The Venturer Scout -10


by: James FitzHugh ail


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Ahead of them was the bridge leading into the city. As far as James was concerned, he was happy to pay out the last of the tolls. Adding to his irritation of the moment was that he badly needed to take a leak and he was getting hungry. He”d agreed to take Aaron to Ben”s for lunch and he was looking forward to it. After paying the bridge toll, he looked over at Aaron and asked.

“So, did you?”

“Yes, boss. I did. But it wasn”t until Sunday night because we didn”t, at least I didn”t, return to Dicky”s apartment until late Sunday afternoon. But, remember boss, everything in sequence. Actually, face fucking Matt in one of the penthouse suites on the 32nd floor was the perfect ending to an otherwise great weekend.

“So, after giving Matt a taste of things yet to come, you went up to Dicky”s apartment?”


“So what happened next?”

“Well I used the key Dicky had given me for use over my stay. I entered the apartment and except for the television, the apartment seemed pretty quiet. I hung up my sweater and walked into the den where I found Rodney sprawled out on a couch half dozing and half listening to the news. I asked him where Dicky was.

That”s when Rod told me he had called his roommate, Michael, at Dicky”s suggestion, and invited him to go to dinner with us. He said something to the effect that Dicky, based on the experiences he”d had with his father whenever he invited someone home for dinner, hated threesomes because, as the third person, he always felt left out of the conversation. He admitted always learning something new but he spent more time listening than joining in the conversation. He didn”t want either me or Rodney to feel like we were being ignored tonight. Besides, Rod told me that Michael and Dicky had some sort of history.”

“Did he tell you what kind of history?” James asked.

“Not really! Although I haven”t known him all that long, I”ve get the distinct impression that Rod is not the gossip or the kiss-and-tell type of guy. Anyway, he just said something along the lines that maybe Dicky and Michael had met at the Dragon Fly Inn. Up to this point, neither Rod nor I had mentioned the fact that we”d met at the Inn since it seemed a big deal to Dicky that he was going to take me there, for what he thought, would be my first time. However maybe Rod had told Michael.”

Aaron went out to the kitchen to find something to drink. On opening the cupboard next to the fridge, he found that Dicky”s dad had stashed several bottles of Guinness� there. He didn”t know if Rod drank the heavy black stuff so he took a bottle and walked back to the den. Rod said he”d never tried it so Aaron went back to the kitchen, opened the bottle and poured some of the dark liquid into a small glass so Rod could try it. Walking back to the den, he handed the glass to Rod. Rod took a sip and Aaron smiled at the sort of sour face Rod made.

“You have to get used to the taste,” said Aaron smiling down at his friend. “So! How long do you think they”ll be in the bedroom?” He asked.

“That depends,” came the reply.

“On what, exactly.”

“On how much history Dicky and Michael have,” replied Rod with a sudden smirk.

“You mean someone”s going to get fucked?”

“I didn”t say that?” said Rod looking up at him.

Aaron had not sat down. He slowly moved forward so that he was now standing right in front of Rod whose face was conveniently located directly in front of his covered but hardening dick.

“So, is your roommate a `quick draw McGraw” type sod or is he one of those who”s into taking his time savouring the moment.”

“Mike and I have never done anything together so I can”t tell you for certain. But what I can tell you is that I don”t ever recall anyone leaving his bedroom before breakfast.”

“Well! That doesn”t mean anything really, now does it?” noted Aaron. “It could mean that your mate is one of those dudes who take all night to deliver a memorable fuck or he”s one of those chaps that uses his six shooter to fire multiple loads.”

“You”ll have to drop that question into your next conversation with Dicky,” replied Rod staring straight at Aaron”s growing bulge.

“And what about you? You into making productive use of our time?” asked Aaron as he slowly, almost hypnotically rubbed his jeans behind which his growing hard-on was searching for his karşıyaka escort belly button.

