeke grinned at me and nodded towards Mark, I would have to have a VERY serious word with this boy. The dogs got up and walked just behind us as Mark led us up on the open deck, a fresh breeze was blowing, a bit too fresh as it turned out so we went back inside. A quick tour of the bridge, where the Captain, explained the controls to an excited Zeke, even letting him adjust the ship speed using the controls. Next we were shown the on-board shops, Zeke’s eyes wide as he viewed all the items on display especially the chocolate, I had to remind him he could no longer eat it, he looked a bit dejected, another cross us Vampyre’s had to carry, no chocolate, no food at all actually. Then down into the main passenger spaces, restaurants and bars. A group of about twenty, fit young, military looking guys were occupying three tables they had pushed together, I indicated towards them `They are the US Navy Swimming and Diving Team, they have been on tour in Europe and are now going to the UK for a couple more demonstrations before flying home’ Mark explained. How interesting, some very dishy guys there I thought to myself, with the tour of the ship completed, Mark led us back to our suite, I kept thinking back to those American guys, all fit and horny looking, hmmmm. I connected my mind to Zeke’s `As it is the last night of the holiday, how do you fancy some fun with Mark here? I know guys; I am bad, but I wanted to get back to those Americans. Zeke’s face broke into a big grin and he nodded at me, good that was settled, then `Don’t go killing him, take it easy, I might fancy some for breakfast myself’ I added, Zeke gave me a sarcastic smile, the three of us stood looking out into the dark through the panoramic windows, I nodded to Zeke and walked off into my room. Zeke Jonathon left, leaving Mark and I standing looking out the window, he was such a dish and looked amazing in his dark uniform, I looked into his eye’s, he was mine, we walked into the master bedroom and I closed the door, I sat myself on the bed. He slowly started to take off his uniform jacket, I wanted him to keep his peaked cap on, he slowly loosened his tie, but kept it on, the knot hanging a third of the way down his chest, he pushed off his black shoes and slipped off his socks. He looked so good, next he began unbuttoning his white shirt, it hung open revealing his hairless chest, next he undid his black belt, then the clip on his trousers, slowly pulling down his zip, he pushed down his uniform trousers, a flash of white waist band on his briefs with the words Calvin Klein, he stepped out of his trousers, leaving them in a heap on the floor. He walked towards me, his right hand casually groping himself through his pants, shaking his balls loose in the material, he stopped in front of me. I leaned forward and gently kissed the outline of his cock, he was cut looking at the shape beneath the material. I gripped either side of his waist and continued to push my face into the meat offering, he smelled of faint musk and soap, he had obviously had a shower, before meeting us for the tour. I looked up at his chest, pushing his shirt open wider. I had been right he was smooth, apart from a knot of brown pubes round his belly button, I kissed it and pushed my tongue into it, savouring, the residue left after his shower, his hands took hold of the back of my head as I kissed and licked down and over his hardening cock once more, his bellend now obvious beneath the material. Now for the big reveal, I hooked my fingers in his briefs and slowly peeled them down, the hair from his belly button continued downwards, his meat bulged as the containing material shrank, his cock burst out of the top unable to be contained any longer, it hit me on the nose, I pulled his briefs down lower, revealing his trimmed pubes and hanging balls, his flared cock head and shaft standing nişantaşı escort proudly to attention centimetres from my nose. I pushed his briefs further down his legs, watching the downy leg hairs spring back, he was lovely. I got him to get on to the bed, as I stripped off my clothes, he lay back watching me propped up on one elbow, his Officers cap still in place, his young face radiating lust. I climbed on to the bed and crawled up between his legs, his hard cock stood rock hard straight up from his body, his balls laying in his hairless sac just below. I took hold of his shaft and moved closer to it, sniffing, absorbing his aroma, I went from his balls to his cock slit, my head racing as his pheromones, flooded my brain. I flicked out my tongue delicately tasting the point I would later feed from, my tongue lingered under the ridge of his bellend, his essence, spurring me on. I took his cockhead into my mouth, feeling its warmth, sensing the blood surging through it just below the surface, I pushed my tongue into his slit, finally, the tip of my tongue was coated in his man honey, my head flipped as I pushed my tongue deeper, he groaned, gripping my head, forcing me further on his shaft. I didn’t need much encouragement, I sucked