“I dunno,” replied Rod. “They could be in there a few minutes or half an hour.”

“If you think we have the time, then I suggest you go for the prize,” said Aaron as he undid the button holding his pants tightly at his waist. “I”ve got a hot load you can have as your appetizer to dinner.”

“I dunno,” replied Rod once again sounding as if he was having trouble making up his mind. But, the moment the leaking head of Aaron”s big cock sprang out, Rod was done for. Aaron, like the cobra, struck faster than Rod anticipated and within a split second he had gripped the back of Rod”s head. When the startled young man went to say something, Aaron”s cockhead slipped between his lips.

“Well Rod,” said Aaron watching his cock move back and forth between Rod”s beautiful lips, “just in case you don”t know. I saw you feeding Dicky just before I left for Grandma”s house. I sound like the big bad wolf, don”t I?” he said looking down and watching Rods nose becoming embedded in his thick crotch hair. “Anyway, you seemed to be enjoying yourself and I don”t doubt for a moment you seeded him. So! As they say, in for a drop; in for a pint. And my friend, I have a full pint and maybe some ready to deliver directly into your belly.”

Aaron was in no great hurry. He couldn”t hear anything coming from the bedroom area so he didn”t know what Dicky and Michael were doing. And, while he slowly fucked Rod”s face, he didn”t care. He”d been at it for almost 15 minutes when the door to one of the guest rooms suddenly opened and out walked Michael closely followed by Dicky. Instead of pulling his very hard cock out of Rod”s face, Aaron simply wrapped both hands around the back of Rod”s head and drove his cock deep into his throat. But he wasn”t ready to pop his load yet.

“What the fuck have we got going on here?” asked Michael as he watched the red blush rising in Rod”s face.

“You must be Michael,” said Aaron taking one hand off the back of Rod”s head and thrusting it out to be shaken. I”m Aaron and the guy swinging on my meat is your roommate Rod, but I guess you already know that.” He said with a chuckle.

“Well, son-of-a-bitch!” exclaimed Michael.

“What? You didn”t know your roommate was a certified cocksucker?”

“Of course not,” replied Michael. “He never once indicated he was into it or I”d have offered him the chance to swing on it frequently.”

“Are you telling me that you didn”t know that the man who lives in the room next to you prefers to suck cock and that instead of using his services you…”

“Yeah! I spent my meagre resources looking for pussy when all along I had the services of a pussy mouth right next door,” said Michael finishing the sentence.

“Come here a minute Michael?” requested Aaron reaching out to grab Michael”s arm. But, instead he got hold of Michael”s pants belt and undid it. He quickly slid down Michael”s zipper and found that Michael was going commando. Reaching in and pulling out Michael”s 7� inch very fat dick, he stepped back pulling his own dick from Rod”s mouth. He pulled Michael close to Rod”s face, reached down and inserted the tip of the uncircumcised 7� in slowly pulling ch, rapidly rising cock between Rod”s lips.

“Michael, meet your new pussy mouth. Your very own cocksucker-in-residence,” said Aaron as Michael took up the slack and pressed home his advantage.

“Geeeeeeeeeez Rod. Why didn”t you tell me? I could have saved a lot of money.”

“It doesn”t matter Michael. You and he both know his worth now.” Replied Aaron reaching over and wrapping his arm around Dicky”s neck and slowly pulling it downward to his waiting, dripping cock.

“Speaking of cocksuckers, Dicky. What do ya say about finishing the job Rodney started?”

In no time at all, Aaron had Dicky on his knees and was giving Dicky a right royal face fucking while Michael was doing the same to Rod. It didn”t take any time at all before Aaron slammed his cock down Dicky”s throat and let fly with the load he”d been saving. Michael took a little longer dumping his second load of the afternoon down Rod”s throat but in all the excitement and the thrill of having his very own pussy mouth so close to home to fuck any time he wanted to, he finished the job in, what he thought, was record time.

After Aaron and Michael had shot their loads, Rod and Dicky got up and went to the available bathrooms, washed themselves and used the mouthwash to get the taste of cock and cum out of their mouths. As the two boys were freshening up, Aaron, being Aaron and a predator, was trying to come up with an idea on how he could eventually get Michael on his knees. Sure, Michael was a college boy while Aaron was still in high school. But to Aaron”s method of thinking any port in a storm was fair game. He wasn”t in any hurry to take Michael down so, for the immediate future, he put the idea on the back burner knowing that sooner or later, if he had his way, he”d convince Michael that he”d make a damn good cocksucker.

To Aaron”s way of thinking every individual he met, even his Venturer Advisor, the man whom he called the Boss, was fair game. Under the right circumstances, he felt that everyone could be turned. He”d seen the look in the boss” eyes in those unguarded moments. He knew that under the right conditions he could treat the boss to a mouth load of boy juice and he intended, okay he knew he”d have to wait a while longer, but he would have that man in bed, on his back and he would fuck his face and have him swallowing his cream eventually.

But his delicious thought process was interrupted when Rod came back into the room and let everyone know that he was hungry and needed sustenance. Michael and Aaron weren”t far behind and poor Dicky, now that his secret was out and everyone knew he”d, at least, take it down his throat or maybe even up his ass, really had very little to say in the matter.

Ummmmmmmm, thought Aaron looking back at Dicky. Maybe up his ass thought Aaron as he waited for Dicky to kartal escort catch up. Maybe, if Dicky was cooperative, he was going to be his practice dummy in the not too distant future, thought Aaron as he wrapped his arm around his quarry”s shoulder.

Rod and Michael were great pub eaters. They found that in most of the pubs in the city, the pub grub was really good. Rod, for example, was a sucker for a good plate of liver and onions while Michael was a fish and chips man. They decided to go to a pub called the Battle Cruiser. It was a really neat place located a short walk from the land based naval station, HMCS Lameque. It had a large display of naval pictures and memorabilia lining its walls, including an authentic WW II warship”s bell from one of Canada”s over bloated whalers famously known around the world as the Corvette. Everything was lovingly mounted in glass cases. While his three companions sat down, ordered their beer and perused the menu, Aaron went from glass case to glass case reading the various descriptions of the artefacts. Deep down, and because of the boss, he was developing a sense and a love of history but he really hadn”t yet decided on a future career. To follow his father into the military was one option; reading law was another; but, lurking somewhere in the background, was the idea that he might enjoy the profession of teacher.

As he was reading the description of the armament on the Nazi pocket battleship “Scharnhorst” Rod came up behind him and whispered in his ear. “You thinking of all those hunky sailors?”

“Nah”, Aaron said reaching down beside him and grabbing Rod”s dick, “I”m only thinking of one sailor.” They both laughed as Rod led Aaron back to their table and a waiting glass of red ale not forgetting for a moment that was the first time that Aaron had touched his dick clothed or unclothed.

True to form, Rod ordered his liver and onions, Michael ordered his fish and chips, Dicky opted for a seafood platter while Aaron decided on a club platter with fries. As they sipped their beers, and sip they did, because they didn”t want to get a buzz on before they ended up going to the club, they talked about college, high school and swimming competitions. When it came to sports, Dicky and Aaron were on a swimming team with both being considered Olympic potential. Rod played soccer and baseball in season but wasn”t high on the winter sports. Michael loved basketball and, in the winter, he played ice hockey. The conversation flowed back and forth with no-one being in any hurry. The normal time for going to the club was any time after 10 p.m. so they had a few hours to kill. Aaron decided that he wanted to move the conversation along now that all four of them knew that both Dicky and Rob sucked cock.

“So! Rob.” He asked between bites of his club sandwich. “When did you get your first taste of cock?”