and wanked his shaft, then crawled further up till I was sitting astride him, his cock between my twelve year old ass cheek, I leant forward pushing my tongue into his mouth, he forcefully kissed me back, rolling me over so he was now on top, on his knees between my legs, his cap fell from his head, he grinned down at me, his young face like mine, full of lust. I grab his hat and put it back on his head, he laughed pushing it further back as he resumed kissing me, his cock pushing at my small ball sac, my own cock hard pushing into his happy trail. I lifted my legs wrapping them round his waist, his hands gripped my hips and lifted me slightly as his cockhead found what it was looking for and began a steady pressure against my hole. His tongue never left my mouth as he prodded my hole, his precum lubing me as his cockhead opened me up, he looked down at me winked and thrust his hips forwards, my hole stung as he pushed into me, then he held still, till I was pulling him into me deeper, my legs tightly round his hips, riding his six inch pole. I lay enjoying the sensation of him fucking me, his dick nowhere near as big as Ian’s or Gunther’s, but he knew just how to use it. I was conscious that I didn’t want him to cum in me, well I did, but I wanted his load in my mouth too, I pulled off him and got him to move up over me, his cock soon arriving at my mouth, I kissed his bellend licking up the glistening precum and my ass juice, taking his cockhead into my mouth, his balls sitting on my chin as I worked to get his cum, he began to groan and grind his cock into my mouth pushing in deeply, then he came, spurting his juice over the back of my tongue, igniting fireworks deep in my head, I was in heaven, sucking and draining his throbbing shaft, pulling on his bellend, he collapsed forward, his cock still twitching in my mouth, I sucked for a few more minutes, before rolling him off, his cap still on his head. I snuggled up to him and pushed my mouth to his once more, his cum still electrifying my mouth, if only he knew what he had done to me, it was amazing. We lay together for a while longer before I got him up on all fours, his balls and soft cock hanging between his legs, he looked back over his shoulder at me, his eyes alight under the brim of his cap, his mouth a wide cheeky smile. I pulled apart his arse cheeks and buried my mouth in to his hole, his sphincter trembling and twitching at my tongues touch, he moaned and ground against me, I eased a finger into his ass; feeling his muscles tighten round it, he was definitely an anal virgin. I licked down his taint taking each of his balls into my mouth, sucking his young orbs, tasting him and me, my hand fondling his swelling cock, which was pulsing back into life, I milked him hard, I got below him and took his cock into my mouth once more. He shuffled round till we were sixty-nining, his mouth working my 4 inch cock, I let him to his labours, all the while getting more and more excited, while I licked his swollen bellend and licked up his dripping precum, I would feed just as I came. I could feel the moment arriving my small balls growing tighter in my sack as he licked and sucked me to orgasm, as my boy juice began spurting into his mouth, I licked under his bellend and sank my fangs into his anesthetised shaft, his blood hit my system, like a steam train, full on, having swallowed the last of my load he looked back at me, his cap still on his head, his face changed form a cheeky grin to one of horror as he saw what I was doing, my eyes blood red, my fangs deep in his shaft. I closed his mind and he slumped forward unconscious, he would remember nothing, his hat slipped from his head and rolled off the bed onto the floor as I continued to feed. Jonathon I felt bad sacrificing poor Mark to Zeke, I would have enjoyed that young guy to myself, but my mind was focused on those American Navy Swimmers and Divers, I had seen their YouTube video dancing to `Shake it off’ and couldn’t believe they were now in touching distance. I made my way quickly to the passenger decks and into the bar area, it was much quieter now, but luckily four of them still remained, drinking and laughing, I went over and joined them introducing myself, ordering more drinks all round form one ankara olgun escort of the stewards; no one in the Military can resist a free drink, they were all pretty merry. I made my move getting them to introduce themselves, `Hi, I’m James’, now James was at least six feet, swimmers build, huge shoulders, short light brown hair, enormous feet in flip flops, in fact all of them were in flip flops, must have all showered since getting on board. `I’m Kyle’ Kyle was also had a swimmers build, a similar height to James and nearly as muscly, his hair was jet black, short and spikey, he had the most beautiful blue eyes; real come to bed with me eyes and a tom cruise smile, lovely. `I’m Lucas’ This guy was much shorter about five foot six inches, he was ginger haired, muscled, but not huge. `How come your so much smaller than James and Kyle’ I jessed with him `Oh I am a diver, so is Elijah, James and Kyle are swimmers’ he showed off his muscles, pulling a pose, `I’m not too shabby, he added, I had to agree. `You must be Elijah then? I said looking at the fourth guy, he nodded, he looked just like Lucas, very similar facial features, just with blond hair, `You look very alike’ I added `You spotted it, we are brothers Lucas and I’ Elijah said taking another swing of his drink. I could have punched the sky, BINGO, two hunks and two brothers, I would see if they tasted the same, firstly, more drinks guys, I said winking at the steward. When everyone had finished, I led them all back to my suite, entering quietly, I didn’t want to disturb Zeke, in case he was sleeping; who was I kidding. Once in the bedroom, I had them all strip off; as usual I had a pang of guilt, if only they were doing this willingly, but I daren’t risk it, at least two of them could have ripped my arms and legs off. I got them to strip off as I stripped off myself and got on to the centre of the bed. Calling them all over, as expected James and Kyle were hanging, in proportion to their height, thick cut cocks hanging over large balls; lovely. Lucas and Elijah, were smaller but again in proportion to their bodies, again cut and like the other two smooth shaved chests, but fit as fuck. I got them all kneeling by my head and I took hold of each soft cock in turn sucking them hard, licking their balls absorbing their pheromones straight into my system, getting them all rock hard, I had the brothers go one either side, so I had one extra-large and one large cock on each side of me, like most Americans they were all circumcised, something which never caught on as much in Britain. I lay watching them all stimulating themselves, toying with their nipples and then had each snog me in turn, enjoying the taste of their young bodies, soon I was enjoying precum from the four bellends, wanking their shafts to bring more to the surface. I wanted to taste them all as they cum so had them all start to wank slowly while I licked up any drips of honey. Elijah, was first to cum, I just managed to get his cock into my mouth in time as his cum spurted out hitting the back of my throat, his meaty load was thick, it had obviously been a few days since he had cum, I let it sit on my tongue, showing it off to the group as he pulled out of my mouth, like the slag I am. I felt his juice flooding into my system, making my head spin and float. Lucas was next, as I lay with my eyes shut enjoying the high from Elijah’s cum, he pushed his bellend between my partially opened mouth and began pumping out his load, this was thinner, more chemically than his brother, but equally as potent, I had to be careful, I mustn’t lose control when I came to feed. With his cock still in my mouth, he squeezed it from his balls to his bellend, flicking the final blob of his juice on to my tongue; cocky fucker. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, the two swimmers, James and Kyle, obviously turned on watching me as cum dump, both pushed their swollen fat bellends into my mouth stretching it obscenely as they came together, I had to swallow quick or I would have choked, I had cum running out of the corner of my mouth, my mind totally blown by the sensations and rush they were giving me, they both held the back of my head with one hand, holding me on their cocks, not that I was complaining, their final shudders giving me even more to savour. I let their fat wet bellends fall from my mouth, one leaving a smear of cum down my chin, I reached up and wiped it into my mouth, enjoying every minute, I got them all to cuddle into me, it was amazing to have such warmth close to me. I lay wondering which one of them to feed from, my head still floating, sod it, I would feed from them all, they could all have puncture scars, just like the little blue dolphin tattoo they all had on their US Navy Swimming and Diving Team butts. I drank my fill from each of them, again amazed at the subtle differences between the two brothers blood. I checked the time, I had better make sure Zeke was okay, I sneaked into the Master bedroom and was pleased to see him, fast asleep; wearing Marks peaked cap, Mark’s naked body spooned behind him, I closed the door behind me, we would be arriving in Newcastle soon and our vacation would be over. ***************** Please send e-mails letting me know if you are enjoying the stories and any storyline suggestions; I cannot guarantee to use them all though. I’ll keep posting this and maybe new stories if I feel you guys are enjoying them. There’s nothing more rewarding than knowing that my stories are making other guys cum. Your e-mails inspire me to write more and better stories. So please do send me an e-mail if you want me to keep writing. Other stories by this writer: `Exploring my brother’ `Joshs Adventures series’ `An Army life for me’ `Grandmas Bedroom’ `Nightcam Fun’ `Dominic Online’ `The Extraordinary Christmas Party’

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