“I got it when I was 14″, came the quick response. It was my cousin, Charlie, who was in the Blues & Royals in England. He”d come over for a holiday and my grandfather had loaned him his lovely private cottage he had down by the lake. The cottage was a male retreat. No women were ever permitted down there and it was decorated in very manly shades of blues and white with beautiful woodwork. After some coaxing and an affirmative from Charlie, I got my granddad”s permission to stay with him down there so he”d have some company.”

Aren”t those Blues and Royals the guys who wear the shiny helmets and breast plates” and ride the horses in the honour guards before and after the Queen”s coach in the Royal Parades?” Asked Dicky feeling rather proud that he knew some history.

“Yeah! They do. But they”re not all show. Those guys have been in Cyprus and fought in both Iraq and Afghanistan. When they aren”t on their horses, they form reconnaissance units of the regular army.” Replied Rod.

“Really!” said Dicky in amazement. “I just thought they were for show, you know, pony boys.”

“Nope! They are real, live and, so the story goes, very vicious in battle. Some even say they”re as bad as the Canadian snipers. Canada has a special unit, I can”t even remember its name, but components were sent over to Afghanistan and those bloody Taliban fighters were scared shitless when the Canadians were in the field. They knew the moment the word came out that the Canadians were out hunting for them and the Taliban response was to go into hiding,” said Rod rather proudly as he slid a piece of liver into his mouth.

“Okay!” said Aaron popping a chip covered in ketchup into his mouth. “So! Tell us all about how dear cousin, Charlie, seeded you the first time.”

“Well as I said, granddad gave his permission for me to stay down at the cottage with Charlie. Except for the people running the farms and doing the caretaking around the property, I actually had no male company in the big house. There were some other family members, cousins and such, who were due to come later in the summer but for almost a month, I was alone with my grandparents and the household servants. It was too bad that none of them were young and in training or I might have been otherwise occupied.

“Okay, big house, grandparents, old servants, and nobody to play with, literally. We get the picture,” said Aaron with a big grin. “Now get on with the juicy part.”

“You never told me about your cousin, Charlie, before,” said Michael between his bites of fish.

“He couldn”t, duffus, because if he had, you”d have known he was a grade A, certified and trained member of the cocksuckers federation, remember?” blurted out Dicky as he broke out in a fit of laughter. Everyone around the table, including Rod, had a good laugh over Dicky”s comment.

“Don”t get too cocky there Dicky,” said Aaron. “We”ll get around to your story in a bit.”

“So you went down to the cottage by the lake. Then what happened?” asked Michael.

“Well, for the first night actually nothing happened. I did wake up around 2:30 in the morning and went to the bathroom. On my way back I noticed that the door to my cousin”s kastamonu escort room was open so I stopped and peeked in. What I saw in the light of the moon was absolutely beautiful. But, I was scared shitless and quickly moved on to my own bedroom.”

“So! What did ya see that got you all flustered?” asked Aaron.

“There he was lying on the bed with the cover sheet on the floor. Remember this guy is fit as any young man his age can be. And, there in the full light of the moon was the most gorgeous display of man I had ever seen to that time. I swear that Michelangelo, himself, might have used my cousin as his model.”

“That”s it. You see this beautiful specimen of mankind and you just toddle off to bed?” asked Dicky. “Didn”t you even get curious? Are you telling us that this mangod is lying totally naked and you didn”t even have the wherewithal to walk into his room and stand there to drink in the sight of his well-defined body, sculptured chest, chiselled abs, and all the juicy bits?” .

“Nope!” declared Rod. “I was scared shitless that he might wake up and catch me staring at him in the nude that I got back to my room just as fast as my legs would carry me.”

“Okay, so you didn”t get your cream puff that night, what happened next?” asked Michael now looking at his new in-house cocksucker with a really keen interest.

“Well, I woke up the next morning to the smell of brewing coffee. It was a new and different smell than I was used to. In my grandparent”s house the kitchen is a distance from the bedrooms so you don”t get that delicious smell first thing in the morning.” Said Rod almost teasing his listening audience.


“Never mind the fuckin smell, tell us the juicy parts. That”s what we”re interested in,” piped up Dicky. Aaron just looked from Dicky to Michael to Rod and nodded his head in agreement with Dicky”s remark.


“Okay! So I am not sure that Charlie remembered I was even in the house. Maybe he did and maybe he didn”t but when I woke up to that delicious smell, I just stretched myself out to my full length on my double sized bed and relished the vision going through my head of the image I”d seen on my way back from the bathroom last night.”


“There he goes with the smell of that bloody coffee again,” snapped Dicky.


“Hang on there fagboy,” said Michael looking over at Dicky. “I can attest to the fact that there is nothing that gets me going in the morning like the aroma of a freshly brewed pot of coffee. The only thing better than that wake-up is rolling over and sliding my morning wood into something nice, wet and warm.”


“Now that Michael has a choice, I think Michael is turning into a budding sex addict,” chimed in Aaron who, despite being shocked by the fact that Michael had just called Dicky by the derogatory nick of `fagboy” in public, looked over at Rod who Aaron just knew was, on some future occasions, going to be that nice, wet and warm something Michael was going to slide his morning wood into.


“Okay, Rod. Get on with your story,” invited Michael.


From the smell of coffee wafting through the cottage, Rod assumed that it had to be his cousin Charlie in the kitchen since grandfather had not sent down a male servant to look after them. They could, considering what was in the refrigerator, cook all their own meals or, if they wanted to enjoy the company of their grandparents, the boys could go up to the main house for lunch or dinner.

Rod was in his pyjama bottoms when he walked down the hall to the kitchen. When he got there his cousin Charlie was leaning against the counter looking out the window over the lake. All he was wearing was his boxer shorts. When he heard Rod pull out the stool so he could sit at the island to have some orange juice, Charlie turned around. Whether he knew it or not, when he leaned back against the counter and saw his younger cousin, his big cock was pushing out of his boxers. It wasn”t all out in the open, but Rod could not help but get a good look at some of the thick crotch hair and certainly something of the cock that still looked as if it were folded under his ball sack.


`Hey, buddy,” laughed Charlie as he looked over at his younger cousin. “In case you haven”t noticed, my face is up here not down there.” Charlie reached over and picked up a cup of coffee that he”d obviously let cool on the counter. As he brought it to his lips, some leaked out and slowly dribbled down his solid chest on its way to the top of his boxers. “Son-of-a-bitch”, growled Charlie. He reached for a tea towel hanging from one of the utensil drawers and was going to wipe it up but again he noticed that Rod”s eyes were glued to the rivulet of warm coffee making its way south through his treasure trail. He decided to have a little fun with the boy so he stepped over to Rod, handed him the tea towel and asked if he wanted to clean it up for him.


“Ummmm,” was the only sound Rod made as he accepted the towel. But Charlie wasn”t finished with his fun just yet. Looking down at the boy whose eyes were level with his growing cock, he asked, “Or would you rather lick it up for me, sport?”


Rod didn”t move for several minutes. He was mesmerized by the slow movement of the coffee down through the line of thick hair on Charlie”s abs. Then Charlie barked, “Okay Rod, wipe it up or lick it up, your choice but do it now.”


Rod leaned in and ran his tongue up from the top of the boxers to the beginning of the little stream. Charlie reached out and put his big hands on either side of Rod”s head and moved the head and Rod”s tongue around catching all the liquid but, at the same time, giving the kid the thrill of licking his body. Little did either of them notice that when Rod”s head was licking up around Charlie”s belly button, the big cock head had slipped out through the opening of his boxers.


“Well said Charlie gently pushing Rod”s head out slightly and then down so that the boys lips came in direct contact with his now exposed cockhead. “I think you need some cream to go with the coffee.”


“And that”s how I got my first taste of a man”s cream,” said Rod concluding his story.



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